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This manual is for GNU Gnulib (updated @value{UPDATED}),
which is a library of common routines intended to be shared at the
source level.

Copyright @copyright{} 2004-2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or
any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no
Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.  A
copy of the license is included in the section entitled ``GNU Free
Documentation License''.
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@dircategory Software development
* Gnulib: (gnulib).             Source files to share among distributions.
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@title GNU Gnulib
@subtitle updated @value{UPDATED}
@author @email{}
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@node Top
@top GNU Gnulib

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* Introduction::
* Invoking gnulib-tool::
* Writing modules::
* Extending Gnulib::
* Miscellaneous Notes::
* POSIX Substitutes Library::       Building as a separate substitutes library.
* Header File Substitutes::         Overriding system headers.
* Function Substitutes::            Replacing system functions.
* Legacy Function Substitutes::     Replacing system functions.
* Glibc Header File Substitutes::   Overriding system headers.
* Glibc Function Substitutes::      Replacing system functions.
* Particular Modules::              Documentation of individual modules.
* Regular expressions::             The regex module.
* GNU Free Documentation License::  Copying and sharing this manual.
* Index::
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@c This is used at the beginning of four chapters.
@macro nosuchmodulenote{thing}
The notation ``Gnulib module: ---'' means that Gnulib does not provide a
module providing a substitute for the \thing\.  When the list
``Portability problems not fixed by Gnulib'' is empty, such a module is
not needed: No portability problems are known.  Otherwise, it indicates
that such a module would be useful but is not available: No one so far
found this \thing\ important enough to contribute a substitute for it.
If you need this particular \thing\, you may write to
@w{@code{<bug-gnulib at gnu dot org>}}.
@end macro

@node Introduction
@chapter Introduction

Gnulib is a source code library. It provides basic functionalities to
programs and libraries.  Currently (as of October 2006) more than 30
packages make use of Gnulib.


@item Gnulib is hosted at Savannah:
      @url{}.  Get the sources
      through Git or CVS from there.
@item The Gnulib home page:
@end itemize

* Benefits::
* Library vs Reusable Code::
* Portability and Application Code::
* Modules::
* Various Kinds of Modules::
* Collaborative Development::
* Copyright::
* Steady Development::
* Openness::
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@include gnulib-intro.texi

@include gnulib-tool.texi

@node Writing modules
@chapter Writing modules

This chapter explains how to write modules of your own, either to
extend Gnulib for your own package (@pxref{Extending Gnulib}), or for
inclusion in gnulib proper.

The guidelines in this chapter do not necessarily need to be followed for
using @code{gnulib-tool}.  They merely represent a set of good practices.
Following them will result in a good structure of your modules and in
consistency with gnulib.

* Source code files::
* Header files::
* Implementation files::
* Specification::
* Module description::
* Autoconf macros::
* Unit test modules::
* Incompatible changes::
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@node Source code files
@section Source code files

Every API (C functions or variables) provided should be declared in a header
file (.h file) and implemented in one or more implementation files (.c files).
The separation has the effect that users of your module need to read only
the contents of the .h file and the module description in order to understand
what the module is about and how to use it - not the entire implementation.
Furthermore, users of your module don't need to repeat the declarations of
the functions in their code, and are likely to receive notification through
compiler errors if you make incompatible changes to the API (like, adding a
parameter or changing the return type of a function).

@node Header files
@section Header files

The .h file should declare the C functions and variables that the module

The .h file should be stand-alone.  That is, it does not require other .h files
to be included before.  Rather, it includes all necessary .h files by itself.

@cindex double inclusion of header files
@cindex header file include protection
It is a tradition to use CPP tricks to avoid parsing the same header
file more than once, which might cause warnings.  The trick is to wrap
the content of the header file (say, @file{foo.h}) in a block, as in:

#ifndef FOO_H
# define FOO_H
body of header file goes here
#endif /* FOO_H */
@end example

Whether to use @code{FOO_H} or @code{_FOO_H} is a matter of taste and
style.  The C89 and C99 standards reserve all identifiers that begin with an
underscore and either an uppercase letter or another underscore, for
any use.  Thus, in theory, an application might not safely assume that
@code{_FOO_H} has not already been defined by a library.  On the other
hand, using @code{FOO_H} will likely lead the higher risk of
collisions with other symbols (e.g., @code{KEY_H}, @code{XK_H}, @code{BPF_H},
which are CPP macro constants, or @code{COFF_LONG_H}, which is a CPP
macro function).  Your preference may depend on whether you consider
the header file under discussion as part of the application (which has
its own namespace for CPP symbols) or a supporting library (that
shouldn't interfere with the application's CPP symbol namespace).

@cindex C++ header files
@cindex Header files and C++
Adapting C header files for use in C++ applications can use another
CPP trick, as in:

# ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
# endif
body of header file goes here
# ifdef __cplusplus
# endif
@end example

The idea here is that @code{__cplusplus} is defined only by C++
implementations, which will wrap the header file in an @samp{extern "C"}
block.  Again, whether to use this trick is a matter of taste and
style.  While the above can be seen as harmless, it could be argued
that the header file is written in C, and any C++ application using it
should explicitly use the @samp{extern "C"} block itself.  Your
preference might depend on whether you consider the API exported by
your header file as something available for C programs only, or for C
and C++ programs alike.

Note that putting a @code{#include} in an @code{extern "C" @{ ... @}}
block yields a syntax error in C++ mode on some platforms (e.g., glibc
systems with g++ v3.3 to v4.2, AIX, OSF/1, IRIX).  For this reason, it
is recommended to place the @code{#include} before the @code{extern
"C"} block.

@node Implementation files
@section Implementation files

The .c file or files implement the functions and variables declared in the
.h file.

@subheading Include ordering

Every implementation file must start with @samp{#include <config.h>}.
This is necessary for activating the preprocessor macros that are defined
on behalf of the Autoconf macros.  Some of these preprocessor macros,
such as @code{_GNU_SOURCE}, would have no effect if defined after a system
header file has already been included.

Then comes the @samp{#include "..."} specifying the header file that is
being implemented.  Putting this right after @samp{#include <config.h>}
has the effect that it verifies that the header file is self-contained.

Then come the system and application headers. It is customary to put all the
system headers before all application headers, so as to minimize the risk
that a preprocessor macro defined in an application header confuses the system
headers on some platforms.

In summary:

First comes #include <config.h>.
Second comes the #include "..." specifying the module being implemented.
Then come all the #include <...> of system or system-replacement headers,
in arbitrary order.
Then come all the #include "..." of gnulib and application headers, in
arbitrary order.
@end itemize

@node Specification
@section Specification

The specification of a function should answer at least the following
What is the purpose of the function?
What are the arguments?
What is the return value?
What happens in case of failure? (Exit? A specific return value? Errno set?)
Memory allocation policy: If pointers to memory are returned, are they freshly
allocated and supposed to be freed by the caller?
@end itemize

@cindex specification
@cindex comments describing functions
@cindex describing functions, locating
Where to put the specification describing exported functions? Three practices
are used in gnulib:

The specification can be as comments in the header file, just above the
function declaration.
The specification can be as comments in the implementation file, just above
the function definition.
The specification can be in texinfo format, so that it gets included in the
gnulib manual.
@end itemize

In any case, the specification should appear in just one place, unless you can
ensure that the multiple copies will always remain identical.

The advantage of putting it in the header file is that the user only has to
read the include file normally never needs to peek into the implementation

The advantage of putting it in the implementation file is that when reviewing
or changing the implementation, you have both elements side by side.

The advantage of texinfo formatted documentation is that it is easily
published in HTML or Info format.

Currently (as of 2010), half of gnulib uses the first practice, nearly half
of gnulib uses the second practice, and a small minority uses the texinfo

@node Module description
@section Module description

For the module description, you can start from an existing module's
description, or from a blank one: @file{module/TEMPLATE} for a normal module,
or @file{module/TEMPLATE-TESTS} for a unit test module.  Some more fields
are possible but rarely used.  Use @file{module/TEMPLATE-EXTENDED} if you
want to use one of them.

Module descriptions have the following fields.  Absent fields are equivalent
to fields with empty contents.

@table @asis
@item Description
This field should contain a concise description of the module's functionality.
One sentence is enough.  For example, if it defines a single function
@samp{frob}, the description can be @samp{frob() function: frobnication.}
Gnulib's documentation generator will automatically convert the first part
to a hyperlink when it has this form.

@item Status
This field is either empty/absent, or contains the word @samp{obsolete}.  In
the latter case, @command{gnulib-tool} will, unless the option
@code{--with-obsolete} is given, omit it when it used as a dependency.  It is
good practice to also notify the user about an obsolete module.  This is done
by putting into the @samp{Notice} section (see below) text like
@samp{This module is obsolete.}

@item Notice
This field contains text that @command{gnulib-tool} will show to the user
when the module is used.  This can be a status indicator like
@samp{This module is obsolete.} or additional advice.  Do not abuse this

@item Applicability
This field is either empty/absent, or contains the word @samp{all}.  It
describes to which @code{} the module is applied.  By default,
a normal module is applied to @code{@var{source_base}/}
(normally @code{lib/}), whereas a module ending in @code{-tests}
is applied to @code{@var{tests_base}/} (normally
@code{tests/}).  If this field is @samp{all}, it is applied to
both @code{}s.  This is useful for modules which provide macros rather than compiled source code.

@item Files
This field contains a newline separated list of the files that are part of
the module.  @code{gnulib-tool} copies these files into the package that
uses the module.

This list is typically ordered by importance: First comes the header file,
then the implementation files, then other files.

It is possible to have the same file mentioned in multiple modules.  That is,
if the maintainers of that module agree on the purpose and future of said

@item Depends-on
This field contains a newline separated list of the modules that are required
for the proper working of this module.  @code{gnulib-tool} includes each
required module automatically, unless it is specified with option
@code{--avoid} or it is marked as obsolete and the option
@code{--with-obsolete} is not given.

A test modules @code{foo-tests} implicity depends on the corresponding non-test
module @code{foo}.  @code{foo} implicitly depends on @code{foo-tests} if the
latter exists and if the option @code{--with-tests} has been given.

Tests modules can depend on non-tests modules.  Non-tests modules should not
depend on tests modules. (Recall that tests modules are built in a separate

This field contains @file{} stuff (Autoconf macro invocations and
shell statements) that are logically placed early in the @file{}
file: right after the @code{AC_PROG_CC} invocation.  This section is adequate
for statements that modify @code{CPPFLAGS}, as these can affect the results of
other Autoconf macros.

This field contains @file{} stuff (Autoconf macro invocations and
shell statements).

It is forbidden to add items to the @code{CPPFLAGS} variable here, other than
temporarily, as these could affect the results of other Autoconf macros.

We avoid adding items to the @code{LIBS} variable, other than temporarily.
Instead, the module can export an Autoconf-substituted variable that contains
link options.  The user of the module can then decide to which executables
to apply which link options.  Recall that a package can build executables of
different kinds and purposes; having all executables link against all
libraries is inappropriate.

If the statements in this section grow larger than a couple of lines, we
recommend moving them to a @code{.m4} file of their own.

This field contains @code{} statements.  Variables like
@code{lib_SOURCES} are transformed to match the name of the library
being built in that directory.  For example, @code{lib_SOURCES} may become
@code{libgnu_a_SOURCES} (for a plain library) or @code{libgnu_la_SOURCES}
(for a libtool library).  Therefore, the normal way of having an
implementation file @code{lib/foo.c} compiled unconditionally is to write
lib_SOURCES += foo.c
@end smallexample

@item Include
This field contains the preprocessor statements that users of the module
need to add to their source code files.  Typically it's a single include
statement.  A shorthand is allowed: You don't need to write the word
``#include'', just the name of the include file in the way it will appear
in an include statement.  Example:
@end smallexample

@item Link
This field contains the set of libraries that are needed when linking
libraries or executables that use this module.  Often this will be
written as a reference to a Makefile variable.  Please write them
one per line, so that @command{gnulib-tool} can remove duplicates
when presenting a summary to the user.
$(LTLIBICONV) when linking with libtool, $(LIBICONV) otherwise
@end smallexample

@item License
This field specifies the license that governs the source code parts of
this module.  See @ref{Copyright} for details.

@item Maintainer
This field specifies the persons who have a definitive say about proposed
changes to this module.  You don't need to mention email addresses here:
they can be inferred from the @code{ChangeLog} file.

Please put at least one person here.  We don't like unmaintained modules.
@end table

@node Autoconf macros
@section Autoconf macros

For a module @code{foo}, an Autoconf macro file @file{m4/foo.m4} is typically
created when the Autoconf macro invocations for the module are longer than
one or two lines.

The name of the main entry point into this Autoconf macro file is typically
@code{gl_FOO}.  For modules outside Gnulib that are not likely to be moved
into Gnulib, please use a prefix specific to your package: @code{gt_} for
GNU gettext, @code{cu_} for GNU coreutils, etc.

For modules that define a function @code{foo}, the entry point is called
@code{gl_FUNC_FOO} instead of @code{gl_FOO}.  For modules that provide a
header file with multiple functions, say @code{foo.h}, the entry point is
called @code{gl_FOO_H} or @code{gl_HEADER_FOO_H}.  This convention is useful
because sometimes a header and a function name coincide (for example,
@code{fcntl} and @code{fcntl.h}).

For modules that provide a replacement, it is useful to split the Autoconf
macro into two macro definitions: one that detects whether the replacement
is needed and requests the replacement using @code{AC_LIBOBJ} (this is the
entry point, say @code{gl_FUNC_FOO}), and one that arranges for the macros
needed by the replacement code @code{lib/foo.c} (typically called
@code{gl_PREREQ_FOO}).  The reason of this separation is
to make it easy to update the Autoconf macros when you have modified the
source code file: after changing @code{lib/foo.c}, all you have to review
is the @code{Depends-on} section of the module description and the
@code{gl_PREREQ_FOO} macro in the Autoconf macro file.
The Autoconf macros are often large enough that splitting them eases
@end enumerate

@node Unit test modules
@section Unit test modules

A unit test that is a simple C program usually has a module description as
simple as this:


TESTS += test-foo
check_PROGRAMS += test-foo
@end smallexample

The test program @file{tests/test-foo.c} often has the following structure:

First comes the obligatory @samp{#include <config.h>}.

Second comes the include of the header file that declares the API being tested.
Including it here verifies that said header file is self-contained.

Then come other includes.  In particular, the file @file{macros.h} is often
used here.  It contains a convenient @code{ASSERT} macro.
@end itemize

The body of the test, then, contains many @code{ASSERT} invocations.  When
a test fails, the @code{ASSERT} macro prints the line number of the failing
statement, thus giving you as a developer a idea which part of the test
failed, even when you don't have access to the machine where the test failed
and the reporting user cannot run a debugger.

Sometimes it is convenient to write part of the test as a shell script.
(For example, in areas related to process control or interprocess
communication, or when different locales should be tried.) In these cases,
the typical module description is like this:


check_PROGRAMS += test-foo
@end smallexample

Here, the @code{TESTS_ENVIRONMENT} variable can be used to pass values
determined by @code{configure} or by the @code{Makefile} to the shell
script, as environment variables.  The values of @code{EXEEXT} and of
@code{srcdir}, from Autoconf and Automake, are already provided as
environment variables, through an initial value of @code{TESTS_ENVIRONMENT}
that @code{gnulib-tool} puts in place.

Regardless of the specific form of the unit test, the following guidelines
should be respected:

A test indicates success by exiting with exit code 0.  It should normally
not produce output in this case.  (Output to temporary files that are
cleaned up at the end of the test are possible, of course.)
A test indicates failure by exiting with an exit code different from 0 and 77,
typically 1.  It is useful to print a message about the failure in this case.
The @code{ASSERT} macro already does so.
A test indicates "skip", that is, that most of its interesting functionality
could not be performed, through a return code of 77.  A test should also
print a message to stdout or stderr about the reason for skipping.
For example:
  fputs ("Skipping test: multithreading not enabled\n", stderr);
  return 77;
@end smallexample
Such a message helps detecting bugs in the autoconf macros: A simple message
@samp{SKIP: test-foo} does not sufficiently catch the attention of the user.
@end itemize

@node Incompatible changes
@section Incompatible changes

Incompatible changes to Gnulib modules should be mentioned in Gnulib's
@file{NEWS} file.  Incompatible changes here mean that existing source code
may not compile or work any more.

We don't mean changes in the binary interface (ABI), since
Gnulib code is used in source-code form.
The user who distributes libraries that contain Gnulib code is supposed to
bump the version number in the way described in the Libtool documentation
before every release.
@end enumerate

@node Extending Gnulib
@chapter Extending Gnulib

Gnulib modules are intended to be suitable for widespread use.  Most
problems with Gnulib can and should be fixed in a generic way, so that
all of Gnulib's users can benefit from the change.  But occasionally a
problem arises that is difficult or undesirable to fix generically, or
a project that uses Gnulib may need to work around an issue before the
Gnulib maintainers commit a final fix.  Maintainers may also want to
add their own pools of modules to projects as Gnulib ``staging

The obvious way to make local changes to Gnulib modules is to use
@command{gnulib-tool} to check out pristine modules, then to modify
the results in-place.  This works well enough for short-lived
experiments.  It is harder to keep modified versions of Gnulib modules
for a long time, even though Git (or another distributed version
control systems) can help out a lot with this during the development

Git, however, doesn't address the distribution issue.  When a package
``foobar'' needs a modified version of, say, @file{}, it
either has to put a comment into @file{foobar/} saying
``Attention! This doesn't work with a pristine Gnulib, you need this
and that patch after checking out Gnulib,'' or it has to use the
@samp{--avoid=stdint} option and provide the modified @code{stdint}
module in a different directory.

The @option{--local-dir} option to @command{gnulib-tool} solves this
problem.  It allows the package to override or augment Gnulib.  This

@itemize @bullet
You can store files that are to override Gnulib files or modules.

You can store context diffs to be applied to Gnulib files.

You can add modules of your own, that are not (yet) in Gnulib.

You can also add unstructured amounts of code to the library, by
grouping the non-Gnulib files of the library in a single kitchen-sink
``module.''  (This kind of kitchen-sink module is not needed when you
use the @command{gnulib-tool} option @samp{--makefile-name}.)
@end itemize

In a release tarball, you can distribute the contents of this
@option{--local-dir} directory that will be combinable with newer
versions of Gnulib, barring incompatible changes to Gnulib.

If the @samp{--local-dir=@var{directory}} option is specified, then
@command{gnulib-tool} looks in @file{@var{directory}} whenever it
reads a file from the Gnulib directory.  Suppose @command{gnulib-tool}
is looking for @var{file}.  Then:

@itemize @bullet
If @file{@var{directory}/@var{file}} exists, then @samp{gnulib-tool} uses
it instead of the file included in Gnulib.

Otherwise, if @file{@var{directory}/@var{file}.diff} exists, then
@command{gnulib-tool} uses the file from Gnulib after applying the diff
using the @command{patch} program.

Otherwise, @command{gnulib-tool} uses the file included in Gnulib.
@end itemize

Please make wise use of this option.  It also allows you to easily
hold back modifications you make to Gnulib macros in cases it may be
better to share them.

