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 @settitle GNU Coding Standards
 @c This date is automagically updated when you save this file:
-@set lastupdate July 20, 2013
+@set lastupdate August 15, 2013
 @c %**end of header
 @dircategory GNU organization
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 make heavy use of templates.  So is Java, if you compile it.
 When highest efficiency is not required, other languages commonly used
-in the free software community, such as Python and Ruby, are ok too.
-We encourage use of Lisp and Scheme as well.  Please implement the GNU
-configure and make interface no matter which language you use.
+in the free software community, such as Scheme, Python, Ruby, and
+Java, are OK too.  Scheme, as implemented by GNU@tie{}Guile, plays a
+particular role in the GNU System: it is the preferred language to
+extend programs written in C/C++, and also a fine language for a wide
+range of applications.  The more GNU components use Guile and Scheme,
+the more users are able to extend and combine them (@pxref{The Emacs
+Thesis,,, guile, GNU Guile Reference Manual}).
 Many programs are designed to be extensible: they include an interpreter
 for a language that is higher level than C.  Often much of the program
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 @section Mmap
 @findex mmap
-Don't assume that @code{mmap} either works on all files or fails
-for all files.  It may work on some files and fail on others.
+If you use @code{mmap} to read or write files, don't assume it either
+works on all files or fails for all files.  It may work on some files
+and fail on others.
 The proper way to use @code{mmap} is to try it on the specific file for
 which you want to use it---and if @code{mmap} doesn't work, fall back on