Help: prune

hg prune [OPTION] [-r] REV...

aliases: obsolete

hide changesets by marking them obsolete

Pruned changesets are obsolete with no successors. If they also have no descendants, they are hidden (invisible to all commands).

Non-obsolete descendants of pruned changesets become "unstable". Use 'hg evolve' to handle this situation.

When you prune the parent of your working copy, Mercurial updates the working copy to a non-obsolete parent.

You can use "--succ" to tell Mercurial that a newer version (successor) of the pruned changeset exists. Mercurial records successor revisions in obsolescence markers.

You can use the "--biject" option to specify a 1-1 mapping (bijection) between revisions to pruned (precursor) and successor changesets. This option may be removed in a future release (with the functionality provided automatically).

If you specify multiple revisions in "--succ", you are recording a "split" and must acknowledge it by passing "--split". Similarly, when you prune multiple changesets with a single successor, you must pass the "--fold" option.

options ([+] can be repeated):

-n --new VALUE [+] successor changeset (DEPRECATED)
-s --succ VALUE [+] successor changeset
-r --rev VALUE [+] revisions to prune
-k --keep does not modify working copy during prune
--biject do a 1-1 map between rev and successor ranges
--fold record a fold (multiple precursors, one successors)
--split record a split (on precursor, multiple successors)
-B --bookmark VALUE [+] remove revs only reachable from given bookmark
-d --date DATE record the specified date in metadata
-u --user USER record the specified user in metadata

global options ([+] can be repeated):

-R --repository REPO repository root directory or name of overlay bundle file
--cwd DIR change working directory
-y --noninteractive do not prompt, automatically pick the first choice for all prompts
-q --quiet suppress output
-v --verbose enable additional output
--color TYPE when to colorize (boolean, always, auto, never, or debug)
--config CONFIG [+] set/override config option (use '')
--debug enable debugging output
--debugger start debugger
--encoding ENCODE set the charset encoding (default: UTF-8)
--encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)
--traceback always print a traceback on exception
--time time how long the command takes
--profile print command execution profile
--version output version information and exit
-h --help display help and exit
--hidden consider hidden changesets
--pager TYPE when to paginate (boolean, always, auto, or never) (default: auto)