@node Miscellaneous Notes
@chapter Miscellaneous Notes

* Out of memory handling::
* Obsolete modules::
* Extra tests modules::
* A C++ namespace for gnulib::      A different way of using Gnulib in C++
* Library version handling::
* Windows sockets::
* Libtool and Windows::
* License Texinfo sources::
* Build robot for gnulib::
@end menu

@node Out of memory handling
@section Out of memory handling

@cindex Out of Memory handling
@cindex Memory allocation failure
The gnulib API does not have a standard error code for the out of memory
error condition.  Instead of adding a non-standard error code, gnulib
has chosen to adopt a different strategy.  Out of memory handling
happens in rare situations, but performing the out of memory error
handling after almost all API function invocations pollute your source
code and might make it harder to spot more serious problems.  The
strategy chosen improves code readability and robustness.

@cindex Aborting execution
For most applications, aborting the application with an error message
when the out of memory situation occurs is the best that can be wished
for.  This is how the library behaves by default (using
the @samp{xalloc-die} module).

@vindex xalloc_die
However, we realize that some applications may not want to abort
execution in any situation.  Gnulib supports a hook to let the
application regain control and perform its own cleanups when an out of
memory situation has occurred.  The application can define a function
(having a @code{void} prototype, i.e., no return value and no
parameters) and set the library variable
@code{xalloc_die} to that function.  The variable should be
declared as follows.

extern void (*xalloc_die) (void);
@end example

Gnulib will invoke this function if an out of memory error occurs.  Note
that the function should not return.  Of course, care must be taken to
not allocate more memory, as that will likely also fail.

@node Obsolete modules
@section Obsolete modules

@cindex Obsolete modules
Modules can be marked obsolete.  This means that the problems they fix
don't occur any more on the platforms that are reasonable porting targets
now.  @code{gnulib-tool} warns when obsolete modules are mentioned on the
command line, and by default ignores dependencies from modules to obsolete
modules.  When you pass the option @code{--with-obsolete} to
@code{gnulib-tool}, dependencies to obsolete modules will be included,
however, unless blocked through an @code{--avoid} option.  This option
is useful if your package should be portable even to very old platforms.

In order to mark a module obsolete, you need to add this to the module


This module is obsolete.
@end example

@node Extra tests modules
@section Extra tests modules

@cindex Extra tests modules
@cindex C++ tests modules
@cindex tests modules, C++
@cindex long-running tests modules
@cindex tests modules, long-running
@cindex privileged tests modules
@cindex tests modules, privileged
@cindex unportable tests modules
@cindex tests modules, unportable
Test modules can be marked with some special status attributes.  When a
test module has such an attribute, @code{gnulib-tool --import} will not
include it by default.

The supported status attributes are:

@table @code
@item c++-test
Indicates that the test is testing C++ interoperability.  Such a test is
useful in a C++ or mixed C/C++ package, but is useless in a C package.

@item longrunning-test
Indicates that the test takes a long time to compile or execute (more
than five minutes or so).  Such a test is better avoided in a release
that is made for the general public.

@item privileged-test
Indicates that the test will request special privileges, for example,
ask for the superuser password.  Such a test may hang when run
non-interactively and is therefore better avoided in a release that is
made for the general public.

@item unportable-test
Indicates that the test is known to fail on some systems, and that
there is no workaround about it.  Such a test is better avoided in a
release that is made for the general public.
@end table

@code{gnulib-tool --import} will not include tests marked with these
attributes by default.  When @code{gnulib-tool} is invoked with one
of the options @code{--with-c++-tests}, @code{--with-longrunning-tests},
@code{--with-privileged-tests}, @code{--with-unportable-tests}, it
will include tests despite the corresponding special status attribute.
When @code{gnulib-tool} receives the option @code{--with-all-tests},
it will include all tests regardless of their status attributes.

@code{gnulib-tool --create-testdir} and
@code{gnulib-tool --create-megatestdir} by default include all tests of
modules specified on the command line, regardless of their status
attributes.  Tests of modules occurring as dependencies are not included
by default if they have one of these status attributes.  The options
@code{--with-c++-tests}, @code{--with-longrunning-tests},
@code{--with-privileged-tests}, @code{--with-unportable-tests} are
recognized here as well.  Additionally, @code{gnulib-tool} also
understands the options @code{--without-c++-tests},
@code{--without-longrunning-tests}, @code{--without-privileged-tests},

In order to mark a module with a status attribute, you need to add it
to the module description, like this:

@end example

If only a part of a test deserves a particular status attribute, you
can split the module into a primary and a secondary test module,
say @code{foo-tests} and @code{foo-extra-tests}.  Then add a dependency
from @code{foo-tests} to @code{foo-extra-tests}, and mark the
@code{foo-extra-tests} with the particular status attribute.

@node A C++ namespace for gnulib
@section A C++ namespace for gnulib

The function definitions provided by Gnulib (@code{.c} code) are meant
to be compiled by a C compiler.  The header files (@code{.h} files),
on the other hand, can be used in either C or C++.

By default, when used in a C++ compilation unit, the @code{.h} files
declare the same symbols and overrides as in C mode, except that functions
defined by Gnulib or by the system are declared as @samp{extern "C"}.

It is also possible to indicate to Gnulib to provide many of its symbols
in a dedicated C++ namespace.  If you define the macro
@code{GNULIB_NAMESPACE} to an identifier, many functions will be defined
in the namespace specified by the identifier instead of the global
namespace.  For example, after you have defined
#define GNULIB_NAMESPACE gnulib
@end smallexample
at the beginning of a compilation unit, Gnulib's @code{<fcntl.h>} header
file will make available the @code{open} function as @code{gnulib::open}.
The symbol @code{open} will still refer to the system's @code{open} function,
with its platform specific bugs and limitations.

The symbols provided in the Gnulib namespace are those for which the
corresponding header file contains a @code{_GL_CXXALIAS_RPL} or
@code{_GL_CXXALIAS_SYS} macro invocation.

The benefits of this namespace mode are:
Gnulib defines fewer symbols as preprocessor macros.  For example, on a
platform where @code{open} has to be overridden, Gnulib normally does
@code{#define open rpl_open}.  If your package has a class with a member
@code{open}, for example a class @code{foo} with a method @code{foo::open},
then if you define this member in a compilation unit that includes
@code{<fcntl.h>} and use it in a compilation unit that does not include
@code{<fcntl.h>}, or vice versa, you will get a link error.  Worse: You
will not notice this problem on the platform where the system's @code{open}
function works fine.  This problem goes away in namespace mode.

It provides a safety check whether the set of modules your package requests
from Gnulib is sufficient.  For example, if you use the function
@code{gnulib::open} in your code, and you forgot to request the module
@samp{open} from Gnulib, you will get a compilation error (regardless of
the platform).
@end itemize

The drawback of this namespace mode is that the system provided symbols in
the global namespace are still present, even when they contain bugs that
Gnulib fixes.  For example, if you call @code{open (...)} in your code,
it will invoke the possibly buggy system function, even if you have
requested the module @samp{open} from gnulib-tool.

You can turn on the namespace mode in some compilation units and keep it
turned off in others.  This can be useful if your package consists of
an application layer that does not need to invoke POSIX functions and
an operating system interface layer that contains all the OS function
calls.  In such a situation, you will want to turn on the namespace mode
for the application layer --- to avoid many preprocessor macro
definitions --- and turn it off for the OS interface layer --- to avoid
the drawback of the namespace mode, mentioned above.

@node Library version handling
@section Library version handling

The module @samp{check-version} can be useful when your gnulib
application is a system library.  You will typically wrap the call to
the @code{check_version} function through a library API, your library
header file may contain:

#define STRINGPREP_VERSION "0.5.18"
  extern const char *stringprep_check_version (const char *req_version);
@end example

To avoid ELF symbol collisions with other libraries that use the
@samp{check-version} module, add to @file{config.h} through a
AC_DEFINE something like:

AC_DEFINE(check_version, stringprep_check_version,
          [Rename check_version.])
@end example

The @code{stringprep_check_version} function will thus be implemented
by the @code{check_version} module.

There are two uses of the interface.  The first is a way to provide
for applications to find out the version number of the library it
uses.  The application may contain diagnostic code such as:

  printf ("Stringprep version: header %s library %s",
          stringprep_check_version (NULL));
@end example

Separating the library and header file version can be useful when
searching for version mismatch related problems.

The second uses is as a rudimentary test of proper library version, by
making sure the application get a library version that is the same, or
newer, than the header file used when building the application.  This
doesn't catch all problems, libraries may change backwards incompatibly
in later versions, but enable applications to require a certain
minimum version before it may proceed.

Typical uses look like:

       /* Check version of libgcrypt. */
       if (!gcry_check_version (GCRYPT_VERSION))
         die ("version mismatch\n");
@end example

@node Windows sockets
@section Windows sockets

There are several issues when building applications that should work
under Windows.  The most problematic part is for applications that use

Hopefully, we can add helpful notes to this section that will help you
port your application to Windows using gnulib.

@subsection Getaddrinfo and WINVER

This was written for the getaddrinfo module, but may be applicable to
other functions too.

The getaddrinfo function exists in ws2tcpip.h and -lws2_32 on Windows
XP.  The function declaration is present if @code{WINVER >= 0x0501}.
Windows 2000 does not have getaddrinfo in its @file{WS2_32.DLL}.

Thus, if you want to assume Windows XP or later, you can add
AC_DEFINE(WINVER, 0x0501) to avoid compiling the (partial) getaddrinfo

If you want to support Windows 2000, don't do anything.  The
replacement function will open @file{WS2_32.DLL} during run-time to
see if there is a getaddrinfo function available, and use it when

@node Libtool and Windows
@section Libtool and Windows

If you want it to be possible to cross-compile your program to MinGW
and you use Libtool, you need to put:

@end example

in your @file{}.  This sets the correct names for the
@code{OBJDUMP}, @code{DLLTOOL}, and @code{AS} tools for the build.

If you are building a library, you will also need to pass
@code{-no-undefined} to make sure Libtool produces a DLL for your
library.  From a @file{}:

libgsasl_la_LDFLAGS += -no-undefined
@end example

@node License Texinfo sources
@section License Texinfo sources

Gnulib provides copies of the GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, and GNU FDL licenses
in Texinfo form.  (The master location is
@url{}).  These Texinfo documents do not
have any node names and structures built into them; for your manual,
you should @code{@@include} them in an appropriate @code{@@node}.

The conventional name for the GPL node is @samp{Copying} and for the FDL
@samp{GNU Free Documentation License}.  The LGPL doesn't seem to have
a conventional node name.

Of course the license texts themselves should not be changed at all.

@node Build robot for gnulib
@section Build robot for gnulib

To simplify testing on a wide set of platforms, gnulib is built on
many platforms every day and the results are uploaded to:


If you wish to help the gnulib development effort with build logs for
your favorite platform, you may perform these steps:


@item Create gnulib directory

On a machine with recent automake, autoconf, m4 installed and with a
gnulib git or cvs checkout (typically a Linux machine), use

gnulib-tool --create-megatestdir --with-tests --dir=...
@end example

Note: The created directory uses ca. 512 MB on disk.

@item Transfer gnulib directory

Transfer this directory to a build machine (HP-UX, Cygwin, or
whatever).  Often it is easier to transfer one file, and this can be
achieved by running, inside the directory the following commands:

make dist
@end example

And then transferring the @file{dummy-0.tar.gz} file.

@item Build modules

On the build machine, run ./do-autobuild (or "nohup ./do-autobuild").
It creates a directory 'logs/' with a log file for each module.

@item Submit build logs

Submit each log file to Simon's site, either through a

mail `echo | sed -e s/__at__/@@/`
@end example

or through netcat

autobuild-submit logs/*
@end example

@end enumerate

@node POSIX Substitutes Library
@chapter Building the ISO C and POSIX Substitutes

This section shows a radically different way to use Gnulib.

You can extract the ISO C / POSIX substitutes part of gnulib by running
the command
gnulib-tool --create-testdir --source-base=lib \
            --dir=/tmp/posixlib `posix-modules`
@end smallexample

The command @samp{posix-modules} is found in the same directory as

The resulting directory can be built on a particular platform,
independently of the program being ported.  Then you can configure and
build any program, by setting @code{CPPFLAGS} and @code{LDFLAGS} at
configure time accordingly: set @code{CPPFLAGS="-I.../posixlib/lib"}, plus
any essential type definitions and flags that you find in
@code{.../posixlib/config.h}, and set

This way of using Gnulib is useful when you don't want to modify the program's
source code, or when the program uses a mix between C and C++ sources
(requiring separate builds of the @code{posixlib} for the C compiler and
for the C++ compiler).

@node Header File Substitutes
@chapter ISO C and POSIX Header File Substitutes

This chapter describes which header files specified by ISO C or POSIX are
substituted by Gnulib, which portability pitfalls are fixed by Gnulib, and
which (known) portability problems are not worked around by Gnulib.

@nosuchmodulenote header file

* aio.h::
* arpa/inet.h::
* assert.h::
* complex.h::
* cpio.h::
* ctype.h::
* dirent.h::
* dlfcn.h::
* errno.h::
* fcntl.h::
* fenv.h::
* float.h::
* fmtmsg.h::
* fnmatch.h::
* ftw.h::
* glob.h::
* grp.h::
* iconv.h::
* inttypes.h::
* iso646.h::
* langinfo.h::
* libgen.h::
* limits.h::
* locale.h::
* math.h::
* monetary.h::
* mqueue.h::
* ndbm.h::
* net/if.h::
* netdb.h::
* netinet/in.h::
* netinet/tcp.h::
* nl_types.h::
* poll.h::
* pthread.h::
* pwd.h::
* regex.h::
* sched.h::
* search.h::
* semaphore.h::
* setjmp.h::
* signal.h::
* spawn.h::
* stdarg.h::
* stdbool.h::
* stddef.h::
* stdint.h::
* stdio.h::
* stdlib.h::
* string.h::
* strings.h::
* stropts.h::
* sys/ipc.h::
* sys/mman.h::
* sys/msg.h::
* sys/resource.h::
* sys/select.h::
* sys/sem.h::
* sys/shm.h::
* sys/socket.h::
* sys/stat.h::
* sys/statvfs.h::
* sys/time.h::
* sys/timeb.h::
* sys/times.h::
* sys/types.h::
* sys/uio.h::
* sys/un.h::
* sys/utsname.h::
* sys/wait.h::
* syslog.h::
* tar.h::
* termios.h::
* tgmath.h::
* time.h::
* trace.h::
* ucontext.h::
* ulimit.h::
* unistd.h::
* utime.h::
* utmpx.h::
* wchar.h::
* wctype.h::
* wordexp.h::
@end menu

@include posix-headers/aio.texi
@include posix-headers/arpa_inet.texi
@include posix-headers/assert.texi
@include posix-headers/complex.texi
@include posix-headers/cpio.texi
@include posix-headers/ctype.texi
@include posix-headers/dirent.texi
@include posix-headers/dlfcn.texi
@include posix-headers/errno.texi
@include posix-headers/fcntl.texi
@include posix-headers/fenv.texi
@include posix-headers/float.texi
@include posix-headers/fmtmsg.texi
@include posix-headers/fnmatch.texi
@include posix-headers/ftw.texi
@include posix-headers/glob.texi
@include posix-headers/grp.texi
@include posix-headers/iconv.texi
@include posix-headers/inttypes.texi
@include posix-headers/iso646.texi
@include posix-headers/langinfo.texi
@include posix-headers/libgen.texi
@include posix-headers/limits.texi
@include posix-headers/locale.texi
@include posix-headers/math.texi
@include posix-headers/monetary.texi
@include posix-headers/mqueue.texi
@include posix-headers/ndbm.texi
@include posix-headers/net_if.texi
@include posix-headers/netdb.texi
@include posix-headers/netinet_in.texi
@include posix-headers/netinet_tcp.texi
@include posix-headers/nl_types.texi
@include posix-headers/poll.texi
@include posix-headers/pthread.texi
@include posix-headers/pwd.texi
@include posix-headers/regex.texi
@include posix-headers/sched.texi
@include posix-headers/search.texi
@include posix-headers/semaphore.texi
@include posix-headers/setjmp.texi
@include posix-headers/signal.texi
@include posix-headers/spawn.texi
@include posix-headers/stdarg.texi
@include posix-headers/stdbool.texi
@include posix-headers/stddef.texi
@include posix-headers/stdint.texi
@include posix-headers/stdio.texi
@include posix-headers/stdlib.texi
@include posix-headers/string.texi
@include posix-headers/strings.texi
@include posix-headers/stropts.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_ipc.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_mman.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_msg.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_resource.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_select.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_sem.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_shm.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_socket.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_stat.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_statvfs.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_time.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_timeb.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_times.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_types.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_uio.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_un.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_utsname.texi
@include posix-headers/sys_wait.texi
@include posix-headers/syslog.texi
@include posix-headers/tar.texi
@include posix-headers/termios.texi
@include posix-headers/tgmath.texi
@include posix-headers/time.texi
@include posix-headers/trace.texi
@include posix-headers/ucontext.texi
@include posix-headers/ulimit.texi
@include posix-headers/unistd.texi
@include posix-headers/utime.texi
@include posix-headers/utmpx.texi
@include posix-headers/wchar.texi
@include posix-headers/wctype.texi
@include posix-headers/wordexp.texi

@node Function Substitutes
@chapter ISO C and POSIX Function Substitutes

This chapter describes which functions and function-like macros specified by
ISO C or POSIX are substituted by Gnulib, which portability pitfalls are
fixed by Gnulib, and which (known) portability problems are not worked around
by Gnulib.

