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date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 17:50:23 -0700
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# - git server bridge
# Copyright 2008 Scott Chacon <schacon at gmail dot com>
#   also some code (and help) borrowed from durin42  
# This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
# of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

'''push and pull from a Git server

This extension lets you communicate (push and pull) with a Git server.
This way you can use Git hosting for your project or collaborate with a 
project that is in Git.  A bridger of worlds, this plugin be.


# just importing every damn thing because i don't know python that well
# and I have no idea what I actually need
from mercurial import util, repair, merge, cmdutil, commands, hg, url
from mercurial import extensions, ancestor
from mercurial.commands import templateopts
from mercurial.node import nullrev, nullid, short
from mercurial.i18n import _
import os, errno, sys
import subprocess
import dulwich
from git_handler import GitHandler

def gclone(ui, git_url, hg_repo_path=None):
    # determine new repo name
    if not hg_repo_path:
        hg_repo_path = hg.defaultdest(git_url)
        if hg_repo_path.endswith('.git'):
            hg_repo_path = hg_repo_path[:-4]
        hg_repo_path += '-hg'
    dest_repo = hg.repository(ui, hg_repo_path, create=True)

    # fetch the initial git data
    git = GitHandler(dest_repo, ui)
    git.remote_add('origin', git_url)
    # checkout the tip
    node = git.remote_head('origin')
    hg.update(dest_repo, node)

def gpush(ui, repo, remote_name='origin', branch=None):
    git = GitHandler(repo, ui)

def gremote(ui, repo, *args):
    git = GitHandler(repo, ui)

    if len(args) == 0:
        verb = args[0]
        nick = args[1]

        if verb == 'add':
            if args[2]:
                git.remote_add(nick, args[2])
                repo.ui.warn(_("must supply a url to add as a remote\n"))
        elif verb == 'rm':
        elif verb == 'show':
            repo.ui.warn(_("unrecognized command to gremote\n"))

def gclear(ui, repo):
    repo.ui.status(_("clearing out the git cache data\n"))
    git = GitHandler(repo, ui)
def gfetch(ui, repo):
    dest_repo.ui.status(_("pulling from git url\n"))
commands.norepo += " gclone"
cmdtable = {
      (gclone, [],
       _('Clone a git repository into an hg repository.'),
        (gpush, [], _('hg gpush remote')),
        (gfetch, [],
        #[('m', 'merge', None, _('merge automatically'))],
        _('hg gfetch remote')),
      (gremote, [], _('hg gremote add remote (url)')),
      (gclear, [], _('Clears out the Git cached data')),