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Added multiline copy and execution to command history in IDE (bug #36884) * (history_dock_widget::ctxMenu) : New function. (history_dock_widget::handle_contextmenu_copy) : New function. (history_dock_widget::handle_contextmenu_evaluate) : New function. (history_dock_widget::history_dock_widget) : Connected popup menu to QListView. (history_dock_widget::handle_double_click) : Append <CR> to selected history to actually execute the command.
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date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 13:24:59 -0400
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Thu Feb 23 09:32:01 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.1.1 released.

	* src/ (idx_vector (const Range&)): Always initialize
	data to 0.
	(idx_vector (const Matrix&, int, const char *, int)): Likewise.
	(idx_vector (const idx_vector&): Likewise, do it first.
	* src/idx-vector.h (~idx_vector): Simply delete data.

	* Combine libcruft, liboctave,dld, info, readline,
	kpathsea, src, scripts, and doc targets into just one.
	(all): Depend on $(SUBDIRS).
	* libcruft/ (make-objects): Change to $(SUBDIRS)
	target that doesn't use a loop.
	(all): Depend on $(SUBDIRS).

Wed Feb 22 07:27:18 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* Don't leave @LIBDLD@ on a line by itself.

	* src/ (fortran_style_matrix_index): Handle zero-one
	indexing as a separate case.
	(fortran_style_matrix_index): Check for out-of-bounds index.

	* src/ (init_state): Don't forget len, num_zeros, and
	the one_zero flag for vectors of all zero elements.
	(convert_one_zero_to_idx): Set data to zero after deleting it.

	* src/ (check_dimensions):
	Handle case of treat_neg_dim_as_zero = "warn".

Tue Feb 21 08:18:19 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (initialize_undefined_elements): Don't declare
	arg const.

	* src/ (octave_getcwd): Declare arg as char *, not
	const char *.

	* src/ (match_sans_spaces): Initialize ep from copy of
	arg, not arg itself.

	* (snapshot-version): Look for OCTAVE_VERSION,
	not just VERSION.  Don't end #define with a semicolon.

Mon Feb 20 15:57:17 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/image/ (clean): Delete octtopnm.o and octtopnm.

Fri Feb 17 08:12:09 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (maybe_add_default_load_path): New function,
	extracted from default_path(), which no longer needs it.
	* src/ (sv_loadpath): Call it here.

Wed Feb 15 15:13:22 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (verbose_usage): Format help message more like
	the help messages of other GNU programs.

	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): New builtin
	variable, suppress_verbose_help_message.
	* src/ (user_prefs): New field,
	* src/ (suppress_verbose_help_message): New function.
	* src/ (additional_help_message): Check
	user_pref.suppress_verbose_help_message before printing message.

Tue Feb 14 15:36:01 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (octave_chdir): New function.
	* src/ (change_to_directory): Use it.

	* src/ (octave_getcwd): New function.
	* src/ (get_working_directory, Fpwd): Use it.
	* src/ (decode_prompt_string): Likewise.

	* src/version.h (VERSION): New #define.
	(version_string): Use it.
	(OCTAVE_COPYRIGHT): New #define.
	* src/ (main): Use new macros from version.h
	(print_version_and_exit): Likewise.
	(verbose_usage): Likewise.
	(Fwarranty): Likewise.

	* (version): Make work with new version.h.
	* (snapshot-version): Likewise.

	* src/ (default_path): Use SEPCHAR instead of literal ':'.
	* src/ (pathstring_to_vector): Likewise.
	* src/ (initialize_globals): Likewise, use SEPCHAR_STR to
	construct format string instead of using literal `:'.

	* acconfig.h: Add #undefs for SEPCHAR and SEPCHAR_STR.

	* src/ Don't include dld.h unless WITH_DLD.

	* src/ (parse_and_execute): Close file.

Mon Feb 13 19:39:12 1995  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/general/linspace.m: Delete.
	* src/ (Flinspace): New function.
	* liboctave/ (linspace): New function.
	* liboctave/ (linspace): New function.

Sun Feb 12 21:23:54 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (read_mat_binary_data): Only convert to string
	if the number of rows is 1.

	* scripts/image/saveimage.m: Force ASCII save.

Thu Feb  9 08:46:09 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/elfun/sec.m: Returned variable is `w', not `y'.
	* scripts/elfun/sech.m: Likewise.

Wed Feb  8 10:51:33 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (find_nonzero_elem_idx): Increment i, j indices by
	1 before stashing them.

Fri Feb  3 15:44:03 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/
	(tree_parameter_list::initialize_undefined_elements): New function.
	* src/ (tree_function::eval): Use it to define return
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression:eval): Complain if RHS is undefined.
	(tree_multi_assignment_expression:eval): Complain if any of the
	RHS values are undefined.
	* src/user-prefs.h (init_user_prefs): New structure element,
	* src/ (define_all_return_values): New function.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Add DEFVARs for
	default_return_value and define_all_return_values.
	(builtin_any_variable): New function.

Wed Feb  1 08:02:28 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/parse.y (parse_error): Call yyerror() here.
	(input): Not here.

	* src/lex.l (handle_string): Call have_continuation and
	have_ellipsis_continuation with 0 arg, to disallow comments after
	continuation characters inside strings.
	(have_continuation): New arg, trailing_comments_ok with default
	value of 1.  If !trailing_comments_ok, don't allow comments to
	follow continuation token.
	(have_ellipsis_continuation): New arg, trailing_comments_ok, with
	default value of 1.  Pass it along to have_continuation.

	* src/parse.y (yyerror): Call parse_error with first arg == "%s",
	since msg might contain format specifiers.

	* src/ (tree_index_expression::eval (int)): Detect
	undefined elements in argument list and print error message.
	(tree_index_expression::eval (int, int, const Octave_object&)):

	F2CFLAGS if they are not already set in the environment.

	* Add -print to find commands.

Tue Jan 31 13:26:53 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (<MATRIX>{S}*\,{S}*): Eat any trailing continuation
	here.  Use value returned from eat_continuation to decide whether
	to insert a row separator.
	(<MATRIX>{S}+): Likewise.
	(<MATRIX>{SNLCMT}*\n{SNLCMT}*): Eat any trailing whitespace here.

	* lex.l (ATE_SPACE_OR_TAB, ATE_NEWLINE): New macros.
	(eat_whitespace): Use them to set return value.

Mon Jan 30 14:02:24 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (set_output_precision): Don't pass NaN to NINT.
	(set_output_max_field_width): Likewise.
	(set_save_precision): Likewise.
	* src/ (return_valid_file): Likewise.
	(fgets_internal): Likewise.
	(fseek_internal): Likewise.
	(process_printf_format): Likewise.
	(fread_internal): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fcolloc): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffft2): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fifft2): Likewise.
	* src/ (do_npsol_option): Likewise.
	* src/ (do_qpsol_option): Likewise.
	* src/ (Frand): Likewise.
	* src/ (all_elements_are_ints): Likewise.
	* src/ (subplot_using::eval): Likewise.
	(subplot_style::print): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fpause): Likewise.
	* src/ (TC_REP::valid_as_scalar_index): Likewise.
	(TC_REP::valid_as_zero_index): Likewise.
	(TC_REP::convert_to_str): Likewise.
	* src/ (TC_REP::do_scalar_index): Likewise.
	(TC_REP::fortran_style_matrix_index): Likewise.
	* src/ (TC_REP::fortran_style_matrix_assignment):

Sat Jan 28 13:09:44 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/general/tril.m: Allow the k == nc for k > 0 and
	-k == nr for k < 0.  Make faster by eliminating nested loops.
	* scripts/general/triu.m: Likewise.

Fri Jan 27 08:32:10 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* libcruft/lapack: Update with files from LAPACK 2.0.

	* src/lex.l (\[{S}*): Don't call fixup_column_count() here.
	Don't use TOK_RETURN here, since we call eat_whitespace().
	(eat_whitespace): Decrement current_input_column when calling
	(<MATRIX>{SNLCMT}*\n{SNLCMT}): Always call fixup_column_count().

	* src/parse.y (rows): Don't accept repeated semicolons.
	(matrix_row): Likewise, for commas.

	* src/ (LIBOBJS): Delete.

	* liboctave/f77-uscore.h: Don't use C++ style comments.

	* (DISTDIRS): Don't include bsd-math.
	* src/ (VPATH): Don't include bsd-math directory.
	(SOURCES): Include acosh.c, asinh.c, atanh.c, erf.c erfc.c, and
	* Create libcruft/slatec-fn/Makefile.
	Use AC_CHECK_FUNCS to look for acosh, asinh, atanh.
	Don't do anything special if they are missing.
	* src/acosh.c, src/asinh.c, src/atanh.c, src/erf.c, src/erfc.c,
	src/lgamma.c: New files.
	* acconfig.h: Delete #undefs for ACOSH_MISSING, ASINH_MISSING,
	* libcruft/ (CRUFT_DIRS): Add slatec-fn.
	* libcruft/slatec-fn: New directory.

	* Don't try to use IEEE floating point on m68k HP

Thu Jan 26 12:57:05 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (maybe_unput_comma):  New function, extracted from
	handle_identifier().  Correctly handle the dot in things like
	`a.b' inside matrix lists.
	(handle_identifier): Use it.  Don't allow things like [a .1] or
	[a.b .1] to fool us.

Wed Jan 25 08:04:16 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/ (realclean): Don't depend on distclean.  Do
	delete Makefile here.

	* Also check for /*values-*.o, for Sun Fortran 2.x.
	Delete any .o files found here.
	When checking for -lm, also append -lc on Linux systems.

	* mkinstalldirs: Create directories with mode 0755, to avoid
	problems because the installers umask is too restrictive.

	* Don't use rmail, it crashes on Ultrix systems if
	the message file isn't just right.  Use nested if statements
	instead of ||, for Ultrix /bin/sh.  Avoid Ultrix awk crash.

	* scripts/linear-algebra/trace.m: Handle row and column vectors as
	a special case.
	* scripts/linear-algebra/null.m: Likewise.
	* scripts/linear-algebra/orth.m: Likewise.

Tue Jan 24 08:11:51 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* Add F2C, F2CFLAGS, FLIBS, and LDFLAGS to report.
	* (octave-bug): Substitute them.

Mon Jan 23 20:42:55 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (tree_if_clause::is_else_clause): New function.
	(tree_if_command_list::print_code): Use it to decide whether to
	print "else" or "elseif" here.
	(tree_if_clause::print_code): Don't print "else" here.

	* scripts/image/colormap.m: Fix logic for initializing default
	colormap and handling subsequent calls with no arguments.

	* src/lex.h (TOK_PUSH_AND_RETURN): Correct last change.

Sun Jan 22 18:02:37 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (handle_identifier): Handle incrementing
	current_input_column here.
	({IDENT}{S}*): Not here.

	* src/lex.h (TOK_PUSH_AND_RETURN): New macro.
	* src/lex.l: Use it.

	* src/parse.y (yyerror): If printing input line, always print `^'
	error marker too.

	* src/parse.y (command [BREAK]): Allow break to occur in function
	bodies too.
	* src/ (tree_function::eval): Also check to see if
	function exited because of a break statement.

Fri Jan 20 10:48:18 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* config.guess: Replace with current version from FSF.
	* config.sub: Likewise.

	* src/tempname.c: Include statdefs.h.

	* src/ (eval): Improve error messages.

Thu Jan 19 08:33:50 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (handle_string): Properly handle pending escapes.
	Call error() for unterminated string constants.
	* src/parse.y (input): For parse errors, call yyerror().

	* test/config/unix-octave.exp (octave_start): Correctly set OSPATH
	from $OCTAVE_SCRIPT_PATH, not to the string OCTAVE_SCRIPT_PATH.

	* test/ (OCTAVE_SCRIPT_PATH): Delete surrounding quotes
	in definition.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: Move to version 2.140.

	* src/ (Frand): Use different method for generating
	initial seed so that it varies more each time Octave starts.

	* src/ (feof_internal): Use args(0), not args(1).

	* src/ (SOURCES): Use tempnam.c, not tmpnam.c.
	* src/tempnam.c: New file, from the GNU C library.

Wed Jan 18 08:10:31 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/user-prefs.h (user_prefs): New field, read_only_constants.
	* src/ (read_only_constants): New function.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Add DEFVAR for
	read_only_constants, but leave it #if 0'd out since we're not
	really ready for it yet..
	* src/ (symbol_record::read_only_error): Check
	user_prefs.read_only_constants to see if it is ok to redefine
	constants that are marked as read-only.

	* src/user-prefs.h (user_prefs): New field, ps4.
	* src/ (sv_ps4): New function.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Add DEFVAR for PS4.
	* src/ (do_input_echo): New function.  Use PS4 variable as
	prefix of echoed input.  Send echoed input through the pager.

	* Ignore -lang* options.

	* src/ (Fsave): Send `save - ...' output through the

	* doc/ Create and distribute refcards of various sizes.
	Delete rules for making refcard.tex from
	Don't make or distribute refcard-local.
	* doc/refcard.tex: Handle setting paper size with \refcardsize.
	* doc/refcard-a4.tex, doc/refcard-legal.tex, doc/refcard-letter.tex:
	New files.

Mon Jan 16 13:19:29 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (TC_REP::do_scalar_assignment): Handle
	assignments like a(0) = [].
	* src/tc-inlines.h (valid_zero_index): New function.
	* src/ (valid_as_zero_index): New function.
	* src/tree-const.h (valid_as_zero_index): New function.

	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Check user_prefs before warning about
	function name and function file name conflict.
	* src/user-prefs.h (user_prefs): New field, warn_function_name_clash.
	* src/ (warn_function_name_clash): New function.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Add DEFVAR for

	* scripts/image/octtopnm.c: Include stdlib.h instead of malloc.h.

Sun Jan 15 15:08:04 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* readline/rldefs.h: Use new #defines for directory headers now
	that we are using autoconf 2.

	* scripts/special-matrix/hankel.m: Use .', instead of '.

	* src/ (match_sans_spaces): Use strcmp, not strncmp.

	* src/ (TC_REP::fortran_style_matrix_assignment):
	For scalar index, don't do assignment if RHS and LHS are both empty.

	* src/ (Fsize): Handle optional second arg.

	* src/ (tree_function::eval (int)): Correctly set
	nargin and nargout to zero when evaluating function.

	* src/lex.l (handle_string): Correct handling of string escapes.

Thu Jan 12 15:25:34 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.1.0 released.

	* (bin-dist-tar): Ignore errors on strip commands.

	* src/ (tree_builtin::eval (int)): Set nargout to 0
	when calling function.

	* doc/ (FORMATTED): Add refcard.dvi and so
	that they are distributed along with the other docs.
	* (clean-doc-dist-tar): Delete target.
	(doc-dist): Depend on doc-dist-tar, not	clean-doc-dist-tar.

Tue Jan 10 14:29:43 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (print_usage): Print warning if symbol isn't found.

	* src/ (Fundo_string_escapes): Fix typo in call to

	* src/ (Fsystem): Correctly compute exit code.

	* scripts/miscellaneous/etime.m: Complain if args are not the
	right length, not if they are.  Reverse sense of test for years.

	* src/ (find_to_fortran_idx): For the case of one output
	argument, return a row vector if the original argument to find was
	a row vector.

Mon Jan  9 12:57:27 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (grab_help_text): Always overwrite help_buf.
	({CCHAR}): Don't call grab_help_text() if there is already
	something in help_buf.

Sat Jan  7 12:28:35 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* (HOST_CXXFLAGS): New variable to substitute.

Fri Jan  6 13:07:09 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/special-matrix/toeplitz.m: Use .' instead of '.

Tue Jan  3 18:14:33 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* test: Rewrite many tests to not run Octave interactively.  This
	makes the log files much more readable.

	* (clean-tar): Delete octave-test/npsol directory,
	not just test/octave.test/npsol.exp.  Likewise, add a command for
	deleting qpsol tests.

Mon Jan  2 20:02:10 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (main): Return 0 if error_state is not set.

	* src/ (error_1): New function.
	(error): Use it.
	(parse_error): New function.
	* src/parse.y: Never call error and yyerror; just use yyerror.
	(yyerror): Improve logic.  Use new parse_error() function so that
	error_state is always set for a parse error.  Don't use
	(ABORT_PARSE): Don't call reset parser here.
	(colon_expr): Don't call yyerror here.  An error message is
	printed by tree_colon_expression::chain() if it fails.

Mon Dec 26 20:11:01 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (eval): Only call multi-arg form of eval for
	object_to_eval if necessary.

Fri Dec 23 00:08:08 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l: Don't increment promptflag anywhere.
	(eat_continuation): New function.
	(eat_whitespace): Handle embedded continuations.  Return nonzero
	if whitespace consumed.
	(handle_close_brace): Don't pass yytext.  Do pass flag indicating
	whether whitespace follows brace.
	(handle_identifier): Check for next token being `=' here.  Pass
	flag indicating whether whitespace follows identifier.
	(<MATRIX>{SNLCMT}*;{SNLCMT}*): Call eat_whitespace() here.
	({IDENT}{S}*): Call eat_continuation() here.
	(do_comma_insert_check): And here, but put a space back if
	whitespace is gobbled.
	(have_continuation, have_ellipsis_continuation): Decrement
	promptflag here.

Wed Dec 21 09:56:49 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Fclearplot): Send "set nolabel" too.

Mon Dec 19 17:50:15 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/tree-plot.h, src/ (subplot): Rename using to
	using_clause to avoid new C++ keyword.  Rename title and style to

Fri Dec 16 00:09:01 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Don't check for fpsetmask.
	* src/ (sysdep_init): Don't check HAVE_FPSETMASK

Thu Dec 15 00:28:52 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (install_builtin_variables) [default_save_format]:
	Fix doc string.

	DEFAULT_DOT_C_FROM_DOT_F to avoid embedded newlines.
	* Likewise.

	* src/ (flush_output_to_pager): Close stream before
	resetting signal handler.

	* src/ (Fhelp): Call fcn_file_in_path here.  Delete it too.
	Print file name before help message.
	* src/ (get_help_from_file): Don't call
	fcn_file_in_path here.
	(gobble_leading_white_space): Correctly grab only first set of

Wed Dec 14 11:42:13 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/parse.y (pager_buf): Don't make it a fixed-size array.
	* src/ (get_help_from_file): New function.
	(gobble_leading_white_space): Return first block of comments for
	later use as help string.
	(looks_like_octave_copyright): New function.
	(parse_fcn_file): Stash help from gobble_leading_white_space in
	global help_buf.
	* src/lex.l (grab_help_text): Don't overwrite help found by
	(reset_parser): Delete help_buf.
	* src/ (Fhelp): Only try to get help from symbol records
	that are defined.  If all else fails, try get_help_from_file.

	* src/ (flush_output_to_pager): Re-initialize pager_buf
	immediately after extracting message.  Delete message immediately
	after sending it to the output stream.  Ignore interrupts while
	running pager.

	* (clean-tar): Delete npsol.exp and any .m files
	that are in the test/octave.test directory.
	(install): Use $(INSTALL), not just install.

	* src/lex.l (reset_parser): Don't reset input column or line
	number if reading from a script file or a function file.
	(is_keyword): Don't set line number to 1 if reading function file
	or script file.
	* src/ (gobble_leading_whitespace): Count lines.
	* src/ (main): If reading file, set reading_script_file
	and curr_fcn_file_name before calling get_input_from_file().

	* src/ (TC_REP::matrix_value): If implicit_str_to_num_ok,
	convert empty string to empty matrix.

Tue Dec 13 20:25:34 1994  Frederick (Rick) A Niles <>

	* liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/ Get economy-sized dimensions correct.

	* libcruft/misc/i1mach.f, libcruft/misc/gen-d1mach.c,
	libcruft/ranlib/ignuin.f: Prevent warnings about variable may be
	used before defined.

Tue Dec 13 11:07:34 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ Change commas_in_literal_matrix to
	* src/user-prefs.h (user_preferences): Likewise.
	* src/ (init_user_prefs): Likewise.
	(whitespace_in_literal_matrix): Likewise, rename function.
	* src/lex.l: Likewise.
	(nesting_level): Rename from in_brace_or_paren.
	(<MATRIX>{SNLCMT}*\n{SNLCMT}*): Make separate case from
	<MATRIX>{SNLCMT}*;{SNLCMT}.  Check nesting level to decide whether
	to convert newline to semicolon.
	({NL}, {CCHAR}): Check nesting level to decide whether to eat
	or return newline.
	("("): Decrement promptflag.
	(")"): Increment promptflag.

Mon Dec 12 00:02:51 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/, scripts/*/ (install): Don't
	depend on all.

	* Put doc dir last.
	* doc/ (dir): New file.
	(DISTFILES): Distribute dir.
	(install): Install dir if it does not already exist in $(infodir).
	Otherwise, print message.

	* src/lex.l: Handle {IDENT}{S}*/= with yyinput() instead of
	trailing context.
	(handle_close_brace): New function.
	(handle_number): New function.
	(have_continuation, handle_ellipsis_continuation, handle_string):
	New functions for handling strings and continuation lines in
	string constants.
	(eat_whitespace): New function eliminates need for NEW_MATRIX
	start state.

Sun Dec 11 15:53:03 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l: Eliminate special case for eating whitespace when
	start state is <TEXT_FCN>.
	Merge three cases for handling `]' for <MATRIX> start state.

Fri Dec  9 12:21:35 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l: Handle `\' as a continuation character too.
	Allow comments and blanks to follow continuation characters.
	Improve handling of comments in matrices.  Create a few more
	definitions for patterns.  Restructure source.

	* Check for bcopy too.

	* (gxx_version): Don't use -fno-implicit-templates on
	AIX systems with g++ 2.6.x.

	* Check for CC: lines too.  Use case-insensitive
	match for To: and Cc: lines.  Actually send file that has header
	separator stripped.  Print list of CC: addresses too.

	* src/ (get_user_input): If user enters empty string,
	return empty matrix or empty string.

	* src/ (Fhelp, Ftype, Fwhich): Don't allow lookup_by_name
	to execute script files.

Thu Dec  8 23:20:02 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (print): Don't check `print', which is not a
	variable in this context.

Wed Dec  7 10:52:59 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ Check for fpsetmask.
	* src/ (sysdep_init): Check HAVE_FPSETMASK.  Only call it
	if either __386BSD__ or __FreeBSD__ is defined.
	Don't check __386BSD__ as a condition for including

Mon Dec  5 12:29:07 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ Update directory header macro names for autoconf 2.
	* src/ Likewise.

Sun Dec  4 22:00:40 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Don't distribute GCC.PATCH, since it
	is not needed with gcc 2.6.3.

	* Really do disable IEEE floating point functions on
	the Alpha.

Wed Nov 30 11:42:44 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* doc/FAQ.texi: New file.
	* doc/ Create info, dvi, and ps files and distribute

	* (all): Expand initial message.

Sat Nov 26 21:47:05 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Fcomputer): Always append ios::ends to ostrstream
	before returning.

Mon Nov 21 09:41:34 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l: When start state is TEXT_FCN, gobble blanks with
	pattern that matches only blanks before other patterns that can
	also match just blanks.  Always check whether in_brace_or_paren
	stack is empty before trying to use it.

	* src/parse.y (make_multi_val_ret): Call constructor for
	tree_simple_assignment_expression with correct number of args.

	* scripts/plot/shg.m: New function.

	* src/ (Fqpsol): Correct for changes in meaning of
	nargin and the way args is loaded.
	* src/ (Fnpsol): Likewise.