@nosuchmodulenote function

* FD_CLR::
* FD_SET::
* _Exit::
* _exit::
* _longjmp::
* _setjmp::
* _tolower::
* _toupper::
* a64l::
* abort::
* abs::
* accept::
* access::
* acos::
* acosf::
* acosh::
* acoshf::
* acoshl::
* acosl::
* aio_cancel::
* aio_error::
* aio_fsync::
* aio_read::
* aio_return::
* aio_suspend::
* aio_write::
* alarm::
* alphasort::
* asctime::
* asctime_r::
* asin::
* asinf::
* asinh::
* asinhf::
* asinhl::
* asinl::
* assert::
* atan::
* atan2::
* atan2f::
* atan2l::
* atanf::
* atanh::
* atanhf::
* atanhl::
* atanl::
* atexit::
* atof::
* atoi::
* atol::
* atoll::
* basename::
* bind::
* bsearch::
* btowc::
* cabs::
* cabsf::
* cabsl::
* cacos::
* cacosf::
* cacosh::
* cacoshf::
* cacoshl::
* cacosl::
* calloc::
* carg::
* cargf::
* cargl::
* casin::
* casinf::
* casinh::
* casinhf::
* casinhl::
* casinl::
* catan::
* catanf::
* catanh::
* catanhf::
* catanhl::
* catanl::
* catclose::
* catgets::
* catopen::
* cbrt::
* cbrtf::
* cbrtl::
* ccos::
* ccosf::
* ccosh::
* ccoshf::
* ccoshl::
* ccosl::
* ceil::
* ceilf::
* ceill::
* cexp::
* cexpf::
* cexpl::
* cfgetispeed::
* cfgetospeed::
* cfsetispeed::
* cfsetospeed::
* chdir::
* chmod::
* chown::
* cimag::
* cimagf::
* cimagl::
* clearerr::
* clock::
* clock_getcpuclockid::
* clock_getres::
* clock_gettime::
* clock_nanosleep::
* clock_settime::
* clog::
* clogf::
* clogl::
* close::
* closedir::
* closelog::
* confstr::
* conj::
* conjf::
* conjl::
* connect::
* copysign::
* copysignf::
* copysignl::
* cos::
* cosf::
* cosh::
* coshf::
* coshl::
* cosl::
* cpow::
* cpowf::
* cpowl::
* cproj::
* cprojf::
* cprojl::
* creal::
* crealf::
* creall::
* creat::
* crypt::
* csin::
* csinf::
* csinh::
* csinhf::
* csinhl::
* csinl::
* csqrt::
* csqrtf::
* csqrtl::
* ctan::
* ctanf::
* ctanh::
* ctanhf::
* ctanhl::
* ctanl::
* ctermid::
* ctime::
* ctime_r::
* daylight::
* dbm_clearerr::
* dbm_close::
* dbm_delete::
* dbm_error::
* dbm_fetch::
* dbm_firstkey::
* dbm_nextkey::
* dbm_open::
* dbm_store::
* difftime::
* dirfd::
* dirname::
* div::
* dlclose::
* dlerror::
* dlopen::
* dlsym::
* dprintf::
* drand48::
* dup::
* dup2::
* duplocale::
* encrypt::
* endgrent::
* endhostent::
* endnetent::
* endprotoent::
* endpwent::
* endservent::
* endutxent::
* environ::
* erand48::
* erf::
* erfc::
* erfcf::
* erfcl::
* erff::
* erfl::
* errno::
* execl::
* execle::
* execlp::
* execv::
* execve::
* execvp::
* exit::
* exp::
* exp2::
* exp2f::
* exp2l::
* expf::
* expl::
* expm1::
* expm1f::
* expm1l::
* fabs::
* fabsf::
* fabsl::
* faccessat::
* fattach::
* fchdir::
* fchmod::
* fchmodat::
* fchown::
* fchownat::
* fclose::
* fcntl::
* fdatasync::
* fdetach::
* fdim::
* fdimf::
* fdiml::
* fdopen::
* fdopendir::
* feclearexcept::
* fegetenv::
* fegetexceptflag::
* fegetround::
* feholdexcept::
* feof::
* feraiseexcept::
* ferror::
* fesetenv::
* fesetexceptflag::
* fesetround::
* fetestexcept::
* feupdateenv::
* fexecve::
* fflush::
* ffs::
* fgetc::
* fgetpos::
* fgets::
* fgetwc::
* fgetws::
* fileno::
* flockfile::
* floor::
* floorf::
* floorl::
* fma::
* fmaf::
* fmal::
* fmax::
* fmaxf::
* fmaxl::
* fmemopen::
* fmin::
* fminf::
* fminl::
* fmod::
* fmodf::
* fmodl::
* fmtmsg::
* fnmatch::
* fopen::
* fork::
* fpathconf::
* fpclassify::
* fprintf::
* fputc::
* fputs::
* fputwc::
* fputws::
* fread::
* free::
* freeaddrinfo::
* freelocale::
* freopen::
* frexp::
* frexpf::
* frexpl::
* fscanf::
* fseek::
* fseeko::
* fsetpos::
* fstat::
* fstatat::
* fstatvfs::
* fsync::
* ftell::
* ftello::
* ftok::
* ftruncate::
* ftrylockfile::
* ftw::
* funlockfile::
* futimens::
* fwide::
* fwprintf::
* fwrite::
* fwscanf::
* gai_strerror::
* getaddrinfo::
* getc::
* getc_unlocked::
* getchar::
* getchar_unlocked::
* getcwd::
* getdate::
* getdate_err::
* getdelim::
* getegid::
* getenv::
* geteuid::
* getgid::
* getgrent::
* getgrgid::
* getgrgid_r::
* getgrnam::
* getgrnam_r::
* getgroups::
* gethostent::
* gethostid::
* gethostname::
* getitimer::
* getline::
* getlogin::
* getlogin_r::
* getmsg::
* getnameinfo::
* getnetbyaddr::
* getnetbyname::
* getnetent::
* getopt::
* getpeername::
* getpgid::
* getpgrp::
* getpid::
* getpmsg::
* getppid::
* getpriority::
* getprotobyname::
* getprotobynumber::
* getprotoent::
* getpwent::
* getpwnam::
* getpwnam_r::
* getpwuid::
* getpwuid_r::
* getrlimit::
* getrusage::
* gets::
* getservbyname::
* getservbyport::
* getservent::
* getsid::
* getsockname::
* getsockopt::
* getsubopt::
* gettimeofday::
* getuid::
* getutxent::
* getutxid::
* getutxline::
* getwc::
* getwchar::
* glob::
* globfree::
* gmtime::
* gmtime_r::
* grantpt::
* hcreate::
* hdestroy::
* hsearch::
* htonl::
* htons::
* hypot::
* hypotf::
* hypotl::
* iconv::
* iconv_close::
* iconv_open::
* if_freenameindex::
* if_indextoname::
* if_nameindex::
* if_nametoindex::
* ilogb::
* ilogbf::
* ilogbl::
* imaxabs::
* imaxdiv::
* inet_addr::
* inet_ntoa::
* inet_ntop::
* inet_pton::
* initstate::
* insque::
* ioctl::
* isalnum::
* isalnum_l::
* isalpha::
* isalpha_l::
* isascii::
* isastream::
* isatty::
* isblank::
* isblank_l::
* iscntrl::
* iscntrl_l::
* isdigit::
* isdigit_l::
* isfinite::
* isgraph::
* isgraph_l::
* isgreater::
* isgreaterequal::
* isinf::
* isless::
* islessequal::
* islessgreater::
* islower::
* islower_l::
* isnan::
* isnormal::
* isprint::
* isprint_l::
* ispunct::
* ispunct_l::
* isspace::
* isspace_l::
* isunordered::
* isupper::
* isupper_l::
* iswalnum::
* iswalnum_l::
* iswalpha::
* iswalpha_l::
* iswblank::
* iswblank_l::
* iswcntrl::
* iswcntrl_l::
* iswctype::
* iswctype_l::
* iswdigit::
* iswdigit_l::
* iswgraph::
* iswgraph_l::
* iswlower::
* iswlower_l::
* iswprint::
* iswprint_l::
* iswpunct::
* iswpunct_l::
* iswspace::
* iswspace_l::
* iswupper::
* iswupper_l::
* iswxdigit::
* iswxdigit_l::
* isxdigit::
* isxdigit_l::
* j0::
* j1::
* jn::
* jrand48::
* kill::
* killpg::
* l64a::
* labs::
* lchown::
* lcong48::
* ldexp::
* ldexpf::
* ldexpl::
* ldiv::
* lfind::
* lgamma::
* lgammaf::
* lgammal::
* link::
* linkat::
* lio_listio::
* listen::
* llabs::
* lldiv::
* llrint::
* llrintf::
* llrintl::
* llround::
* llroundf::
* llroundl::
* localeconv::
* localtime::
* localtime_r::
* lockf::
* log::
* log10::
* log10f::
* log10l::
* log1p::
* log1pf::
* log1pl::
* log2::
* log2f::
* log2l::
* logb::
* logbf::
* logbl::
* logf::
* logl::
* longjmp::
* lrand48::
* lrint::
* lrintf::
* lrintl::
* lround::
* lroundf::
* lroundl::
* lsearch::
* lseek::
* lstat::
* malloc::
* mblen::
* mbrlen::
* mbrtowc::
* mbsinit::
* mbsnrtowcs::
* mbsrtowcs::
* mbstowcs::
* mbtowc::
* memccpy::
* memchr::
* memcmp::
* memcpy::
* memmove::
* memset::
* mkdir::
* mkdirat::
* mkdtemp::
* mkfifo::
* mkfifoat::
* mknod::
* mknodat::
* mkstemp::
* mktime::
* mlock::
* mlockall::
* mmap::
* modf::
* modff::
* modfl::
* mprotect::
* mq_close::
* mq_getattr::
* mq_notify::
* mq_open::
* mq_receive::
* mq_send::
* mq_setattr::
* mq_timedreceive::
* mq_timedsend::
* mq_unlink::
* mrand48::
* msgctl::
* msgget::
* msgrcv::
* msgsnd::
* msync::
* munlock::
* munlockall::
* munmap::
* nan::
* nanf::
* nanl::
* nanosleep::
* nearbyint::
* nearbyintf::
* nearbyintl::
* newlocale::
* nextafter::
* nextafterf::
* nextafterl::
* nexttoward::
* nexttowardf::
* nexttowardl::
* nftw::
* nice::
* nl_langinfo::
* nl_langinfo_l::
* nrand48::
* ntohl::
* ntohs::
* open::
* openat::
* opendir::
* openlog::
* open_memstream::
* open_wmemstream::
* optarg::
* opterr::
* optind::
* optopt::
* pathconf::
* pause::
* pclose::
* perror::
* pipe::
* poll::
* popen::
* posix_fadvise::
* posix_fallocate::
* posix_madvise::
* posix_mem_offset::
* posix_memalign::
* posix_openpt::
* posix_spawn::
* posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose::
* posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2::
* posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen::
* posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy::
* posix_spawn_file_actions_init::
* posix_spawnattr_destroy::
* posix_spawnattr_getflags::
* posix_spawnattr_getpgroup::
* posix_spawnattr_getschedparam::
* posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy::
* posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault::
* posix_spawnattr_getsigmask::
* posix_spawnattr_init::
* posix_spawnattr_setflags::
* posix_spawnattr_setpgroup::
* posix_spawnattr_setschedparam::
* posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy::
* posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault::
* posix_spawnattr_setsigmask::
* posix_spawnp::
* posix_trace_attr_destroy::
* posix_trace_attr_getclockres::
* posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime::
* posix_trace_attr_getgenversion::
* posix_trace_attr_getinherited::
* posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy::
* posix_trace_attr_getlogsize::
* posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize::
* posix_trace_attr_getmaxsystemeventsize::
* posix_trace_attr_getmaxusereventsize::
* posix_trace_attr_getname::
* posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy::
* posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize::
* posix_trace_attr_init::
* posix_trace_attr_setinherited::
* posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy::
* posix_trace_attr_setlogsize::
* posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize::
* posix_trace_attr_setname::
* posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy::
* posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize::
* posix_trace_clear::
* posix_trace_close::
* posix_trace_create::
* posix_trace_create_withlog::
* posix_trace_event::
* posix_trace_eventid_equal::
* posix_trace_eventid_get_name::
* posix_trace_eventid_open::
* posix_trace_eventset_add::
* posix_trace_eventset_del::
* posix_trace_eventset_empty::
* posix_trace_eventset_fill::
* posix_trace_eventset_ismember::
* posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id::
* posix_trace_eventtypelist_rewind::
* posix_trace_flush::
* posix_trace_get_attr::
* posix_trace_get_filter::
* posix_trace_get_status::
* posix_trace_getnext_event::
* posix_trace_open::
* posix_trace_rewind::
* posix_trace_set_filter::
* posix_trace_shutdown::
* posix_trace_start::
* posix_trace_stop::
* posix_trace_timedgetnext_event::
* posix_trace_trid_eventid_open::
* posix_trace_trygetnext_event::
* posix_typed_mem_get_info::
* posix_typed_mem_open::
* pow::
* powf::
* powl::
* pread::
* printf::
* pselect::
* psiginfo::
* psignal::
* pthread_atfork::
* pthread_attr_destroy::
* pthread_attr_getdetachstate::
* pthread_attr_getguardsize::
* pthread_attr_getinheritsched::
* pthread_attr_getschedparam::
* pthread_attr_getschedpolicy::
* pthread_attr_getscope::
* pthread_attr_getstack::
* pthread_attr_getstacksize::
* pthread_attr_init::
* pthread_attr_setdetachstate::
* pthread_attr_setguardsize::
* pthread_attr_setinheritsched::
* pthread_attr_setschedparam::
* pthread_attr_setschedpolicy::
* pthread_attr_setscope::
* pthread_attr_setstack::
* pthread_attr_setstacksize::
* pthread_barrier_destroy::
* pthread_barrier_init::
* pthread_barrier_wait::
* pthread_barrierattr_destroy::
* pthread_barrierattr_getpshared::
* pthread_barrierattr_init::
* pthread_barrierattr_setpshared::
* pthread_cancel::
* pthread_cleanup_pop::
* pthread_cleanup_push::
* pthread_cond_broadcast::
* pthread_cond_destroy::
* pthread_cond_init::
* pthread_cond_signal::
* pthread_cond_timedwait::
* pthread_cond_wait::
* pthread_condattr_destroy::
* pthread_condattr_getclock::
* pthread_condattr_getpshared::
* pthread_condattr_init::
* pthread_condattr_setclock::
* pthread_condattr_setpshared::
* pthread_create::
* pthread_detach::
* pthread_equal::
* pthread_exit::
* pthread_getconcurrency::
* pthread_getcpuclockid::
* pthread_getschedparam::
* pthread_getspecific::
* pthread_join::
* pthread_key_create::
* pthread_key_delete::
* pthread_kill::
* pthread_mutex_consistent::
* pthread_mutex_destroy::
* pthread_mutex_getprioceiling::
* pthread_mutex_init::
* pthread_mutex_lock::
* pthread_mutex_setprioceiling::
* pthread_mutex_timedlock::
* pthread_mutex_trylock::
* pthread_mutex_unlock::
* pthread_mutexattr_destroy::
* pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling::
* pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol::
* pthread_mutexattr_getpshared::
* pthread_mutexattr_getrobust::
* pthread_mutexattr_gettype::
* pthread_mutexattr_init::
* pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling::
* pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol::
* pthread_mutexattr_setpshared::
* pthread_mutexattr_setrobust::
* pthread_mutexattr_settype::
* pthread_once::
* pthread_rwlock_destroy::
* pthread_rwlock_init::
* pthread_rwlock_rdlock::
* pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock::
* pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock::
* pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock::
* pthread_rwlock_trywrlock::
* pthread_rwlock_unlock::
* pthread_rwlock_wrlock::
* pthread_rwlockattr_destroy::
* pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared::
* pthread_rwlockattr_init::
* pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared::
* pthread_self::
* pthread_setcancelstate::
* pthread_setcanceltype::
* pthread_setconcurrency::
* pthread_setschedparam::
* pthread_setschedprio::
* pthread_setspecific::
* pthread_sigmask::
* pthread_spin_destroy::
* pthread_spin_init::
* pthread_spin_lock::
* pthread_spin_trylock::
* pthread_spin_unlock::
* pthread_testcancel::
* ptsname::
* putc::
* putc_unlocked::
* putchar::
* putchar_unlocked::
* putenv::
* putmsg::
* putpmsg::
* puts::
* pututxline::
* putwc::
* putwchar::
* pwrite::
* qsort::
* raise::
* rand::
* rand_r::
* random::
* read::
* readdir::
* readdir_r::
* readlink::
* readlinkat::
* readv::
* realloc::
* realpath::
* recv::
* recvfrom::
* recvmsg::
* regcomp::
* regerror::
* regexec::
* regfree::
* remainder::
* remainderf::
* remainderl::
* remove::
* remque::
* remquo::
* remquof::
* remquol::
* rename::
* renameat::
* rewind::
* rewinddir::
* rint::
* rintf::
* rintl::
* rmdir::
* round::
* roundf::
* roundl::
* scalbln::
* scalblnf::
* scalblnl::
* scalbn::
* scalbnf::
* scalbnl::
* scandir::
* scanf::
* sched_get_priority_max::
* sched_get_priority_min::
* sched_getparam::
* sched_getscheduler::
* sched_rr_get_interval::
* sched_setparam::
* sched_setscheduler::
* sched_yield::
* seed48::
* seekdir::
* select::
* sem_close::
* sem_destroy::
* sem_getvalue::
* sem_init::
* sem_open::
* sem_post::
* sem_timedwait::
* sem_trywait::
* sem_unlink::
* sem_wait::
* semctl::
* semget::
* semop::
* send::
* sendmsg::
* sendto::
* setbuf::
* setegid::
* setenv::
* seteuid::
* setgid::
* setgrent::
* sethostent::
* setitimer::
* setjmp::
* setkey::
* setlocale::
* setlogmask::
* setnetent::
* setpgid::
* setpgrp::
* setpriority::
* setprotoent::
* setpwent::
* setregid::
* setreuid::
* setrlimit::
* setservent::
* setsid::
* setsockopt::
* setstate::
* setuid::
* setutxent::
* setvbuf::
* shm_open::
* shm_unlink::
* shmat::
* shmctl::
* shmdt::
* shmget::
* shutdown::
* sigaction::
* sigaddset::
* sigaltstack::
* sigdelset::
* sigemptyset::
* sigfillset::
* sighold::
* sigignore::
* siginterrupt::
* sigismember::
* siglongjmp::
* signal::
* signbit::
* signgam::
* sigpause::
* sigpending::
* sigprocmask::
* sigqueue::
* sigrelse::
* sigset::
* sigsetjmp::
* sigsuspend::
* sigtimedwait::
* sigwait::
* sigwaitinfo::
* sin::
* sinf::
* sinh::
* sinhf::
* sinhl::
* sinl::
* sleep::
* snprintf::
* sockatmark::
* socket::
* socketpair::
* sprintf::
* sqrt::
* sqrtf::
* sqrtl::
* srand::
* srand48::
* srandom::
* sscanf::
* stat::
* statvfs::
* stderr::
* stdin::
* stdout::
* stpcpy::
* stpncpy::
* strcasecmp::
* strcasecmp_l::
* strcat::
* strchr::
* strcmp::
* strcoll::
* strcoll_l::
* strcpy::
* strcspn::
* strdup::
* strerror::
* strerror_l::
* strerror_r::
* strfmon::
* strfmon_l::
* strftime::
* strftime_l::
* strlen::
* strncasecmp::
* strncasecmp_l::
* strncat::
* strncmp::
* strncpy::
* strndup::
* strnlen::
* strpbrk::
* strptime::
* strrchr::
* strsignal::
* strspn::
* strstr::
* strtod::
* strtof::
* strtoimax::
* strtok::
* strtok_r::
* strtol::
* strtold::
* strtoll::
* strtoul::
* strtoull::
* strtoumax::
* strxfrm::
* strxfrm_l::
* swab::
* swprintf::
* swscanf::
* symlink::
* symlinkat::
* sync::
* sysconf::
* syslog::
* system::
* tan::
* tanf::
* tanh::
* tanhf::
* tanhl::
* tanl::
* tcdrain::
* tcflow::
* tcflush::
* tcgetattr::
* tcgetpgrp::
* tcgetsid::
* tcsendbreak::
* tcsetattr::
* tcsetpgrp::
* tdelete::
* telldir::
* tempnam::
* tfind::
* tgamma::
* tgammaf::
* tgammal::
* time::
* timer_create::
* timer_delete::
* timer_getoverrun::
* timer_gettime::
* timer_settime::
* times::
* timezone::
* tmpfile::
* tmpnam::
* toascii::
* tolower::
* tolower_l::
* toupper::
* toupper_l::
* towctrans::
* towctrans_l::
* towlower::
* towlower_l::
* towupper::
* towupper_l::
* trunc::
* truncate::
* truncf::
* truncl::
* tsearch::
* ttyname::
* ttyname_r::
* twalk::
* tzname::
* tzset::
* ulimit::
* umask::
* uname::
* ungetc::
* ungetwc::
* unlink::
* unlinkat::
* unlockpt::
* unsetenv::
* uselocale::
* utime::
* utimensat::
* utimes::
* va_arg::
* va_copy::
* va_end::
* va_start::
* vdprintf::
* vfprintf::
* vfscanf::
* vfwprintf::
* vfwscanf::
* vprintf::
* vscanf::
* vsnprintf::
* vsprintf::
* vsscanf::
* vswprintf::
* vswscanf::
* vwprintf::
* vwscanf::
* wait::
* waitid::
* waitpid::
* wcpcpy::
* wcpncpy::
* wcrtomb::
* wcscasecmp::
* wcscasecmp_l::
* wcscat::
* wcschr::
* wcscmp::
* wcscoll::
* wcscoll_l::
* wcscpy::
* wcscspn::
* wcsdup::
* wcsftime::
* wcslen::
* wcsncasecmp::
* wcsncasecmp_l::
* wcsncat::
* wcsncmp::
* wcsncpy::
* wcsnlen::
* wcsnrtombs::
* wcspbrk::
* wcsrchr::
* wcsrtombs::
* wcsspn::
* wcsstr::
* wcstod::
* wcstof::
* wcstoimax::
* wcstok::
* wcstol::
* wcstold::
* wcstoll::
* wcstombs::
* wcstoul::
* wcstoull::
* wcstoumax::
* wcswidth::
* wcsxfrm::
* wcsxfrm_l::
* wctob::
* wctomb::
* wctrans::
* wctrans_l::
* wctype::
* wctype_l::
* wcwidth::
* wmemchr::
* wmemcmp::
* wmemcpy::
* wmemmove::
* wmemset::
* wordexp::
* wordfree::
* wprintf::
* write::
* writev::
* wscanf::
* y0::
* y1::
* yn::
@end menu

