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[This was originally from Richard Stallman who was writing about
 Emacs.  --jwe]

A reminder for those sending patches for Octave:

  * Always make the diffs with context.  Preferably use diff -c.  It
    is unreliable to install a diff without context, and therefore we
    probably will not take the risk of trying; instead we will
    probably ask you to send a context diff.  You might as well send
    that in your first message.

  * Always send change log entries with your patches.  Itemize the
    entries so that they list each of the functions and variables
    changed.  Look at the ChangeLog files and follow our conventions
    regarding what information to include and what style to use.

  * If the patch is to fix a bug, send a detailed bug report for the
    bug.  Make this just as detailed as if you did not have any fix
    for it.  This information is vital for convincing the maintainer
    that your fix is necessary and should be installed.  Also, if your
    fix would cause some other sort of problem, the bug report may
    enable the maintainer to find some other correct fix.

Everyone, please read the Bugs chapter in the Octave manual to see
other guidelines on how to write a bug report that makes it possible
to fix a bug.