	* scripts/polynomial/roots.m: Return empty matrix for scalar or
	empty matrix args.

	* src/ (gnuplot_terminal_type): New static variable.
	(Fset): If this is a set term command, set gnuplot_terminal_type.
	(open_plot_stream): Use gnuplot_terminal_type if it is set.

	* src/ (idx_vector::init): Don't check max value of
	index vector against dimension here.  We may need to resize.
	* src/ (do_scalar_index): Do check idx-vector max
	value here.

	* src/lex.l (is_plot_keyword): Don't set past_plot_range here.
	Don't accept abbreviations for clear.
	(handle_identifier): Don't call is_plot_keyword unless plotting.
	Set past_plot_range here, before checking for plot option keywords.

Fri Nov 18 17:25:59 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Fis_struct): New function.

Thu Nov 17 18:13:56 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute GCC.PATCH.  Don't
	distribute LIBG++.PATCH.

	* src/ (Fclearplot): Turn off grid and reset
	plot_line_count to zero.

	* Check for sys/resource.h.
	Create scripts/strings/Makefile too.

	* src/ Surround inclusion of sys/resource.h in extern "C".
	Only include sys/resource.h if both HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H and
	HAVE_GETRUSAGE are defined.

Wed Nov 16 09:26:10 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/plot/plot_opt.m: New function.
	* scripts/plot/semilogx.m, scripts/plot/semilogx.m,
	scripts/plot/loglog.m, scripts/plot/plot.m: Handle additional
	args and format strings.
	* scripts/plot/polar.m: Handle format arg.
	* scripts/plot/polar_int_1.m, scripts/plot/polar_int_2.m: Extract
	from polar_int.m.
	* scripts/plot/plot_int_1.m, scripts/plot/plot_int_2.m: Extract
	from plot_int.m.
	* scripts/plot/plot_2_s_s.m, scripts/plot/plot_2_v_v.m,
	scripts/plot/plot_2_m_m.m, scripts/plot/plot_2_v_m.m,
	scripts/plot/plot_2_m_v.m: Handle format arg.

	* scripts/strings/strcmp.m: Move here.
	* scripts/general/strcmp.m: From here.

	* src/ (result_ok): Issue warning instead of error if warn
	is nonzero.

Tue Nov 15 15:54:19 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Fcloseplot): Clear title and labels too.

	* src/ (keywords): Add entries for all_va_args,
	unwind_protect, unwind_protect_cleanup, and end_unwind_protect.

	* liboctave/ Use -include for dependency files.
	* src/ Likewise.

Mon Nov 14 10:28:23 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (convert_to_const_vector): Resize vector before

	* src/lex.l (plot_style_token): Also allow "steps", "boxes", and

	* src/parse.y (UNWIND): Rename from UNWIND_PROTECT.
	(command): Allow optsep after UNWIND and CLEANUP tokens.
	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Use new token names

	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::all_va_args): New enum.
	(tree_constant (tree_constant::all_va_args t)): New constructor.
	(is_all_va_args): New function.
	(is_empty, is_zero_by_zero, make_numeric_or_magic,
	make_numeric_or_range_or_magic): Handle	all_va_args type.
	* src/tc-rep.h (constant_type::all_va_args): New enum element.
	(is_all_va_args): New function.
	* src/ (TC_REP::tree_constant_rep (TC_REP::constant_type),
	TC_REP::print_code): Handle all_va_args.
	* src/ (tree_argument_list::convert_to_const_vector):
	Handle all_va_args.
	* src/ (tree_index_expression::eval): After call to
	tree_argument_list::convert_to_const_vector (), check error_state.
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.
	(tree_function::octave_all_va_args): New function.
	* src/parse.y (ALL_VA_ARGS): New token.
	(arg_list): Handle ALL_VA_ARGS.
	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Handle all_va_args.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::bump_value): Check read-only
	status of sym before altering value.
	(tree_prefix_expression::eval): Check error_state after call to
	tree_identifier::bump_value ().

	* src/ (bind_nargin_and_nargout): Don't make nargin
	and nargout read only.

	* scripts/strings: New subdirectory for string functions.
	* scripts/ (SUBDIRS): Add strings.
	* scripts/strings/strcat.m: New function.

Fri Nov 11 14:17:31 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (extract_keyword): Allow trailing blanks on the
	input line.

Thu Nov 10 09:53:35 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/general/reshape.m, scripts/image/ind2gray.m,
	scripts/image/ind2gray.m, scripts/image/ind2rgb.m,
	scripts/image/rgb2ind.m: unwind_protect do_fortran_indexing.
	* scripts/general/strcmp.m: unwind_protect implicit_str_to_num_ok.
	* scripts/miscellaneous/menu.m: unwind_protect page_screen_output.

	* src/parse.y (UNWIND_PROTECT, UNWIND_PROTECT_CLEANUP): New tokens.
	(command): Handle unwind-protect.
	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Handle unwind_protect,
	unwind_protect_cleanup, and end_unwind_protect.
	* src/ (tree_unwind_protect_command): New class, to
	handle unwind-protect.

	* src/token.h (end_tok_type): New field, end_unwind_protect.

	* src/ (verror): Flush pending output to pager here.
	(error): Not here.

	* src/ (force_numeric): Don't jump to top level on error.
	* src/, src/, src/ Check
	error_state after calls to make_numeric* functions.

	* src/ Define Flp_solve and Flp_solve_options, not
	Flpsolve or Flpsolve_options.

	* src/ (Ffile_in_path): Define Ffile_in_path, not

	* src/ Add DEFUN for inverse.

Wed Nov  9 09:30:15 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (read_mat_file_header): Check for mopt < 0 too.
	Don't fail if reading mopt fails.
	(save_mat_binary_data): Handle range data as a special case.
	(get_default_save_format): Also accept `mat-binary' and
	(Fsave): Add ios::trunc to flags for opening output file.

	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Stash function name before stashing
	file name.

	* src/ (fcn_file_in_path): Don't append `.m' if the name
	already ends in `.m'.
	(oct_file_in_path): Likewise, for `.oct'.

	* src/ (usage): Set error state to -1, so we get traceback
	information after a call to usage.

	* src/ (stash_fcn_file_name): Store full name of the

	* scripts/*/*.m: Change messages to say `invalid' instead of
	`illegal', since no laws are being broken by using these functions

	* src/ (Fcputime): New function.
	* Check for getrusage.

	* src/scripts/miscellaneous/tic.m: New function.
	* src/scripts/miscellaneous/toc.m: New function.
	* src/scripts/miscellaneous/etime.m: New function.
	* src/scripts/miscellaneous/is_leap_year.m: New function.

	* src/ (Fwarning, Fusage): New functions.
	* scripts/*/*.m: Use them instead of printing warning and usage
	messages directly with disp, printf, or fprintf.

	* src/ (close_files): Check Pix before using.
	(file_count): Delete unnecessary variable.  Instead, use
	DLList::length to get the number of files in the list.

	* src/ (install_signal_handlers): Explicitly ignore

Tue Nov  8 15:26:50 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/general/logspace.m: Lose fractional part of third arg.
	Don't round, for compatibility with Matlab.
	* scripts/general/linspace.m: Likewise.

	* liboctave/ (row_min, row_max, row_min_loc, row_max_loc):
	Handle case of row containing only real elements.
	(column_min, column_max, column_min_loc, column_max_loc):
	Likewise, for columnwise operations.
	* src/ (two-complex-arg min, max): Handle case of both
	columns containing only real elements.

	* src/ (Fclear): Pass 0 to symbol_table::list() for
	pats and npats.

Mon Nov  7 20:22:36 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (operator +=): Don't return reference to
	(operator -=): Likewise.
	* liboctave/ (operator +=, operator -=): Likewise.

Sun Nov  6 23:15:24 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (DISTSUBDIRS): Don't use $(SUBDIRS) here.

	* src/ (Fsave): Open output file with mode ==
	ios::out, not ios::in.

Sat Nov  5 18:18:11 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST): Check for sys_siglist variable,
	even if it isn't declared in a system header.
	* acconfig.h (HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST): Add #undef.
	* src/ (sys_siglist): Define our own if
	HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST is not defined, not if SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED is
	not defined.

	* src/ (Fclearplot): New function.
	(clg): Alias for clearplot.

	* src/parse.y (CLEAR): New token.
	(statement): Handle PLOT CLEAR as a special case.
	* src/lex.l (is_plot_keyword): Handle CLEAR here too.

Fri Nov  4 08:44:57 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* All: Remove remaining #pragma interface/implementation statements.

	* src/ (subplot): Move actual code here from .h file.

	* src/ (tree_expression): Declare destructor virtual.
	Delete unnecessary destructors.

	* src/SLStack.h, src/ (operator =): Return reference to
	SLStack, not void.

	* src/ (Fqzval): Rename from Fqzvalue.  Change Help
	and usage messages too.

	* scripts/plot/plot_int.m: Really figure out if there are any
	imaginary parts.

	* scripts/control/are.m: Fix typo.

Thu Nov  3 18:44:11 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (save_ascii_data): Handle new arg,
	strip_nan_and_inf.  Change callers.
	(strip_infnan): New functions.
	(save_three_d): Strip inf and nan values here too.

	* src/tree-plot.h (subplot_using): New data have_values and val.
	* src/ (subplot_using::eval, subplot_using::values):
	New functions.
	(subplot_style::errorbars): New function.
	(subplot::extract_plot_data, subplot::handle_plot_data): New functions.
	(subplot::print): Improve handling of data.

Wed Nov  2 08:11:08 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (do_scanf): If reading from stdin, flush stdout

	* Leave some comments in the configure file.
	Improve checking for termios.h, termio.h, and sgtty.h.

	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): DEFVAR realmax and
	realmin here.
	* src/ Instead of DEFUNing them here.

	* src/ (do_who): Accept globbing patterns as args.
	(maybe_list): Handle them here.

	* src/ (matches_patterns): New function.
	(symbol_table::list, symbol_table::long_list): Accept list of
	patterns, and use matches_patterns to see if the given string is a
	match.  Change all callers.

	* src/ (read_binary_data): Don't fail if reading
	name_len fails.
	(do_load): Quit quietly if nothing is left to read.  Clean up doc
	and name in all cases.

Tue Nov  1 16:34:20 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/lex.l (")"): Set cant_be_identifier to 1 here too.

	* src/ Use abbreviations for gnpulot plot, splot,
	replot, with, using, and title commands.

Mon Oct 31 14:26:12 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Fclear): Look in global symbol table for
	user-defined function names.

	* src/ (do_load): New function.
	(Fload): Use it to avoid assigning streams.
	(write_binary_header): New function.
	(save_vars): New function.
	(Fsave): Use it to avoid assigning streams.

	* libcruft/linpack/zgesl.f (zgesl): Comment out unused varialbes
	and statement functions.

	* src/ (Fisieee): New function.
	(Frealmax, Frealmin): Ditto.

	* scripts/miscellaneous/version.m: New file.

Fri Oct 28 14:52:08 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (distclean): Also delete config.cache and

	* (CPPFLAGS): Allow substitution.


	* Use AC_CANONICAL_HOST instead of doing this

	* install-sh: Rename from
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute install-sh, not

Mon Oct 24 10:04:27 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Print message if bug report appears to have been
	mailed successfully.  Otherwise, exit with error status.

Fri Oct 21 14:05:10 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (TC_REP::do_vector_assign (rhs, idx-vector)):
	Handle all four cases of row/colum mixing.  Report an error if the
	RHS is a matrix.

	* src/ (TC_REP::do_index): Don't barf on indexing an
	empty matrix with colon(s).
	(TC_REP::do_scalar_index): Create index vector with  z_len = 1.
	(TC_REP::do_matrix_index (Range, tree_constant)): Correctly handle
	case of colon as second arg.

	* Put mail commands in subshells so error message
	really do go away.

Thu Oct 20 11:05:36 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* If passing $SUBJECT on the command line to a
	mailer, quote it.  Don't assume /bin/mail takes any args other
	than a recipient address.  Do the right thing if the To: line

	* src/ (TC_REP::rows, TC_REP::columns): Return -1 for
	anything that doesn't really have rows or columns.

	* src/ (fortran_style_matrix_index): Check max and
	min index values.

	* (FORCE): New phony target.  Used instead of .PHONY
	to be portable.

	* Try harder to mail the message.

	* src/ Undefine true, false, and boolean after
	including kpathse/pathsearch.h.

	* src/ Include <float.h>.

Wed Oct 19 10:28:49 1994  John Eaton  <>

	Be careful not to match -l or -L in the middle of a word.

	* src/ Correctly handle mixed scalar/matrix args.

	* Rename from
	* New file.  For `all' target, print message and
	execute make again using octMakefile.  For other targets, just
	execute make again using octMakefile.

	* Check for sys_siglist.
	* src/sighandlers.h [! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST]: Provide an external
	* src/ (generic_sig_handler): New function, replaces
	most individual signal handler functions.
	(sigint_handler, sigpipe_handler): Restore signal handler before
	doing anything else.
	[! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST] (sys_siglist): Provide our own definition.

	* config.guess: Update from FSF sources.

Tue Oct 18 23:36:24 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Don't pass -Y P,path.  Instead, turn it into a series
	of -L dir args.

	* Update for autoconf 2.0.
	Delete support for --enable-run-in-place (it is too hard to make
	this work reliably...).

Mon Oct 17 11:40:49 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (init_user_prefs): Declare to return void,
	not int.

	* Change quote characters around tr command.  Some
	systems actually do need the []'s for ranges...

Sun Oct 16 12:22:14 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/tempname.c, src/tmpnam.c: New files.
	* src/ (SOURCES): Add them.
	* src/ Delete functions extracted from glibc.

	* (localfcnfiledir, localoctfiledir, imagedir):
	New variables.  Use them to define localfcnfilepath,
	localoctfilepath, and imagepath.
	* Substitute them here.

	* src/ (get_fcn_file_names) [WITH_DLD]: Also match .oct

	* dld/find_exec.c (dld_find_executable): Don't be fooled by
	directories or other special files in PATH.
	(ABSOLUTE_FILENAME_P): Also return true if the name includes a
	`/'.  This isn't necessarily an absolute path, but we will turn it
	into one later.
	* src/ (octave_dld_init): Call make_absolute() on
	value returned from dld_find_executable().

Sat Oct 15 08:35:13 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Undo previous change.  Only substitute spaces for
	commas if it looks like we have output from xlf.  Handle -Y and
	LD_RUN_PATH using gcc's -Xlinker option.

	* (snapshot-version): Use move-if-change for version.h.

Fri Oct 14 09:18:08 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/image/ (SOURCES): Don't forget octtopnm.c.

	* (BINDISTFILES): Distribute octave-bug too.

	* (imagepath): Install at same level as fcnfiledir,
	not below it.

	* Correctly extract version numbers that are not all
	digits.  Also install images too.  Also install octaverc.  Ask
	octave for the target host type.  Also create site/m and
	site/oct directories.  Also install octave-bug.

	* scripts/image/ (DISTFILES): Distribute demo image
	files too.

	* Update for new directory organization.

	* src/ (subst_octave_home): Make it work for multiple

	* Handle -Y P,path:of:lib:dirs output from f77 on Solaris.

	* src/ (Ftoascii): New file, new function.
	(Fisstr, Fsetstr): Move here, fromd

	* src/ (SOURCES): Include it.

Thu Oct 13 11:58:03 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/signal/filter.m: Postpad `b' before reshaping.

	* mkinstalldirs: New file.
	* Distribute it, don't make mkpath.
	* All files: Use it instead of mkpath.

	* src/ (Foctave_tmp_file): New function.

	* src/ (undo_string_escape): Move here from,
	rename from undo_string_escapes, and make extern.
	(undo_string_escapes): New function, for undoing a whole string.
	(Fundo_string_escapes): New function.

	* scripts/miscellaneous/dump_prefs.m,
	scripts/miscellaneous/dump_1_pref.m: New functions.
	* scripts/miscellaneous/bug_report.m: Record user preferences in a
	file and pass the name of the file to octave-bug.  Use
	octave_tmp_file to generate tmp file name.
	* Accept a final file-name arg as a file that
	contains a list of user-preferences.

Wed Oct 12 09:09:37 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Redefine archlibdir and octfiledir so that oct
	and exec directories are at the same level as the m directory.
	Redefine localoctfilepath so that site/oct is a the same level as

	* (F77): Substitute it.
	* scripts/bug_report.m: New file.
	* New file.
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute
	(dirs_to_make): Add $bindir.
	(all): Add octave-bug.
	(octave-bug): New target.
	(install): Install it.
	* src/ Add defines for bindir.
	* src/ (defaults.h): Substitute it.
	* src/ (octave_bin_dir): New function.
	* src/ (initialize_globals): Also add $bindir to path.

	* Check for gettimeofday. Add AC_TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME.
	* src/systime.h: New file.
	* src/timefns.h: Use gettimeofday if available.
	* src/ (INCLUDES): Add systime.h.

Mon Oct 10 14:34:56 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (verbose_flag): New global variable.
	(long_opts): Add "verbose".
	(usage_string): Update.
	(main): Set verbose_flag if given --verbose.
	(execute_startup_files): Don't print messages about reading
	startup files if verbose_flag is not set.

	* src/ (apply_mapper_fcn): Handle scalars as a special
	case, but then just try to convert other arg types to a matrix.

	* src/ (Fdet): Check if arg is complex type, but not
	necessarily a complex matrix.
	* src/ (Fschur): Likewise, and also for real types.
	* src/ (Flu): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fmin, Fmax): Likewise.

Sun Oct  9 21:04:17 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (TC_REP::assign): If LHS is undefined, don't
	try to force it to be a numeric type.

Fri Oct  7 09:05:10 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* Define LD_STATIC_FLAG for Alpha OSF/1 1.3 systems.

	* src/ (TC_REP::do_index): Only work for numeric
	types, but don't panic if conversion doesn't work.
	* src/ (TC_REP::assign): Likewise.

	* src/ (TC_REP::gripe_wrong_type_arg): New function.

	* src/ (gripe_wrong_type_arg): Define here.
	* src/ Not here.

Wed Oct  5 16:24:38 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (do_scanf): Don't panic if string is NULL.

	* src/ (gripe_unrecognized_float_fmt): New function.
	(gripe_2_or_3_dim_plot): Ditto.
	(gripe_unrecognized_data_fmt): Ditto.
	(gripe_data_conversion): Ditto.  Use it in data
	conversion routines that aren't implemented yet.

	* src/ (do_double_format_conversion): Don't panic on
	unrecognized floating point formats.
	(do_float_format_conversion): Likewise.
	(write_doubles): Don't panic if data format is unrecognized.
	(do_save): Likewise
	(install_loaded_variable): Don't panic for unknown symbol types.
	(read_binary_data): Also check error_state after calls to read_doubles.

	* src/ (symbol_table::rename): Don't panic if symbol
	can't be renamed.
	* src/parse.y (return_list): Abort parse if renaming results in an

	* src/ (tree_if_command::eval): Don't panic if all
	(all (cond)) is not a scalar.

	* src/ (tree_unary_expression::print_code): Don't
	panic if expression type is unknown.

	* src/ (tree_plot_command::eval): Don't panic if plot
	is not 2 or 3 dimensional.
	(tree_plot_command::print_code, subplot::print, save_in_tmp_file):

	* src/ (alias_builtin): Panic with better message.
	(subst_octave_home): Don't panic if OCTAVE_HOME doesn't contain

	* src/tc-inlines.h (REP_RHS_MATRIX): Use panic_impossible()
	instead of abort().

	* src/ (Fdiag, make_diag): Do work here.
	* src/ (TC_REP::diag, make_diag): Not here.
	* src/tc-rep.h (TC_REP::diag): Delete.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::diag): Delete.

Tue Oct  4 08:35:37 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (Ffft): Correctly set n_points for row vectors if
	nargin == 1.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.

	* src/ (Fsave): Declare file and stream static.

Mon Oct  3 10:40:50 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (octave_va_arg): Correct arg count and index to
	match recent change to arg passing/nargin.
	(define_param_list): Always set num_named_args = param_list->length ().

	* readline/ (install): Don't install libreadline.a by
	(uninstall): Now no need to delete it.

	* (localfcnfilepath, localoctfilepath): Change to
	match organization of system fcn and oct files, and enable
	recursive searching in both.  Enable recursive searching in
	(includedir): Change to $(prefix)/include/octave.

Sun Oct  2 10:14:18 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* For now, disable IEEE floating point functions on
	the Alpha.  This is braindead, but at least prevents divide by
	zero crashes...

	* src/ (fseek_internal): Use values for origin that
	match what we use to define SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, and SEEK_END in

	* dld: Merge various changes for Linux from dld 3.2.4 that is
	being distributed with jacal.

	* src/ (fwrite_internal): Correct indexing of args.

	* src/ (apply_mapper_fcn): New function.
	(tree_builtin::eval): Use it instead of tree_constant::mapper().
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::mapper): Delete.
	* src/, src/tc-rep.h (TC_REP::mapper): Delete.

	* src/ (Fcumprod, Fcumsum, Fprod, Fsum, Fsumsq): Do work here.
	* src/ (TC_REP::cumprod, TC_REP::cumsum, TC_REP::prod,
	TC_REP::sum, TC_REP::sumsq): Not here.  Delete.
	* src/tc-rep.h (TC_REP::cumprod, TC_REP::cumsum, TC_REP::prod,
	TC_REP::sum, TC_REP::sumsq): Delete
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::cumprod, tree_constant::cumsum,
	tree_constant::prod, tree_constant::sum, tree_constant::sumsq):

	* tree-const.h: Don't check gcc minor version number.
	* tc-rep.h: Likewise.

	* src/file-io.h (class file_info): Declare here.
	* src/ Not here.

	* (LIBOCTDLD, LIBDLD): Remove ../ prefix.
	* (distclean, realclean): Don't remove *.a.
	* src/ (OCTAVE_LIBS): Correct directory spec for libs.
	Build, install, and clean liboctdld.a, not ../liboctdld.a.
	* dld/ Build, install, and clean libdld.a, not ../libdld.a.
	* info/ Likewise, for libinfo.a.
	* kpathsea/ Likewise, for libkpathsea.a.
	* libcruft/ Likewise, for libcruft.a.
	* liboctave/ Likewise, for liboctave.a.
	* readline/ Likewise, for libreadline.a.

	* (gxx_version): Require 2.6.x or later.  Don't
	* liboctave/, liboctave/, src/,
	src/ src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/ New files.  Instantiate templates here.
	* libocave/, src/, src/, src/
	Not here.  Remove #pragma implementation hack.
	* liboctave/Array.h, src/Stack.h, src/Map.h, src/SLStack.h: Remove
	#pragma interface hack.
	* Substitute NO_IMPLICIT_TEMPLATES, not
	* acconfig.h: Remove USE_EXTERNAL_TEMPLATES #undef.
	* src/ (XALL_CXX_FLAGS): Delete -fno-implicit-templates.
	(TI_SRC, TI_OBJ): New variables.
	(libtinst.a): New target.
	* liboctave/ (TI_SRC): New variable.
	(SOURCES): Add it to list.

Fri Sep 30 09:52:15 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ Automatically generate more lists.
	Use := in more places.
	* src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/
	New template instantiation files.
	* If using gcc 2.6.x or later, use
	-fno-implicit-templates instead of -fexternal-templates.

