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# - verify Mercurial revisions
# Copyright 2014 Facebook.
# This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
# of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

import stat

from mercurial import error
from mercurial import util as hgutil
from mercurial.i18n import _

from dulwich import diff_tree
from dulwich.objects import Commit, S_IFGITLINK

def verify(ui, repo, hgctx):
    '''verify that a Mercurial rev matches the corresponding Git rev

    Given a Mercurial revision that has a corresponding Git revision in the map,
    this attempts to answer whether that revision has the same contents as the
    corresponding Git revision.

    handler = repo.githandler

    gitsha = handler.map_git_get(hgctx.hex())
    if not gitsha:
        # TODO deal better with commits in the middle of octopus merges
        raise hgutil.Abort(_('no git commit found for rev %s') % hgctx,
                           hint=_('if this is an octopus merge, '
                                  'verify against the last rev'))

        gitcommit = handler.git.get_object(gitsha)
    except KeyError:
        raise hgutil.Abort(_('git equivalent %s for rev %s not found!') %
                           (gitsha, hgctx))
    if not isinstance(gitcommit, Commit):
        raise hgutil.Abort(_('git equivalent %s for rev %s is not a commit!') %
                           (gitsha, hgctx))

    ui.status(_('verifying rev %s against git commit %s\n') % (hgctx, gitsha))
    failed = False

    # TODO check commit message and other metadata

    dirkind = stat.S_IFDIR

    hgfiles = set(hgctx)
    # TODO deal with submodules
    gitfiles = set()

    i = 0
    for gitfile, dummy in diff_tree.walk_trees(handler.git.object_store,
                                               gitcommit.tree, None):
        if gitfile.mode == dirkind:
        # TODO deal with submodules
        if (gitfile.mode == S_IFGITLINK or gitfile.path == '.hgsubstate' or
            gitfile.path == '.hgsub'):
        ui.progress('verify', i, total=len(hgfiles))
        i += 1

            fctx = hgctx[gitfile.path]
        except error.LookupError:
            # we'll deal with this at the end

        hgflags = fctx.flags()
        gitflags = handler.convert_git_int_mode(gitfile.mode)
        if hgflags != gitflags:
            ui.write(_("file has different flags: %s (hg '%s', git '%s')\n") %
                     (gitfile.path, hgflags, gitflags))
            failed = True
        if != handler.git[gitfile.sha].data:
            ui.write(_('difference in: %s\n') % gitfile.path)
            failed = True

    ui.progress('verify', None, total=len(hgfiles))

    if hgfiles != gitfiles:
        failed = True
        missing = gitfiles - hgfiles
        for f in sorted(missing):
            ui.write(_('file found in git but not hg: %s\n') % f)
        unexpected = hgfiles - gitfiles
        for f in sorted(unexpected):
            ui.write(_('file found in hg but not git: %s\n') % f)

    if failed:
        return 1
        return 0