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author Kevin Bullock <>
date Thu, 10 Aug 2017 15:40:38 -0400
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from mercurial import (
    util as hgutil,

    from mercurial import encoding
    hfsignoreclean = encoding.hfsignoreclean
except AttributeError:
    # compat with hg 3.2.1 and earlier, which doesn't have
    # hfsignoreclean (This was borrowed wholesale from hg 3.2.2.)
    _ignore = [unichr(int(x, 16)).encode("utf-8") for x in
               "200c 200d 200e 200f 202a 202b 202c 202d 202e "
               "206a 206b 206c 206d 206e 206f feff".split()]
    # verify the next function will work
    assert set([i[0] for i in _ignore]) == set(["\xe2", "\xef"])

    def hfsignoreclean(s):
        """Remove codepoints ignored by HFS+ from s.

        >>> hfsignoreclean(u'.h\u200cg'.encode('utf-8'))
        >>> hfsignoreclean(u'.h\ufeffg'.encode('utf-8'))
        if "\xe2" in s or "\xef" in s:
            for c in _ignore:
                s = s.replace(c, '')
        return s

def passwordmgr(ui):
        realm = hgutil.urlreq.httppasswordmgrwithdefaultrealm()
        return url.passwordmgr(ui, realm)
    except (TypeError, AttributeError):
        # compat with hg < 3.9
        return url.passwordmgr(ui)

# dulwich doesn't return the symref where remote HEAD points, so we monkey
# patch it here
from dulwich.errors import GitProtocolError
from dulwich.protocol import extract_capabilities

def read_pkt_refs(proto):
    server_capabilities = None
    refs = {}
    # Receive refs from server
    for pkt in proto.read_pkt_seq():
        (sha, ref) = pkt.rstrip('\n').split(None, 1)
        if sha == 'ERR':
            raise GitProtocolError(ref)
        if server_capabilities is None:
            (ref, server_capabilities) = extract_capabilities(ref)
            symref = 'symref=HEAD:'
            for cap in server_capabilities:
                if cap.startswith(symref):
                    sha = cap.replace(symref, '')
        refs[ref] = sha

    if len(refs) == 0:
        return None, set([])
    return refs, set(server_capabilities)