	* src/tc-inlines.h: Rename from

	* src/parse.y (looking_at_indirect_ref): New global flag, for
	parser feedback.
	(tree_indirect_ref_type): New token type.
	(TEXT_ID): New token.
	(indirect_ref): New non-terminal.
	(make_index_expression): New function.
	(variable): Use it to build variable from indirect_ref, not just

	* src/lex.l (handle_identifier): Handle identifiers differently if
	looking at an indirect reference.  Add `.' to list of other ops.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::do_lookup): Handle new
	exec_script arg.
	(tree_identifier::assign): New functions for assignment to a
	strucutre element.
	(print_constant): New function.
	(tree_identifier::eval, tree_indirect_ref::eval): Use it.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_indirect_ref): New class for handling
	structure references.
	(tree_expression::is_indirect_ref): New virtual function.
	(tree_fvc::lookup_map_element): New virtual function.
	(tree_index_expression, tree_simple_assignment_expression):
	Add new constructors for handling indirect references.

	* src/oct-map.h: New file, for class managing Octave's
	structure/map type.

	* src/ (tree_global::eval): Don't allow individual
	structure elements to be tagged global.

	* src/tc-rep.h (tree_constant_rep): Add new field, a_map, and a
	new type_tag, map_constant.
	* src/ (tree_constant::is_map): New function.
	* src/ (tree_constant::map_value,
	tree_constant::assign_map_element, tree_constant::make_unique,
	tree_constant::make_unique_map_element): New functions.

	* src/Map.h (CHNode::CHNode): Copy key.
	(CHNode::~CHNode): Delete it.
	(CHMap::contents): Don't declare return value const.

	* src/ Move some macros here from so they
	can appear in one place and be shared by,, and

	* src/, src/ New files, extracted from to make compilation of tc-rep stuff faster and require
	less memory.

	* src/ (Fwhos): Correctly insert "-long" into arg list
	for Fwho.

Mon Sep 26 12:59:55 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* test/ (OCTAVE_SCRIPT_PATH): Append `//' for recursive

Fri Sep 23 07:53:13 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/plot/bar.m: Don't return values if nargout == 0.
	* scripts/plot/hist.m: Likewise.
	* scripts/plot/stairs.m: Likewise.

	* src/ (Fishold): New function.
	(plot_line_count, parametric_plot, clear_before_plotting):
	Declare static.

	* src/ (Ffft): Handle row vector as a special case.
	* src/ (Fifft): Ditto.

Thu Sep 22 13:20:53 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (print_symbol_type): New function, extracted from Fwhich.
	(Fwhich): Use it.
	(Fhelp): Use it to print type info before help message.

	* src/ Hide all DLD-specific functions behind
	#ifdef WITH_DLD.

	* scripts/startup: New directory.
	* scripts/startup/ New file.
	* scripts/startup/octaverc: New file.  Don't overwrite existing
	file when nstalling.
	* Generate Makefile in scripts/startup.
	* scripts/ (SUBDIRS): Add startup.
	* src/ (OCTAVE_STARTUPFILEDIR): New macro.
	* src/ (get_site_defaults): Look for octaverc in

	* (fcnfiledir): Make it end in `//'.

	* src/ (Ferror): Correct indexing error.

	* src/Map.h, src/ New files implementing associative arrays.
	* src/ Include them in the list of files to distribute
	and compile.

Wed Sep 21 09:50:19 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (DISTSUBDIRS): Add dld to the list.

	* scripts/plot/hist.m: New function file.

	* src/ (TC_REP::do_matrix_index (tree_constant,
	tree_constant): For case of scalar as first arg, move call to
	index check to the TC_REP::do_matrix_index (int, tree_constant)
	(TC_REP::do_matrix_index (int, tree_constant): Be compatible with
	Matlab for indexing of the form row_vector (0, :).
	(TC_REP::do_matrix_index (tree_constant, int): Likewise, for
	indexing of the form col_vector (:, 0).
	(TC_REP::do_matrix_assignment): Similar changes for assignment.

Tue Sep 20 17:48:39 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/parse.y (return_list, return_list1): New nonterminals.
	Rename from func_def1a.  Handle variable number of return values.
	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_function::vr_list): New field.
	* src/ (delete_vr_list): New function.
	(tree_function::octave_vr_val, tree_function::takes_var_return):
	New functions, for variable return lists.
	(tree_function::define_ret_list, tree_function::eval): Handle vr_list.
	(Fvr_val): New function.
	* src/tree-misc.h (tree_va_return_list): New list class.
	* src/ (tree_parameter_list::convert_to_const_vector):
	Take pointer to tree_va_return_list as arg, and append the values
	found there.

	* src/ (mx_stupid_bool_op): Correctly handle empty
	matrices for == and != ops.

	* src/ (Fis_global): Check args(0), not args(1).
	(Fexist): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_mapper): Set nargin_max to 1, not 2.

	* src/ (octave_dld_init): Make raw program name
	absolute before calling dld_find_executable.

	* src/ (initialize_error_handlers): New function.
	(main): Call init_user_prefs and initialize_error_handlers.
	Rearrange order of calls to initialization functions.

	* src/ (init_user_prefs): New function.

	* src/ (map): Correct condition for assert ().  Correct
	handling of empty args.

	* src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ Pass correct number of args to
	takes_correct_nargs ().
	* src/ (takes_correct_nargs): Use %s, not %c in format

	* src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/ src/
	src/ src/ src/ src/
	Correctly handle return value from empty_arg ().
	* src/ (empty_arg): Clarify usage, correct return value if
	arg is empty but no message is printed.

	* src/ (dist): Delete too.

	* (DYNAMIC_LD_OBJ): Delete.
	* src/ (OBJECTS): Don't substitute DYNAMIC_LD_OBJ.
	Always include dynamic-ld.o.

	* Generate Makefile in scripts/elfun and

	* (version): Use `:=' and `$(shell )', not just `='
	and backticks, so we only extract the version number once.

Mon Sep 19 09:04:30 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/tc-rep.h (represent_strings_with_doubles): New field in
	tree_constant_rep class.

	* (tree_argument_list::convert_to_const_vector):
	Don't allocate extra arg for function name.
	*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, defun-int.h:
	Change meaning and usage of nargin and args.length() to cope with
	above change.  This makes nargin mean the same thing in built-in
	functions as it does in M-files.

Sat Sep 17 09:29:08 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* scripts/general/nargchk.m: New function.

Fri Sep 16 08:48:13 1994  John Eaton  <>

	CXXLIB_PATH): Set these.

	* New file.
	* Use it to determine extra C++ libraries to link
	to.  Use sed magic to extract list of libraries and directories
	from FLIBS and CXXLIBS.
	* (DISTFILES): Include

	* Change AC_VERBOSE messages to match
	autoconf-generated messages.

	* src/ (dld_octave_resolve_reference): Search library
	path for list of files to link.

	* src/ (pathstring_to_vector): Un-#if 0 it.

	* Install liboctdld.a if not linking to it.
	(defaults.h): Substitute FLIB_LIST, FLIB_PATH, CXXLIB_LIST,

Thu Sep 15 09:31:29 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* (LD_STATIC_FLAG): Actually substitute LD_STATIC_FLAG.
	(ALL_LDFLAGS): Include it here.

	* Check for signgam declaration in math.h
	* acconfig.h: Add #undef for SIGNGAM_DECLARED.
	* src/mappers.h: Provide our own declaration of signgam if

Wed Sep 14 11:28:09 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ (mangled_octave_builtin_name,
	mangle_octave_oct_file_name, load_octave_builtin,
	load_octave_oct_file, init_dynamic_linker): New functions.
	[WITH_DLD] (octave_dld_init, dld_octave_resolve_reference,
	dld_octave_builtin, dld_octave_oct_file): New functions to handle
	details of dynamic linking using dld.

	* src/ (load_fcn_from_file) [WITH_DLD]: Handle looking
	for .oct file to link at run time.

	* src/ (tree_builtin::tree_builtin): Always init my_name.
	(tree_builtin::eval): If no definition, try to load one using

	* src/ (main): Initialize dynamic linking here.

	New macros.
	* src/defun-dld.h (DEFUN_DLD_BUILTIN): Rename from DEFUN_DLD and
	(DEFUN_DLD): Use this for external user-supplied functions that
	are intended to be dynamically linked.

	* Handle --enable-lite-kernel.  Call AC_SUBST for
	use_dld and lite_kernel.  Define LIBOCTDLD unless doing dynamic
	linking and small kernel requested.
	* acconfig.h: Add #undefs for OCTAVE_LITE and SMART_PUTENV.
	* Define WITH_DLD from @use_dld@ and OCTAVE_LITE from

	* src/ (Fsystem): Rename from shell_cmd.
	(Fshell_cmd): Define as alias to Fsystem.

Mon Sep 12 20:19:20 1994  John Eaton  <>

	* src/ Include error.h and math.h.

Sat Sep 10 11:49:11 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Clean up rules for making distributions.
	(DISTDIRS): Distribute kpathsea

Fri Sep  9 08:46:03 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (pseudo_inverse): New function.
	* liboctave/ (pseudo_inverse): New function.
	* src/ New file, for pinv().
	* src/ (DLD_SRC): Add
	(DLD_OBJ): Add f-pinv.o.
	* scripts/linear-algebra/pinv.m: Delete.

	* Define and substitute $imagepath.
	* src/ Substitute OCTAVE_IMAGEPATH.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Define IMAGEPATH.
	* src/ (image_path): New function.
	* (imagepath): substitute it.

	* src/ (initialize_globals): Ensure that $archlibdir is
	in the user's PATH.

	* (search_path_for_file, Ffile_in_path): New functions.

	* Append `//' to $fcnfiledir, for recursive
	(AC_OUTPUT): Edit makefiles in script subdirectories too.

	* scripts: Regroup function files in the following directories,
	each with its own

	   image           plot        signal          control
	   linear-algebra  polynomial  special-matrix  general
	   miscellaneous   set         statistics

	* src/ (simple_help): Use kpathsea functions to find files
	in path.
	* src/ (get_fcn_file_names): Likewise.
	(pathstring_to_vector): #if 0 out.

Thu Sep  8 16:59:42 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (OCTAVE_LIBS): Include ../libkpathsea.a.
	* Include configure stuff for kpathsea here too.
	* (kpathsea): New target.
	* src/ (file_in_path): Use kpathsea function instead of
	doing our own searching.
	* kpathsea/ (lib): Define as ../libkpathsea.a, not just

Wed Sep  7 09:39:20 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (check_str_pref): Fix comment.

	* src/ (empty_arg): Check flag == 0, not is_empty > 0.

	* src/ (Ffft2): New file and function.
	* src/ (Fifft2): Likewise.
	* src/fft2.m, src/ifft2.m: Delete.

	* src/ (Ffft): Handle second arg.  Depending on value of
	propagate_empty_matrices, return empty matrix for empty arg.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.

	* liboctave/ (fourier2d, ifourier2d): New functions.
	* liboctave/ (fourier2d, ifourier2d): New functions.

	* src/ (eval (int, int)): New function.
	* src/ (eval_string, Feval): Handle multiple output args.

	* src/ (suppress_octave_error_messages): New global.
	(error): Check it to see if messages should be printed.
	* src/octave/cc (Feval): Set it if `catch' arg is supplied.

	* src/ (Feval): Handle second `catch' arg.

	* src/ (read_mat_file_header): Init swap to zero.

	* doc/octave.1: New simple man page.
	* doc/ Distribute and install it.

	* src/ (Fclear): Handle -x option for exclusive clear.

Tue Sep  6 16:00:34 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (save_mat_binary_data): New function.
	(do_save): Handle LS_MAT_BINARY.
	(Fsave): Handle -mat-binary.
	(Changes from G. Beyerle <gbeyerle@AWI-Potsdam.DE>.)

	* src/ (subs_octave_home, octave_arch_lib_dir):
	New functions.
	(octave_home, octave_info_dir, octave_lib_dir, default_path):
	Fix for new directory organization.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_multi_val_ret): New class to serve as a
	base for objects that can produce more than one value when
	(tree_fvc, tree_index_expression, tree_multi_assignment_expression):
	Use it as a base.

	* src/parse.y (make_multi_val_re): New function.
	(expression): Use it to construct multiple value assignments.

	*,,, src/
	Revamp directory structure used for installed versions of Octave.

	* src/ (Fschur): Correct argument count in error message.

	* src/ (Fcomputer): New function.
	* scripts/ Delete.
	* scripts/ Don't edit or distribute

Thu Sep  1 09:02:06 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): New builtin
	variable, OCTAVE_VERSION.

Tue Aug 30 17:18:14 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Include string.h
	(tree_matrix::eval): Fix handling of strings to work as in 1.0.

Mon Aug 29 14:55:14 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/lex.l: Handle ".+" and ".-" too.

	* src/ (dir_acess, exists, gen_tempname, tempnam): New
	functions from glibc.
	* src/ (octave_tmp_file_name): Use tempnam.
	(choose_temp_base_try): Delete.
	* Check for tempnam.

	* src/ (Fsave): Only write floating point format if
	doing binary save.

	* liboctave/ (operator =): Check to see if assignment is
	to same object.

Sun Aug 28 23:32:59 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (CollocWt::init): Call delete [] on vectors.
	* liboctave/ (NPSOL::minimize): Eliminate some memory leaks.
	* liboctave/ (QPSOL::minimize): Likewise.
	* liboctave/ (NLEqn::solve): Likewise.

Thu Aug 25 09:27:04 1994  John Eaton  (

	* info/session.c (info_get_input_char): Don't exit immediately if
	we see EOF on the input stream.

	* scripts/kurtosis.m, scripts/skewness.m: Update from KH.

Wed Aug 24 00:19:49 1994  John Eaton  (

	* dld/, scripts/, doc/,
	readline/, info/, libcruft/,
	liboctave/, src/ (INSTALL, INSTALL_PROGRAM,
	INSTALL_DATA): Define here.
	* Not here.

	* src/ (send_to_plot_stream): Handle
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables):
	Add DEFVAR for automatic_replot.
	* src/ (automatic_replot): New function.
	* src/user-prefs.h (user_preferences): Add automatic_replot to the

	* src/ (Fatan2): Make work for mixed scalar and Matrix args.
	(map): New functions for two arg mappers (like atan2).

	* src/ Don't surround everything in FSQP_MISSING, so
	that trying to use fsqp will result in a message about fsqp not
	being freely redistributable.
	* src/ Likewise, for NPSOL_MISSING.
	* src/ Likewise, for QPSOL_MISSING.

Tue Aug 23 12:56:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval): Don't call delete for
	ans_id.  The destructor for tree_simple_assignment_expression does
	this now.

	* src/ (%.def : Use sed, not awk.
	(realclean, distclean, local-dist, dist): Delete .d and .def files.

	* liboctave/Array.h (DiagArray::Proxy): Make compilation
	conditional on gcc version, not just _AIX.

	* src/ (octave_tmp_file_name, choose_temp_base_try): New
	functions, stolen from GCC.  If HAVE_MKTEMP is not defined, just
	call tmpnam; otherwise, try harder to please.
	* src/ (save_in_tmp_file): Use it, instead of calling
	tmpnam() directly.
	* src/ (do_scanf): Likewise.
	* src/ (mk_tmp_hist_file): Likewise.
	* Check for mktemp.

	* src/tree-const.h (is_matrix_type, is_scalar_type): Make private.
	* src/tc-rep.h (is_matrix_type, is_scalar_type): Likewise.

	* src/tc-rep.h (force_numeric, make_numeric,
	make_numeric_or_magic, make_numeric_or_range_or_magic): Make
	(make_numeric_or_range): #if 0 out.

	* src/ (empty_arg): Correctly set return value.

	* src/ Don't include setjmp.h.
	* src/ Surround setjmp.h with extern "C".
	* src/ Likewise.

	* src/ (octave_new_handler): New function.
	(install_signal_handlers): Call it.

	* src/ (Fqzvalue): Don't call make_numeric for args.
	Check error state after attempting to extract values.  Simplify
	where possible.
	* src/ (Fcolloc): Likewise.
	* src/ (Frand): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsort): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffind): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fmin, Fmax): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsvd): Likewise.
	* src/ (Finv): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fdet): Likewise.
	* src/ (Feig): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flu): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fhess): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fqr): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fgivens): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsyl): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flog): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fexpm): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fbalance): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fschur): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fchol): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fnpsol, npsol_options): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffsolve, fsolve_options): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fdassl, dassl_options): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flsode, lsode_options): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fquad, quad_options): Likewise.
	* src/ (tree_matrix::eval): Likewise, while building
	(tree_colon_expression::eval): Likewise, for elements of range.
	* src/ (is_valid_function, Fis_global, Fexist):
	* src/ (Fgetenv, Fpause): Likewise.
	* src/ (eval_string, Fshell_cmd): Likewise.
	* src/ (get_user_input): Likewise.
	* src/ (return_valid_file, fopen_file_for_user,
	fgets_internal, fseek_internal, process_printf_format, do_printf,
	do_scanf, fread_internal, fwrite_internal, feof_internal):

	* src/ (TC_REP::string_value): Call error() and return 0
	instead of crashing if not string_constant.

	* src/ (fopen_file_for_user): Take string as first arg,
	not tree_constant.  Change callers.
	(fgets_internal, fseek_internal): Correct check for int arg.
	(process_scanf_format): Use isspace instead of checking directly
	(and incorrectly) for white space characters.

	* src/ (tree_matrix::eval, tree_unary_expression::eval,
	tree_binary_expression::eval, tree_colon_expression::eval,
	tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval ): Eliminate uneccesary
	conversions to and from Octave_object/tree_constant.

Mon Aug 22 18:35:05 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (Fatan2): New function.

	* src/ (get_dimensions): Don't call make_numeric for args.
	Check error state after attempting to extract values.

Fri Aug 19 08:28:24 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/tree-misc.h (tree_parameter_list::tree_parameter_list)):
	Initialize marked_for_varargs to zero.

	* src/ Add float variants of the conversion routines.
	(LS_DO_READ): Add swap parameter and only swap bytes if it is true.
	(read_doubles): Pass swap to LS_DO_READ.  Handle float data.
	(LS_DO_WRITE): Copy data to tmp buffer to avoid destroying data.
	(do_double_format_conversion): Rename from do_float_format_conversion.
	(do_float_format_conversion): New function to handle conversion
	for float data.
	(read_mat_binary_data): Use read_doules for all cases.  Handle
	float data.
	(too_large_for_float): New function.
	(save_binary_data): Save data format for scalars and ranges too.
	(read_binary_data): Read data format for scalars and ranges too.
	(do_save, save_vars): New arg, save_as_floats.
	(Fsave): New option, -float-binary.

	* src/ (empty_arg): New function.
	* src/ (Fbalance): Use it to simplify handling of
	empty arguments.
	* src/ (Fchol): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fdet): Likewise.
	* src/ (Feig): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fexpm): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fhess): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Finv): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flogm, Fsqrtm): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flu): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fqr): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fschur): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsvd): Likewise.

	* src/ (tupe_as_string): Move here.
	* src/ From here.

	* src/ (gripe_invalid_conversion): New function.

Thu Aug 18 21:02:19 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/(print_empty_matrix): New function.
	* src/ (octave_print_internal): Use it to print empty
	* src/ (TC_REP::print_code, TC_REP::print): Rely on
	octave_print_internal() to handle printing empty matrices.

	* src/ (octave_print_internal (all variants)):
	New arg, pr_as_read_syntax.  If nonzero, print the value in a form
	that Octave can parse.	Declare os as ostream&, not ostrstream&.
	* src/ (TC_REP::print_code): Handle all types, not just
	real and imaginary constants.
	* src/ (Ftype): Also print values of variables.

Wed Aug 17 08:46:44 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (Fshell_cmd): Return output if nargout > 0 or
	nargin > 2, otherwise, just send output to the pager.

	* src/ (xerf, xerfc, xgamma, xlgamma): New functions.
	Put preprocessor conditionals here.
	(install_mapper_functions): Not here.

Tue Aug 16 09:55:25 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Check for erf, erfc, and lgamma.
	* src/ (erf, erfc, lgamma): New mappers.
	* src/mappers.h (Mapper_fcn): Add new field `name'.
	* src/ (install_builtin_mapper): Save the name.
	* src/ (TC_REP::mapper): Don't crash if a mapper function
	is missing.

	* src/ (warn_invalid_conversion): New function.
	* src/ (gripe_invalid_conversion): New function.

	* src/parse.y (list1, parse_error): New non-terminals.
	(list): Use them.
	* src/lex.l: Return LEXICAL_ERROR instead of calling

	* liboctave/ (matrix_value): New function.
	* src/ (TC_REP::matrix_value): Use it.

	* src/tree-const.h (to_matrix, to_vector, to_scalar): Delete
	unecessary functions.
	* src/ (TC_REP::to_matrix, TC_REP::to_vector,
	TC_REP::to_scalar): Likewise.  Change all callers to use
	matrix_value, vector_value, and scalar_value instead.

	* src/ (TC_REP::matrix_value): If at all possible,
	produce a matrix from the current constant.  Otherwise, print an
	error message.  Don't abort or jump to the top level.
	(TC_REP::scalar_value, TC_REP::complex_scalar_value,
	TC_REP::vector_value, TC_REP::complex_vector_value,
	TC_REP::complex_matrix_value): Likewise, for appropriate types.

	* src/ (empty_arg): New function.
	* src/ (Fsvd): Use it.	Don't call make_numeric; rely on
	value functions to do conversion.

	* src/ (Fload): Handle -list and -verbose.

Mon Aug 15 09:32:57 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (TC_REP): New define, so we don't have to write
	tree_constant::tree_constant_rep:: everywhere.
	* src/tree-const.h (class tree_constant): Nest tree_constant_rep
	class inside tree_constant class by including tc-rep.h here.
	* src/tc-rep.h: Don't include any other files, delete forward
	class declarations.

	* src/tc-rep.h (constant_type): Make private.

	* src/parse.y (arg_list): Use tree_constant::magic_colon in
	constructor call, not tree_constant_rep::magic_colon.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::tree_constant
	(tree_constant::magic_colon)): Convert arg from

	* src/ (Fsvd): Simplify.

	* src/ (any_arg_is_magic_colon): Don't use values from
	tree_constant_rep::constant_type enum.
	(tree_matrix::eval): Likewise.
	* src/ (tree_parameter_list::define_from_arg_vector,
	tree_if_clause::eval):	Likewise.
	* src/ (tree_while_command::eval,
	tree_for_command::eval): Likewise.
	* src/ (symbol_record_info::symbol_record_info): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fcolloc): Likewise.
	* src/ (npsol_objective_function): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fchol): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fdet): Likewise.
	* src/ (Feig): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fexpm): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Ffind): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fhess): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fifft): Likewise.
	* src/ (Finv): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flog): Likewise.
	* src/ (Flu): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fmin, Fmax): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fqr): Likewise.
	* src/ (rand): Likewise.
	* src/ (schur): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsort): Likewise.
	* src/ (Fsvd): Likewise.

	* src/ (Flu): Handle case of nargout == 0 the same as
	nargout == 1.

	* src/tree-const.h (force_numeric): Don't return type info.
	* src/ (tree_matrix::eval): Ditto.
	* src/ (tree_matrix::eval): Don't use return value
	from tree_constant::force_numeric().

	* src/tree-const.h (is_magic_colon): New function.
	* src/tc-rep.h (is_magic_colon): New function.

	* src/ (ascii_save_type): New function.
	(save_binary_data, save_ascii_data, save_three_d): Don't use
	values from tree_constant_rep::constant_type enum. Fail if write
	is unsuccessful.  Fail but don't panic if type is unrecognized.
	(save_vars): Check error state after call to do_save().

