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tests: run doctests with the whole suite When the line to run doctests was introduced, it looks like it was just added to the wrong rule. Let's put it in the right one.
author Kevin Bullock <>
date Sat, 05 Aug 2017 17:22:00 -0500
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TESTFLAGS ?= $(shell echo $$HGTESTFLAGS)

	@echo 'Commonly used make targets:'
	@echo '  tests              - run all tests in the automatic test suite'
	@echo '  all-version-tests  - run all tests against many hg versions'
	@echo '  tests-%s           - run all tests in the specified hg version'

all: help

	python -m doctest hggit/
	cd tests && $(PYTHON) --with-hg=`which hg` $(TESTFLAGS)

	cd tests && $(PYTHON) --with-hg=`which hg` $(TESTFLAGS) $@

	@echo "Path to crew repo is $(CREW) - set this with CREW= if needed."
	hg -R $(CREW) checkout $$(echo $@ | sed s/tests-//) && \
	(cd $(CREW) ; $(MAKE) clean ) && \
	cd tests && $(PYTHON) $(CREW)/tests/ $(TESTFLAGS)

# This is intended to be the authoritative list of Hg versions that this
# extension is tested with.  Versions prior to the version that ships in the
# latest Ubuntu LTS release (2.8.2 for 14.04 LTS) may be dropped if they
# interfere with new development.  The latest released minor version should be
# listed for each major version; earlier minor versions are not needed.
# Mercurial 3.4 had a core bug that caused a harmless test failure -- 3.4.1
# fixes that bug.

all-version-tests: tests-2.8.2 tests-2.9.2 tests-3.0.2 tests-3.1.2 tests-3.2.4 \
  tests-3.3.3 tests-3.4.2 tests-3.5.2 tests-3.6.3 tests-3.7.3 tests-3.8.4 \
  tests-3.9.2 tests-4.0.2 tests-4.1.3 tests-4.2.2 tests-4.3-rc tests-@

.PHONY: tests all-version-tests