@include posix-functions/FD_CLR.texi
@include posix-functions/FD_ISSET.texi
@include posix-functions/FD_SET.texi
@include posix-functions/FD_ZERO.texi
@include posix-functions/_Exit_C99.texi
@include posix-functions/_exit.texi
@include posix-functions/_longjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/_setjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/_tolower.texi
@include posix-functions/_toupper.texi
@include posix-functions/a64l.texi
@include posix-functions/abort.texi
@include posix-functions/abs.texi
@include posix-functions/accept.texi
@include posix-functions/access.texi
@include posix-functions/acos.texi
@include posix-functions/acosf.texi
@include posix-functions/acosh.texi
@include posix-functions/acoshf.texi
@include posix-functions/acoshl.texi
@include posix-functions/acosl.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_cancel.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_error.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_fsync.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_read.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_return.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_suspend.texi
@include posix-functions/aio_write.texi
@include posix-functions/alarm.texi
@include posix-functions/alphasort.texi
@include posix-functions/asctime.texi
@include posix-functions/asctime_r.texi
@include posix-functions/asin.texi
@include posix-functions/asinf.texi
@include posix-functions/asinh.texi
@include posix-functions/asinhf.texi
@include posix-functions/asinhl.texi
@include posix-functions/asinl.texi
@include posix-functions/assert.texi
@include posix-functions/atan.texi
@include posix-functions/atan2.texi
@include posix-functions/atan2f.texi
@include posix-functions/atan2l.texi
@include posix-functions/atanf.texi
@include posix-functions/atanh.texi
@include posix-functions/atanhf.texi
@include posix-functions/atanhl.texi
@include posix-functions/atanl.texi
@include posix-functions/atexit.texi
@include posix-functions/atof.texi
@include posix-functions/atoi.texi
@include posix-functions/atol.texi
@include posix-functions/atoll.texi
@include posix-functions/basename.texi
@include posix-functions/bind.texi
@include posix-functions/bsearch.texi
@include posix-functions/btowc.texi
@include posix-functions/cabs.texi
@include posix-functions/cabsf.texi
@include posix-functions/cabsl.texi
@include posix-functions/cacos.texi
@include posix-functions/cacosf.texi
@include posix-functions/cacosh.texi
@include posix-functions/cacoshf.texi
@include posix-functions/cacoshl.texi
@include posix-functions/cacosl.texi
@include posix-functions/calloc.texi
@include posix-functions/carg.texi
@include posix-functions/cargf.texi
@include posix-functions/cargl.texi
@include posix-functions/casin.texi
@include posix-functions/casinf.texi
@include posix-functions/casinh.texi
@include posix-functions/casinhf.texi
@include posix-functions/casinhl.texi
@include posix-functions/casinl.texi
@include posix-functions/catan.texi
@include posix-functions/catanf.texi
@include posix-functions/catanh.texi
@include posix-functions/catanhf.texi
@include posix-functions/catanhl.texi
@include posix-functions/catanl.texi
@include posix-functions/catclose.texi
@include posix-functions/catgets.texi
@include posix-functions/catopen.texi
@include posix-functions/cbrt.texi
@include posix-functions/cbrtf.texi
@include posix-functions/cbrtl.texi
@include posix-functions/ccos.texi
@include posix-functions/ccosf.texi
@include posix-functions/ccosh.texi
@include posix-functions/ccoshf.texi
@include posix-functions/ccoshl.texi
@include posix-functions/ccosl.texi
@include posix-functions/ceil.texi
@include posix-functions/ceilf.texi
@include posix-functions/ceill.texi
@include posix-functions/cexp.texi
@include posix-functions/cexpf.texi
@include posix-functions/cexpl.texi
@include posix-functions/cfgetispeed.texi
@include posix-functions/cfgetospeed.texi
@include posix-functions/cfsetispeed.texi
@include posix-functions/cfsetospeed.texi
@include posix-functions/chdir.texi
@include posix-functions/chmod.texi
@include posix-functions/chown.texi
@include posix-functions/cimag.texi
@include posix-functions/cimagf.texi
@include posix-functions/cimagl.texi
@include posix-functions/clearerr.texi
@include posix-functions/clock.texi
@include posix-functions/clock_getcpuclockid.texi
@include posix-functions/clock_getres.texi
@include posix-functions/clock_gettime.texi
@include posix-functions/clock_nanosleep.texi
@include posix-functions/clock_settime.texi
@include posix-functions/clog.texi
@include posix-functions/clogf.texi
@include posix-functions/clogl.texi
@include posix-functions/close.texi
@include posix-functions/closedir.texi
@include posix-functions/closelog.texi
@include posix-functions/confstr.texi
@include posix-functions/conj.texi
@include posix-functions/conjf.texi
@include posix-functions/conjl.texi
@include posix-functions/connect.texi
@include posix-functions/copysign.texi
@include posix-functions/copysignf.texi
@include posix-functions/copysignl.texi
@include posix-functions/cos.texi
@include posix-functions/cosf.texi
@include posix-functions/cosh.texi
@include posix-functions/coshf.texi
@include posix-functions/coshl.texi
@include posix-functions/cosl.texi
@include posix-functions/cpow.texi
@include posix-functions/cpowf.texi
@include posix-functions/cpowl.texi
@include posix-functions/cproj.texi
@include posix-functions/cprojf.texi
@include posix-functions/cprojl.texi
@include posix-functions/creal.texi
@include posix-functions/crealf.texi
@include posix-functions/creall.texi
@include posix-functions/creat.texi
@include posix-functions/crypt.texi
@include posix-functions/csin.texi
@include posix-functions/csinf.texi
@include posix-functions/csinh.texi
@include posix-functions/csinhf.texi
@include posix-functions/csinhl.texi
@include posix-functions/csinl.texi
@include posix-functions/csqrt.texi
@include posix-functions/csqrtf.texi
@include posix-functions/csqrtl.texi
@include posix-functions/ctan.texi
@include posix-functions/ctanf.texi
@include posix-functions/ctanh.texi
@include posix-functions/ctanhf.texi
@include posix-functions/ctanhl.texi
@include posix-functions/ctanl.texi
@include posix-functions/ctermid.texi
@include posix-functions/ctime.texi
@include posix-functions/ctime_r.texi
@include posix-functions/daylight.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_clearerr.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_close.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_delete.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_error.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_fetch.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_firstkey.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_nextkey.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_open.texi
@include posix-functions/dbm_store.texi
@include posix-functions/difftime.texi
@include posix-functions/dirfd.texi
@include posix-functions/dirname.texi
@include posix-functions/div.texi
@include posix-functions/dlclose.texi
@include posix-functions/dlerror.texi
@include posix-functions/dlopen.texi
@include posix-functions/dlsym.texi
@include posix-functions/dprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/drand48.texi
@include posix-functions/dup.texi
@include posix-functions/dup2.texi
@include posix-functions/duplocale.texi
@include posix-functions/encrypt.texi
@include posix-functions/endgrent.texi
@include posix-functions/endhostent.texi
@include posix-functions/endnetent.texi
@include posix-functions/endprotoent.texi
@include posix-functions/endpwent.texi
@include posix-functions/endservent.texi
@include posix-functions/endutxent.texi
@include posix-functions/environ.texi
@include posix-functions/erand48.texi
@include posix-functions/erf.texi
@include posix-functions/erfc.texi
@include posix-functions/erfcf.texi
@include posix-functions/erfcl.texi
@include posix-functions/erff.texi
@include posix-functions/erfl.texi
@include posix-functions/errno.texi
@include posix-functions/execl.texi
@include posix-functions/execle.texi
@include posix-functions/execlp.texi
@include posix-functions/execv.texi
@include posix-functions/execve.texi
@include posix-functions/execvp.texi
@include posix-functions/exit.texi
@include posix-functions/exp.texi
@include posix-functions/exp2.texi
@include posix-functions/exp2f.texi
@include posix-functions/exp2l.texi
@include posix-functions/expf.texi
@include posix-functions/expl.texi
@include posix-functions/expm1.texi
@include posix-functions/expm1f.texi
@include posix-functions/expm1l.texi
@include posix-functions/fabs.texi
@include posix-functions/fabsf.texi
@include posix-functions/fabsl.texi
@include posix-functions/faccessat.texi
@include posix-functions/fattach.texi
@include posix-functions/fchdir.texi
@include posix-functions/fchmod.texi
@include posix-functions/fchmodat.texi
@include posix-functions/fchown.texi
@include posix-functions/fchownat.texi
@include posix-functions/fclose.texi
@include posix-functions/fcntl.texi
@include posix-functions/fdatasync.texi
@include posix-functions/fdetach.texi
@include posix-functions/fdim.texi
@include posix-functions/fdimf.texi
@include posix-functions/fdiml.texi
@include posix-functions/fdopen.texi
@include posix-functions/fdopendir.texi
@include posix-functions/feclearexcept.texi
@include posix-functions/fegetenv.texi
@include posix-functions/fegetexceptflag.texi
@include posix-functions/fegetround.texi
@include posix-functions/feholdexcept.texi
@include posix-functions/feof.texi
@include posix-functions/feraiseexcept.texi
@include posix-functions/ferror.texi
@include posix-functions/fesetenv.texi
@include posix-functions/fesetexceptflag.texi
@include posix-functions/fesetround.texi
@include posix-functions/fetestexcept.texi
@include posix-functions/feupdateenv.texi
@include posix-functions/fexecve.texi
@include posix-functions/fflush.texi
@include posix-functions/ffs.texi
@include posix-functions/fgetc.texi
@include posix-functions/fgetpos.texi
@include posix-functions/fgets.texi
@include posix-functions/fgetwc.texi
@include posix-functions/fgetws.texi
@include posix-functions/fileno.texi
@include posix-functions/flockfile.texi
@include posix-functions/floor.texi
@include posix-functions/floorf.texi
@include posix-functions/floorl.texi
@include posix-functions/fma.texi
@include posix-functions/fmaf.texi
@include posix-functions/fmal.texi
@include posix-functions/fmax.texi
@include posix-functions/fmaxf.texi
@include posix-functions/fmaxl.texi
@include posix-functions/fmemopen.texi
@include posix-functions/fmin.texi
@include posix-functions/fminf.texi
@include posix-functions/fminl.texi
@include posix-functions/fmod.texi
@include posix-functions/fmodf.texi
@include posix-functions/fmodl.texi
@include posix-functions/fmtmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/fnmatch.texi
@include posix-functions/fopen.texi
@include posix-functions/fork.texi
@include posix-functions/fpathconf.texi
@include posix-functions/fpclassify.texi
@include posix-functions/fprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/fputc.texi
@include posix-functions/fputs.texi
@include posix-functions/fputwc.texi
@include posix-functions/fputws.texi
@include posix-functions/fread.texi
@include posix-functions/free.texi
@include posix-functions/freeaddrinfo.texi
@include posix-functions/freelocale.texi
@include posix-functions/freopen.texi
@include posix-functions/frexp.texi
@include posix-functions/frexpf.texi
@include posix-functions/frexpl.texi
@include posix-functions/fscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/fseek.texi
@include posix-functions/fseeko.texi
@include posix-functions/fsetpos.texi
@include posix-functions/fstat.texi
@include posix-functions/fstatat.texi
@include posix-functions/fstatvfs.texi
@include posix-functions/fsync.texi
@include posix-functions/ftell.texi
@include posix-functions/ftello.texi
@include posix-functions/ftok.texi
@include posix-functions/ftruncate.texi
@include posix-functions/ftrylockfile.texi
@include posix-functions/ftw.texi
@include posix-functions/funlockfile.texi
@include posix-functions/futimens.texi
@include posix-functions/fwide.texi
@include posix-functions/fwprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/fwrite.texi
@include posix-functions/fwscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/gai_strerror.texi
@include posix-functions/getaddrinfo.texi
@include posix-functions/getc.texi
@include posix-functions/getc_unlocked.texi
@include posix-functions/getchar.texi
@include posix-functions/getchar_unlocked.texi
@include posix-functions/getcwd.texi
@include posix-functions/getdate.texi
@include posix-functions/getdate_err.texi
@include posix-functions/getdelim.texi
@include posix-functions/getegid.texi
@include posix-functions/getenv.texi
@include posix-functions/geteuid.texi
@include posix-functions/getgid.texi
@include posix-functions/getgrent.texi
@include posix-functions/getgrgid.texi
@include posix-functions/getgrgid_r.texi
@include posix-functions/getgrnam.texi
@include posix-functions/getgrnam_r.texi
@include posix-functions/getgroups.texi
@include posix-functions/gethostent.texi
@include posix-functions/gethostid.texi
@include posix-functions/gethostname.texi
@include posix-functions/getitimer.texi
@include posix-functions/getline.texi
@include posix-functions/getlogin.texi
@include posix-functions/getlogin_r.texi
@include posix-functions/getmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/getnameinfo.texi
@include posix-functions/getnetbyaddr.texi
@include posix-functions/getnetbyname.texi
@include posix-functions/getnetent.texi
@include posix-functions/getopt.texi
@include posix-functions/getpeername.texi
@include posix-functions/getpgid.texi
@include posix-functions/getpgrp.texi
@include posix-functions/getpid.texi
@include posix-functions/getpmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/getppid.texi
@include posix-functions/getpriority.texi
@include posix-functions/getprotobyname.texi
@include posix-functions/getprotobynumber.texi
@include posix-functions/getprotoent.texi
@include posix-functions/getpwent.texi
@include posix-functions/getpwnam.texi
@include posix-functions/getpwnam_r.texi
@include posix-functions/getpwuid.texi
@include posix-functions/getpwuid_r.texi
@include posix-functions/getrlimit.texi
@include posix-functions/getrusage.texi
@include posix-functions/gets.texi
@include posix-functions/getservbyname.texi
@include posix-functions/getservbyport.texi
@include posix-functions/getservent.texi
@include posix-functions/getsid.texi
@include posix-functions/getsockname.texi
@include posix-functions/getsockopt.texi
@include posix-functions/getsubopt.texi
@include posix-functions/gettimeofday.texi
@include posix-functions/getuid.texi
@include posix-functions/getutxent.texi
@include posix-functions/getutxid.texi
@include posix-functions/getutxline.texi
@include posix-functions/getwc.texi
@include posix-functions/getwchar.texi
@include posix-functions/glob.texi
@include posix-functions/globfree.texi
@include posix-functions/gmtime.texi
@include posix-functions/gmtime_r.texi
@include posix-functions/grantpt.texi
@include posix-functions/hcreate.texi
@include posix-functions/hdestroy.texi
@include posix-functions/hsearch.texi
@include posix-functions/htonl.texi
@include posix-functions/htons.texi
@include posix-functions/hypot.texi
@include posix-functions/hypotf.texi
@include posix-functions/hypotl.texi
@include posix-functions/iconv.texi
@include posix-functions/iconv_close.texi
@include posix-functions/iconv_open.texi
@include posix-functions/if_freenameindex.texi
@include posix-functions/if_indextoname.texi
@include posix-functions/if_nameindex.texi
@include posix-functions/if_nametoindex.texi
@include posix-functions/ilogb.texi
@include posix-functions/ilogbf.texi
@include posix-functions/ilogbl.texi
@include posix-functions/imaxabs.texi
@include posix-functions/imaxdiv.texi
@include posix-functions/inet_addr.texi
@include posix-functions/inet_ntoa.texi
@include posix-functions/inet_ntop.texi
@include posix-functions/inet_pton.texi
@include posix-functions/initstate.texi
@include posix-functions/insque.texi
@include posix-functions/ioctl.texi
@include posix-functions/isalnum.texi
@include posix-functions/isalnum_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isalpha.texi
@include posix-functions/isalpha_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isascii.texi
@include posix-functions/isastream.texi
@include posix-functions/isatty.texi
@include posix-functions/isblank.texi
@include posix-functions/isblank_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iscntrl.texi
@include posix-functions/iscntrl_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isdigit.texi
@include posix-functions/isdigit_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isfinite.texi
@include posix-functions/isgraph.texi
@include posix-functions/isgraph_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isgreater.texi
@include posix-functions/isgreaterequal.texi
@include posix-functions/isinf.texi
@include posix-functions/isless.texi
@include posix-functions/islessequal.texi
@include posix-functions/islessgreater.texi
@include posix-functions/islower.texi
@include posix-functions/islower_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isnan.texi
@include posix-functions/isnormal.texi
@include posix-functions/isprint.texi
@include posix-functions/isprint_l.texi
@include posix-functions/ispunct.texi
@include posix-functions/ispunct_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isspace.texi
@include posix-functions/isspace_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isunordered.texi
@include posix-functions/isupper.texi
@include posix-functions/isupper_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswalnum.texi
@include posix-functions/iswalnum_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswalpha.texi
@include posix-functions/iswalpha_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswblank.texi
@include posix-functions/iswblank_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswcntrl.texi
@include posix-functions/iswcntrl_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswctype.texi
@include posix-functions/iswctype_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswdigit.texi
@include posix-functions/iswdigit_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswgraph.texi
@include posix-functions/iswgraph_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswlower.texi
@include posix-functions/iswlower_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswprint.texi
@include posix-functions/iswprint_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswpunct.texi
@include posix-functions/iswpunct_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswspace.texi
@include posix-functions/iswspace_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswupper.texi
@include posix-functions/iswupper_l.texi
@include posix-functions/iswxdigit.texi
@include posix-functions/iswxdigit_l.texi
@include posix-functions/isxdigit.texi
@include posix-functions/isxdigit_l.texi
@include posix-functions/j0.texi
@include posix-functions/j1.texi
@include posix-functions/jn.texi
@include posix-functions/jrand48.texi
@include posix-functions/kill.texi
@include posix-functions/killpg.texi
@include posix-functions/l64a.texi
@include posix-functions/labs.texi
@include posix-functions/lchown.texi
@include posix-functions/lcong48.texi
@include posix-functions/ldexp.texi
@include posix-functions/ldexpf.texi
@include posix-functions/ldexpl.texi
@include posix-functions/ldiv.texi
@include posix-functions/lfind.texi
@include posix-functions/lgamma.texi
@include posix-functions/lgammaf.texi
@include posix-functions/lgammal.texi
@include posix-functions/link.texi
@include posix-functions/linkat.texi
@include posix-functions/lio_listio.texi
@include posix-functions/listen.texi
@include posix-functions/llabs.texi
@include posix-functions/lldiv.texi
@include posix-functions/llrint.texi
@include posix-functions/llrintf.texi
@include posix-functions/llrintl.texi
@include posix-functions/llround.texi
@include posix-functions/llroundf.texi
@include posix-functions/llroundl.texi
@include posix-functions/localeconv.texi
@include posix-functions/localtime.texi
@include posix-functions/localtime_r.texi
@include posix-functions/lockf.texi
@include posix-functions/log.texi
@include posix-functions/log10.texi
@include posix-functions/log10f.texi
@include posix-functions/log10l.texi
@include posix-functions/log1p.texi
@include posix-functions/log1pf.texi
@include posix-functions/log1pl.texi
@include posix-functions/log2.texi
@include posix-functions/log2f.texi
@include posix-functions/log2l.texi
@include posix-functions/logb.texi
@include posix-functions/logbf.texi
@include posix-functions/logbl.texi
@include posix-functions/logf.texi
@include posix-functions/logl.texi
@include posix-functions/longjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/lrand48.texi
@include posix-functions/lrint.texi
@include posix-functions/lrintf.texi
@include posix-functions/lrintl.texi
@include posix-functions/lround.texi
@include posix-functions/lroundf.texi
@include posix-functions/lroundl.texi
@include posix-functions/lsearch.texi
@include posix-functions/lseek.texi
@include posix-functions/lstat.texi
@include posix-functions/malloc.texi
@include posix-functions/mblen.texi
@include posix-functions/mbrlen.texi
@include posix-functions/mbrtowc.texi
@include posix-functions/mbsinit.texi
@include posix-functions/mbsnrtowcs.texi
@include posix-functions/mbsrtowcs.texi
@include posix-functions/mbstowcs.texi
@include posix-functions/mbtowc.texi
@include posix-functions/memccpy.texi
@include posix-functions/memchr.texi
@include posix-functions/memcmp.texi
@include posix-functions/memcpy.texi
@include posix-functions/memmove.texi
@include posix-functions/memset.texi
@include posix-functions/mkdir.texi
@include posix-functions/mkdirat.texi
@include posix-functions/mkdtemp.texi
@include posix-functions/mkfifo.texi
@include posix-functions/mkfifoat.texi
@include posix-functions/mknod.texi
@include posix-functions/mknodat.texi
@include posix-functions/mkstemp.texi
@include posix-functions/mktime.texi
@include posix-functions/mlock.texi
@include posix-functions/mlockall.texi
@include posix-functions/mmap.texi
@include posix-functions/modf.texi
@include posix-functions/modff.texi
@include posix-functions/modfl.texi
@include posix-functions/mprotect.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_close.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_getattr.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_notify.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_open.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_receive.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_send.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_setattr.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_timedreceive.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_timedsend.texi
@include posix-functions/mq_unlink.texi
@include posix-functions/mrand48.texi
@include posix-functions/msgctl.texi
@include posix-functions/msgget.texi
@include posix-functions/msgrcv.texi
@include posix-functions/msgsnd.texi
@include posix-functions/msync.texi
@include posix-functions/munlock.texi
@include posix-functions/munlockall.texi
@include posix-functions/munmap.texi
@include posix-functions/nan.texi
@include posix-functions/nanf.texi
@include posix-functions/nanl.texi
@include posix-functions/nanosleep.texi
@include posix-functions/nearbyint.texi
@include posix-functions/nearbyintf.texi
@include posix-functions/nearbyintl.texi
@include posix-functions/newlocale.texi
@include posix-functions/nextafter.texi
@include posix-functions/nextafterf.texi
@include posix-functions/nextafterl.texi
@include posix-functions/nexttoward.texi
@include posix-functions/nexttowardf.texi
@include posix-functions/nexttowardl.texi
@include posix-functions/nftw.texi
@include posix-functions/nice.texi
@include posix-functions/nl_langinfo.texi
@include posix-functions/nl_langinfo_l.texi
@include posix-functions/nrand48.texi
@include posix-functions/ntohl.texi
@include posix-functions/ntohs.texi
@include posix-functions/open.texi
@include posix-functions/openat.texi
@include posix-functions/opendir.texi
@include posix-functions/openlog.texi
@include posix-functions/open_memstream.texi
@include posix-functions/open_wmemstream.texi
@include posix-functions/optarg.texi
@include posix-functions/opterr.texi
@include posix-functions/optind.texi
@include posix-functions/optopt.texi
@include posix-functions/pathconf.texi
@include posix-functions/pause.texi