	* src/ (isstr): Delete, since we have is_string.
	* src/tree-const.h (isstr): Ditto.
	* src/ (Fisstr): Use is_string(), not isstr().

Sun Aug 14 16:12:10 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (save_type): Add LS_U_INT, LS_CHAR and LS_FLOAT.
	(get_save_type): Handle them.
	(read_doubles, write_doubles): Likewise.

	* src/ (get_floating_point_format): New function.
	(read_mat_binary_data, read_binary_file_header): Use it.

	* src/lex.l: Combine {D}+\.{D}*{EXPON}?{Im} and {D}+{EXPON}?{Im}
	patterns into the single pattern {D}+\.?{D}*{EXPON}?{Im}
	Likewise, combine {D}+\.{D}*{EXPON}? and {D}+{EXPON}? into the
	single pattern {D}+\.?{D}*{EXPON}?
	({D}+/\.[\*/\\^']): New pattern to force expressions like `1./m'
	to be parsed the same as `1 ./ m'.

	* src/ (do_lookup): Correctly set script_file_executed.

	* src/ (long_opts): Add --silent as an alias for --quiet,
	and --ignore-init-file as an alias for --norc.

	* src/ (verbose_usage): Exit successfully to conform to
	the GNU coding standards.

Sat Aug 13 11:06:23 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (chdir): New alias for cd.

	* src/lex.l (")"): Set convert_spaces_to_comma.

	* src/*.cc: Use tree_constant::is_string(), not

	* src/ (Fbalance): Use is_string() rather than
	checking const_type() against tree_constant_rep::string_constant.

	* src/tc-rep.h (tree_constant_rep::is_string_type): Delete.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::is_string_type): Delete.

	* src/ (%.def : Complain if generated file is

	* (gcc_version): Set LDFLAGS to -g, not "-g -O".

	* src/lex.l (looks_like_bin_op): Also return true for things like
	[ 1+ 2 ].

	* src/ (Feye, Fones): With no args, return 1.0.
	(Fzeros): With no args, return 0.0.

	(%.def : Use it instead of ALL_CXXFLAGS.

	* Don't use -O for compiling float-type.c.

	* libcruft/misc/ (XCC): Use patsubst to delete any -O#
	flags, not just -O.

Fri Aug 12 18:20:35 1994  John Eaton  (

	Changes for binary load/save, and reading .mat files:

	* src/ (is_globally_visible): Declare extern, not

	* src/ (sv_default_save_format): New function.
	* src/user-prefs.h (default_save_format): New field in
	user_preferences struct.
	src/ (install_builtin_variables): Add DEFVAR for

	* src/tc-rep.h (tree_constant_rep::is_unknown,
	tree_constant_rep::is_scalar, tree_constant_rep::is_matrix,
	tree_constant_rep::is_string, tree_constant_rep::is_range):
	New functions.

	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::is_unknown,
	tree_constant::is_scalar, tree_constant::is_matrix,
	tree_constant::is_complex_scalar, tree_constant::is_complex_matrix,
	tree_constant::is_string, tree_constant::is_range):
	New functions.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::save,
	tree_constant_rep::save_three_d): Move to and convert
	to nonmember functions.

	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::save,
	tree_constant::save_three_d): Delete functions.

	* src/ (save_in_tmp_file): Call nonmember functions
	save_ascii_file and save_three_d instead of tree_constant class
	member functions.

	* src/ (symbol_table::glob): New function.
	(symbol_table::save, symbol_record::save, symbol_def::save):
	Delete unneeded functions.

	* src/ New file, for load/save related functions
	extracted from src/ and src/

	* src/ (verror): Don't print name if it is null.

Tue Aug  9 14:31:43 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (process_printf_format): Use
	tree_constant::is_scalar_type() and is_string_type() functions
	instead of comparing directly with elements of the
	tree_constant_rep::constant_type enum.
	* src/ (builtin_real_scalar_variable): Likewise.
	(install_loaded_variable): Likewise.

	* src/ (open_plot_stream): New function.
	(send_to_plot_stream): Use it.  Do our own check for replot with
	nothing to plot.
	(tree_plot_command::eval): Open plot stream before doing anything.

	* src/ (check_dimensions): When changing negative
	dimensions to zero, handle nr and nc separately.

Mon Aug  8 20:18:17 1994  John Eaton  (

	* (is_valid_fcn): Use lookup_by_name() instead of
	looking in the global symbol table directly.

	* (load_variable): Move code here.
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::load): From here.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::load): Delete.

	* src/ Derive classes from tree_print_code and
	implement print_code() member functions.

	* src/ (subplot_list::print): New function.
	(tree_plot_command::print): Use it, and don't crash if plot_list
	is null.

	* scripts/axis.m: New function file.

Sun Aug  7 17:06:16 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Check for size of short, int, and long.

	* float-type.c: New file.
	* Use it to determine the native floating point
	* Add it to the list of files to distribute.
	VAX_G_FLOAT): Add #undefs.

Sat Aug  6 18:23:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* config.guess: Update with new copy from gcc 2.6.0.

	* src/*.cc, src/*.h, src/*.l, src/*.y: Eliminate need for tree.h.
	* src/ (INCLUDES): Delete it from the list.

	* src/ (token::token (double)): Handle saving original
	text of constants for later use by print_code() functions.
	(token::~token): Delete original text.
	(token::text_rep): New function.
	* src/lex.l: Save original text for NUM and IMAG_NUM tokens.
	* src/parse.y: Likewise.

	* src/parse.y (yyerror): Use the pager.

	* src/tree-base.h (tree_print_code): New base class for trees and
	lists of trees.
	(tree): Derive from tree_print_code.
	* src/ New file, for tree_print_code functions, and
	for initializing tree_print_code static members.
	* src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/ (all tree classes):
	Provide print_code() member function.
	* src/ Also derive list classes from tree-base.h and
	provide print_code() member functions.

	* src/ (Ftype, Fwhich): New functions.

	* src/octave-hist (do_history): Send history output through the

	* src/ (do_who, Fwhos): New functions.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_expression::in_parens): Declare here.
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression::in_parens): Not here.
	* src/parse.y (maybe_warn_assign_as_truth_value): Eliminate cast.

	* src/ (load_fcn_from_file, lookup, lookup_by_name):
	New functions, extracted from tree_identifier class.
	(gobble_leading_whitespace, is_function_file, parse_fcn_file):
	Move here from
	* src/ (Fhelp): Use lookup_by_name so that looking up
	symbols is handled in a consistent way.

	* (tree_unary_expression::oper,
	tree_binary_expression::oper, tree_prefix_expression::oper,
	tree_postfix_expression::oper): New functions.

	* (valid_scalar_indices): Define here.
	* Not here.

	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::stash_original_text): New
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::stash_original_text): Ditto.
	(undo_string_escapes): Ditto.

	* src/tc-rep (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_index): Don't just
	return *this.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::tree_constant (tree_constant_re&)):

	* src/ (open_diary_file, close_diary_file,
	maybe_write_to_diary_file, Fdiary): New functions.
	(flush_output_to_pager): Call maybe_write_to_diary_file before
	sending output to the screen.
	* src/ (octave_gets): Call maybe_write_to_diary file to
	save the prompt and the user input.
	* src/ (verror): Use C++ streams, not C I/O functions.
	Call maybe_write_to_diary file to save error messges too.
	* src/ (clean_up_and_exit): Close diary file here.

	* src/ (main): Initialize pager first.

	* src/ (get_user_input): Return empty matrix for no input.

	* src/ Include readline/tilde.h instead of declaring
	tilde_expand() directly.
	* src/ Likewise.

	* src/ (tree_plot_command::print_code): New function.
	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::print_code): Likewise.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_simple_assignment_expression::ans_ass):
	New data member to flag assignments to ans.
	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval): Set it when
	constructing assignments to ans.
	* src/parse.y (maybe_convert_to_ans_assign): Likewise.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_simple_assignment_expression::preserve):
	New data member to allow preserving left hand side args that
	shouldn't be deleted in some cases (ugh).
	* src/ (tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval):
	Create assignment with preserve flag set.

Wed Aug  3 14:27:25 1994  John Eaton  (

	Yet another massive reorganization of sources, once again
	hopefully for the better.  A fair amount of work is not detailed
	here, but these are the major points.  The grammar file and the
	derivation of the tree classes are somewhat cleaner now.

	* src/parse.y: Cope with changes to derivation scheme.

	* src/ New file.
	(tree_statement, tree_global): New classes.
	(tree_global_init_list): New class, derived from SLList for the
	list of expressions in a global command.
	* src/ (tree_global_command): Use tree_global_init_list.

	* src/ (tree_argument_list): Move here from, and derive from SLList instead of tree.
	(tree_parameter_list): Likewise.
	(tree_return_list): Likewise.

	* src/ (tree_command_list): Delete class.
	* src/ (tree_statement_list): New class for keeping a
	list of commands or expressions to evaluate.  Derive from SLList,
	not tree.

	* src/ (subplot_list, plot_limits, plot_range,
	subplot_using, subplot_style): Rename from tree_*, and
	don't derive from tree class.

	* src/ Eliminate eval member function for classes not
	derived from tree class.

	* src/, src/ For classes derived from
	tree-command, the eval() member function is now void eval (void).

	* src/tree-base.h (tree::tree): New constructor, to initialize the
	line and column info.  For all classes that are derived from the
	tree class, use it instead of manipulating the data directly.
	(line_num, column_num): Make private.

	* src/ (tree_simple_assignment_expression::preserve):
	New data member, set in constructors and used by the destructor
	when the left-hand side of the expression should not be deleted
	(as for some temporary assignments not constructed in the parser).

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_expression::type) Rename and move here from
	tree-base.h.  Change all uses.
	(tree_matrix::dir): Likewise.  Change all uses.

	* src/ (make_argv): Stash function name in argv[0].

	* src/ (global_command): Declare as tree_statement_list,
	not tree.

	* src/parse.y (make_binary_op, make_unary_op, make_prefix_op,
	make_postfix_op): New functions.

	* src/parse.y (GLOBAL): Make it a tok_val type.
	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Give GLOBAL a value.

Mon Aug  1 22:37:22 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/lex.l (grab_help_text): Unput the last character read.

Sun Jul 31 21:17:07 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (set_format (double, int&)): Avoid calling
	log10 for Inf and NaN.

Fri Jul 29 16:08:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (reading_startup_message_printed): New flag.
	(parse_and_execute): New arg, verbose.  If true, print name of
	file as it is read.
	(execute_startup_files): Don't print message if
	inhibit_startup_message is true.
	(main): Move startup message before reading init files.

Thu Jul 28 00:25:42 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (MATRIX_INC): Delete CmplxColVec.h from list.

	* src/ (symbol_table::rename): New function.
	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Use it instead of tree_identifier::rename.
	* src/ (tree_identifier::rename): Delete unused function.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::load_fcn_from_file): New function.
	(tree_identifier::do_lookup): Use it instead of parse_fcn_file.
	* src/ (is_valid_function): Ditto.
	* src/ (Fhelp): Ditto.

	* src/ (oct_file_in_path): New function.

Wed Jul 27 08:59:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_identifier::parse_fcn_file): Combine
	three functions into one.

	* src/ Delete uneeded declaration of ioctl().
	* src/ Likewise.

	* New file, from autoconf distribution.
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute it.

Tue Jul 26 16:08:58 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/ (DISTDIRS): New variable, for directories
	below scripts to distribute.
	(dist): Handle distributing whole directories named by $(DISTDIRS).
	(local-dist): Ditto.

Mon Jul 25 12:57:09 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ Provide declaration for zungqr.
	* liboctave/ Provide declaration for dorgqr.

	* src/ (dist): Also remove y.output and defaults.h.
	(local-dist): Ditto.
	(realclean): Ditto.

	* src/oct-obj.h (Octave_object::Octave_object (int)): Make
	private, to avoid problems with different meanings of
	Octave_object (int) and Octave_object (double) constructors.

	* scripts/amr-image: New files for image processing from Tony
	Richardson.  These are not in the default octave LOADPATH yet.
	See the README file in the amr-image directory for more info on
	how to use them.

	* src/ (Fshell_cmd): Restore accidentally deleted

	* scripts/conv-amr.m, scripts/deconv-amr.m, scripts/roots-amr.m,
	scripts/poly-amr.m, scripts/roots-tuwien.m, scripts/conv-tuwien.m,
	scripts/deconv-tuwien.m, scripts/poly-tuwien.m:
	New files.
	FIXME -- For each of these functions, either one of the
	versions will need to be selected, or they will need to be merged
	before the next release.

	* scripts/null.m, scripts/orth.m, scripts/fft2.m, scripts/ifft2.m,
	scripts/filter.m, scripts/compan.m, scripts/polyderiv.m,
	scripts/polyinteg.m, scripts/polyreduce.m, scripts/polyval.m,
	scripts/polyvalm.m, scripts/postpad.m, scripts/prepad.m,
	scripts/residue.m, scripts/sinc.m, scripts/freqz.m,
	scripts/complement.m, scripts/intersection.m,
	scripts/create_set.m, scripts/union.m:
	New files.

	* scripts/hilb.m: Eliminate inner loop, for speed.  From
	romolo@URSAMAJOR.ENG.UNIPR.IT (Romolo Manfredini).

Sun Jul 24 22:08:48 1994  Castor Fu (

	* libcruft/ranlib/genf.f (genf): Use 1.2E-38 instead of 1.0E-38
	when checking to see if generated numbers will cause overflow.
	This helps DEC's f77 compiler on the Alpha, which refuses to
	generate denormalized constants.
	* libcruft/ranlib/gennf.f (gennf): Likewise.

Fri Jul 22 10:27:00 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (DEF_FILES): Depend on defun header files too.

Thu Jul 21 14:40:30 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/NLFunc.h (nonlinear_fcn): Declare as pointer to
	function taking const ColumnVector arg.
	(jacobian_fcn): Ditto.

	* src/defun-int.h (DEFINE_ARGV): Declare and define save_argc and
	save_argv for functions that mess with argc and argv directly.
	(DELETE_ARGV): Use save_argc and save_argv instead of argc and argv.

	* src/ (ODE_OPTIONS): Add const qualifier for string elts.
	(print_lsode_option_list): Declare keyword as const char *.
	* src/, src/, src/, src/
	Likewise, for corresponding structs and functions.

	* liboctave/dbleSVD.h (SVD::type): New enum, for choosing type of
	* liboctave/ (SVD::SVD): Add new optional arg for type.
	(init): Handle case of type == SVD::economy.
	* liboctave/ Likewise.

	QR changes from R. Bruce Tenison ( adapted
	for new way of defining builtin functions:

	* doc/linalg.texi:  Changed QR description to include QRP

	* src/ (Fqr): Handle permuted and economy QR
	factorizations.  Handle case of 1 output arg.

	* liboctave/ (MATRIX_INC, MATRIX_SRC): Add new QRP files.

	* liboctave/dbleQRP.h, liboctave/, liboctave/CmplxQRP.h,
	liboctave/CmplxQRP.h: New files, for QR with pivoting.

	* liboctave/dbleQR.h (QR::type): New enum, for choosing type of
	* liboctave/ (QR): Add new optional arg for type.
	Handle case of type == SVD::economy and SVD::raw.
	* liboctave/ (QR): Likewise.

	* libcruft/lapack/dgeqpf.f: New file.
	* libcruft/lapack/zgeqpf.f: Ditto.

Wed Jul 20 13:12:55 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/*.cc, liboctave/*.h: Various cleanups to remove use of
	NULL.  Only mention default argument values in function
	declarations, not in their definitions (required for gcc 2.6.x).

	* If configuring for alpha-dec-osf, check for sgtty
	first. If not found, go ahead and check for Posix terminal driver.

Tue Jul 19 09:25:45 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/mx-defs.h (FILE): Don't declare as struct FILE just to
	avoid including stdio.h.
	* liboctave/ Do include stdio.h here.

	* liboctave matrix classes: Declare operator>> correctly, and
	return istream object.  Get friend stuff right.

	* liboctave/ (DAE::integrate): To see if the user provided a
	Jacobian function, call DAEFunc::jacobian_function ().

	* liboctave/ (user_fun, user_jac): Qualify with class name.
	* liboctave/ (user_fun, user_jac): Ditto.

	* liboctave/DAFunc.h (DAEJac): Declare inside class.
	(DAERHSFunc, DAEJacFunc): Define types inside class.
	* liboctave/ODEFunc.h (ODERHSFunc, ODEJacFunc) Likewise.

	Massive reorganization of sources, hopefully for the better.
	A fair amount of work is not detailed here, but these are the
	major points...

	* src/symtab.h (symbol_def::TYPE) Add new elements for recording
	whether a symbol is a text function or mapper function.
	* src/ (symbol_def::is_text_function,
	symbol_record::is_text_function, symbol_def::is_mapper_function,
	symbol_record::is_mapper_function): New functions.
	Modify existing is_* functions to cope with these changes.
	(symbol_def::symbol_def (tree_builtin*, unsigned)): New 2nd arg.
	(symbol_def::symbol_def (tree_function*, unsigned)): Ditto
	(symbol_def::define (tree_builtin*, unsigned)): Ditto.
	(symbol_def::define (tree_function*, unsigned)): Ditto.
	* src/ (is_text_function_name): Use the new symbol
	table functions, since we can no longer tell by looking in a
	simple list.

	* (class tree_builtin): Text functions are no longer
	handled as a special case here.

	* src/ (octave_ieee_init): Special case Alpha for
	initializing Inf and NaN.

	* src/ Use const in more places.

	* src/ src/, src/, src/dirfns.h: New

	* src/*.cc, src/*.y, src/*.l, src/*.h: Various cleanups to remove
	use of NULL.  Only mention default argument values in function
	declarations, not in their definitions (required for gcc 2.6.x).

	* src/, src/g-builtins.h, src/
	src/t-builtins.h: Removed.  Functions moved to various other
	files, where they more logically belong.
	* src/  Likewise, various functions moved to other files,
	where they more logically belong.
	* src/ (install_mapper_functions): Declare all mapper
	functions here with the new DEFUN_MAPPER() macro.
	* src/ (install_builtin_variables): Declare all
	builtin variables here, with the new DEFVAR() macro.

	* src/f-*.h: Deleted.
	* src/f-*.cc: Delete #ifdef WITH_DLD code and use DEFUN_DLD()
	instead to declare builtin functions that will be dynamically
	loaded.  Give all functions a uniform return type and argument

	* src/mkdefs, src/mkbuiltins: New scripts.
	* src/ Use them to generate automatically
	from source files that use DEFUN.

	* src/defun.h, src/defun-dld.h, src/defun-int.h: New files, to
	define DEFUN() and DEFVAR() macros to make it possible to define
	functions together with their help strings in one place.  The code
	to install functions in the symbol table is now generated by

	* (LIBOCTDLD): New variable to define.
	LIBOCTDLD, and LD_STATIC_FLAG if they are set.
	* move-if-change: Move here, from src/move-if-change.
	* (%.d: Echo simple message instead of the
	commands actually executed.
	(%.d: %.c): Likewise.

	* src/unwind-prot.h: Include stddef.h, for size_t.

Tue Jul 12 12:51:25 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/f-eval.h,
	src/f-fill.h, src/f-find.h, src/f-input.h, src/f-log.h,
	src/f-minmax.h, src/f-sort.h: New files, for functions extracted
	* src/ Add them to the list of INCLUDES, SOURCES, and

	* src/f-*.cc: Clean up things a bit by letting the compiler
	generate the tree_constant constructor calls.

	* src/unwind-prot.h: Include stddef.h, for size_t.

	* src/oct-obj.h (Octave_object (int, const tree_constant&)):
	New constructor form.
	* src/ (find_nonzero_elem_idx): Rewrite to handle 2
	and 3 return values.

	* src/ (builtin_find): Check nargout too.
	* src/ (general_functions): Fix help message for find.

Mon Jul 11 13:36:15 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/	(tree_constant_rep::convert_to_row_or_column_vector):
	If already have a row or column vector, return without doing

Sat Jul  9 01:02:51 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/oct-obj.h (Octave_object): Make it a class, not just a

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_function::curr_va_arg_number): Rename from
	(tree_function::varargs_ok): Delete unused member variable.
	* src/ (tree_function::octave_va_arg): Increment
	cur_va_arg_number before indexing args_passed.
	(tree_function::octave_va_start): Set curr_va_arg_number to
	num_args_passed, not num_args_passed + 1.
	(tree_function::takes_varargs): Call param_list::takes_varargs,
	don't just return varargs_ok.
	(tree_function::define_param_list): If param_list is not NULL, set
	num_named_args and curr_va_arg_number even if function doesn't
	take varargs.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval (int)): Only pass empty
	arg list if evaluating a constant.
	(tree_function::eval (int)): Always pass least one arg.

	* (TMP_IF_1): Add `-I../src'.
	(TMP_IF_2): Add `-I$(TOPDIR)/src' and `-I$(top_srcdir)/src'.

	* src/t-builtins.h, src/variables.h, src/file-io.h, src/f-syl.h,
	src/f-svd.h, src/f-schur.h, src/f-rand.h, src/f-qzval.h,
	src/f-quad.h, src/f-qpsol.h, src/f-npsol.h, src/f-lsode.h,
	src/f-lpsolve.h, src/f-hess.h, src/f-givens.h, src/f-fsqp.h,
	src/f-fsolve.h, src/f-eig.h, src/f-dassl.h, src/f-colloc.h,
	src/f-balance.h, src/dynamic-ld.h, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/tree-expr.h,
	src/, src/, src/tc-rep.h, src/tree-const.h,
	src/, src/g-builtins.h, src/,
	src/ Delete nargin in favor of using args.length().

	* Check for struct exception in math.h.
	* src/ (matherr): New function.

Fri Jul  8 15:31:53 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ Include arith-ops.h.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_index): Use `invalid', not `illegal'
	in messages.

	* src/oct-obj.h: Protect contents from multiple inclusion.

	* src/tree-const.h, src/tree-expr.h: Don't include Array.h.

	* src/parse.y (param_list): Allow ELLIPSIS by itself.
	* src/ (tree_identifier::mark_varargs_only,
	tree_identifier::vararg_only): New functions.
	(tree_function::eval): Only call define_from_arg_vector if
	param_list is non-null and not marked as varargs_only.

	* src/f-balance.h, src/f-chol.h, src/f-colloc.h, src/f-dassl.h,
	src/f-eig.h, src/f-fsolve.h, src/f-fsqp.h, src/f-givens.h,
	src/f-hess.h, src/f-lpsolve.h, src/f-lsode.h, src/f-lu.h,
	src/f-npsol.h, src/f-qpsol.h, src/f-qr.h, src/f-quad.h,
	src/f-qzval.h, src/f-rand.h, src/f-schur.h, src/f-svd.h,
	src/f-syl.h: Include oct-obj.h, not tree-const.h to get
	declaration of Octave_object.

	* src/ (givens): Handle case of nargout == 0.
	Use `invalid', not `illegal' in messages.
	* src/ (balance): Likewise.

	* src/ (balance): Print warning about two output
	arguments for complex-valued case too.

	* src/ Include arith-ops.h.

Thu Jul  7 20:54:12 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/parse.y (identifier): Add missing semicolon.
	(param_list): Ditto.

