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add .gitignore too. fun.
author Chris Wanstrath <>
date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 17:50:23 -0700
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* switch object mapping to hg->git since the many to one is that direction
* respect file modes on conversions
* explicit file renames
* more tests?
* bookmarks / tip / named branches - mapping policy to Git branches
  - tracking branches?
* submodules?
* .gitignore, etc - try to convert?

* update 'remote' references after push confirmation
* push confirmation? is there extra data after the packfile upload?
* output something after process is complete (master -> master etc)
  - explain what branch mapping policy determined
* convert tags to git

* add removed files to filechanged and raise IOError
* gfetch command
* only try to import non-mapped commits
* tag conversion
* save git metadata (committers, unless it's the same) as extra info

* don't send blobs/trees already on server

* Hg<->Git<->Hg
  - create a repo in Hg
  - push to a Git server
  - clone into another Hg client
  - verify that the node ids are identical