@include posix-functions/pclose.texi
@include posix-functions/perror.texi
@include posix-functions/pipe.texi
@include posix-functions/poll.texi
@include posix-functions/popen.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_fadvise.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_fallocate.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_madvise.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_mem_offset.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_memalign.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_openpt.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawn_file_actions_init.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getflags.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getpgroup.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_getsigmask.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setflags.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setpgroup.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnattr_setsigmask.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_spawnp.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getclockres.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getgenversion.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getinherited.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getlogsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getmaxsystemeventsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getmaxusereventsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getname.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setinherited.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setlogsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setname.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_clear.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_close.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_create.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_create_withlog.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_event.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventid_equal.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventid_get_name.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventid_open.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventset_add.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventset_del.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventset_empty.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventset_fill.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventset_ismember.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_eventtypelist_rewind.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_flush.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_get_attr.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_get_filter.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_get_status.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_getnext_event.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_open.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_rewind.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_set_filter.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_shutdown.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_start.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_stop.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_timedgetnext_event.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_trid_eventid_open.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_trace_trygetnext_event.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_typed_mem_get_info.texi
@include posix-functions/posix_typed_mem_open.texi
@include posix-functions/pow.texi
@include posix-functions/powf.texi
@include posix-functions/powl.texi
@include posix-functions/pread.texi
@include posix-functions/printf.texi
@include posix-functions/pselect.texi
@include posix-functions/psiginfo.texi
@include posix-functions/psignal.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_atfork.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getdetachstate.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getguardsize.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getinheritsched.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getschedpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getscope.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getstack.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_getstacksize.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setdetachstate.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setguardsize.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setinheritsched.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setschedpolicy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setscope.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setstack.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_attr_setstacksize.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrier_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrier_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrier_wait.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrierattr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrierattr_getpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrierattr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_barrierattr_setpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cancel.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cleanup_pop.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cleanup_push.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_broadcast.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_signal.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_timedwait.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_cond_wait.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_getclock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_getpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_setclock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_condattr_setpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_create.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_detach.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_equal.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_exit.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_getconcurrency.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_getcpuclockid.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_getschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_getspecific.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_join.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_key_create.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_key_delete.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_kill.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_consistent.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_getprioceiling.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_lock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_setprioceiling.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_timedlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_trylock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutex_unlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_getpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_getrobust.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_gettype.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_setpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_setrobust.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_mutexattr_settype.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_once.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_rdlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_trywrlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_unlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlock_wrlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_self.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setcancelstate.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setcanceltype.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setconcurrency.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setschedparam.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setschedprio.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_setspecific.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_sigmask.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_spin_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_spin_init.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_spin_lock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_spin_trylock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_spin_unlock.texi
@include posix-functions/pthread_testcancel.texi
@include posix-functions/ptsname.texi
@include posix-functions/putc.texi
@include posix-functions/putc_unlocked.texi
@include posix-functions/putchar.texi
@include posix-functions/putchar_unlocked.texi
@include posix-functions/putenv.texi
@include posix-functions/putmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/putpmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/puts.texi
@include posix-functions/pututxline.texi
@include posix-functions/putwc.texi
@include posix-functions/putwchar.texi
@include posix-functions/pwrite.texi
@include posix-functions/qsort.texi
@include posix-functions/raise.texi
@include posix-functions/rand.texi
@include posix-functions/rand_r.texi
@include posix-functions/random.texi
@include posix-functions/read.texi
@include posix-functions/readdir.texi
@include posix-functions/readdir_r.texi
@include posix-functions/readlink.texi
@include posix-functions/readlinkat.texi
@include posix-functions/readv.texi
@include posix-functions/realloc.texi
@include posix-functions/realpath.texi
@include posix-functions/recv.texi
@include posix-functions/recvfrom.texi
@include posix-functions/recvmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/regcomp.texi
@include posix-functions/regerror.texi
@include posix-functions/regexec.texi
@include posix-functions/regfree.texi
@include posix-functions/remainder.texi
@include posix-functions/remainderf.texi
@include posix-functions/remainderl.texi
@include posix-functions/remove.texi
@include posix-functions/remque.texi
@include posix-functions/remquo.texi
@include posix-functions/remquof.texi
@include posix-functions/remquol.texi
@include posix-functions/rename.texi
@include posix-functions/renameat.texi
@include posix-functions/rewind.texi
@include posix-functions/rewinddir.texi
@include posix-functions/rint.texi
@include posix-functions/rintf.texi
@include posix-functions/rintl.texi
@include posix-functions/rmdir.texi
@include posix-functions/round.texi
@include posix-functions/roundf.texi
@include posix-functions/roundl.texi
@include posix-functions/scalbln.texi
@include posix-functions/scalblnf.texi
@include posix-functions/scalblnl.texi
@include posix-functions/scalbn.texi
@include posix-functions/scalbnf.texi
@include posix-functions/scalbnl.texi
@include posix-functions/scandir.texi
@include posix-functions/scanf.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_get_priority_max.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_get_priority_min.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_getparam.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_getscheduler.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_rr_get_interval.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_setparam.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_setscheduler.texi
@include posix-functions/sched_yield.texi
@include posix-functions/seed48.texi
@include posix-functions/seekdir.texi
@include posix-functions/select.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_close.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_destroy.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_getvalue.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_init.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_open.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_post.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_timedwait.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_trywait.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_unlink.texi
@include posix-functions/sem_wait.texi
@include posix-functions/semctl.texi
@include posix-functions/semget.texi
@include posix-functions/semop.texi
@include posix-functions/send.texi
@include posix-functions/sendmsg.texi
@include posix-functions/sendto.texi
@include posix-functions/setbuf.texi
@include posix-functions/setegid.texi
@include posix-functions/setenv.texi
@include posix-functions/seteuid.texi
@include posix-functions/setgid.texi
@include posix-functions/setgrent.texi
@include posix-functions/sethostent.texi
@include posix-functions/setitimer.texi
@include posix-functions/setjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/setkey.texi
@include posix-functions/setlocale.texi
@include posix-functions/setlogmask.texi
@include posix-functions/setnetent.texi
@include posix-functions/setpgid.texi
@include posix-functions/setpgrp.texi
@include posix-functions/setpriority.texi
@include posix-functions/setprotoent.texi
@include posix-functions/setpwent.texi
@include posix-functions/setregid.texi
@include posix-functions/setreuid.texi
@include posix-functions/setrlimit.texi
@include posix-functions/setservent.texi
@include posix-functions/setsid.texi
@include posix-functions/setsockopt.texi
@include posix-functions/setstate.texi
@include posix-functions/setuid.texi
@include posix-functions/setutxent.texi
@include posix-functions/setvbuf.texi
@include posix-functions/shm_open.texi
@include posix-functions/shm_unlink.texi
@include posix-functions/shmat.texi
@include posix-functions/shmctl.texi
@include posix-functions/shmdt.texi
@include posix-functions/shmget.texi
@include posix-functions/shutdown.texi
@include posix-functions/sigaction.texi
@include posix-functions/sigaddset.texi
@include posix-functions/sigaltstack.texi
@include posix-functions/sigdelset.texi
@include posix-functions/sigemptyset.texi
@include posix-functions/sigfillset.texi
@include posix-functions/sighold.texi
@include posix-functions/sigignore.texi
@include posix-functions/siginterrupt.texi
@include posix-functions/sigismember.texi
@include posix-functions/siglongjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/signal.texi
@include posix-functions/signbit.texi
@include posix-functions/signgam.texi
@include posix-functions/sigpause.texi
@include posix-functions/sigpending.texi
@include posix-functions/sigprocmask.texi
@include posix-functions/sigqueue.texi
@include posix-functions/sigrelse.texi
@include posix-functions/sigset.texi
@include posix-functions/sigsetjmp.texi
@include posix-functions/sigsuspend.texi
@include posix-functions/sigtimedwait.texi
@include posix-functions/sigwait.texi
@include posix-functions/sigwaitinfo.texi
@include posix-functions/sin.texi
@include posix-functions/sinf.texi
@include posix-functions/sinh.texi
@include posix-functions/sinhf.texi
@include posix-functions/sinhl.texi
@include posix-functions/sinl.texi
@include posix-functions/sleep.texi
@include posix-functions/snprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/sockatmark.texi
@include posix-functions/socket.texi
@include posix-functions/socketpair.texi
@include posix-functions/sprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/sqrt.texi
@include posix-functions/sqrtf.texi
@include posix-functions/sqrtl.texi
@include posix-functions/srand.texi
@include posix-functions/srand48.texi
@include posix-functions/srandom.texi
@include posix-functions/sscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/stat.texi
@include posix-functions/statvfs.texi
@include posix-functions/stderr.texi
@include posix-functions/stdin.texi
@include posix-functions/stdout.texi
@include posix-functions/stpcpy.texi
@include posix-functions/stpncpy.texi
@include posix-functions/strcasecmp.texi
@include posix-functions/strcasecmp_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strcat.texi
@include posix-functions/strchr.texi
@include posix-functions/strcmp.texi
@include posix-functions/strcoll.texi
@include posix-functions/strcoll_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strcpy.texi
@include posix-functions/strcspn.texi
@include posix-functions/strdup.texi
@include posix-functions/strerror.texi
@include posix-functions/strerror_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strerror_r.texi
@include posix-functions/strfmon.texi
@include posix-functions/strfmon_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strftime.texi
@include posix-functions/strftime_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strlen.texi
@include posix-functions/strncasecmp.texi
@include posix-functions/strncasecmp_l.texi
@include posix-functions/strncat.texi
@include posix-functions/strncmp.texi
@include posix-functions/strncpy.texi
@include posix-functions/strndup.texi
@include posix-functions/strnlen.texi
@include posix-functions/strpbrk.texi
@include posix-functions/strptime.texi
@include posix-functions/strrchr.texi
@include posix-functions/strsignal.texi
@include posix-functions/strspn.texi
@include posix-functions/strstr.texi
@include posix-functions/strtod.texi
@include posix-functions/strtof.texi
@include posix-functions/strtoimax.texi
@include posix-functions/strtok.texi
@include posix-functions/strtok_r.texi
@include posix-functions/strtol.texi
@include posix-functions/strtold.texi
@include posix-functions/strtoll.texi
@include posix-functions/strtoul.texi
@include posix-functions/strtoull.texi
@include posix-functions/strtoumax.texi
@include posix-functions/strxfrm.texi
@include posix-functions/strxfrm_l.texi
@include posix-functions/swab.texi
@include posix-functions/swprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/swscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/symlink.texi
@include posix-functions/symlinkat.texi
@include posix-functions/sync.texi
@include posix-functions/sysconf.texi
@include posix-functions/syslog.texi
@include posix-functions/system.texi
@include posix-functions/tan.texi
@include posix-functions/tanf.texi
@include posix-functions/tanh.texi
@include posix-functions/tanhf.texi
@include posix-functions/tanhl.texi
@include posix-functions/tanl.texi
@include posix-functions/tcdrain.texi
@include posix-functions/tcflow.texi
@include posix-functions/tcflush.texi
@include posix-functions/tcgetattr.texi
@include posix-functions/tcgetpgrp.texi
@include posix-functions/tcgetsid.texi
@include posix-functions/tcsendbreak.texi
@include posix-functions/tcsetattr.texi
@include posix-functions/tcsetpgrp.texi
@include posix-functions/tdelete.texi
@include posix-functions/telldir.texi
@include posix-functions/tempnam.texi
@include posix-functions/tfind.texi
@include posix-functions/tgamma.texi
@include posix-functions/tgammaf.texi
@include posix-functions/tgammal.texi
@include posix-functions/time.texi
@include posix-functions/timer_create.texi
@include posix-functions/timer_delete.texi
@include posix-functions/timer_getoverrun.texi
@include posix-functions/timer_gettime.texi
@include posix-functions/timer_settime.texi
@include posix-functions/times.texi
@include posix-functions/timezone.texi
@include posix-functions/tmpfile.texi
@include posix-functions/tmpnam.texi
@include posix-functions/toascii.texi
@include posix-functions/tolower.texi
@include posix-functions/tolower_l.texi
@include posix-functions/toupper.texi
@include posix-functions/toupper_l.texi
@include posix-functions/towctrans.texi
@include posix-functions/towctrans_l.texi
@include posix-functions/towlower.texi
@include posix-functions/towlower_l.texi
@include posix-functions/towupper.texi
@include posix-functions/towupper_l.texi
@include posix-functions/trunc.texi
@include posix-functions/truncate.texi
@include posix-functions/truncf.texi
@include posix-functions/truncl.texi
@include posix-functions/tsearch.texi
@include posix-functions/ttyname.texi
@include posix-functions/ttyname_r.texi
@include posix-functions/twalk.texi
@include posix-functions/tzname.texi
@include posix-functions/tzset.texi
@include posix-functions/ulimit.texi
@include posix-functions/umask.texi
@include posix-functions/uname.texi
@include posix-functions/ungetc.texi
@include posix-functions/ungetwc.texi
@include posix-functions/unlink.texi
@include posix-functions/unlinkat.texi
@include posix-functions/unlockpt.texi
@include posix-functions/unsetenv.texi
@include posix-functions/uselocale.texi
@include posix-functions/utime.texi
@include posix-functions/utimensat.texi
@include posix-functions/utimes.texi
@include posix-functions/va_arg.texi
@include posix-functions/va_copy.texi
@include posix-functions/va_end.texi
@include posix-functions/va_start.texi
@include posix-functions/vdprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vfprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vfscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/vfwprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vfwscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/vprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/vsnprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vsprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vsscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/vswprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vswscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/vwprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/vwscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/wait.texi
@include posix-functions/waitid.texi
@include posix-functions/waitpid.texi
@include posix-functions/wcpcpy.texi
@include posix-functions/wcpncpy.texi
@include posix-functions/wcrtomb.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscasecmp.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscasecmp_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscat.texi
@include posix-functions/wcschr.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscmp.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscoll.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscoll_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscpy.texi
@include posix-functions/wcscspn.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsdup.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsftime.texi
@include posix-functions/wcslen.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsncasecmp.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsncasecmp_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsncat.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsncmp.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsncpy.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsnlen.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsnrtombs.texi
@include posix-functions/wcspbrk.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsrchr.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsrtombs.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsspn.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsstr.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstod.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstof.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstoimax.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstok.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstol.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstold.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstoll.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstombs.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstoul.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstoull.texi
@include posix-functions/wcstoumax.texi
@include posix-functions/wcswidth.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsxfrm.texi
@include posix-functions/wcsxfrm_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wctob.texi
@include posix-functions/wctomb.texi
@include posix-functions/wctrans.texi
@include posix-functions/wctrans_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wctype.texi
@include posix-functions/wctype_l.texi
@include posix-functions/wcwidth.texi
@include posix-functions/wmemchr.texi
@include posix-functions/wmemcmp.texi
@include posix-functions/wmemcpy.texi
@include posix-functions/wmemmove.texi
@include posix-functions/wmemset.texi
@include posix-functions/wordexp.texi
@include posix-functions/wordfree.texi
@include posix-functions/wprintf.texi
@include posix-functions/write.texi
@include posix-functions/writev.texi
@include posix-functions/wscanf.texi
@include posix-functions/y0.texi
@include posix-functions/y1.texi
@include posix-functions/yn.texi