	* src/ (svd): Handle nargout == 0 the same as nargout == 1.
	* src/ (schur): Likewise.
	* src/ (hess): Likewise.
	* src/ (eig): Likewise.
	* src/ (syl): Likewise.
	* src/ (qzvalue): Likewise.
	* src/ (npsol): Likewise.
	* src/ (qpsol): Likewise.
	* src/ (givens): Likewise.
	* src/ (fsolve): Likewise.
	* src/ (balance): Likewise.
	* src/ (process_scanf_format): Likewise.
	* src/ (builtin_balance, builtin_chol, builtin_dassl,
	builtin_eig, builtin_fsolve, builtin_fsqp, builtin_lsode,
	builtin_max, builtin_min, builtin_npsol, builtin_qpsol,
	builtin_quad, builtin_rand, builtin_size, builtin_sort,
	builtin_svd, builtin_schur, builtin_syl, builtin_givens,
	builtin_hess): Likewise.
	* src/ (vector_of_empties, column_max, column_min):

	* src/variables.h, src/symtab.h: Include builtins.h for typedefs.

	* src/ Rework
	handling of undefined values returned from functions.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::is_defined): New function.
	(tree_parameter_list::is_defined): New function.
	(tree_parameter_list::convert_to_const_vector): Use it to avoid
	evaluating undefined objects.

	* src/, src/f-eig.h, src/, src/f-lu.h,
	src/, src/f-balance.h, src/, src/f-hess.h,
	src/, src/f-rand.h, src/, src/f-expm.h,
	src/, src/f-npsol.h, src/, src/f-chol.h,
	src/, src/f-ifft.h, src/, src/f-schur.h,
	src/, src/f-fft.h, src/, src/f-qpsol.h,
	src/, src/f-colloc.h, src/, src/f-inv.h,
	src/, src/f-svd.h, src/, src/f-fsolve.h,
	src/, src/f-qr.h, src/, src/f-dassl.h,
	src/, src/f-lpsolve.h, src/, src/f-syl.h,
	src/, src/f-fsqp.h, src/, src/f-quad.h,
	src/f-det.h, src/, src/f-lsode.h, src/,
	src/, src/f-givens.h, src/, src/f-qzval.h,
	src/, src/dynamic-ld.h, src/,
	src/file-io.h, src/, src/t-builtins.h,
	src/, src/tree-expr.h, src/,
	src/tree-const.h, src/, src/, src/tc-rep.h,
	src/, src/g-builtins.h:
	Cope with inital round of Octave_object changes.

	* src/oct-obj.h: New file for Octave_object typedef.
	* src/dynamic-ld.h, src/file-io.h, src/tree-const.h,
	src/tree-expr.h: Include it.
	* src/ (INCLUDES): Add it to the list.

Wed Jul  6 09:28:28 1994  John Eaton  (

	* libocsrc/tree-const.h:

	* src/parse.y (maybe_convert_to_ans_assign,
	maybe_warn_assign_as_truth_value): Pass tree_expression*, not tree*.
	(ans_expression, expression, simple_expr, simple_expr1, title):
	Declare as tree_expression_type, not tree_type.
	(opt_list): Add missing semicolon.

	* src/tc-rep.h, src/ New files, extracted from
	tree-const.h and, for the tree_constant_rep class.
	Leave most friend functions behind, in tree-const.h.
	Don't declare do_binary_op or do_unary_op as friends.

	* src/lex.l: Include tree-plot.h and tree-const.h.

	* src/ (takes_correct_nargs): Pass tree_fvc* not tree*.
	* src/ (is_valid_function): Return tree_fvc* not tree*.
	Change all callers.

	* src/symtab.h, Change declaration of symbol definition to
	be tree_fvc* instead of tree*.  Change all callers.

	* src/ (dassl_fcn): Declare as tree_fvc*, not tree*.
	* src/ (quad_fcn): Likewise.
	* src/ (lsode_fcn): Likewise.
	* src/ (fsolve_fcn): Likewise.
	* src/ (npsol_fcn, npsol_constraints): Likewise.

	* src/ All operations are now on tree_expression types,
	not tree types.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_matrix): Derive from tree_expression, not tree.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_builtin, tree_function, tree_identifier):
	Derive from tree_fvc, not tree.
	* src/tree-const.h (class tree_constant): Likewise.

	* src/tree-expr.h (is_identifier, is_index_expression,
	is_assignment_expression, is_prefix_expression,
	mark_for_possible_ans_assign, eval (with args)): Declare in
	tree_expression class, not tree class.

	* src/tree-expr.h (tree_fvc): New class, derived from
	tree_expression, to provide a connection between functions,
	variables, and constants.
	(is_constant, assign, name, bump_value, max_expected_args,
	fcn_file_name, time_parsed, is_system_fcn_file, save): Declare
	in tree_fvc class, not in tree class.

	* src/tree.h: Simply include tree-expr.h and tree-cmd.h.
	* src/tree-expr.h, New files, extracted from tree.h
	and for classes derived from tree_expression, plus some
	helper classes.
	* src/tree-cmd.h, Likewise, for classes derived from

	* src/ (eval (int, int)): Merge with eval (int,
	tree_constant*, int, int) by rearranging order of args and using
	default arg values.  Change all callers.

Tue Jul  5 14:33:33 1994  John Eaton  (

	* doc/ (refcard.dvi): Run TeX on $(srcdir)/refcard.tex,
	not just refcard.tex.
	(refcard-local.tex): Likewise, for the local version.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_index): Check for empty
	matrix here.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_vector_index) Not here.

Thu Jun 30 09:41:03 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_shell_command): Only take one
	argument and return [status, output].
	* src/ (procstreambase::close): Return process exit

	* src/ (tree_builtin::eval (int)): Handle new style of
	calling text functions.
	(tree_builtin::eval (int, int): Likewise.
	(tree_builtin::eval (tree_constant*, int, int, int): Likewise.
	(tree_identifier::eval (tree_constant*, int, int, int)): Don't
	count the output arguments that we create automatically (ans) when
	figuring nargout.
	(tree_identifier::eval (int)): Likewise.

	* src/ Delete text-style eval() functions.
	* src/ Ditto.

	* src/tree-const.h: Change typedef of Text_fcn to return a pointer
	to a tree_constant, and to include the number of output arguments
	in the parameter list.
	* src/t-builtins.h: Change declarations of all builtin text-style
	functions to match.
	* src/ Change definitions too.

	* src/parse.y (word_list): Build an argument_list, not a word_list.
	(word_list_command): Create an index_expression, not a
	* src/ (tree_word_list): Delete unneeded class.
	(tree_word_list_command): Likewise.

	* src/ (get_dimensions): For one-arg version, expect
	2-element vector or scalar specifying dimensions.  Don't simply
	use the dimensions of a matrix arg.

Wed Jun 29 09:52:15 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (determinant): Return 0 if matrix is singular to
	machine precision.

	* liboctave/ (Matrix::inverse): Declare rcond as
	volatile to prevent optimization of the expression
	`rcond + 1.0 == 1.0'.
	(Matrix::determinant): Ditto.
	(Matrix::solve): Ditto.
	* liboctave/ (ComplexMatrix::inverse): Ditto.
	(ComplexMatrix::determinant): Ditto.
	(ComplexMatrix::solve): Ditto.

Tue Jun 28 10:53:31 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (default_info_file): Add directory separator when
	appending "".

	* src/ (plot_line_count): Make global.
	* src/ (send_to_plot_stream): If the plot stream is not
	open, set plot_line_count to zero.
	(close_plot_stream): Likewise, set it to zero when closing the

	* src/parse.y (plot_command): Allow replot without args.

	* src/ (clear_before_plotting): New global variable.
	(tree_plot_command::eval): Use it to handle hold on/off.
	* src/ (builtin_hold): New function.
	* src/ (text_functions): Add it to the list.

Fri Jun 24 11:08:36 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/token.h (plot_tok_type): Add new field, replot.
	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Handle replot here.
	* src/parse.y (plot_command): And here.
	* src/ (builtin_replot): Not here.
	* src/ (general_functions): Or here.

Tue Jun 21 10:47:08 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_kbhit): New function.
	* src/ (general_functions): Add it to the list.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::rows (void)): For strings
	and ranges, only return 1 if the string or range is not empty.

Thu Jun  9 20:42:06 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_builtin::eval (int)): Delete ancient code that
	eval()'d the return value.
	(tree_builtin::eval (int, int)): Likewise.
	(tree_builtin::eval (int, char**, int)): Likewise.
	(tree_builtin::eval (tree_constant*, int, int, int)): Likewise.
	(tree_function::eval (tree_constant*, int, int, int)): Likewise.
	(tree_colon_expression::eval (int)): Likewise.
	(tree_unary_expression::eval (int)): Likewise.
	(tree_binary_expression::eval (int)): Likewise.

Mon Jun  6 03:48:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (fread_internal): Make it work.
	(fwrite_internal): Likewise.
	(num_items_remaining): Renamed from get_whats_left().  Don't pass
	nr/nc as last arg, simply return the number of items of size that
	are left to read.
	(get_size_conv): Delete unnecessary function.
	* liboctave/ (Matrix::read): Make it work.
	(Matrix::write): Likewise.
	* liboctave/dMatrix.h (conversion): Delete unecessary enum.

	* src/ Include <math.h>.
	(octave_ieee_init): Cast return value of infinity() and
	quiet_nan() to double.

Sun Jun  5 14:35:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* (getversion): Get everything between the double
	quotes, not just numbers and periods.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_assignment): Correct
	typo in last change.

	* src/parse.y: Include tree-plot.h and tree-const.h.

	* src/ (SOURCES): Delete and
	(INCLUDES): Add tree-plot.h.

	* src/tree-plot.h: New file.  Declare plotting classes here.
	* src/tree.h: Not here.

	* src/, Delete unnecessary files.

	* src/ Include EIG.h

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (RowVector&,
	int)): Provide default value for int arg.
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ColumnwVector&, int)): Ditto
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ComplexRowVector&, int)): Ditto
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ComplexColumnwVector&, int)):
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (RowVector&)): Delete, now
	handled by corresponding two arg constructor.
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ColumnwVector&)): Likewise.
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ComplexRowVector&)): Likewise.
	(tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (ComplexColumnwVector&)):

	* src/ Add pragma implementation.  Merge in contents of and so that the pragma interface/pragma
	implementation hack will do some good.
	* src/tree-const.h: Include mx-base.h, not Matrix.h.  Add pragma
	interface.  Delete unnecessary constructor declarations.

	* src/unwind-prot.h, src/ (unwind_elem_tag): Rename
	from _tag.
	(unwind_elem_fptr): Rename from _fptr.
	(unwind_elem_ptr): Rename from _ptr.

	* (NLConst::NLConst): Pass vector args by reference.

	* src/procstream.h, src/, src/idx-vector.h,
	src/, src/token.h, src/, src/unwind-prot.h,
	src/, src/symtab.h, src/, src/tree.h,
	src/, liboctave/Range.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/QLD.h, liboctave/, liboctave/ODE.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/Quad.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/Objective.h, liboctave/, liboctave/NPSOL.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/NLFunc.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/Bounds.h, liboctave/, liboctave/QP.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/DAEFunc.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/QPSOL.h,
	liboctave/ODEFunc.h, liboctave/NLP.h, liboctave/NLEqn.h,
	liboctave/NLConst.h, liboctave/LinConst.h, liboctave/LPsolve.h,
	liboctave/LP.h, liboctave/FSQP.h, liboctave/FEGrid.h,
	liboctave/DAE.h, liboctave/CollocWt.h:
	Add pragma interface/implementation.

	* src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, liboctave/Bounds.h,
	liboctave/CollocWt.h, liboctave/DAE.h, liboctave/EIG.h,
	liboctave/FEGrid.h, liboctave/LP.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/LinConst.h, liboctave/, liboctave/NLEqn.h,
	liboctave/NLP.h, liboctave/, liboctave/NPSOL.h,
	liboctave/ODE.h, liboctave/Objective.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/QP.h, liboctave/QPSOL.h, liboctave/Quad.h:
	Instead of including Matrix.h, only include the individual
	matrix/vector/etc. header files that are needed.

	* liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	Use 0, not NULL.

	* liboctave/ Include Complex.h.

	* liboctave/mx-kludge.h: Don't enclose contents in extern "C++".

	* liboctave/Matrix.h: Simply include mx-base.h and mx-ext.h.

	* liboctave/mx-base.h: New file, includes all basic matrix/vector
	header files.
	* liboctave/mx-ext.h: New file, includes all extra matrix/vector
	related header files.
	* liboctave/mx-defs.h: New file, for matrix/vector related
	defines.  Also provides forward declarations for all matrix/vector

	* liboctave/ Cope with new files.

	* liboctave/, liboctave/CmplxDET.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/CmplxSVD.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/dbleHESS.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/CmplxAEPBAL.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/CmplxQR.h, liboctave/, liboctave/dbleDET.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/dbleSCHUR.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/CmplxHESS.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/dbleAEPBAL.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/dbleLU.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/CmplxCHOL.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/CmplxSCHUR.h, liboctave/
	liboctave/dbleGEPBAL.h, liboctave/, liboctave/dbleSVD.h,
	liboctave/, liboctave/CmplxLU.h, liboctave/,
	liboctave/dbleCHOL.h, liboctave/, liboctave/dbleQR.h,
	liboctave/EIG.h, liboctave/
	New files, extracted from, in an attempt to allow
	effective use of pragma interface/implementation and make
	generated code somewhat smaller.
	* liboctave/ liboctave/ Likewise, from
	* liboctave/ liboctave/ Likewise, from
	* liboctave/ liboctave/ Likewise, from
	* liboctave/ liboctave/ Likewise,
	from DiagMatrix.{cc,h}.

Fri Jun  3 15:32:53 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/Array.h: Include assert.h.
	(DiagArray<T>::operator T ()): [! _AIX] Only call get() if i is
	also equal to j.

	* scripts/rem.m: Allow mixing of scalar/matrix args, but complain
	if both args are matrices and the dimensions don't agree.

	* src/lex.l (grab_help_text): Correct previous change.

Thu Jun  2 12:08:18 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Matrix.h (conversion): New enum, for binary read/write
	* (read, write) New functions.
	* (feof_internal, ferror_internal, fread_internal,
	fwrite_internal, get_size_conv, get_whats_left): New functions.
	* (builtin_feof, builtin_ferror, builtin_fread,
	builtin_fwrite): New functions.
	* (general_functions): Add them to the list.

	* Check for infinity() and quiet_nan().
	* sysdep.h (octave_Inf, octave_NaN): New global variables.
	* (octave_ieee_init): New function.  Initialize
	octave_Inf and octave_NaN.
	(sysdep_init): Call it.
	* (initialize_builtins): Don't compute Inf and NaN
	values here.

Tue May 31 20:06:27 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (identifier_exists): Only return 1 for
	variables if they are also defined.

Sun May 29 20:40:55 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/lex.l: Don't declare beginning_of_function as static.
	(COMMENT): Delete unnecessary exclusive start state.
	(\#, \%): Handle comments directly.  Try to be smart about not
	returning a newline character when reading a matrix list.
	(grab_help_text): Don't put a newline back on the input stream.
	* src/parse.y (list1): Set beginning_of_function to zero here.

Wed May 25 03:34:17 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (error): If error_state is -2, don't do anything.
	If the format string ends in a new line character, strip it, print
	the error message, and set the error state to -2.
	* src/ (tree_function::traceback_error): Don't set the
	error_state if it is already negative.

	* src/ (convert_to_row_or_column_vector): New function.
	* src/ (idx_vector::shorten): New function.
	* src/ (fortran_style_matrix_assignment
	(tree_constant&, tree_constant&)): Handle deleting elements by
	assignment of `[]'.  Use convert_to_row_or_column_vector to handle
	conversion to a vector in the case of deleting some elements from
	a matrix.  Use idx_vector::shorten() to remove unnecessary index
	vector elements.
	(do_scalar_assignment (tree_constant&, tree_constant*, int)):
	Handle assignment of empty matrix.
	If converting complex to real, delete old complex value.
	(delete_rows (idx_vector&)): If deleting all rows of a column
	vector, convert to empty matrix.
	(delete_rows (Range&)): Ditto.
	(delete_columns (idx_vector&)): If deleting all columns of a row
	vector, convert to empty matrix.
	(delete_columns (Range&)): Ditto.

	* src/ (column_max (tree_constant*, int, int)):
	Use MAX, not MIN when trying to find the biggest scalar.
	Likewise, find the complex scalar with the largest, not the
	smallest absolute value.

	* src/ (do_matrix_assignment (tree_constant&,
	tree_constant_rep::constant_type, tree_constant&): For case of
	j_arg == matrix constant, don't negate return value of

	* src/ (commas_in_literal_matrix): New function.
	Put functions in alphabetical order.
	* src/user-prefs.h (commas_in_literal_matrix): New structure element.
	Alphabetize structure elements and lists of functions.
	* src/ (string_variables): Add commas_in_literal_matrix
	to the list.
	* src/lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*): Pay attention to the value of
	usre_pref.commas_in_literal_matrix when deciding whether to insert
	a comma after seeing a ']' character.
	(handle_identifier): Likewise.
	(<MATRIX>{S}+): If commas are required, just eat the spaces.

Tue May 24 19:49:51 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_assignment
	  (tree_constant&, tree_constant*, int)): Handle empty arguments
	for two index values.
	  (tree_constant&, tree_constant&)):
	Likewise, for single index values.

Mon May 23 01:43:23 1994  John Eaton  (

	* (snapshot, snapshot-version): New targets.

	* Handle --enable-run-in-place (was easier than
	doing the work to parse --run-in-place like Emacs uses).

	* acconfig.h: Add #undef for RUN_IN_PLACE.

	* (OCTAVE_HOME): New macro.
	* src/ (defaults.h): Use it instead of ${prefix}.

	* src/ (defaults.h): Substitute them too.

	* src/ (OCTAVE_INFO_DIR): New macro, used if
	RUN_IN_PLACE is defined.
	(OCTAVE_LIB_DIR): Likewise.

	* src/ (octave_home): Handle RUN_IN_PLACE
	(octave_info_dir): Ditto.
	(octave_lib_dir): Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::diag (void)): For empty
	matrix, return empty matrix.
	(tree_constant_rep::diag (tree_constant &)): Likewise, regardless
	of value of arg.

	* scripts/int2str.m: Format as integer, not float.
	Don't add trailing new line character.

Sun May 22 22:13:01 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/plot_int.m: When looking for imaginary arguments, check
	if any element has an imaginary component, not if all elements
	have imaginary components.

Thu May 19 19:46:23 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/parse.y (EXPR_AND_AND, EXPR_OR_OR): New tokens, for
	short-circuit logical AND and OR operators.
	(simple_expression): Handle new tokens.
	* src/lex.l (&&) [SHORT_CIRCUIT_LOGICALS]: Return EXPR_AND_AND.
	* src/ (tree_binary_expression::eval): Handle short-circuit
	boolean operators.
	(tree_binary_expression::eval_error): Print different messages for
	or_or/or and and_and/and.
	* src/tree-base.h (tree_expression_type): Add new structure
	elements and_and and or_or.
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::is_true): New function.

Tue May 17 17:04:00 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (idx_vector::sort_uniq ()): New function.
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::delete_rows ()): Use it.
	(tree_constant_rep::delete_columns ()): Likewise.

Mon May 16 13:31:33 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/linspace.m: Replace for loop with range operation.
	* scripts/logspace.m: Replace for loop with element by element

Sun May  8 00:49:38 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/lqe.m: Correct comment.
	Transpose k before returning.

Fri May  6 00:47:24 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (quit_loop_now): New function.
	(tree_while_command::eval): Use it.
	(tree_for_command::eval): Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_for_command::do_for_loop_once): New function.
	(tree_for_command::eval): Use it.

Mon May  2 19:45:39 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_for_command::eval): Handle returning,
	breaking, and continuing for case of scalar expression in loop
	control statement.

Wed Apr 20 00:38:26 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/lex.l (\[{S}*): Don't return ',' for this	match when
	convert_spaces_to_comma is true, since that can never be the right
	thing to do.

	* All files: Set top_srcdir here.
	* Not here.

	* Use top_srcdir instead of root_srcdir

	* Update for autoconf-1.8.  Use AC_VERBOSE for
	verbose messages.  Use AC_WARN and AC_ERROR instead of echo for
	warning and error messages.  Organize feature tests a bit better.
	Use new autoconf macros to check for C++ compiler.  Add copyright
	notice.  Recognize --enable-dld instead of --with-dld since that
	seems to be more in line with the intent of the --enable/--with
	options for configure scripts.  Use new autoconf macros
	until after all feature tests are done.  Etc.

Fri Apr 15 01:56:20 1994  John Eaton  (

	* acconfig.h: Add #undefs for HAVE_FINITE, HAVE_ISINF, and
	* Check for floatingpoint.h.
	* src/ (sysdep_init): Disable trapping on common
	exceptions for 386BSD systems that have floatingpoint.h.

	* src/ Don't declare ioctl() with prototype.

Sat Apr  9 17:48:07 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::fortran_style_matrix_assignment
	  (tree_constant&, tree_constant&)):
	Handle case of M (X) = scalar, where X is a zero-one vector with
	only one nonzero element.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_vector_assign
	  (tree_constant&, Range&):
	Handle case of right hand side being a scalar.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_vector_assign (tree_constant&, idx_vector&):

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_assignment
	Allow assignment of complex scalar too.
	  (tree_constant_rep::constant_type, int)):

	* src/tree-const.h (REP_RHS_MATRIX): Initialize nr and nc.
	Abort if rhs is not a real or complex matrix.

Wed Apr  6 13:59:37 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (Range::nelem_internal): Use an integer, not
	a double, for the number of intervals.	Avoid possible problems
	with extended precision registers on some systems (e.g. x86/Linux).

Mon Mar 28 17:23:18 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (raw_mode): For OCRNL, ONOCR, and ONLRET, check to
	see if they are defined before using them instead of checking to
	see if NeXT is defined.

	* info/terminal.c (terminal_prep_terminal): Check to see if OCRNL
	is defined before using it instead of checking to see if NeXT is

Thu Mar 24 03:21:01 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_parameter_list::define_from_arg_vector):
	New function.
	(tree_parameter_list::convert_to_const_vector): Ditto.
	(tree_function::eval): Use them instead of trying to do this

	* src/symtab.h (symbol_record::global_link_context): New stack for
	saving linked_to_global flag.
	* src/ (symbol_record::push_context): Save
	linked_to_global too.
	(symbol_record::pop_context): And restore it.

Wed Mar 23 16:18:19 1994  John Eaton  (

	* doc/ New file.
	* doc/ Create refcard.* and refcard-local.* from

Tue Mar 22 15:23:55 1994  John Eaton  (

	* exec $OCTAVE_HOME/bin/octave.bin, not just

Thu Mar 17 01:06:10 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (do_binary_op (ComplexMatrix&, Matrix& b)):
	Correctly handle element by element left division.

	* src/ (builtin_error): Return without calling error
	(and setting error_state) if the message is empty.

	* src/ (operators): Correct help message for `.^'.

	* src/ (tree_contant_rep::fortran_style_matrix_index):
	Preserve vector orientation when indexing with a zero-one vector.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_index): Handle
	indexing a scalar with `0'.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_index): Handle the
	index `:' the same as the index `1'.

Tue Mar 15 17:22:00 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ Fix typo in comments about compiler flags.

Wed Mar  9 15:08:21 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 1.0.1.

	* src/*.h: Use the macro octave_FOO_h instead of _FOO_h to protect
	against multiple inclusion.
	* liboctave/*.h: Likewise.

	* liboctave/*.h: Surround contents of files in extern "C++" { }.

