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@node Running self-tests under valgrind
@section Running self-tests under valgrind

For projects written in C or similar languages, running the self-tests
under Valgrind can reveal hard to find memory issues.  The
@code{valgrind-tests} module searches for Valgrind and declares the
@code{VALGRIND} automake variable for use with automake's

After importing the @code{valgrind-tests} module to your project, you
use it by adding the following to the @code{} that runs the

@end smallexample

This will run all self-checks under valgrind.  This can be wasteful if
you have many shell scripts or other non-binaries.  Using the Automake
parallel-tests feature, this can be avoided by using the following

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = parallel-tests
@end smallexample

Then valgrind will only be used for the and tests.
However, this means that binaries invoked through scripts will not be
invoked under valgrind, which could be solved by adding the following:

@end smallexample

And then modify the shell scripts to invoke the binary prefixed with