@node Legacy Function Substitutes
@chapter Past POSIX Function Substitutes

This chapter describes which functions and function-like macros specified by
older versions of POSIX (POSIX:2001) are substituted by Gnulib, which
portability pitfalls are fixed by Gnulib, and which (known) portability
problems are not worked around by Gnulib.

@nosuchmodulenote function

* bcmp::
* bcopy::
* bsd_signal::
* bzero::
* ecvt::
* fcvt::
* ftime::
* gcvt::
* getcontext::
* gethostbyaddr::
* gethostbyname::
* getwd::
* h_errno::
* index::
* makecontext::
* mktemp::
* pthread_attr_getstackaddr::
* pthread_attr_setstackaddr::
* rindex::
* scalb::
* setcontext::
* swapcontext::
* ualarm::
* usleep::
* vfork::
* wcswcs::
@end menu

@include pastposix-functions/bcmp.texi
@include pastposix-functions/bcopy.texi
@include pastposix-functions/bsd_signal.texi
@include pastposix-functions/bzero.texi
@include pastposix-functions/ecvt.texi
@include pastposix-functions/fcvt.texi
@include pastposix-functions/ftime.texi
@include pastposix-functions/gcvt.texi
@include pastposix-functions/getcontext.texi
@include pastposix-functions/gethostbyaddr.texi
@include pastposix-functions/gethostbyname.texi
@include pastposix-functions/getwd.texi
@include pastposix-functions/h_errno.texi
@include pastposix-functions/index.texi
@include pastposix-functions/makecontext.texi
@include pastposix-functions/mktemp.texi
@include pastposix-functions/pthread_attr_getstackaddr.texi
@include pastposix-functions/pthread_attr_setstackaddr.texi
@include pastposix-functions/rindex.texi
@include pastposix-functions/scalb.texi
@include pastposix-functions/setcontext.texi
@include pastposix-functions/swapcontext.texi
@include pastposix-functions/ualarm.texi
@include pastposix-functions/usleep.texi
@include pastposix-functions/vfork.texi
@include pastposix-functions/wcswcs.texi

@node Glibc Header File Substitutes
@chapter Glibc Header File Substitutes

This chapter describes which header files contained in GNU libc but not
specified by ISO C or POSIX are substituted by Gnulib, which portability
pitfalls are fixed by Gnulib, and which (known) portability problems are
not worked around by Gnulib.

@nosuchmodulenote header file

* a.out.h::
* aliases.h::
* alloca.h::
* ar.h::
* argp.h::
* argz.h::
* byteswap.h::
* crypt.h::
* endian.h::
* envz.h::
* err.h::
* error.h::
* execinfo.h::
* fpu_control.h::
* fstab.h::
* fts.h::
* getopt.h::
* ieee754.h::
* ifaddrs.h::
* libintl.h::
* mcheck.h::
* mntent.h::
* obstack.h::
* paths.h::
* printf.h::
* pty.h::
* resolv.h::
* shadow.h::
* sys/ioctl.h::
* sysexits.h::
* ttyent.h::
@end menu

@include glibc-headers/a.out.texi
@include glibc-headers/aliases.texi
@include glibc-headers/alloca.texi
@include glibc-headers/ar.texi
@include glibc-headers/argp.texi
@include glibc-headers/argz.texi
@include glibc-headers/byteswap.texi
@include glibc-headers/crypt.texi
@include glibc-headers/endian.texi
@include glibc-headers/envz.texi
@include glibc-headers/err.texi
@include glibc-headers/error.texi
@include glibc-headers/execinfo.texi
@include glibc-headers/fpu_control.texi
@include glibc-headers/fstab.texi
@include glibc-headers/fts.texi
@include glibc-headers/getopt.texi
@include glibc-headers/ieee754.texi
@include glibc-headers/ifaddrs.texi
@include glibc-headers/libintl.texi
@include glibc-headers/mcheck.texi
@include glibc-headers/mntent.texi
@include glibc-headers/obstack.texi
@include glibc-headers/paths.texi
@include glibc-headers/printf.texi
@include glibc-headers/pty.texi
@include glibc-headers/resolv.texi
@include glibc-headers/shadow.texi
@include glibc-headers/sys_ioctl.texi
@include glibc-headers/sysexits.texi
@include glibc-headers/ttyent.texi

@node Glibc Function Substitutes
@chapter Glibc Function Substitutes

This chapter describes which functions and function-like macros
provided as extensions by at least GNU libc are also supported by Gnulib,
which portability pitfalls are fixed by Gnulib, and which (known)
portability problems are not worked around by Gnulib.

@nosuchmodulenote function

This list of functions is sorted according to the header that declares them.

* Glibc aio.h::
* Glibc aliases.h::
* Glibc argp.h::
* Glibc argz.h::
* Glibc arpa/inet.h::
* Glibc byteswap.h::
* Glibc complex.h::
* Glibc crypt.h::
* Glibc ctype.h::
* Glibc dirent.h::
* Glibc dlfcn.h::
* Glibc envz.h::
* Glibc err.h::
* Glibc errno.h::
* Glibc error.h::
* Glibc execinfo.h::
* Glibc fcntl.h::
* Glibc fenv.h::
* Glibc fmtmsg.h::
* Glibc fstab.h::
* Glibc fts.h::
* Glibc getopt.h::
* Glibc glob.h::
* Glibc gnu/libc-version.h::
* Glibc grp.h::
* Glibc ifaddrs.h::
* Glibc libintl.h::
* Glibc link.h::
* Glibc malloc.h::
* Glibc math.h::
* Glibc mcheck.h::
* Glibc mntent.h::
* Glibc netdb.h::
* Glibc netinet/ether.h::
* Glibc netinet/in.h::
* Glibc obstack.h::
* Glibc printf.h::
* Glibc pthread.h::
* Glibc pty.h::
* Glibc pwd.h::
* Glibc regex.h::
* Glibc regexp.h::
* Glibc resolv.h::
* Glibc rpc/auth.h::
* Glibc rpc/auth_des.h::
* Glibc rpc/auth_unix.h::
* Glibc rpc/clnt.h::
* Glibc rpc/des_crypt.h::
* Glibc rpc/key_prot.h::
* Glibc rpc/netdb.h::
* Glibc rpc/pmap_clnt.h::
* Glibc rpc/pmap_prot.h::
* Glibc rpc/pmap_rmt.h::
* Glibc rpc/rpc_msg.h::
* Glibc rpc/svc.h::
* Glibc rpc/xdr.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/nislib.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/nis_callback.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/yp.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/yp_prot.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/ypclnt.h::
* Glibc rpcsvc/ypupd.h::
* Glibc sched.h::
* Glibc search.h::
* Glibc selinux/selinux.h::
* Glibc shadow.h::
* Glibc signal.h::
* Glibc stdio.h::
* Glibc stdlib.h::
* Glibc string.h::
* Glibc sys/capability.h::
* Glibc sys/epoll.h::
* Glibc sys/file.h::
* Glibc sys/fsuid.h::
* Glibc sys/gmon.h::
* Glibc sys/io.h and sys/perm.h::
* Glibc sys/kdaemon.h::
* Glibc sys/klog.h::
* Glibc sys/mman.h::
* Glibc sys/mount.h::
* Glibc sys/personality.h::
* Glibc sys/prctl.h::
* Glibc sys/profil.h::
* Glibc sys/ptrace.h::
* Glibc sys/quota.h::
* Glibc sys/reboot.h::
* Glibc sys/sem.h::
* Glibc sys/sendfile.h::
* Glibc sys/socket.h::
* Glibc sys/stat.h::
* Glibc sys/statfs.h::
* Glibc sys/swap.h::
* Glibc sys/sysctl.h::
* Glibc sys/sysinfo.h::
* Glibc sys/syslog.h::
* Glibc sys/sysmacros.h::
* Glibc sys/time.h::
* Glibc sys/timex.h::
* Glibc sys/ustat.h::
* Glibc sys/vlimit.h::
* Glibc sys/vm86.h::
* Glibc sys/vtimes.h::
* Glibc sys/wait.h::
* Glibc sys/xattr.h::
* Glibc termios.h::
* Glibc time.h::
* Glibc ttyent.h::
* Glibc unistd.h::
* Glibc utmp.h::
* Glibc utmpx.h::
* Glibc wchar.h::
@end menu

@c @node Glibc a.out.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<a.out.h>}

@node Glibc aio.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<aio.h>}

* aio_init::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/aio_init.texi

@node Glibc aliases.h
@section Glibc @code{<aliases.h>}

* endaliasent::
* getaliasbyname::
* getaliasbyname_r::
* getaliasent::
* getaliasent_r::
* setaliasent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endaliasent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getaliasbyname.texi
@include glibc-functions/getaliasbyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getaliasent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getaliasent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/setaliasent.texi

@c @node Glibc alloca.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<alloca.h>}

@c @node Glibc ar.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<ar.h>}

@node Glibc argp.h
@section Glibc @code{<argp.h>}

* argp_err_exit_status::
* argp_error::
* argp_failure::
* argp_help::
* argp_parse::
* argp_program_bug_address::
* argp_program_version::
* argp_program_version_hook::
* argp_state_help::
* argp_usage::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/argp_err_exit_status.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_error.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_failure.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_help.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_parse.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_program_bug_address.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_program_version.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_program_version_hook.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_state_help.texi
@include glibc-functions/argp_usage.texi

@node Glibc argz.h
@section Glibc @code{<argz.h>}

* argz_add::
* argz_add_sep::
* argz_append::
* argz_count::
* argz_create::
* argz_create_sep::
* argz_delete::
* argz_extract::
* argz_insert::
* argz_next::
* argz_replace::
* argz_stringify::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/argz_add.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_add_sep.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_append.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_count.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_create_sep.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_delete.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_extract.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_insert.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_next.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_replace.texi
@include glibc-functions/argz_stringify.texi

@node Glibc arpa/inet.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<arpa/inet.h>}

* inet_aton::
* inet_lnaof::
* inet_makeaddr::
* inet_net_ntop::
* inet_net_pton::
* inet_neta::
* inet_netof::
* inet_network::
* inet_nsap_addr::
* inet_nsap_ntoa::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/inet_aton.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_lnaof.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_makeaddr.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_net_ntop.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_net_pton.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_neta.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_netof.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_network.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_nsap_addr.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet_nsap_ntoa.texi

@c @node Glibc assert.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<assert.h>}

@node Glibc byteswap.h
@section Glibc @code{<byteswap.h>}

* bswap_16::
* bswap_32::
* bswap_64::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/bswap_16.texi
@include glibc-functions/bswap_32.texi
@include glibc-functions/bswap_64.texi

@node Glibc complex.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<complex.h>}

* clog10::
* clog10f::
* clog10l::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/clog10.texi
@include glibc-functions/clog10f.texi
@include glibc-functions/clog10l.texi

@c @node Glibc cpio.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<cpio.h>}

@node Glibc crypt.h
@section Glibc @code{<crypt.h>}

* crypt_r::
* encrypt_r::
* setkey_r::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/crypt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/encrypt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/setkey_r.texi

@node Glibc ctype.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<ctype.h>}

* isctype::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/isctype.texi

@node Glibc dirent.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<dirent.h>}

* getdirentries::
* versionsort::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/getdirentries.texi
@include glibc-functions/versionsort.texi

@node Glibc dlfcn.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<dlfcn.h>}

* dladdr::
* dladdr1::
* dlinfo::
* dlmopen::
* dlvsym::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/dladdr.texi
@include glibc-functions/dladdr1.texi
@include glibc-functions/dlinfo.texi
@include glibc-functions/dlmopen.texi
@include glibc-functions/dlvsym.texi

@c @node Glibc endian.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<endian.h>}

@node Glibc envz.h
@section Glibc @code{<envz.h>}

* envz_add::
* envz_entry::
* envz_get::
* envz_merge::
* envz_remove::
* envz_strip::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/envz_add.texi
@include glibc-functions/envz_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/envz_get.texi
@include glibc-functions/envz_merge.texi
@include glibc-functions/envz_remove.texi
@include glibc-functions/envz_strip.texi

@node Glibc err.h
@section Glibc @code{<err.h>}

* err::
* errx::
* verr::
* verrx::
* vwarn::
* vwarnx::
* warn::
* warnx::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/err.texi
@include glibc-functions/errx.texi
@include glibc-functions/verr.texi
@include glibc-functions/verrx.texi
@include glibc-functions/vwarn.texi
@include glibc-functions/vwarnx.texi
@include glibc-functions/warn.texi
@include glibc-functions/warnx.texi

@node Glibc errno.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<errno.h>}

* program_invocation_name::
* program_invocation_short_name::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/program_invocation_name.texi
@include glibc-functions/program_invocation_short_name.texi

@node Glibc error.h
@section Glibc @code{<error.h>}

* error::
* error_at_line::
* error_message_count::
* error_one_per_line::
* error_print_progname::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/error.texi
@include glibc-functions/error_at_line.texi
@include glibc-functions/error_message_count.texi
@include glibc-functions/error_one_per_line.texi
@include glibc-functions/error_print_progname.texi

@node Glibc execinfo.h
@section Glibc @code{<execinfo.h>}

* backtrace::
* backtrace_symbols::
* backtrace_symbols_fd::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/backtrace.texi
@include glibc-functions/backtrace_symbols.texi
@include glibc-functions/backtrace_symbols_fd.texi

@node Glibc fcntl.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<fcntl.h>}

* fallocate::
* readahead::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fallocate.texi
@include glibc-functions/readahead.texi

@node Glibc fenv.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<fenv.h>}

* fedisableexcept::
* feenableexcept::
* fegetexcept::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fedisableexcept.texi
@include glibc-functions/feenableexcept.texi
@include glibc-functions/fegetexcept.texi

@c @node Glibc float.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<float.h>}

@node Glibc fmtmsg.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<fmtmsg.h>}

* addseverity::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/addseverity.texi

@c @node Glibc fnmatch.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<fnmatch.h>}

@c @node Glibc fpu_control.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<fpu_control.h>}

@node Glibc fstab.h
@section Glibc @code{<fstab.h>}

* endfsent::
* getfsent::
* getfsfile::
* getfsspec::
* setfsent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endfsent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getfsent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getfsfile.texi
@include glibc-functions/getfsspec.texi
@include glibc-functions/setfsent.texi

@node Glibc fts.h
@section Glibc @code{<fts.h>}

* fts_children::
* fts_close::
* fts_open::
* fts_read::
* fts_set::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fts_children.texi
@include glibc-functions/fts_close.texi
@include glibc-functions/fts_open.texi
@include glibc-functions/fts_read.texi
@include glibc-functions/fts_set.texi

@c @node Glibc ftw.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<ftw.h>}

@node Glibc getopt.h
@section Glibc @code{<getopt.h>}

* getopt_long::
* getopt_long_only::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/getopt_long.texi
@include glibc-functions/getopt_long_only.texi

@node Glibc glob.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<glob.h>}

* glob_pattern_p::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/glob_pattern_p.texi

@node Glibc gnu/libc-version.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<gnu/libc-version.h>}

* gnu_get_libc_release::
* gnu_get_libc_version::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/gnu_get_libc_release.texi
@include glibc-functions/gnu_get_libc_version.texi

@node Glibc grp.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<grp.h>}

* fgetgrent::
* fgetgrent_r::
* getgrent_r::
* getgrouplist::
* initgroups::
* putgrent::
* setgroups::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fgetgrent.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetgrent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getgrent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getgrouplist.texi
@include glibc-functions/initgroups.texi
@include glibc-functions/putgrent.texi
@include glibc-functions/setgroups.texi

@c @node Glibc iconv.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<iconv.h>}

@c @node Glibc ieee754.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<ieee754.h>}

@node Glibc ifaddrs.h
@section Glibc @code{<ifaddrs.h>}

* getifaddrs::
* freeifaddrs::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/getifaddrs.texi
@include glibc-functions/freeifaddrs.texi

@c @node Glibc inttypes.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<inttypes.h>}

@c @node Glibc iso646.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<iso646.h>}

@c @node Glibc langinfo.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<langinfo.h>}

@c @node Glibc libgen.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<libgen.h>}

@node Glibc libintl.h
@section Glibc @code{<libintl.h>}

* bind_textdomain_codeset::
* bindtextdomain::
* dcgettext::
* dcngettext::
* dgettext::
* dngettext::
* gettext::
* ngettext::
* textdomain::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/bind_textdomain_codeset.texi
@include glibc-functions/bindtextdomain.texi
@include glibc-functions/dcgettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/dcngettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/dgettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/dngettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/gettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/ngettext.texi
@include glibc-functions/textdomain.texi

@c @node Glibc limits.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<limits.h>}

@node Glibc link.h
@section Glibc @code{<link.h>}

* dl_iterate_phdr::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/dl_iterate_phdr.texi

@c @node Glibc locale.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<locale.h>}

@node Glibc malloc.h
@section Glibc @code{<malloc.h>}

* mallinfo::
* malloc_get_state::
* malloc_set_state::
* malloc_stats::
* malloc_trim::
* malloc_usable_size::
* mallopt::
* memalign::
* pvalloc::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/mallinfo.texi
@include glibc-functions/malloc_get_state.texi
@include glibc-functions/malloc_set_state.texi
@include glibc-functions/malloc_stats.texi
@include glibc-functions/malloc_trim.texi
@include glibc-functions/malloc_usable_size.texi
@include glibc-functions/mallopt.texi
@include glibc-functions/memalign.texi
@include glibc-functions/pvalloc.texi

@node Glibc math.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<math.h>}

* drem::
* dremf::
* dreml::
* exp10::
* exp10f::
* exp10l::
* finite::
* finitef::
* finitel::
* gamma::
* gammaf::
* gammal::
* isinff::
* isinfl::
* isnanf::
* isnanl::
* j0f::
* j0l::
* j1f::
* j1l::
* jnf::
* jnl::
* lgamma_r::
* lgammaf_r::
* lgammal_r::
* matherr::
* pow10::
* pow10f::
* pow10l::
* scalbf::
* scalbl::
* significand::
* significandf::
* significandl::
* sincos::
* sincosf::
* sincosl::
* y0f::
* y0l::
* y1f::
* y1l::
* ynf::
* ynl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/drem.texi
@include glibc-functions/dremf.texi
@include glibc-functions/dreml.texi
@include glibc-functions/exp10.texi
@include glibc-functions/exp10f.texi
@include glibc-functions/exp10l.texi
@include glibc-functions/finite.texi
@include glibc-functions/finitef.texi
@include glibc-functions/finitel.texi
@include glibc-functions/gamma.texi
@include glibc-functions/gammaf.texi
@include glibc-functions/gammal.texi
@include glibc-functions/isinff.texi
@include glibc-functions/isinfl.texi
@include glibc-functions/isnanf.texi
@include glibc-functions/isnanl.texi
@include glibc-functions/j0f.texi
@include glibc-functions/j0l.texi
@include glibc-functions/j1f.texi
@include glibc-functions/j1l.texi
@include glibc-functions/jnf.texi
@include glibc-functions/jnl.texi
@include glibc-functions/lgamma_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/lgammaf_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/lgammal_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/matherr.texi
@include glibc-functions/pow10.texi
@include glibc-functions/pow10f.texi
@include glibc-functions/pow10l.texi
@include glibc-functions/scalbf.texi
@include glibc-functions/scalbl.texi
@include glibc-functions/significand.texi
@include glibc-functions/significandf.texi
@include glibc-functions/significandl.texi
@include glibc-functions/sincos.texi
@include glibc-functions/sincosf.texi
@include glibc-functions/sincosl.texi
@include glibc-functions/y0f.texi
@include glibc-functions/y0l.texi
@include glibc-functions/y1f.texi
@include glibc-functions/y1l.texi
@include glibc-functions/ynf.texi
@include glibc-functions/ynl.texi