Tue Mar  8 18:06:54 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_vector_index (const
	tree_constant&) const): Don't crash if matrix is empty.

	* scripts/norm.m: Return empty matrix for empty argument.

Mon Mar  7 23:34:44 1994  John Eaton  (

	* chmod new directories to 755.

Sat Mar  5 13:15:10 1994  John Eaton  (

	* bsd-math/log1p.c: Declare finite as returning int, not double.
	* bsd-math/finite.c (finite): Add return type.

Thu Mar  3 14:42:00 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (operator *): Provide definitions for
	DiagMatrix * DiagMatrix, ComplexDiagMatrix * ComplexDiagMatrix,
	ComplexDiagMatrix * DiagMatrix, and DiagMatrix * ComplexDiagMatrix.

	* liboctave/ (operator >>): Provide definitions for
	real and complex column vectors.

	* liboctave/ (operator >>): Provide definitions for
	real and complex row vectors.

Wed Mar  2 18:00:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/Array.h (DiagArray::Proxy::operator & ()): Provide
	function body.

Tue Mar  1 13:18:35 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_constant::load (istream&)): Don't skip
	past first type keyword if not global.
	(tree_constant::load (istream&, tree_constant_rep::constant_type)):
	Allocate storage for reading complex scalar.

Sun Feb 20 14:17:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/menu.m: Don't fail on input that is empty or not a

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute ChangeLog.[0-9].

	* src/lex.l (reset_parser): Don't resynch line number to command
	history number if reading a script file.

Thu Feb 17 01:36:19 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 1.0 released.

	* src/ (fopen_file_for_user): Improve error message.
	(fopen_internal): Likewise.

Wed Feb 16 02:21:05 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Try harder to find finite, isnan, and isinf.
	Use m4 `dnl' comments, not shell `#' comments.

	* src/ (file_io_get_file): New function.
	(fgets_internal): Use it instead of trying to do this in line.
	(frewind_internal, fseek_internal, ftell_internal, do_printf,
	do_scanf): Likewise.
	* (do_scanf): Allow file name as string for fscanf.
	* (procss_scanf_format): Delete unused argument `args'.  Delete
	unused local variable `arg_type'.  Don't complain if we can't
	store the result of a requested conversion.  Only return
	successfully if a conversion actually occurs, even if we are not
	storing the value.

Sun Feb 13 13:32:03 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.83 released.

	* Array.h (DiagArray): Move inline definitions of get() and set()
	before use by other inline functions.

Sat Feb 12 14:15:45 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Check for g77 last.  Even if it is ever actually
	released, it probably won't be stable for quite a while.

	* MAKEINFO.PATCH: New file.
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute it.

	* liboctave/ (operator + (Complex, const Matrix&)):
	Make it work.
	(operator - (Complex, const Matrix&)): Ditto.
	(operator * (Complex, const Matrix&)): Ditto.
	(operator / (Complex, const Matrix&)): Ditto.

Fri Feb 11 00:03:39 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Check for strerror too.

	* When saving CFLAGS as XCFLAGS and then restoring
	the value, quote the RHS.

	* src/ (builtin_clc): Do the dirty work to clear the
	screen here instead of using rl_clear_screen to avoid printing
	prompt unnecessarily.

Thu Feb 10 00:26:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ Add all the cruft that the autoconf manual
	suggests for including dirent.h.

	* info/terminal.c (terminal_prep_terminal): [HAVE_TERMIOS_H &&
	NeXT]: Don't use OCRNL, as someone says NeXT's termios.h doesn't
	have it.

	* (GCC_IEEE_FP_FLAG): Correct check for ix86 Linux.
	Don't try to check for CC == gcc.
	Add GCC_IEEE_FP_FLAG to CFLAGS while checking for IEEE FP
	functions finite, isnan, and isinf.

	* readline/rldefs.h: Make definition of HAVE_POSIX_SIGNALS
	conditional on definition of _POSIX_VERSION, not HAVE_TERMIOS_H.

Wed Feb  9 02:41:32 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_function::octave_va_start): Rename from
	va_start to avoid conflict with va_start macro.
	(tree_function::octave_var_arg): Likewise, rename from va_arg.
	* src/ (builtin_va_arg): Call octave_va_arg for the
	current function instead of va_arg.
	(builtin_va_start): Likewise, for octave_va_start.

	* Version 0.82.1.

	* doc/ (clean): Also remove, octave.rd,
	octave.ins, and octave.rds.

	* src/ (load_variable): Make it work for all
	combinations of loading global or local variables when the
	variable to be loaded is already a global variable, local
	variable, a function, or even undefined.

Tue Feb  8 00:33:09 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.82 released.

	* liboctave/ (operator + (KL_MAT_TYPE, KL_MAT_TYPE)):
	For an empty matrix with one nonzero dimension, be sure to return
	a result of the same size.
	(operator - (KL_MAT_TYPE, KL_MAT_TYPE)): Ditto.
	(product (KL_MAT_TYPE, KL_MAT_TYPE)): Ditto.
	(quotient (KL_MAT_TYPE, KL_MAT_TYPE)): Ditto.

Mon Feb  7 01:30:19 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/Array.h, liboctave/ (DiagArray): Back off on
	indexing via Proxy class changes for AIX systems to avoid gcc (or
	possibly AIX assembler?) bug.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::maybe_resize (int,
	force_orient)): Don't abort for a max index of zero.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h (class RowVector, friend double operator *
	(const RowVector&, const ColumnVector&)): Add missing const in

	* liboctave/ (Matrix::fill (val, r1, c1, r2, c2)): Set nc
	to cols(), not rows().
	(ComplexMatrix::fill (double val, r1, c1, r2, c2)): Likewise.
	(ComplexMatrix::fill (Complex val, r1, c1, r2, c2)): Likewise.

	* All source files: To match the documenation, refer to function
	files, not M-files.  Rename functions and variables that refer to
	_m_file_,  mfile, or mf to refer to _fcn_file, ffile, or ff.

Sun Feb  6 19:08:26 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/parse.y (yyerror): Don't crash if a parse error happens and
	the current input line is NULL.

Sat Feb  5 18:53:04 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (initialize_file_io): Don't use variable names
	that start with `_'.
	* src/ (class file_info): Likewise.

Fri Feb  4 01:15:59 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (general_functions): In usage message for fopen,
	use `Valid' instead of `Legal'.

	* src/ (do_printf): Use `invalid' instead of `illegal'
	in error message.
	(do_scanf): Likewise.

	* src/ (atanh): Use correct formula.

Thu Feb  3 22:08:40 1994  John Eaton  (

	* doc/refcard.tex: New file.
	* doc/ (all): Make
	(DISTFILES): Distribute refcard.tex, refcard.dvi, and

	* src/ (any_element_is_negative): Delete function.
	(any_element_less_than): New function.
	(any_element_greater_than): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::mapper): Use struct elements lower_limit,
	upper_limit, and can_return_complex_for_real_arg to properly
	handle functions like acos, asin, atanh, and acosh.

	* src/builins.h (struct Mapper_fcn): Rename neg_arg_complex to
	can_return_complex_for_real_arg.  New elements, lower_limit and
	(struct builtin mappers functions): Rename neg_arg_complex to
	can_return_complex_for_real_arg.  New elements, lower_limit and
	upper_limit.  Delete elements nargin_max and nargout_max.
	* src/ (install_builtin_mapper_function): Handle new
	struct elements can_return_complex_for_real_arg, lower_limit, and
	upper_limit.  Don't use nargin_max and nargout_max -- they are
	the same for all mapper functions.

Wed Feb  2 05:06:56 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/Matrix.h: Don't include values.h.
	* liboctave/ Include float.h
	(DET::value_will_overflow): Use DBL_MAX, not MAXDOUBLE.
	(ComplexDET::value_will_overflow): Likewise.
	(DET::value_will_underflow): Use DBL_MIN, not MINDOUBLE.
	(ComplexDET::value_will_underflow): Likewise.
	* src/ Include limits.h, not values.h.
	(tree_builtin::max_expected_args): Use INT_MAX, not MAXINT.

	* If compiling on an ix86, set GCC_IEEE_FP_FLAG to
	-mieee-fp.  We should no longer require the modified crt0 code on
	Linux systems in order to get IEEE functions.
	* (GCC_IEEE_FP_FLAG): Substitute value.
	ALL_LDFLAGS): Use it.

Tue Feb  1 22:30:46 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (install_builtins): Make SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, and
	SEEK_END constants.

	* src/ (tree_subplot_using::print): Only check column
	number against max if max is greater than 0.

Mon Jan 31 15:59:31 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/strcmp.m: Correctly handle empty strings.

	* src/parse.y (input): Recognize lone simple_list and simple_list
	followed by error and '\n'.

Fri Jan 28 00:20:30 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.81 released.

	* src/ (clean_up_and_exit): Call cleanup_tmp_files() here

	* Check for atexit and on_exit.
	* src/ Use HAVE_ATEXIT and HAVE_ON_EXIT (instead of
	just checking to see if sun is defined) to decide whether to
	define atexit as on_exit.
	(main): Don't try to call atexit if it's missing and we don't have
	on_exit either.

Thu Jan 27 22:16:48 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Check for gethostname and sys/utsname.h.
	* (gethostname): Steal replacement from bash.  Provide
	definition if it looks like it's missing and we have

	* liboctave/Array.h (DiagArray): Define non-const indexing
	functions here.
	* liboctave/ (DiagArray): Not here.

	* liboctave/Array.h (DiagArray::Proxy): New class to handle
	non-const reference indexing.  Allows different action if indexing
	on left side of assignment operator.

	* src/ (main): Call initialize_pager(),
	initialize_readline(), and install_signal_handlers() before trying
	to read startup files.

	* src/ (input_from_startup_file): New global flag.
	(execute_startup_files): Set it to 1 before reading startup files.
	* src/parse.y (func_def_2): If input_from_startup_file, don't try
	to compare file name and function name.

Wed Jan 26 14:39:27 1994  John Eaton  (

	* readline/rldefs.h: Make better use of autoconf defines.

Tue Jan 25 17:19:19 1994  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (ComplexMatrix (DiagMatrix)): Make sure off
	diagonal elements are zero.
	(ComplexMatrix (ComplexDiagMatrix): Likewise.
	(Matrix (DiagMatrix): Likewise.

Fri Jan 21 17:43:11 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Recognize libraries that match `/*.a'.

Thu Jan 20 18:12:01 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.80.1.

Wed Jan 19 14:48:27 1994  John Eaton  (

	* libcruft/odepack/stode.f: Don't try to `RETURN 0'.  This causes
	lsode to fail, at least with Sun's f77.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::load): Delete string
	returned from extract_keyword.
	* src/ (builtin_load): Likewise.
	* src/ (extract_keyword): Return new storage, not
	static buffer.

	* src/ (builtin_save): If saving a named list of
	variables, use is_globally_visible to decide whether to mark
	variables in the current symbol table as global.

Tue Jan 18 11:57:03 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.80 released.

	* doc/ (install): Delete commands for installing instead of trying to comment them out.

	* liboctave/ Allow users to compile with
	-fexternal-stemplates and USE_EXTERNAL_TEMPLATES defined to
	generate their own .o files with new types.

	* (includedir): Install include files in
	$prefix/include/octave by default.

	* liboctave/ (TEMPLATE_SRC): New macro.
	(install): Install files listed in $(TEMPLATE_SRC) too.

	* info/search.h: Conditionally declare stricmp and strnicmp.
	* info/search.c: Conditionally define stricmp and strnicmp.
	* Add undefs for HAVE_STRICMP and HAVE_STRNICMP.

	* Check for stricmp and strnicmp too.

	* doc/ For now, don't format or try to install the
	liboctave manual.
	Don't distribute formatted copies of liboctave manual.

Mon Jan 17 01:10:54 1994  John Eaton  (

	* doc/ (clean): Remove all index files.

	* src/ (defaults.h): Depend on Makefile too.
	* doc/ (conf.texi): New rule for making conf.texi from

	* doc/ New file.
	* doc/octave.texi: Include conf.texi to get VERSION, OCTAVE_HOME,
	and other variables that need to be set depending on the

	* (DISTFILES): Don't distribute PLOTTING.  Current
	plotting info is in the Texinfo docs.

Sat Jan 15 15:43:34 1994  John Eaton  (

	* config.sub: New file, from libg++-2.5.2.
	* Distribute config.sub.
	* Use config.sub to validate system types.  If it
	fails, continue with target_host_type and canonical_host_type set
	to unknown.  Leave target_host_type set to any alias given as the
	TARGET argument to configure.

	* readline/rldefs.h: If ultrix and HAVE_SGTTY_H, avoid Posix
	terminal driver.
	* If configuring for ultrix, check for sgtty first.
	If not found, go ahead and check for Posix terminal driver.

	* Don't try to do anything special for readline on
	NeXT systems.

	* Define rules for making .d files here.
	liboctave/ Not here.
	src/ Or here.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h (all Matrix/Vector operator = functions):
	Simply call the base class operator =, then return *this.
	(class ColumnVector): Declare RowVector a friend class, so it can
	access the private constructor for the transpose operator.
	(class RowVector): Likewise, for ColumnVector.
	(class ComplexColumnVector): Likewise, for CommplexRowVector.
	(class ComplexRowVector): Likewise, for ComplexColumnVector.
	Numerous formatting cleanups.

Thu Jan 13 13:17:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.79.90.

	* Include missing-math.h.

	* src/missing-math.h: Provide declarations for acosh, asinh,
	atanh, and gamma whether they are actually missing or not, because
	they are not part of the standard math.h, and the g++/libg++
	installation no longer provides declarations for them.

	* src/sighandlers.h (RETSIGTYPE): Define here.
	(BADSIG): Likewise.
	(sig_handler): Likewise.

	* src/ Include sighandlers.h
	Don't define RETSIGTYPE, BADSIG, or sig_handler here.
	* src/ Or here.

Wed Jan 12 16:12:27 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ Don't check nargin/nargout in *_options

	* src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/
	Similar changes for these classes/functions as the following
	changes for src/ and liboctave/

	* src/ (npsol_opts): New static variable to hold Octave's
	current idea of npsol options.
	(npsol): Call nlp.copy (npsol_opts) after creating NPSOL object.
	(npsol_option_table): New static list of options for npsol.
	(print_npsol_option_list): New function.
	(do_npsol_option): New function.
	(npsol_options): Make it work.

	* liboctave/ (NPSOL_options): New class.
	* (NPSOL): Also derive from NPSOL_options.
	* (minimize): Call pass_options_to_npsol before calling npsol.
	* (NPSOL::option): No longer works.  Print error message instead.
	* (NPSOL::set_default_options): Now a member of NPSOL_options class.

	* src/ If missing, declare strcasecmp, strncasecmp.
	* (almost_match): Add new argument to do case-insensitive matches.
	* (keyword_almost_match): New function to match a string against a
	list of keywords.

	* liboctave/NLP.h (NLP): Add destructor and copy constructor.

	* Check for strcasecmp and strncasecmp.
	* src/strcasecmp.c, src/strncase.c: New files, from glibc.
	* src/ (SOURCES, OBJECTS): List them.

	* src/ (general_functions): Improve usage message for
	the *_options functions.
	(print_usage): New arg, just_usage with default value of 0.
	If nonzero, don't print info about where to find additional help.

	* src/ (INCLUDES): Add error.h.
	(SOURCES): Add error.h.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::parse_m_file): call reset_parser
	before calling yyparse ().
	* src/ (eval_string): Likewise.
	Don't save previous symbol table.  That is handled by the
	unwind protect.

	* src/lex.l (reset_parser): Don't unconditionally call yyreset.
	Add a couple of comments.
	(yywrap): Always return 1, not 0.
	(yy_flex_alloc, yy_flex_realloc, yy_flex_free): #if 0 out.

	* src/ (raw_mode): Only complain about stdin not being a
	tty if we are really interactive.

	* src/ (main): End startup message with endl to ensure
	flushing before other output.
	* Turn of readline's blink_matching_paren feature if not
	interactive, or if reading from a file specified on the command

	* src/ (main): Set the symbol table context just before
	calling reset_parser in the main loop.
	* src/lex.l (reset_parser): Not here.

	* src/ (octave_gets): Declare static.
	(octave_read): Also handle echoing input if not using readline.

	* (DISTFILES): Add SENDING-PATCHES to the list.

Mon Jan 10 14:30:13 1994  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/corrcoef.m, scripts/fortran_vec.m, scripts/kurtosis.m,
	scripts/ols.m, scripts/skewness.m, scripts/cov.m, scripts/gls.m,
	scripts/mahalanobis.m, scripts/pinv.m: New script files from Kurt
	Hornik ( and the Department of
	Probability Theory and Statistics TU Wien, Austria.

Sun Jan  9 01:11:05 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_fsqp_options): If FSQP_MISSING is
	defined, don't call fsqp_options; just print usage message.
	(builtin_npsol_options): Likewise, for npsol_options.
	(builtin_qpsol_options): Likewise, for qpsol_options.
	* src/ (general_functions): Provide different usage
	message for fsqp_options depending on whether FSQP_MISSING is
	defined.  Likewise for npsol_options and qpsol_options.

Sat Jan  8 16:45:57 1994  John Eaton  (

	* libcruft/misc/dostop.c: Include config.h.

	* src/ (extract_keyword): Use ostrstream instead of
	fixed length buffer.  For keywords with string values, return
	value in static buffer.
	* src/ (builtin_load): Handle new argument list for
	extract_keyword.  Handle possiblity of load_variable setting
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::load): Handle new argument
	list for extract_keyword.

Fri Jan  7 13:20:47 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_eig_2): Rename from builtin_eig.
	* src/ (builtin_fsolve_2): Rename from builtin_fsolve.
	* src/ (builtin_inv_2): Rename from builtin_inv.

Thu Jan  6 12:29:41 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/tree-base.h (tree::save): Add optional argument `precision'.
	* src/ (tree_constant::save): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::save): Ditto.
	* src/ (symbol_def::save): Ditto.
	(symbol_record::save): Ditto.
	(symbol_table::save): Ditto.

	* src/ (builtin_save): Pass user_pref.save_precision
	to symbol table save functions.
	* src/ (string_variables): Add save precision to thelist.
	(install_builtins): Initialize it.
	* src/ (set_save_precision): New function.
	* src/user-prefs.h (user_pref.save_precision): New data element.

	* liboctave/ Provide correct prototypes for dgeesx
	and zgeesx.
	* (SCHUR::init): Don't declare a dummy_select function pointer,
	just pass `(void *) 0' instead, since the dummy argument is never
	supposed to be used anyway.

	* src/ (initialize_readline): Cast command_completer to
	CPPFunction, not Function, now that readline has more than one
	function typedef.
	* Add extern declaration for free_undo_list ().

	* Replace readline source from GDB with readline source from bash.
	This allows paren matching.

Wed Jan  5 01:20:26 1994  John Eaton  (

	* Also check for sys/select.h.

	* liboctave/ (ComplexRowVector::operator *): Complete
	function body.  Put code in-line rather than making a call to the
	BLAS routine zdotu to avoid having to cope with the various ways
	that Fortran compilers might translate this.

	* src/ (operate_and_get_next): New function, from bash.
	(initialize_readline): Bind operate_and_get_next to C-O here.

	* src/ (command_completer, command_generator):
	Declare static here.
	* srs/input.h (command_completer, command_generator):
	Not extern here.

	* (builtin_warranty): Change copyright info.
	* (verbose_usage): Likewise.
	(main): Likewise.

Mon Jan  3 15:49:41 1994  John Eaton  (

	* src/fnmatch.c, src/fnmatch.h: New files for pattern matching
	from the GNU C library.
	* src/ Add them to the appropriate lists.
	* src/ (builtin_save): Use fnmatch to do pattern
	matching instead of using regular expressions.
	(builtin_clear): Likewise.
	(glob_pattern_p): New function.
	(builtin_save): Print error message and return if only given one
	argument that contains globbing characters.

	* src/ (symbol_record::save): Don't attempt to save
	undefined variables.

Wed Dec 29 02:55:08 1993  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/rank.m: Also need to compute SVD when nargin == 2.
	Correct usage message.

Wed Dec 15 01:44:18 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/
	New stub options functions, XXX_options, and XXX_options_2 (for
	future dld use), where XXX is lpsolve, fsqp, npsol, etc.
	* src/f-lpsolve.h, src/f-fsqp.h, src/f-npsol.h, src/f-qpsol.h,
	src/f-lsode.h, src/f-dassl.h, src/f-fsolve.h, src/f-quad.h:
	Declare XXX_options functions.
	* src/ (builtin_general_functions): Add new XXX_options
	functions to the list of builtin functions.
	* src/ Define builtin_XXX_options functions.
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare them.

	* scripts/tzero.m: Add missing comma in fprintf call.

Tue Dec 14 00:24:35 1993  John Eaton  (

	* libcruft/quadpack/*.f: Modify to handle user-requested
	termination from inside the user-supplied function.
	* src/ (quad_user_function): Set quad_integration_error
	if an error is encountered in the user-supplied function.
	* liboctave/Quad.h (quad_integration_error): New global variable.
	* liboctave/ (user_function): Handle
	quad_integration_error, and error flag for modified Quadpack

	* src/ (tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval): Check
	error status after calling convert_to_const_vector () on the
	argument list.
	(tree_index_expression::eval): Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_argument_list::convert_to_const_vector):
	If an error is encountered while evaluating an element of the
	list, print an error message including the element number.

	* liboctave/ (integration_error): New private data member.
	(ODE constructors): Initialize it to zero.
	(ODE::integrate (double)): Reset it to zero before each
	integration step.
	(lsode_f): Treat empty vector returned from user-supplied function
	as an error.
	* src/ (lsode_user_function): Return empty vector if
	error is encountered in user-supplied function.  Don't jump to top
	level on error.

	* libcruft/odepack/lsode.f (lsode): Return with istate = -13 on
	error from user supplied subroutine.
	* libcruft/odepack/lsode.f (lsode): Handle extra argument returned
	from user-supplied function.
	* libcruft/odepack/stode.f (stode): Likewise.
	* libcruft/odepack/prepj.f (prepj): Likewise.

Wed Dec  8 01:30:57 1993  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (integration_error): New private data member.
	(DAE constructors): Initialize it to zero.
	(DAE::integrate (double)): Reset it to zero before each
	integration step.
	(dassl_f): Treat empty vector returned from user-supplied function
	as an error.
	* src/ (dassl_user_function): Return empty vector if
	error is encountered in user-supplied function.  Don't jump to top
	level on error.

	* liboctave/ (npsol_objective_error): New global variable.
	(npsol_objfun): Set to zero before calling user-supplied function.
	Check after calling user-supplied function.
	Set mode to -1 on error.
	(npsol_confun): Set mode to -1 on error.
	(npsol declaration): Declare args for user-supplied functions.
	* src/ (npsol_objective_function): If an error is
	encountered in the calculation of the objective function, set
	npsol_objective_error to 1.
	(npsol_constraint_function): Treat empty vector returned from
	user-supplied function as an error.

	* liboctave/ (*::checkelem): Correct bounds checking.  On
	error, return uninitialized value of type T.  This avoids placing
	an extra requirement on the class that can be used as an array
	(*::operator ()): Likewise.

Mon Dec  6 07:24:49 1993  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (hybrd1 declaration): Declare args for
	user-supplied fuction.
	(hybrj1): Likewise.
	(hybrd1_fcn): Treat return of empty vector from user supplied
	function as an error by setting iflag to -1.
	(hybrj1_fcn): Likewise.
	(solve): Handle case of info < 0 returned from hybrd1.

	* src/ (fsolve_user_function): Don't jump to top level
	on error in user-supplied function.  Treat empty vector returned
	from user-supplied function as error.
	(hybrd_info_to_fsolve_info): Translate -1 (failure in evaluation
	of user-supplied function) to -2.
	* scripts/perror.m (fsolve case): Handle -2.

	* info/error.c (program_name): Initialize to info, not NULL.

	* info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Don't exit if term is
	too dumb or too small to use info.  Return int status instead.
	* info/info.h (TERM_TOO_SMALL): New macro.

	* src/ (try_info): Check return value from
	initialize_info_session ().

	* liboctave/ (DiagArray<T>::DiagArray (int n, const T& val)):
	Set number of rows and columns to n, not 0.

Sat Dec  4 14:01:41 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/lex.h (YY_INPUT): Undefine if defined, then always define
	the way we want.
	(YY_FATAL_ERROR): Likewise.

	* src/lex.l (yywrap): Declare static.
	(yy_flex_alloc): New function, so we don't have to link with
	libfl.a when using flex 2.4.x.
	(yy_flex_realloc): Ditto.
	(yy_flex_free): Ditto.

Thu Dec  2 19:23:43 1993  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/*.m: Add copying notice to script files.

	* src/ (command_generator): Return copy of matching string.

	* src/ (command_generator): Correctly delete array of
	character strings.
	* src/ (symbol_table::save): Likewise.
	* src/ (pathstring_to_vector): Likewise.

	* src/ (get_m_file_names): When reallocating vector of
	strings, delete original vector of pointers, but not the strings
	they point to.

Tue Nov 30 12:36:41 1993  John Eaton  (

	* liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/ Massive rewrite to cope with new
	derivation scheme.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h: Include Array.h, and derive Matrix,
	ComplexMatrix, etc. from Array<double>.  Derive Complex
	versions from Array<Complex>.  Delete declarations of functions
	now inherited from the Array classes.
	* Include mx-kludge.h with appropriate #defines in each class that
	needs it.
	* liboctave/ Include with appropriate
	#defines in each class that needs it.

	* liboctave/ (INCLUDES): Add Array.h, MArray.h, and
	(EXTRAS): Add and

	* liboctave/mx-kludge.h, liboctave/ New files to
	implement the MArray functionality with macros until g++ can
	handle the MArray stuff.

	* liboctave/MArray.h, liboctave/ New files for generic
	arrays with simple math functions for like-types.  This won't
	quite work with g++ yet, so it's not used anywhere.

	* liboctave/Array.h, liboctave/ New files for generic

	* liboctave/ Add const for const arguments.

	* src/ (file_info): Rename class from File_info.
	(file_info::operator =): Fix memory leak by deleting old name
	and mode before saving new.  Don't do copy if source and
	destination are the same.

	* src/ (tree_matrix::eval): Plug memory leak.

	* src/ (tree_builtin::tree_builtin): Check to see that nm,
	not my_name, is non-NULL before saving it.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval, tree_gobal_command::eval):
	After performing the assignment, delete the identifier created
	for temporary asssignment since the destrucotr for
	tree_simple_assignment_expression doesn't do it for us.

	* src/ (tree_function::stash_m_file_name): Delete file_name
	before saving it.
	(tree_function::stash_function_name): Likewise, for fcn_name.

	* src/lex.l, src/lex.h: Make quote_is_transpose globally visible.
	* src/parse.y (param_list): Use it, and recognize empty parameter
	lists here.

	* src/parse.y (simple_expr1): Recognize empty matrices here.
	(matrix): Not here.

	* src/ (do_binary_op): The matrix product and quotient
	functions aren't class member functions now.

	* src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/
	Call ::error, not just error, since g++ now complains about not
	being able to find a non-hidden member function by that name.

	* src/ Call ::real and ::imag, not just real and imag,
	since g++ now complains about not being able to find non-hidden
	member functions by those names.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::force_numeric): Handle case
	of zero-length strings.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::convert_to_str): Null
	terminate strings created from scalars.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::fortran_style_matrix_index): Use
	data(), not fortran_vec().
	* src/ (idx_vector::idx_vector): Likewise.

	* src/ Move function definitions here.
	* src/SLStack.h: From here.  Include if not using
	external templates.

	* src/unwind-prot.h: Move class declaration here.
	* src/ From here.

	* src/xdiv.h, src/xpow.h, src/variables.h, src/utils.h,
	src/user-prefs.h, src/t-builtins.h, src/sighandlers.h,
	src/pr-output.h, src/pager.h, src/octave-hist.h, src/mappers.h,
	src/input.h, src/help.h, src/gripes.h, src/g-builtins.h,
	src/f-syl.h, src/f-svd.h, src/f-schur.h, src/f-rand.h,
	src/f-qzval.h, src/f-quad.h, src/f-qr.h, src/f-qpsol.h,
	src/f-npsol.h, src/f-lu.h, src/f-lsode.h, src/f-lpsolve.h,
	src/f-inv.h, src/f-ifft.h, src/f-hess.h, src/f-givens.h,
	src/f-fsqp.h, src/f-fsolve.h, src/f-fft.h, src/f-expm.h,
	src/f-eig.h, src/f-det.h, src/f-dassl.h, src/f-colloc.h,
	src/f-chol.h, src/f-balance.h, src/error.h, src/dynamic-ld.h,
	src/builtins.h, src/arith-ops.h, src/tree-const.h, src/tree.h,
	src/token.h, src/symtab.h, src/procstream.h, src/idx-vector.h,
	src/file-io.h, src/tree-base.h, src/unwind-prot.h, src/Stack.h,
	liboctave/LinConst.h, liboctave/FEGrid.h, liboctave/NLEqn.h,
	liboctave/NLConst.h, liboctave/LPsolve.h, liboctave/LP.h,
	liboctave/FSQP.h, liboctave/DAEFunc.h, liboctave/DAE.h,
	liboctave/CollocWt.h, liboctave/Bounds.h, liboctave/Objective.h,
	liboctave/ODEFunc.h, liboctave/NLFunc.h, liboctave/Range.h,
	liboctave/Quad.h, liboctave/QP.h, liboctave/QPSOL.h,
	liboctave/QLD.h, liboctave/NPSOL.h, liboctave/NLP.h,
	liboctave/f77-uscore.h, liboctave/lo-error.h,
	Don't use #pragma interface.

	* src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/
	Don't use #pragma implementation.

	* src/lex.l, src/parse.y, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/ If HAVE_CONFIG_H
	is defined, include config.h.

	*, acconfig.h: New files
	* (DISTFILES): Add them to the list.

	* (root_srcdir): Define.
	(INCFLAGS): Clean up.
	(UGLY_ALL_CFLAGS): New macro.
	(UGLY_ALL_LDFLAGS): Likewise.

	* Convert to generate config.h.
	Substitute root_srcdir in Makefiles.
	Use AC_DEFINE(foo, 1) instead of DEFS="$DEFS -Dfoo=1".
	If using g++ 2.5 or later, define USE_EXTERNAL_TEMPLATES.
	Use UGLY_DEFS for what would have been substited in DEFS, for
	those cases when we need DEFS instead of config.h.

Tue Nov 16 04:59:19 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/, src/, src/, src/
	Include f77-uscore.h here.

	* liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/ Move declarations
	for Fortran functions here.
	* liboctave/Matrix.h: From here. Don't include f77-uscore.h here.

Mon Nov 15 04:03:34 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (min): For two-arg versions, use error(), not
	(max): Likewise.
	* src/ (checkelem): Likewise.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/, liboctave/ Don't abort or exit on
	errors.  Instead print some message by calling the function
	pointed to by current_liboctave_error_handler and then return.

	* liboctave/ New file, for liboctave error handling

Sun Nov 14 23:28:12 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (default_path): Handle OCTAVE_PATH from the
	environment like TeX handles TEXINPUTS.  If the path starts with
	`:', prepend the standard path.  If it ends with `:' append the
	standard path.  If it begins and ends with `:', do both (which is
	useless, but the luser asked for it...).
	(octave_lib_dir): Plug memory leak.

Sat Nov 13 02:41:24 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/symtab.h (symbol_record::context): New data member, to allow
	recursive functions to work.
	* src/ (symbol_record::push_context): New function
	(symbol_record::pop_context): Ditto.
	(symbol_table::pop_context): Ditto.
	(symbol_table::push_context): Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_function::eval): If call_depth is > 1, push
	symbol table context and add unwind protect to pop it on exit or
	(pop_symbol_table_context): New function for unwind protect.

	* Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS(unistd.h) instead of

	* src/lex.l, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/,
	src/, src/, src/, src/
	Convert most calls to message() to calls to warning() or error()

	* src/ (npsol): Don't try to create the linear
	constraint object before checking array sizes.

Fri Nov 12 04:36:12 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (is_one_zero): New function.
	* src/ Everywhere we check for is_zero_one, also
	check for is_one_zero.  Some people write ranges that go in
	decreasing order...
	* src/ Likewise.

	* src/tc-inlines (index_check (Range&, int&, char*)): Eliminate
	second arg -- there is no need to return the max value of the
	range.  Correctly compute and check the minimum value.
	* src/ Change all callers, and check the max value
	* src/ Likewise.

	* src/ (do_vector_assign): Handle assignment of empty
	matrix for int, idx_vector, and Range cases.
	(do_matrix_assign): Likewise, for cases when one of the indices is
	a colon and the other is an int, idx_vector, or Range.

	* liboctave/Range.h (Range): Rename private data members rng_foo
	instead of just _foo.
	* liboctave/ Change names where used.

	* liboctave/ (max): Return correct value even when the
	elements in the range don't line up exactly with the limit.
	(min): Likewise.
	(sort): New function.

	* src/ (delete_row (int)): New function.
	(delete_rows (idx_vector&)): Ditto.
	(delete_rows (Range&)): Ditto.
	(delete_column (int)): New function.
	(delete_columns (idx_vector&)): Ditto.
	(delete_columns (Range&)): Ditto.

	* src/tree-const.h (is_empty): Don't try checking rows and columns
	if type is magic_colon or unknown.  Return false instead.
	(is_zero_by_zero): New function.

	* src/ (sort): New function.
	(intcmp): New static function, for sorting.

Thu Nov 11 02:31:13 1993  John Eaton  (

	* scripts/menu.m: Update to use new va_start() and va_arg()

	* src/ (builtin_va_arg): Rename from
	(builtin_va_start): New function.
	* src/ (builtin_general_functions): Fix up list.

	* src/ (tree_function::va_arg): Rename from get_next_arg.
	(tree_function::va_start): New function.

	* src/tree.h (tree_function::num_named_args): New data member.
	* src/ (tree_function::define_param_list): Set it.
	(tree_function::eval): Unwind-protect it.

Wed Nov 10 03:37:44 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_identifier::assign): Also check to make sure
	that the symbol record is defined since symbol_record::is_variable
	may return true even if the record is undefined.
	* src/ (link_to_global_variable): Don't try to copy a

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::matrix_value): If the
	current value is a scalar, return 1x1 matrix.
	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::check_vector_assign):
	Handle case of zero size LHS.
	Clean up formatting of some error messages.

	* src/lex.l ({EL}): Recognize ... when not at end of line.
	* src/ (curr_function): New global variable.
	* src/ (builtin_get_next_arg): New function.
	* src/ (builtin_general_functions): Add it to the list.
	* src/parse.y (param_list1): Handle ... at end of parameter list.
	Abort parse on error.
	(ELLIPSIS): New token, for variable argument lists.
	* src/tree.h (tree_function): Add varargs_ok, args_passed,
	num_args_passed, and curr_arg_number data members to handle
	variable argument lists.
	(tree_parameter_list::marked_for_varargs): New data member.
	* src/ (tree_function::takes_varargs): New function.
	(tree_function::get_next_arg): New function.
	(tree_parameter_list::mark_varargs): New function.
	(tree_parameter_list::takes_varargs): New function.
	(tree_function::eval): Set curr_function, args_passed, and
	num_args_passed for use by get_next_arg.

Mon Nov  8 14:22:34 1993  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.79 released.

	* src/ (builtin_text_functions):  Correct usage message
	for who.

	* scripts/dgram.m: New function, from R. Bruce Tenison
	* scripts/dlqe.m: Ditto.
	* scripts/dlqr.m: Ditto.
	* scripts/c2d.m: Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::name): Make it const.
	(tree_builtin::name): Ditto.
	(tree_parameter_list::name): Ditto.
	(tree_word_list::name): Ditto.

	* src/ (symbol_table::save): Delete list of names after

	* src/symtab.h (symbol_table): Move #defines outside of class

Sun Nov  7 07:03:12 1993  John Eaton  (

	* (CXX): Don't set from C++.  Do set from @CXX@, which
	is determined by configure.  Don't set C++FLAGS.

	* src/ (tree_function::eval (int, int)): Simply call
	eval (tree_constant *, int, int, int) with nargin = 1 and args =
	NULL_TREE_CONST instead of duplicating most of that function in place.

	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Reset id_name after renaming identifier.
	Clear id_name from top level symbol table before defining identifier.

Sat Nov  6 04:38:57 1993  John Eaton  (

	* When checking for g++, set CXX, not GXX.

	Merge min changes from Bruce Tenison ( and
	make the corresponding changes for max.

	* src/ (min (ComplexMatrix&, ComplexMatrix&)): New
	(max (ComplexMatrix&, ComplexMatrix&)): Ditto.
	(column_min): Handle complex args and two return values.
	(column_max): Likewise.

	* liboctave/ (row_min_loc): New function.
	(row_max_loc): New function.
	(column_min_loc): Ditto.
	(column_max_loc): Ditto.

Fri Nov  5 03:12:55 1993  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.78.

	* src/octave.h (clean_up_and_exit): Change form of declaration for
	GCC 2.5.x and beyond.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval): Correctly handle printing
	of identifier tags and conversion to assignment to `ans'.
	* src/parse.y (maybe_convert_to_ans_assign): Simplify.
	For identifiers, defer decision about making an ans assignment
	until evaluation time since identifiers can be undefined at parse
	time, and we can't tell what to do until we know what the def is.
	* src/ (tree_identifier::mark_for_possible_ans_assgin): New
	* src/ (tree_index_expression::mark_for_possible_ans_assign):
	New function.
	* src/tree.h (tree_identifier): Add new private data,

	* src/ (builtin_who): Major overhaul.  Support long
	(print_symbol_info_line): New function.
	(print_long_listing): Ditto.
	(maybe_list): Ditto.

	* src/ (sv_editor): New function for builtin variable
	* src/ (do_edit_history): Use user_pref.editor, not
	just the EDITOR environment variable.

	* src/ (ignore_function_time_stamp): New function for
	new builtin variable ignore_function_time_stamp.
	* src/ (symbol_out_of_date): Use value of new
	user_pref.ignore_function_time_stamp to decide whether to check to
	see if a file has changed.
	* src/tree.h (tree_function): Add new private data, system_m_file.

	* src/ (string_variables): Add EDITOR and
	ignore_function_time_stamp EDITOR to the list.
	(bultin_general_functions): Add is_global to the list.

	* src/ (builtin_clear): Make it work with new
	variable scoping rules.
	(builtin_document): Likewise, using new document_symbol()
	(builtin_save): Likewise.  Allow regular expression arguments.
	Don't save builtin variables that are read-only.

	* src/ (octave_home): Don't declare static.
	(octave_lib_dir): Likewise.
	(octave_info_dir): Likewise.
	(default_editor): New function.

	* src/ (tree_builtin::def): Delete function.
	(tree_identifier::def): Likewise.
	(tree_identifier::symrec): Likewise.

	* src/tree.h (tree_builtin): Store name of function, not pointer
	to symbol record.

	* src/ (warn_assign_as_truth_value): Lookup
	"warn_assign_as_truth_value", not "user_pref.warn...".

	* src/tree-base.h (def): Delete unused virtual function.
	(is_prefix_expression): New virtual function.
	(mark_for_possible_ans_assign): Likewise.
	(is_system_m_file): Likewise.
	(stash_m_file_name): No longer needs to be virtual.
	(stash_m_file_time): Likewise.

	* src/ (octave_Complex_error_handler): Define, to keep
	errors in the Complex class from aborting Octave.  This is only a
	temporary fix, I hope.
	(main): Install it.
	(initialize_globals): Get default editor.
	(main): Call initialize_symbol_tables to do that instead of
	creating them directly in main.

	* src/ (document_symbol): New function.
	(initialize_symbol_tables): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_mapper_function): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_text_function): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_general_function): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_variable): Likewise.
	(install_builtin_variable_as_function): Likewise.
	(bind_nargin_and_nargout): Likewise.
	(bind_builtin_variable): Likewise.
	(link_to_global_variable): Likewise.
	(link_to_builtin_variable): Likewise.
	(link_to_builtin_or_function): Likewise.
	(force_link_to_function): Likewise.
	(is_globally_visible): Likewise.
	(is_builtin_variable): Likewise.

	* src/ (print_as_scalar): Avoid trying to print row vectors
	on one line.

	* src/ (install_buitlins): Simplify installation of
	builtin functions using new install_builtin_*_function functions.
	Ditto for using bind_builtin_variable for installing variables.

	* src/tree.h (tree_global_command): New class.
	* src/ (tree_global_command::*): Implement new class to
	make global command executable.
	* src/parse.y (global_decl): Make global an executable statement.

	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Rework to match new way of handling
	global variables and function names in the symbol table.
	Mark functions as `system' or not.
	Don't use id_to_define.
	If m-file and function names disagree, rename function to match
	m-file name.
	* src/ (tree_identifier::rename): New function.
	* src/, src/parse.h (id_to_define): Delete unused global

	* src/ (builtin_string_variable): Fix to match new
	rules for global and builtin variables.
	(builtin_real_scalar_variable): Likewise.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::assign): Make it work with new
	rules for global variables.
	(tree_identifier::parse_m_file): Likewise.
	(tree_identifier::do_lookup): Likewise.

	* src/ (mark_as_system_m_file): New function.
	(is_system_m_file): Ditto.

	* src/ (clear_symbol_table): New function, to be used in an
	unwined_protect element for clearing function symbol tables on
	exit or error.

	* src/ (tree_function::eval): Simplify using
	Clear symbol table on exit or error with unwind_protect.

	* src/ (tree_prefix_expression::is_prefix_expression): New

	* src/ (builtin_is_global): New function.

	* src/lex.l (lookup_identifier): Now that global variable binding
	has been fixed, only look for symbols in the current symbol table.
	Really.  I mean it this time.

	* src/ Complete overhaul, to make global variables work
	a bit more reasonably.

Mon Nov  1 15:03:39 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/Matrix.h (DiagMatrix::rows): Return nr, not len.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::rows): Ditto.
	* src/Matrix.h (DiagMatrix::cols): Return nc, not len.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::cols): Ditto.
	(DiagMatrix::columns): Ditto.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::columns): Ditto.

	* liboctave/ (DiagMatrix::row): Make it work for
	square case.
	(DiagMatrix::column): Likewise.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::row): Likewise.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::column): Likewise.

	* liboctave/ (DiagMatrix::operator <<): Print spaces
	between elements.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::operator <<): Likewise.

Fri Oct 29 15:32:12 1993  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.77.1.

	* src/ (symbol_record::alias): Don't copy formal_param or
	forced_global attribute.

	* src/ (symbol_table::bind_globals): Don't bind to
	global symbol unless it has forced_global attribute set.

	* src/ (print_as_scalar): New function.
	(tree_identifier::eval): Use it.
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.
	(tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.

	* src/lex.l (is_keyword): Give better error message for attempts
	to define nested functions.

	* src/parse.y (global_decl): Return a command_list to execute
	(this makes assignments in global declarations executable).

	* src/ (tree_for_command): Handle line and column info in
	constructors and for error messages.
	(tree_while_command): Ditto.
	(tree_if_command): Ditto.
	(tree_break_command): Ditto.
	(tree_continue_command): Ditto.
	(tree_return_command): Ditto.
	(*::eval_error): Only print messages if error_state > 0.
	(various): Only need to check that error_state is non-zero before
	calling eval_error().

	* src/parse.y: Handle line and column information for FOR WHILE IF
	* src/lex.l: Likewise.

	* src/ (parse_and_execute): Reset parser before starting
	new parse.

	* src/ (various): Check error_state in many more
	places, and issue more meaningful error messages.

	* src/ (maybe_resize): Don't call
	jump_to_top_level() on errors.
	(tree_constant_rep (Range)): Likewise.

	* src/ (builtin_error): Use error(), not
	print_if_string() to print error messages.
	* src/ (print_if_string): Delete unused function.

	* src/ (various): Check error_state after calls to

	* src/ (various): Always check the state of idx_vectors
	after trying to create them.
	* src/ (various): Likewise.

	* src/ Use 0, not NULL.
	Don't include stdlib.h.
	(initialized): New data member, set nonzero if the idx_vector has
	been properly initialized.
	Never call jump_to_top_level () if initialization fails.
	Add operator void *(), so we can test the state of an idx_vector
	with `if (vector)'.

	* src/ Explicitly initialize pager_buf to NULL.

	* src/tree-base.h: Move includes ahead of other definitions.

	* liboctave/ (NLEqn::NLEqn (const Vector&, const NLFunc)):
	Initialize n from xvec, not x.

Mon Oct 25 18:01:12 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (sv_info_file): New function.
	* src/user-prefs.h (user_pref): Add info_file to the list.
	* src/ (try_info): Use it instead of

	* src/ (default_info_file): New function.
	(octave_info_dir): Likewise.

	* src/ (DEFAULT_INFO_FILE): Delete unnecessary
	definition since we figure out what it should be in now.
	* src/ (defaults.h): Don't substitute DEFAULT_INFO_FILE.
	* src/ (DEFAULT_INFO_FILE): Delete definition.

	* src/ (info_file): New global variable.
	(initialize_globals): Call default_info_file () to initialize it.
	(--info-file): New command line option.

	* src/ (string_variables): Add INFO_FILE to the list.
	(install_builtins): Define it.

	* info/filesys.c (compress_suffixes): Choose gunzip for .gz files.

Sat Oct 23 17:46:09 1993  John Eaton  (

	* Version 0.77 released.

	* src/ (INCFLAGS): Don't include info or dld
	* Include dld/dld.h, not just dld.h.
	* Include info/info.h, info/dribble.h, and
	info/terminal.h, not just info.h, dribble.h, and terminal.h.

	* src/ (builtin_help): New option, -i, for invoking
	info browser.  If -i is not given, just do what we used to do, but
	point to help -i as a way to get additional information.

	* (print_usage): New function.

	* (all builtins): Call print_usage to get usage message.
	* (all builtins): Likewise.

Fri Oct 22 15:56:16 1993  John Eaton  (

	* Cholesky changes from R. Bruce Tenison (

	* src/, src/f-chol.h: New files for the Cholesky
	* src/ (SOURCES, OBJECTS, DLD_OBJECTS): Add to lists.
	* src/ (builtin_chol): New function.
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare it.

	* liboctave/ (CHOL, ComplexCHOL): New classes.

	* libcruft/lapack: dpotrf.f, zpotrf.f, dpotf2.f, zpotf2.f: New

	* libcruft/blas: dsyrk.f, zherk.f: New files.

Fri Oct 22 14:04:16 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_schur): Fourth arg for DLD_BUILTIN is
	schur, not hess.

	* scripts/dare.m: Correct usage of fprintf.

	* src/ (raw_mode): Only complain about stdin not a tty if
	interactive or forced interactive.