@node Glibc mcheck.h
@section Glibc @code{<mcheck.h>}

* mcheck::
* mcheck_check_all::
* mcheck_pedantic::
* mprobe::
* mtrace::
* muntrace::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/mcheck.texi
@include glibc-functions/mcheck_check_all.texi
@include glibc-functions/mcheck_pedantic.texi
@include glibc-functions/mprobe.texi
@include glibc-functions/mtrace.texi
@include glibc-functions/muntrace.texi

@c @node Glibc monetary.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<monetary.h>}

@node Glibc mntent.h
@section Glibc @code{<mntent.h>}

* addmntent::
* endmntent::
* getmntent::
* getmntent_r::
* hasmntopt::
* setmntent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/addmntent.texi
@include glibc-functions/endmntent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getmntent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getmntent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/hasmntopt.texi
@include glibc-functions/setmntent.texi

@c @node Glibc mqueue.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<mqueue.h>}

@c @node Glibc ndbm.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<ndbm.h>}

@node Glibc netdb.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<netdb.h>}

* endnetgrent::
* gethostbyaddr_r::
* gethostbyname2::
* gethostbyname2_r::
* gethostbyname_r::
* gethostent_r::
* getnetbyaddr_r::
* getnetbyname_r::
* getnetent_r::
* getnetgrent::
* getnetgrent_r::
* getprotobyname_r::
* getprotobynumber_r::
* getprotoent_r::
* getservbyname_r::
* getservbyport_r::
* getservent_r::
* herror::
* hstrerror::
* innetgr::
* rcmd::
* rcmd_af::
* rexec::
* rexec_af::
* rresvport::
* rresvport_af::
* ruserok::
* ruserok_af::
* setnetgrent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endnetgrent.texi
@include glibc-functions/gethostbyaddr_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/gethostbyname2.texi
@include glibc-functions/gethostbyname2_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/gethostbyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/gethostent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetbyaddr_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetbyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetgrent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetgrent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getprotobyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getprotobynumber_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getprotoent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getservbyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getservbyport_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getservent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/herror.texi
@include glibc-functions/hstrerror.texi
@include glibc-functions/innetgr.texi
@include glibc-functions/rcmd.texi
@include glibc-functions/rcmd_af.texi
@include glibc-functions/rexec.texi
@include glibc-functions/rexec_af.texi
@include glibc-functions/rresvport.texi
@include glibc-functions/rresvport_af.texi
@include glibc-functions/ruserok.texi
@include glibc-functions/ruserok_af.texi
@include glibc-functions/setnetgrent.texi

@node Glibc netinet/ether.h
@section Glibc @code{<netinet/ether.h>}

* ether_aton::
* ether_aton_r::
* ether_hostton::
* ether_line::
* ether_ntoa::
* ether_ntoa_r::
* ether_ntohost::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/ether_aton.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_aton_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_hostton.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_line.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_ntoa.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_ntoa_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/ether_ntohost.texi

@node Glibc netinet/in.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<netinet/in.h>}

* bindresvport::
* getipv4sourcefilter::
* getsourcefilter::
* in6addr_any::
* in6addr_loopback::
* inet6_option_alloc::
* inet6_option_append::
* inet6_option_find::
* inet6_option_init::
* inet6_option_next::
* inet6_option_space::
* setipv4sourcefilter::
* setsourcefilter::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/bindresvport.texi
@include glibc-functions/getipv4sourcefilter.texi
@include glibc-functions/getsourcefilter.texi
@include glibc-functions/in6addr_any.texi
@include glibc-functions/in6addr_loopback.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_alloc.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_append.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_find.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_init.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_next.texi
@include glibc-functions/inet6_option_space.texi
@include glibc-functions/setipv4sourcefilter.texi
@include glibc-functions/setsourcefilter.texi

@c @node Glibc nl_types.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<nl_types.h>}

@node Glibc obstack.h
@section Glibc @code{<obstack.h>}

* obstack_alloc_failed_handler::
* obstack_exit_failure::
* obstack_free::
* obstack_printf::
* obstack_vprintf::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/obstack_alloc_failed_handler.texi
@include glibc-functions/obstack_exit_failure.texi
@include glibc-functions/obstack_free.texi
@include glibc-functions/obstack_printf.texi
@include glibc-functions/obstack_vprintf.texi

@c @node Glibc paths.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<paths.h>}

@c @node Glibc poll.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<poll.h>}

@node Glibc printf.h
@section Glibc @code{<printf.h>}

* parse_printf_format::
* printf_size::
* printf_size_info::
* register_printf_function::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/parse_printf_format.texi
@include glibc-functions/printf_size.texi
@include glibc-functions/printf_size_info.texi
@include glibc-functions/register_printf_function.texi

@node Glibc pthread.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<pthread.h>}

* pthread_getattr_np::
* pthread_kill_other_threads_np::
* pthread_rwlockattr_getkind_np::
* pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np::
* pthread_yield::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/pthread_getattr_np.texi
@include glibc-functions/pthread_kill_other_threads_np.texi
@include glibc-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_getkind_np.texi
@include glibc-functions/pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np.texi
@include glibc-functions/pthread_yield.texi

@node Glibc pty.h
@section Glibc @code{<pty.h>}

* forkpty::
* openpty::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/forkpty.texi
@include glibc-functions/openpty.texi

@node Glibc pwd.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<pwd.h>}

* fgetpwent::
* fgetpwent_r::
* getpw::
* getpwent_r::
* putpwent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fgetpwent.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetpwent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpw.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpwent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/putpwent.texi

@node Glibc regex.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<regex.h>}

* re_comp::
* re_compile_fastmap::
* re_compile_pattern::
* re_exec::
* re_match::
* re_match_2::
* re_search::
* re_search_2::
* re_set_registers::
* re_set_syntax::
* re_syntax_options::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/re_comp.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_compile_fastmap.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_compile_pattern.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_exec.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_match.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_match_2.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_search.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_search_2.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_set_registers.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_set_syntax.texi
@include glibc-functions/re_syntax_options.texi

@node Glibc regexp.h
@section Glibc @code{<regexp.h>}

* advance::
* loc1::
* loc2::
* locs::
* step::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/advance.texi
@include glibc-functions/loc1.texi
@include glibc-functions/loc2.texi
@include glibc-functions/locs.texi
@include glibc-functions/step.texi

@node Glibc resolv.h
@section Glibc @code{<resolv.h>}

* dn_expand::
* res_init::
* res_mkquery::
* res_query::
* res_querydomain::
* res_search::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/dn_expand.texi
@include glibc-functions/res_init.texi
@include glibc-functions/res_mkquery.texi
@include glibc-functions/res_query.texi
@include glibc-functions/res_querydomain.texi
@include glibc-functions/res_search.texi

@node Glibc rpc/auth.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/auth.h>}

* authdes_create::
* authdes_pk_create::
* authnone_create::
* authunix_create::
* authunix_create_default::
* getnetname::
* host2netname::
* key_decryptsession::
* key_decryptsession_pk::
* key_encryptsession::
* key_encryptsession_pk::
* key_gendes::
* key_get_conv::
* key_secretkey_is_set::
* key_setsecret::
* netname2host::
* netname2user::
* user2netname::
* xdr_des_block::
* xdr_opaque_auth::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/authdes_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/authdes_pk_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/authnone_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/authunix_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/authunix_create_default.texi
@include glibc-functions/getnetname.texi
@include glibc-functions/host2netname.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_decryptsession.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_decryptsession_pk.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_encryptsession.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_encryptsession_pk.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_gendes.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_get_conv.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_secretkey_is_set.texi
@include glibc-functions/key_setsecret.texi
@include glibc-functions/netname2host.texi
@include glibc-functions/netname2user.texi
@include glibc-functions/user2netname.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_des_block.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_opaque_auth.texi

@node Glibc rpc/auth_des.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/auth_des.h>}

* authdes_getucred::
* getpublickey::
* getsecretkey::
* rtime::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/authdes_getucred.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpublickey.texi
@include glibc-functions/getsecretkey.texi
@include glibc-functions/rtime.texi

@node Glibc rpc/auth_unix.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/auth_unix.h>}

* xdr_authunix_parms::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_authunix_parms.texi

@node Glibc rpc/clnt.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/clnt.h>}

* callrpc::
* clnt_create::
* clnt_pcreateerror::
* clnt_perrno::
* clnt_perror::
* clnt_spcreateerror::
* clnt_sperrno::
* clnt_sperror::
* clntraw_create::
* clnttcp_create::
* clntudp_bufcreate::
* clntudp_create::
* clntunix_create::
* get_myaddress::
* getrpcport::
* rpc_createerr::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/callrpc.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_pcreateerror.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_perrno.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_perror.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_spcreateerror.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_sperrno.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnt_sperror.texi
@include glibc-functions/clntraw_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/clnttcp_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/clntudp_bufcreate.texi
@include glibc-functions/clntudp_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/clntunix_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/get_myaddress.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcport.texi
@include glibc-functions/rpc_createerr.texi

@node Glibc rpc/des_crypt.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/des_crypt.h>}

* cbc_crypt::
* des_setparity::
* ecb_crypt::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/cbc_crypt.texi
@include glibc-functions/des_setparity.texi
@include glibc-functions/ecb_crypt.texi

@node Glibc rpc/key_prot.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/key_prot.h>}

* xdr_cryptkeyarg::
* xdr_cryptkeyarg2::
* xdr_cryptkeyres::
* xdr_getcredres::
* xdr_key_netstarg::
* xdr_key_netstres::
* xdr_keybuf::
* xdr_keystatus::
* xdr_netnamestr::
* xdr_unixcred::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_cryptkeyarg.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_cryptkeyarg2.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_cryptkeyres.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_getcredres.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_key_netstarg.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_key_netstres.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_keybuf.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_keystatus.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_netnamestr.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_unixcred.texi

@node Glibc rpc/netdb.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/netdb.h>}

* endrpcent::
* getrpcbyname::
* getrpcbyname_r::
* getrpcbynumber::
* getrpcbynumber_r::
* getrpcent::
* getrpcent_r::
* setrpcent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endrpcent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcbyname.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcbyname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcbynumber.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcbynumber_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getrpcent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/setrpcent.texi

@node Glibc rpc/pmap_clnt.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/pmap_clnt.h>}

* clnt_broadcast::
* pmap_getmaps::
* pmap_getport::
* pmap_rmtcall::
* pmap_set::
* pmap_unset::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/clnt_broadcast.texi
@include glibc-functions/pmap_getmaps.texi
@include glibc-functions/pmap_getport.texi
@include glibc-functions/pmap_rmtcall.texi
@include glibc-functions/pmap_set.texi
@include glibc-functions/pmap_unset.texi

@node Glibc rpc/pmap_prot.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/pmap_prot.h>}

* xdr_pmap::
* xdr_pmaplist::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_pmap.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_pmaplist.texi

@node Glibc rpc/pmap_rmt.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/pmap_rmt.h>}

* xdr_rmtcall_args::
* xdr_rmtcallres::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_rmtcall_args.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_rmtcallres.texi

@node Glibc rpc/rpc_msg.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/rpc_msg.h>}

* xdr_callhdr::
* xdr_callmsg::
* xdr_replymsg::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_callhdr.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_callmsg.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_replymsg.texi

@node Glibc rpc/svc.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/svc.h>}

* svc_exit::
* svc_fdset::
* svc_getreq::
* svc_getreq_common::
* svc_getreq_poll::
* svc_getreqset::
* svc_max_pollfd::
* svc_pollfd::
* svc_register::
* svc_run::
* svc_sendreply::
* svc_unregister::
* svcerr_auth::
* svcerr_decode::
* svcerr_noproc::
* svcerr_noprog::
* svcerr_progvers::
* svcerr_systemerr::
* svcerr_weakauth::
* svcraw_create::
* svctcp_create::
* svcudp_bufcreate::
* svcudp_create::
* svcunix_create::
* xprt_register::
* xprt_unregister::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/svc_exit.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_fdset.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_getreq.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_getreq_common.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_getreq_poll.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_getreqset.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_max_pollfd.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_pollfd.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_register.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_run.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_sendreply.texi
@include glibc-functions/svc_unregister.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_auth.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_decode.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_noproc.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_noprog.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_progvers.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_systemerr.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcerr_weakauth.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcraw_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/svctcp_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcudp_bufcreate.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcudp_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/svcunix_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/xprt_register.texi
@include glibc-functions/xprt_unregister.texi

@node Glibc rpc/xdr.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpc/xdr.h>}

* xdr_array::
* xdr_bool::
* xdr_bytes::
* xdr_char::
* xdr_double::
* xdr_enum::
* xdr_float::
* xdr_free::
* xdr_hyper::
* xdr_int::
* xdr_int16_t::
* xdr_int32_t::
* xdr_int64_t::
* xdr_int8_t::
* xdr_long::
* xdr_longlong_t::
* xdr_netobj::
* xdr_opaque::
* xdr_pointer::
* xdr_quad_t::
* xdr_reference::
* xdr_short::
* xdr_sizeof::
* xdr_string::
* xdr_u_char::
* xdr_u_hyper::
* xdr_u_int::
* xdr_u_long::
* xdr_u_longlong_t::
* xdr_u_quad_t::
* xdr_u_short::
* xdr_uint16_t::
* xdr_uint32_t::
* xdr_uint64_t::
* xdr_uint8_t::
* xdr_union::
* xdr_vector::
* xdr_void::
* xdr_wrapstring::
* xdrmem_create::
* xdrrec_create::
* xdrrec_endofrecord::
* xdrrec_eof::
* xdrrec_skiprecord::
* xdrstdio_create::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_array.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_bool.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_bytes.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_char.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_double.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_enum.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_float.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_free.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_hyper.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_int.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_int16_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_int32_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_int64_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_int8_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_long.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_longlong_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_netobj.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_opaque.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_pointer.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_quad_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_reference.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_short.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_sizeof.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_string.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_char.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_hyper.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_int.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_long.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_longlong_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_quad_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_u_short.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_uint16_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_uint32_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_uint64_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_uint8_t.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_union.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_vector.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_void.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_wrapstring.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrmem_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrrec_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrrec_endofrecord.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrrec_eof.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrrec_skiprecord.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdrstdio_create.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/nislib.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/nislib.h>}

* nis_add::
* nis_add_entry::
* nis_addmember::
* nis_checkpoint::
* nis_clone_object::
* nis_creategroup::
* nis_destroy_object::
* nis_destroygroup::
* nis_dir_cmp::
* nis_domain_of::
* nis_domain_of_r::
* nis_first_entry::
* nis_freenames::
* nis_freeresult::
* nis_freeservlist::
* nis_freetags::
* nis_getnames::
* nis_getservlist::
* nis_ismember::
* nis_leaf_of::
* nis_leaf_of_r::
* nis_lerror::
* nis_list::
* nis_local_directory::
* nis_local_group::
* nis_local_host::
* nis_local_principal::
* nis_lookup::
* nis_mkdir::
* nis_modify::
* nis_modify_entry::
* nis_name_of::
* nis_name_of_r::
* nis_next_entry::
* nis_perror::
* nis_ping::
* nis_print_directory::
* nis_print_entry::
* nis_print_group::
* nis_print_group_entry::
* nis_print_link::
* nis_print_object::
* nis_print_result::
* nis_print_rights::
* nis_print_table::
* nis_remove::
* nis_remove_entry::
* nis_removemember::
* nis_rmdir::
* nis_servstate::
* nis_sperrno::
* nis_sperror::
* nis_sperror_r::
* nis_stats::
* nis_verifygroup::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/nis_add.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_add_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_addmember.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_checkpoint.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_clone_object.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_creategroup.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_destroy_object.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_destroygroup.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_dir_cmp.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_domain_of.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_domain_of_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_first_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_freenames.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_freeresult.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_freeservlist.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_freetags.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_getnames.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_getservlist.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_ismember.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_leaf_of.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_leaf_of_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_lerror.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_list.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_local_directory.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_local_group.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_local_host.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_local_principal.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_lookup.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_mkdir.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_modify.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_modify_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_name_of.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_name_of_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_next_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_perror.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_ping.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_directory.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_group.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_group_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_link.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_object.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_result.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_rights.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_print_table.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_remove.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_remove_entry.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_removemember.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_rmdir.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_servstate.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_sperrno.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_sperror.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_sperror_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_stats.texi
@include glibc-functions/nis_verifygroup.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/nis_callback.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/nis_callback.h>}

* xdr_cback_data::
* xdr_obj_p::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_cback_data.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_obj_p.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/yp.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/yp.h>}

* xdr_domainname::
* xdr_keydat::
* xdr_mapname::
* xdr_peername::
* xdr_valdat::
* xdr_ypbind_binding::
* xdr_ypbind_resp::
* xdr_ypbind_resptype::
* xdr_ypbind_setdom::
* xdr_ypmap_parms::
* xdr_ypmaplist::
* xdr_yppush_status::
* xdr_yppushresp_xfr::
* xdr_ypreq_key::
* xdr_ypreq_nokey::
* xdr_ypreq_xfr::
* xdr_ypresp_all::
* xdr_ypresp_key_val::
* xdr_ypresp_maplist::
* xdr_ypresp_master::
* xdr_ypresp_order::
* xdr_ypresp_val::
* xdr_ypresp_xfr::
* xdr_ypstat::
* xdr_ypxfrstat::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_domainname.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_keydat.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_mapname.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_peername.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_valdat.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypbind_binding.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypbind_resp.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypbind_resptype.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypbind_setdom.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypmap_parms.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypmaplist.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_yppush_status.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_yppushresp_xfr.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypreq_key.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypreq_nokey.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypreq_xfr.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_all.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_key_val.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_maplist.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_master.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_order.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_val.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypresp_xfr.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypstat.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypxfrstat.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/yp_prot.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/yp_prot.h>}

* xdr_ypall::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypall.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/ypclnt.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/ypclnt.h>}

* yp_all::
* yp_bind::
* yp_first::
* yp_get_default_domain::
* yp_master::
* yp_match::
* yp_next::
* yp_order::
* yp_unbind::
* yp_update::
* ypbinderr_string::
* yperr_string::
* ypprot_err::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/yp_all.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_bind.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_first.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_get_default_domain.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_master.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_match.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_next.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_order.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_unbind.texi
@include glibc-functions/yp_update.texi
@include glibc-functions/ypbinderr_string.texi
@include glibc-functions/yperr_string.texi
@include glibc-functions/ypprot_err.texi

@node Glibc rpcsvc/ypupd.h
@section Glibc @code{<rpcsvc/ypupd.h>}

* xdr_yp_buf::
* xdr_ypdelete_args::
* xdr_ypupdate_args::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/xdr_yp_buf.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypdelete_args.texi
@include glibc-functions/xdr_ypupdate_args.texi

@node Glibc sched.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sched.h>}

* clone::
* sched_getaffinity::
* sched_setaffinity::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/clone.texi
@include glibc-functions/sched_getaffinity.texi
@include glibc-functions/sched_setaffinity.texi

@node Glibc search.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<search.h>}

* hcreate_r::
* hdestroy_r::
* hsearch_r::
* tdestroy::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/hcreate_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/hdestroy_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/hsearch_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/tdestroy.texi

@node Glibc selinux/selinux.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<selinux/selinux.h>}

* fgetfilecon::
* getfilecon::
* lgetfilecon::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/getfilecon-desc.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetfilecon.texi
@include glibc-functions/getfilecon.texi
@include glibc-functions/lgetfilecon.texi

@c @node Glibc semaphore.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<semaphore.h>}

@c @node Glibc setjmp.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<setjmp.h>}

@node Glibc shadow.h
@section Glibc @code{<shadow.h>}

* endspent::
* fgetspent::
* fgetspent_r::
* getspent::
* getspent_r::
* getspnam::
* getspnam_r::
* lckpwdf::
* putspent::
* setspent::
* sgetspent::
* sgetspent_r::
* ulckpwdf::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetspent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getspent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getspnam.texi
@include glibc-functions/getspnam_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/lckpwdf.texi
@include glibc-functions/putspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/setspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/sgetspent.texi
@include glibc-functions/sgetspent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/ulckpwdf.texi

@node Glibc signal.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<signal.h>}

* gsignal::
* sigandset::
* sigblock::
* siggetmask::
* sigisemptyset::
* sigorset::
* sigreturn::
* sigsetmask::
* sigstack::
* sigvec::
* ssignal::
* sys_siglist::
* sysv_signal::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/gsignal.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigandset.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigblock.texi
@include glibc-functions/siggetmask.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigisemptyset.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigorset.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigreturn.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigsetmask.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigstack.texi
@include glibc-functions/sigvec.texi
@include glibc-functions/ssignal.texi
@include glibc-functions/sys_siglist.texi
@include glibc-functions/sysv_signal.texi

@c @node Glibc spawn.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<spawn.h>}

@c @node Glibc stdarg.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stdarg.h>}

@c @node Glibc stdbool.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stdbool.h>}

@c @node Glibc stddef.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stddef.h>}

@c @node Glibc stdint.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stdint.h>}

@node Glibc stdio.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stdio.h>}

* asprintf::
* cuserid::
* clearerr_unlocked::
* fcloseall::
* feof_unlocked::
* ferror_unlocked::
* fflush_unlocked::
* fgetc_unlocked::
* fgets_unlocked::
* fileno_unlocked::
* fopencookie::
* fputc_unlocked::
* fputs_unlocked::
* fread_unlocked::
* fwrite_unlocked::
* getw::
* putw::
* setbuffer::
* setlinebuf::
* sys_errlist::
* sys_nerr::
* tmpnam_r::
* vasprintf::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/asprintf.texi
@include glibc-functions/cuserid.texi
@include glibc-functions/clearerr_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fcloseall.texi
@include glibc-functions/feof_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/ferror_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fflush_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgets_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fileno_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fopencookie.texi
@include glibc-functions/fputc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fputs_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fread_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fwrite_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/getw.texi
@include glibc-functions/putw.texi
@include glibc-functions/setbuffer.texi
@include glibc-functions/setlinebuf.texi
@include glibc-functions/sys_errlist.texi
@include glibc-functions/sys_nerr.texi
@include glibc-functions/tmpnam_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/vasprintf.texi

@node Glibc stdlib.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stdlib.h>}

* canonicalize_file_name::
* cfree::
* clearenv::
* drand48_r::
* ecvt_r::
* erand48_r::
* fcvt_r::
* getloadavg::
* getpt::
* initstate_r::
* jrand48_r::
* lcong48_r::
* lrand48_r::
* mkostemp::
* mkostemps::
* mrand48_r::
* mkstemps::
* nrand48_r::
* on_exit::
* ptsname_r::
* qecvt::
* qecvt_r::
* qfcvt::
* qfcvt_r::
* qgcvt::
* random_r::
* rpmatch::
* seed48_r::
* setstate_r::
* srand48_r::
* srandom_r::
* strtod_l::
* strtof_l::
* strtol_l::
* strtold_l::
* strtoll_l::
* strtoq::
* strtoul_l::
* strtoull_l::
* strtouq::
* valloc::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/canonicalize_file_name.texi
@include glibc-functions/cfree.texi
@include glibc-functions/clearenv.texi
@include glibc-functions/drand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/ecvt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/erand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/fcvt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getloadavg.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpt.texi
@include glibc-functions/initstate_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/jrand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/lcong48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/lrand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/mkostemp.texi
@include glibc-functions/mkostemps.texi
@include glibc-functions/mrand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/mkstemps.texi
@include glibc-functions/nrand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/on_exit.texi
@include glibc-functions/ptsname_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/qecvt.texi
@include glibc-functions/qecvt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/qfcvt.texi
@include glibc-functions/qfcvt_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/qgcvt.texi
@include glibc-functions/random_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/rpmatch.texi
@include glibc-functions/seed48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/setstate_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/srand48_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/srandom_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtod_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtof_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtol_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtold_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtoll_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtoq.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtoul_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtoull_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/strtouq.texi
@include glibc-functions/valloc.texi

@node Glibc string.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<string.h>}

* ffsl::
* ffsll::
* memfrob::
* memmem::
* mempcpy::
* memrchr::
* rawmemchr::
* strcasestr::
* strchrnul::
* strfry::
* strsep::
* strverscmp::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/ffsl.texi
@include glibc-functions/ffsll.texi
@include glibc-functions/memfrob.texi
@include glibc-functions/memmem.texi
@include glibc-functions/mempcpy.texi
@include glibc-functions/memrchr.texi
@include glibc-functions/rawmemchr.texi
@include glibc-functions/strcasestr.texi
@include glibc-functions/strchrnul.texi
@include glibc-functions/strfry.texi
@include glibc-functions/strsep.texi
@include glibc-functions/strverscmp.texi

@c @node Glibc strings.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<strings.h>}

@c @node Glibc stropts.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<stropts.h>}

@node Glibc sys/capability.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/capability.h>}

* capget::
* capset::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/capget.texi
@include glibc-functions/capset.texi

@node Glibc sys/epoll.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/epoll.h>}

* epoll_create::
* epoll_ctl::
* epoll_wait::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/epoll_create.texi
@include glibc-functions/epoll_ctl.texi
@include glibc-functions/epoll_wait.texi

@node Glibc sys/file.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/file.h>}

* flock::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/flock.texi

@node Glibc sys/fsuid.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/fsuid.h>}

* setfsgid::
* setfsuid::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/setfsgid.texi
@include glibc-functions/setfsuid.texi

@node Glibc sys/gmon.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/gmon.h>}

* monstartup::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/monstartup.texi

@node Glibc sys/io.h and sys/perm.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/io.h>}, @code{<sys/perm.h>}

* ioperm::
* iopl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/ioperm.texi
@include glibc-functions/iopl.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/ioctl.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<sys/ioctl.h>}

@c @node Glibc sys/ipc.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/ipc.h>}

@node Glibc sys/kdaemon.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/kdaemon.h>}

* bdflush::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/bdflush.texi

@node Glibc sys/klog.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/klog.h>}

* klogctl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/klogctl.texi

@node Glibc sys/mman.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/mman.h>}

* madvise::
* mincore::
* mremap::
* remap_file_pages::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/madvise.texi
@include glibc-functions/mincore.texi
@include glibc-functions/mremap.texi
@include glibc-functions/remap_file_pages.texi

@node Glibc sys/mount.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/mount.h>}

* mount::
* umount::
* umount2::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/mount.texi
@include glibc-functions/umount.texi
@include glibc-functions/umount2.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/msg.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/msg.h>}

@node Glibc sys/personality.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/personality.h>}

* personality::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/personality.texi

@node Glibc sys/prctl.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/prctl.h>}

* prctl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/prctl.texi

@node Glibc sys/profil.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/profil.h>}

* sprofil::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/sprofil.texi

@node Glibc sys/ptrace.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/ptrace.h>}

* ptrace::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/ptrace.texi

@node Glibc sys/quota.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/quota.h>}

* quotactl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/quotactl.texi

@node Glibc sys/reboot.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/reboot.h>}

* reboot::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/reboot.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/resource.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/resource.h>}

@c @node Glibc sys/select.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/select.h>}

@node Glibc sys/sem.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/sem.h>}

* semtimedop::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/semtimedop.texi

@node Glibc sys/sendfile.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/sendfile.h>}

* sendfile::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/sendfile.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/shm.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/shm.h>}

@node Glibc sys/socket.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/socket.h>}

* accept4::
* isfdtype::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/accept4.texi
@include glibc-functions/isfdtype.texi

@node Glibc sys/stat.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/stat.h>}

* lchmod::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/lchmod.texi

@node Glibc sys/statfs.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/statfs.h>}

* fstatfs::
* statfs::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fstatfs.texi
@include glibc-functions/statfs.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/statvfs.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/statvfs.h>}

@node Glibc sys/swap.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/swap.h>}

* swapoff::
* swapon::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/swapoff.texi
@include glibc-functions/swapon.texi

@node Glibc sys/sysctl.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/sysctl.h>}

* sysctl::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/sysctl.texi

@node Glibc sys/sysinfo.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/sysinfo.h>}

* get_avphys_pages::
* get_nprocs::
* get_nprocs_conf::
* get_phys_pages::
* sysinfo::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/get_avphys_pages.texi
@include glibc-functions/get_nprocs.texi
@include glibc-functions/get_nprocs_conf.texi
@include glibc-functions/get_phys_pages.texi
@include glibc-functions/sysinfo.texi

@node Glibc sys/syslog.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/syslog.h>}

* vsyslog::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/vsyslog.texi

@node Glibc sys/sysmacros.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/sysmacros.h>}

* gnu_dev_major::
* gnu_dev_makedev::
* gnu_dev_minor::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/gnu_dev_major.texi
@include glibc-functions/gnu_dev_makedev.texi
@include glibc-functions/gnu_dev_minor.texi

@node Glibc sys/time.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/time.h>}

* adjtime::
* futimes::
* futimesat::
* lutimes::
* settimeofday::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/adjtime.texi
@include glibc-functions/futimes.texi
@include glibc-functions/futimesat.texi
@include glibc-functions/lutimes.texi
@include glibc-functions/settimeofday.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/timeb.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/timeb.h>}

@c @node Glibc sys/times.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/times.h>}

@node Glibc sys/timex.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/timex.h>}

* adjtimex::
* ntp_adjtime::
* ntp_gettime::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/adjtimex.texi
@include glibc-functions/ntp_adjtime.texi
@include glibc-functions/ntp_gettime.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/types.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/types.h>}

@c @node Glibc sys/uio.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/uio.h>}

@c @node Glibc sys/un.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/un.h>}

@node Glibc sys/ustat.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/ustat.h>}

* ustat::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/ustat.texi

@c @node Glibc sys/utsname.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/utsname.h>}

@node Glibc sys/vlimit.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/vlimit.h>}

* vlimit::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/vlimit.texi

@node Glibc sys/vm86.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/vm86.h>}

* vm86::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/vm86.texi

@node Glibc sys/vtimes.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/vtimes.h>}

* vtimes::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/vtimes.texi

@node Glibc sys/wait.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<sys/wait.h>}

* wait3::
* wait4::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/wait3.texi
@include glibc-functions/wait4.texi

@node Glibc sys/xattr.h
@section Glibc @code{<sys/xattr.h>}

* fgetxattr::
* flistxattr::
* fremovexattr::
* fsetxattr::
* getxattr::
* lgetxattr::
* listxattr::
* llistxattr::
* lremovexattr::
* lsetxattr::
* removexattr::
* setxattr::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fgetxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/flistxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/fremovexattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/fsetxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/getxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/lgetxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/listxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/llistxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/lremovexattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/lsetxattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/removexattr.texi
@include glibc-functions/setxattr.texi

@c @node Glibc sysexits.h
@c @section Glibc @code{<sysexits.h>}

@c @node Glibc syslog.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<syslog.h>}

@c @node Glibc tar.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<tar.h>}

@node Glibc termios.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<termios.h>}

* cfmakeraw::
* cfsetspeed::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/cfmakeraw.texi
@include glibc-functions/cfsetspeed.texi

@c @node Glibc tgmath.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<tgmath.h>}

@node Glibc time.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<time.h>}

* dysize::
* getdate_r::
* stime::
* strptime_l::
* timegm::
* timelocal::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/dysize.texi
@include glibc-functions/getdate_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/stime.texi
@include glibc-functions/strptime_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/timegm.texi
@include glibc-functions/timelocal.texi

@c @node Glibc trace.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<trace.h>}

@node Glibc ttyent.h
@section Glibc @code{<ttyent.h>}

* endttyent::
* getttyent::
* getttynam::
* setttyent::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endttyent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getttyent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getttynam.texi
@include glibc-functions/setttyent.texi

@c @node Glibc ucontext.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<ucontext.h>}

@c @node Glibc ulimit.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<ulimit.h>}

@node Glibc unistd.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<unistd.h>}

* acct::
* brk::
* chroot::
* daemon::
* dup3::
* endusershell::
* euidaccess::
* execvpe::
* get_current_dir_name::
* getdomainname::
* getdtablesize::
* getpagesize::
* getpass::
* getresgid::
* getresuid::
* getusershell::
* group_member::
* pipe2::
* profil::
* revoke::
* sbrk::
* setlogin::
* setdomainname::
* sethostid::
* sethostname::
* setresgid::
* setresuid::
* setusershell::
* syscall::
* ttyslot::
* vhangup::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/acct.texi
@include glibc-functions/brk.texi
@include glibc-functions/chroot.texi
@include glibc-functions/daemon.texi
@include glibc-functions/dup3.texi
@include glibc-functions/endusershell.texi
@include glibc-functions/euidaccess.texi
@include glibc-functions/execvpe.texi
@include glibc-functions/get_current_dir_name.texi
@include glibc-functions/getdomainname.texi
@include glibc-functions/getdtablesize.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpagesize.texi
@include glibc-functions/getpass.texi
@include glibc-functions/getresgid.texi
@include glibc-functions/getresuid.texi
@include glibc-functions/getusershell.texi
@include glibc-functions/group_member.texi
@include glibc-functions/pipe2.texi
@include glibc-functions/profil.texi
@include glibc-functions/revoke.texi
@include glibc-functions/sbrk.texi
@include glibc-functions/setlogin.texi
@include glibc-functions/setdomainname.texi
@include glibc-functions/sethostid.texi
@include glibc-functions/sethostname.texi
@include glibc-functions/setresgid.texi
@include glibc-functions/setresuid.texi
@include glibc-functions/setusershell.texi
@include glibc-functions/syscall.texi
@include glibc-functions/ttyslot.texi
@include glibc-functions/vhangup.texi

@c @node Glibc utime.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<utime.h>}

@node Glibc utmp.h
@section Glibc @code{<utmp.h>}

* endutent::
* getutent::
* getutent_r::
* getutid::
* getutid_r::
* getutline::
* getutline_r::
* pututline::
* setutent::
* updwtmp::
* utmpname::
* login_tty::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/endutent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutent.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutent_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutid.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutid_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutline.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutline_r.texi
@include glibc-functions/pututline.texi
@include glibc-functions/setutent.texi
@include glibc-functions/updwtmp.texi
@include glibc-functions/utmpname.texi
@include glibc-functions/login_tty.texi

@node Glibc utmpx.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<utmpx.h>}

* getutmp::
* getutmpx::
* updwtmpx::
* utmpxname::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/getutmp.texi
@include glibc-functions/getutmpx.texi
@include glibc-functions/updwtmpx.texi
@include glibc-functions/utmpxname.texi

@node Glibc wchar.h
@section Glibc Extensions to @code{<wchar.h>}

* fgetwc_unlocked::
* fgetws_unlocked::
* fputwc_unlocked::
* fputws_unlocked::
* getwc_unlocked::
* getwchar_unlocked::
* putwc_unlocked::
* putwchar_unlocked::
* wcschrnul::
* wcsftime_l::
* wcstod_l::
* wcstof_l::
* wcstol_l::
* wcstold_l::
* wcstoll_l::
* wcstoq::
* wcstoul_l::
* wcstoull_l::
* wcstouq::
* wmempcpy::
@end menu

@include glibc-functions/fgetwc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fgetws_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fputwc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/fputws_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/getwc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/getwchar_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/putwc_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/putwchar_unlocked.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcschrnul.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcsftime_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstod_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstof_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstol_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstold_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstoll_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstoq.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstoul_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstoull_l.texi
@include glibc-functions/wcstouq.texi
@include glibc-functions/wmempcpy.texi

@c @node Glibc wctype.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<wctype.h>}

@c @node Glibc wordexp.h
@c @section Glibc Extensions to @code{<wordexp.h>}

@node Particular Modules
@chapter Particular Modules

* alloca::
* alloca-opt::
* Safe Allocation Macros::
* String Functions in C Locale::
* Quoting::
* error and progname::
* gcd::
* Searching for Libraries::
* Exported Symbols of Shared Libraries::
* LD Version Scripts::
* Visual Studio Compatibility::
* Supporting Relocation::
* func::
* configmake::
* warnings::
* manywarnings::
* Running self-tests under valgrind::
@end menu

@node alloca
@section alloca
@findex alloca
@include alloca.texi

@node alloca-opt
@section alloca-opt
@findex alloca
@include alloca-opt.texi

@include safe-alloc.texi

@node String Functions in C Locale
@section Character and String Functions in C Locale

The functions in this section are similar to the generic string functions
from the standard C library, except that
They behave as if the locale was set to the "C" locale, even when the
locale is different, and/or
They are specially optimized for the case where all characters are plain
ASCII characters.
@end itemize

* c-ctype::
* c-strcase::
* c-strcaseeq::
* c-strcasestr::
* c-strstr::
* c-strtod::
* c-strtold::
@end menu

@node c-ctype
@subsection c-ctype
@include c-ctype.texi

@node c-strcase
@subsection c-strcase
@include c-strcase.texi

@node c-strcaseeq
@subsection c-strcaseeq
@include c-strcaseeq.texi

@node c-strcasestr
@subsection c-strcasestr
@include c-strcasestr.texi

@node c-strstr
@subsection c-strstr
@include c-strstr.texi

@node c-strtod
@subsection c-strtod
@include c-strtod.texi

@node c-strtold
@subsection c-strtold
@include c-strtold.texi

@include quote.texi

@include error.texi

@include gcd.texi

@include havelib.texi

@include lib-symbol-visibility.texi

@include ld-version-script.texi

@include ld-output-def.texi

@include relocatable-maint.texi

@include func.texi

@include configmake.texi

@include warnings.texi

@include manywarnings.texi

@include valgrind-tests.texi

@node Regular expressions
@chapter Regular expressions

* Overview::
* Regular Expression Syntax::
* Common Operators::
* GNU Operators::
* GNU Emacs Operators::
* What Gets Matched?::
* Programming with Regex::
* Regular expression syntaxes::
@end menu

@include regex.texi

@node Regular expression syntaxes
@section Regular expression syntaxes

Gnulib supports many different types of regular expressions; although
the underlying features are the same or identical, the syntax used
varies.  The descriptions given here for the different types are
generated automatically.

@include regexprops-generic.texi

@node GNU Free Documentation License
@appendix GNU Free Documentation License

@include fdl-1.3.texi

@node Index
@unnumbered Index

@printindex cp


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@c indent-tabs-mode: nil
@c whitespace-check-buffer-indent: nil
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