Thu Oct 21 17:00:57 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (install_builtins): Try harder to make
	initialization of NaN work.  Make note about possible fixes if it
	still doesn't work.

	* src/ (raw_mode): [HAVE_TERMIOS_H] and [HAVE_TERMIO_H]
	Don't set TAB3 since it doesn't seem necessary and some systems
	don't have it by this name.
	[HAVE_SGTTY_H] To be consistent, don't set XTABS here either.

	* src/error.c (error): Call flush_output_to_pager before printing
	error message.
	(panic): Likewise, before aborting.

	* src/ (symbol_record::undefine): Delete unused function.
	(symbol_table::undefine): Likewise.

	* src/ (clear): Never delete symbol records from the
	table.  Only delete the definitions.  This makes clear and
	undefine equivalent, so we don't need them
	* src/ (tree_function::eval): Call symbol_table::clear, not

	* src/ (builtin_clear): Only clear global symbols if
	we are at the top level.
	* src/parse.y (CLEAR): Delete token.
	(word_list_command): Remove code to handle CLEAR as special case.
	(expect): Only 19 now.
	* src/lex.l (handle_identifier): Remove special code for clear.
	It's ok to use it in a function body now.

	* src/ Include extern "C" declarations for Info stuff.
	(builtin_help): If given an argument, try to get help directly
	from info file first.  If that fails, do as before.
	(help_syms_list): New function:
	(simple_help): New function.
	(try_info): New function.
	(help_from_list): New function.

	* src/ (DEFAULT_INFO_FILE): Define new macro.
	* Set value of DEFAULT_INFO_FILE.
	* (INSTALL_PROGRAM): Add definition.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add info directory.
	(info): New target.
	* Add autoconf macros to handle info configuration.

	* info/ Major changes to make it work with Octave's
	Makeconf file, etc.  The default action is now to build a
	libinfo.a file.

	* info/error.c: New file.  Move error functions here from info.c.

	* info/signals.c (clear_info_signal_handler): New function, useful
	if info is used directly in another program.

	* info/termdep.h: Handle termios too.
	* info/terminal.c (terminal_prep_terminal): Handle termios.
	* (terminal_unprep_terminal): Likewise

	* info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Add arg to make
	clearing the screen conditional.  Useful if we want to call
	index_entry_exists() first before displaying anything.
	Change all callers.

	* info/session.c (finish_info_session): New function.

	* info/session.c (dispatch_error): Change message to include info
	about how to get help and how to quit.

	* info/info.c (index_search_p): New flag.
	(--index-search): New option, like apropos, but search the indices
	and display the first node found.

	* info/indices.c (do_info_index_search): New function, modified
	from info_index_search to allow searching the index for a string
	without prompting for it.
	(info_index_search): Just call do_info_index_search.
	(index_entry_exists): New function, to allow us to find out if
	there is an index entry for a given string without actually
	displaying anything.

	* info: New directory, containing source for GNU info browser.

Tue Oct 19 00:14:33 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (input_from_tmp_history_file): New global flag.
	(do_edit_history): Protect and set it.
	(do_run_history): Likewise.
	* src/parse.y (func_def2): Use it to see that input is coming from
	a temporary file.  This means that we shouldn't exit when we're
	done reading it, and we should treat it just as if the input were
	coming from the keyboard.

	* (force_global): Force aliasing so it will happen
	even if the symbol record is undefined.

	* src/lex.l (lookup_identifier): Simplify

	* src/lex.l (reset_parser): Reset error_state here.
	* src/ (main): Not here.

Mon Oct 18 14:27:02 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ Delete constructor for tree_constant from

	* In src: tree.h, mappers.h, unwind-prot.h, parse.h, file-io.h,
	arith-ops.h, tree-base.h, tree-const.h, g-builtins.h,
	idx-vector.h, builtins.h, dynamic-ld.h, xdiv.h, xpow.h,
	pr-output.h, input.h, symtab.h, utils.h: Avoid including files

	* In src:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sprinkle liberally with const.

	* In src:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
	Add const qualifier to tree-constant arg.

Sat Oct 16 12:22:24 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/tree-const.h, src/ Add const qualifier to
	constructor arguments passed by reference.
	Pass Complex arguments by const reference instead of by value.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h, liboctave/, liboctave/,
	liboctave/ liboctave/ Pass Complex
	arguments by const reference instead of by value.

Wed Oct 13 14:13:29 1993  John Eaton  (

	* src/ (decode_prompt_string): ctime returns time_t, which
	might not be a long.

	* src/ (identifier_exists):	Only return non-zero if
	the name has a definition.

	* src/ (npsol): Call error(), not message(), to print
	error messages.
	(linear_constraints_ok): Likewise.
	(nonlinear_constraints_ok): Likewise.

	* src/ (qpsol): Don't try to create the linear
	constraint object before checking array sizes.  Wouldn't exception
	handling be nice?
	Call error(), not message(), to print error messages.
	Check to ensure that the bounds on linear constraints are

	* src/lex.l (lookup_identifier): Don't bind global variables
	immediately in loops or conditionals, even at the top level.

Sun Oct 10 8:48:00 1993  John Eaton  (

	* README.doc: New file.
	* (doc-dist): New target.
	* doc/ (FORMATTED): New macro.
	(doc-dist): New target.

	* src/ (tree_identifier::eval): Don't print anything if an
	error is encountered.
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.

	* src/ (do_matrix_assignment): Handle resizing
	correctly when indices are (:,range), (:,matrix), (range,:), or
	(matrix,:) and the lhs is empty or undefined.

Tue Oct  5 04:02:37 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.76 released.

	* src/ (main):	Print usage message if we are given more
	than one extra argument on the command line.
	Delay printing startup message until just before setting the toplevel
	jump context.

	* src/lex.h (DO_COMMA_INSERT_CHECK): Delete unused macro.

	* src/lex.l (handle_identifier): New function.
	({IDENT}/{S}*=, {IDENT}{S}*): Use it instead of duplicating code.
	(do_comma_insert_check): Use yyunput instad of returning original
	character count.
	Call directly instead of using DO_COMMA_INSERT_CHECK macro.

Mon Oct  4 08:06:10 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.75.4.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::eval ()): Avoid calling
	rows() and columns() for things like magic_colon.

Sun Oct  3 19:39:33 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	Changes to add line and column info to run-time error messages:

	* src/ (tree_identifier, tree_prefix_expression,
	tree_postfix_expression, tree_simple_assignment_expression,
	tree_multi_assignment_expression, tree_colon_expression,
	tree_index_expression): Modify constructors to allow line and
	column information to be stored.
	(abort_on_undefined): Delete (now) unnecessary static variable.
	(all eval() functions): If error_state, return immediately.
	(tree_matrix::eval ()): Call error and return tree_constant()
	instead of jumping to top level on error.
	(tree_identifier::parse_m_file ()): When starting to read an
	M-file, initialize current_input_column to 1, not 0.
	(tree_identifier::eval_undefined_error ()): Improve error message
	with line and column info if it is available.  Don't abort to top
	level on errors.
	(tree_function::traceback_error ()): New function.
	(tree_function::eval ()): Don't jump to top level on errors.
	Call traceback_error if there is an error evaluating the command

	* src/ (tree_prefix_expression::eval_error ()): New function.
	(tree_postfix_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_unary_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_binary_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_simple_assignment_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_colon_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.
	(tree_index_expression::eval_error ()): Ditto.

	* src/ (tree_function::stash_function_name ()): New function.
	* src/parse.y (FCN): Use it.

	* src/lex.l: Return line and column info for many (but not all)

	* src/parse.y: Handle token values with the token class defined in
	(check_end ()): New function.
	(end_error ()): Improve error messages by including line and
	column info.

	* src/ (lots of functions): Don't jump to top level on
	* src/ (tree_unary_expression::eval ()),
	tree_binary_expression::eval ()): Handle error condition here.

	* src/ (gripe_nonconformant): Add additional form of this
	function to allow message to include dimensions.  Change most
	callers to use new form

	* src/ Initialize column counter to 1, not 0.
	(main): Reset error_state before evaluating each top level

	* src/ (tree_plot_command::eval ()): If error_state,
	return immediately.

	* src/ (do_binary_op ()): Return tree_constant() instead
	of jumping to top level on errors.
	(do_unary_op): Likewise.
	(tree_constant_rep::eval ()): If error_state, return immediately.
	Convert 1x1 matrices to scalars.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_assignment ()):
	Don't jump to top level on error.
	If there is an error while attempting to convert an undefined
	variable to a matrix, don't suddenly create an empty matrix.
	(tree_constant_rep::fortran_style_matrix_assignment ()): Check
	return value of range_max_check() and don't jumpt to top level on
	(tree_constant_rep::vector_assignment ()): Check return value of
	index_check and don't jump to top level on errors.
	(tree_constant_rep::check_vector_assign ()): Don't jump to top
	level on errors.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_assignment ()): Check return value
	of index_check and don't jump to top level on errors.

	* src/ (get_dimensions ()): Call error (sets error state)
	but don't jump to top level on errors.
	(fill_matrix): Return tree_constant() on error.
	(identity_matrix): Likewise.

	* src/ (error_state): New global variable, initialize to zero.
	(error): Set it to one.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::valid_as_scalar_index ()):
	Don't declare unused variable retval.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_index ()): Return tree_constant()
	instead of jumping to top level on error.
	(tree_constant_rep::fortran_style_matrix_index): Don't jump to top
	level on indexing or range errors.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_vector_index ()): Likewise.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_index ()): Likewise.

	* src/tc-inlines (range_max_check): Return -1 instead of jumping
	to top level on error.
	(index_check): Likewise.

	* src/ (check_dimensions): Call error, not warning, and
	don't jump to top level.

	* src/tree-base.h (line_num, column_num): New data members for all
	tree classes.
	(line (), column ()): New virtual functions to access line and
	column info.

	* src/lex.l (enum end_tok_type, enum plot_tok_type): Delete
	declarations (now in token.h).

	TOK_RETURN, BIN_OP_RETURN): Move macro definition here, from
	lex.l.  Rename RETURN TOK_RETURN.

	* src/, token.h: New files that define a class for tokens
	that includes line and column information.

Wed Sep 29 11:15:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ Use GNU getopt to handle option parsing.
	* src/getopt.h src/getopt.c src/getopt1.c: New files for GNU
	* src/ Add them to the appropriate lists.

	* src/ (raw_mode): Use the termios.h terminal driver
	interface if it is available.
	* Check for termios.h

	* src/ (tree_subplot_list::print (int, ostrstream&)):
	If the data to be plotted is a string but it doesn't name a file,
	try sending it to gnuplot directly.

Tue Sep 28 16:06:42 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (QPSOL::minimize (double&, int&, Vector&)):
	Correct dimensions of work arrays, based on QPSOL source.
	Pass ncon, which is max (1, nclin), not n, as the row dimension of

	* src/ (linear_constraints_ok): Improve warning for the
	case of constraints with zero dimensions.
	(nonlinear_constraints_ok): Likewise.

Mon Sep 27 01:20:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.75.3.

	* (dist): Make file permissions for distribution rw.
	(binary-dist): Ditto.
	(local-dist): Ditto.

Sat Sep 25 15:29:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ Include stdio.h, for sprintf.

	* src/ (octave_gets): Set octave_gets_line to NULL after
	freeing it.

	* Version 0.75.2.

	* liboctave/ (Matrix::operator * (const ColumnVector&):
	Correct dimension of return value.
	(ComplexMatrix::operator * (const ComplexColumnVector&)): Ditto.

Tue Sep 21 20:42:10 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_identifier::assign (tree_constant&)):
	Correctly handle case of hiding a function with a variable when
	the variable has not been flagged as global.
	tree_identifier::assign (tree_constant&, tree_constant*, int)):

	* src/ (force_global): When a variable is moved to the
	global symbol table, mark it as global.

	* src/ (symbol_record::symbol_record ()): Initialize
	(symbol_record::clear_visible ()): Reset forced_global to zero.
	(symbol_record::clear_all ()): Ditto.
	(symbol_record::mark_as_forced_global ()): New function.
	(symbol_record::is_forced_global ()): New function.
	(symbol_record::alias ()): Also copy forced_global attribute.

	* src/symtab.h (symbol_record::forced_global): New private data
	member, used to record when a variable has been explicitly
	declared global.

	* src/lex.l (lookup_identifier): Look in current scope first.

Mon Sep 20 03:15:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/parse.y, src/, src/tree.h: Allow `for' command to
	assign to an index expression, not just an identifier.

	* src/ (builtin_clear (int, char **)): Don't delete
	g_names twice.

	* src/	(symbol_table::list (int&)): Make sure count is
	initialized to zero.
	(symbol_table::var_list (int&)): Ditto.
	(symbol_table::fcn_list (int&)): Ditto.

Sat Sep 18 04:06:42 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/lex.l, src/parse.y, src/parse.h: Use new global variable
	past_plot_range to make gplot and gsplot smarter about
	distinguishing plot ranges and literal matrices.

Fri Sep 17 01:06:30 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.75.1 released.

	* src/ Include <float.h> for DBL_EPSILON.

	* src/ (symbol_record::save (ostream&, int)): Don't print
	a warning for ans being undefined.  Call warning to print the
	message, and change the text to make it clearer.
	(symbol_table::save (ostream&, int)): Don't crash if there aren't
	any symbols to save.

Thu Sep 16 00:21:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_help): When trying harder to find
	help for M-files, only insert the symbol into the global symbol
	table if there really is an M-file of the given name in the path.

Wed Sep 15 02:08:27 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.75.

	* src/ (INCLUDES): Distribute defaults.h
	(%.d: Don't fail if we can't determine dependencies.
	(DISTFILES): Include move-if-change.

Tue Sep 14 21:23:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* scripts/perror.m: Use err, not info for fsolve section.

Mon Sep 13 19:29:26 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (get_m_file_names): Call closedir(), not free(), to
	dispose of directory structure.

Sun Sep 12 19:07:36 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::double_value): Rearrange
	to avoid warning about reaching end of non-void function.
	(tree_constant_rep::matrix_value): Ditto.

	* src/ (panic): Declare volatile.
	* src/ (jump_to_top_level): Declare as `void volatile',
	not `volatile void'.

	* src/ (tree_constant_rep::complex_matrix_value):
	Make it work even if the internal representation is really a real
	or complex scalar or a real matrix.
	(tree_constant_rep::complex_scalar_value): Make it work even if
	the internal representation is really a real scalar.

	* src/ (syl): Delete ComplexMatrixLoad().
	Use complex_matrix_value(), not ComplexMatrixLoad().

	* src/ (vector_of_empties): Renamed from empty_tree,
	moved from

	* src/ (syl): Call vector_of_empties() instead of empty_tree().
	* src/ (qzvalue): Ditto.

	* src/tree-const.h (tree_constant::is_empty): New inline function.

	* src/ (syl): Call is_empty instead of empty_arg.
	* src/ (qzvalue): Ditto.
	* src/ (matrix_exp): Ditto.

Thu Sep  9 22:40:16 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (Matrix::transpose): Make it work for empty
	(ComplexMatrix::transpose): Ditto.

Mon Sep  6 04:56:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (tree_subplot_list::print): 	If the plot data
	is a string and it names a file, plot the data in the file.

	* src/ (execute_startup_files): Try harder to avoid
	executing $HOME/.octaverc twice.

	* liboctave/ (DAE::integrate (Vector&, Matrix&, Vector&)):
	Add missing parameter in call to integrate() if no critical points
	are specified.

Sat Sep  4 16:18:49 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (execute_startup_files): Don't execute
	$HOME/.octaverc twice.

Mon Aug 30 11:25:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_clear): Handle regular expressions.

Fri Aug 27 07:25:32 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* liboctave/
	(RowVector::operator * (const ColumnVector& a) const): Fix brain-o.

Wed Aug 18 00:29:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* list_primes.m: New M-file.

	* src/ (do_scalar_index): Handle two vector args of all

Tue Aug 17 06:26:04 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (process_printf_format): Use NINT for * modifier

Mon Aug 16 19:30:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (arg (double)): Return pi for negative real values.

Sun Aug 15 05:08:48 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (mk_tmp_hist_file): New function, extracted
	from do_edit_history.
	(do_edit_history): Simplify using mk_tmp_hist_file.
	(do_run_history): New function.
	(edit_history_repl_hist): New function.

	* src/ (builtin_run_history): New function.

	* src/ (text_functions): Add run_history to the list.

Fri Aug 13 16:04:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* tzero.m: New M-file.
	* abcdchk.m: New M-file.
	* is_symmetric.m: Use tol and norm (A) to decide if A' is close
	enough to A to be considered the same.

Wed Aug 11 15:50:59 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.74.1.

	Merge in expm changes from A. S. Hodel <>:

	* f-expm.{h,cc}: New files.
	* src/ Include them in the usual places.
	* src/ (builtin_expm): The new matrix_exp returns a
	tree_constant by value.
	Include f-expm.h
	* src/ (matrix_exp): Delete function.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	Merge in qzval changes from A. S. Hodel <>:

	* f-qzval.{h,cc}: New files.
	* src/ Include them in the usual places.
	* src/ (builtin_qzval): New function.
	Include f-qzval.h
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare builtin_qzval.
	* src/ (general_functions): Add qzval to the list.

	* libcruft/eispack: New directory.
	* libcruft/ (SUBDIRS): Include it.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Add libcruft/balgen/Makefile and
	libcruft/eispack/Makefile to the list of files to frob.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	Merge in syl changes from A. S. Hodel <>:

	* lyap.m: New M-file.

	* f-syl.{h,cc}: New files.
	* src/ Include them in the usual places.
	* src/ (builtin_syl): New function.
	Include f-syl.h
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare builtin_syl.
	* src/ (general_functions): Add syl to the list.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (builtin_balance): Fix typo in doc string.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	Merge in givens changes from A. S. Hodel <>:

	* f-givens.{h,cc}: New files.
	* src/ Include them in the usual places.
	* src/ (builtin_givens): New function.
	Include f-givens.h
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare builtin_givens.
	* src/ (general_functions): Add givens to the list.

	* src/ (defaults.h) Quote substitutions.
	Use %foo%, not @foo@ to mark substitution.
	* src/ Use %foo%, no @foo@ to do mark things to

	* qzhess.m: New M-file.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	Merge in balance changes from A. S. Hodel <>:

	* are, is_controllable.m, is_observable.m, is_square.m,
	is_symmetric.m:  New M-files.

	* Matrix.h (AEPBALANCE): New class.
	(ComplexAEPBALANCE): New class.
	(GEPBALANCE): New class.
	* Add init functions for balancing classes.

	* src/f-balance.{h,cc}: New files.
	* src/ Include them in the usual places.
	* src/ (builtin_balance): New function.
	Include f-givens.h
	* src/g-builtins.h: Declare builtin_balance.
	* src/ (general_functions): Add balance to the list.

	* libcruft/balgen: New directory.
	* libcruft/ (SUBDIRS): Include it.

Tue Aug 10 20:06:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Use AC_HAVE_LIBRARY to check for -lm.

	* src/ (defaults.h): Quote substitutions.

Mon Aug  9 13:30:07 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* README.NLP: New file.
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute it.

Sun Aug  8 19:05:48 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/move-if-change: New file.
	* src/ (DISTFILES): Distribute it.
	(defaults.h): New rule.
	(utils.o): Delete rule, since extra defines are no longer needed.
	(INCLUDES): Distribute
	* src/ Include defaults.h to get DEFAULT_PAGER and
	OCTAVE_HOME instead of depending on having them defined by the
	compile command.

	If we find less, add `-e' flag, so users won't have to type q to
	quit paging.

Sat Aug  7 13:34:06 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* f-*.cc: Renamed from tc-*.cc.  (Use f- as the file prefix
	because most of these functions are ultimately implemented in
	Fortran, and, most importantly, it keeps them grouped together.)
	* f-*.h: New files, for external declarations of visible functions
	defined in f-*.cc.
	* Include them all.
	* tree-const.h: Don't declare these functions as friends.
	* Cope with new names.

	* (parse_and_execute (char *, int)): Don't declare static.
	* octave.h: Declare it extern here.
	* (do_edit_history): Use it here.

	* (do_edit_history): New function.
	* (builtin_edit_history): Use it.

	*, t-builtins.h, Rename edit to

	* (do_history): Print line numbers by default.
	Allow quieter output with -q option.

	* (builtin_hess): Use DLD_BUILTIN macro to call hess.
	* (builtin_schur): Likewise

	* (builtin_hess_2): Call hess with corrrect args.
	* (builtin_schur_2): Likewise, for schur dude :-).

	* (builtin_fsqp_2): Fix typo.

Thu Aug  5 23:14:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (octave_read): Ensure that the last character in the
	buffer is a new line.

Wed Aug  4 19:25:54 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y (func_def2): Also warn if we encounter a function
	definition with the same name as the script file we are reading.

	* (tree_identifier::do_lookup): Always return NULL_TREE if
	a script file was executed.

Tue Aug  3 23:25:45 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Delete useless static keyword from File_info class
	* Likewise, for unwind_elem and saved_variable
	* Likewise, for enum rand_dist declaration.
	*  Likewise, for enum Matrix_bool_op declaration.
	* Likewise, for struct const_matrix_list declaration.

Fri Jul 23 01:40:38 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (malloc_handler): Add missing arg to call to message().

Tue Jul 20 04:09:32 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.74 released.

	* (version): Run `./octave -v' to get the version
	number instead of grabbing it from version.h.
	* Fail if we can't get a version number.
	* Install ./octave, not src/octave.

	* (binary-dist): Don't depend on all.
	* Link src/octave to ./octave.  (Now that there's no source in
	binary distributions, why have a src directory?)

	* (process_scanf_format): Rename local variable `i' to
	* (process_printf_format): Likewise.

	* (can_interrupt): New global variable.
	* (sigint_handler): Use it to decide whether to jump to top level.
	* (main): Set it after calling setjmp.

	* (main): Declare saved_sigint_handler to be volatile.

	*,,,,, Terminate strstream strings with ends instead of just
	using '\0'.

	* (process_scanf_format): Skip leading white space for
	%s conversions.
	* (fopen_file_for_user): Pass tree_constant arg by reference.
	* (do_scanf): If doing fprintf, don't fail if first arg is a

Mon Jul 19 16:00:22 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (pstrcmp): Declare to take char** args, not char*.

Sun Jul 18 13:02:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (return_valid_file): Pass arg by reference.

	* (fclose_internal, fgets_internal, fseek_internal):
	Eliminate unnecessary casts to double.

	* (return_valid_file, fgets_internal, fopen_internal,
	do_printf, do_scanf): Use is_string_type instead of doing the
	comparison ourselves.
	* (builtin_exist, builtin_getenv,
	builtin_shell_command): Ditto.
	* (collocation_weights): Ditto.
	* (eval_string, get_user_input): Ditto.
	* (rand_internal): Ditto.
	* (tree_subplot_list::print): Ditto.
	* (is_valid_function, octave_string_variable): Ditto.

Thu Jul 15 02:29:03 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* doc/ (TEXINFO): Distribute texinfo.tex too.

	* (load_variable): Warn if replacing local symbol
	with global from file.
	* Warn if variable is not marked as global in a file, but already
	exists as a global symbol, then go ahead and load it as a global.

Tue Jul 13 01:47:48 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (lookup_identifier): Never alias to global here.
	* (do_lookup): Don't alias formal parameters to global.
	* (force_global): Likewise.
	* (symbol_table::bind_globals): Likewise.

	* symtab.h (symbol_record::formal_param): New field.
	* (symbol_record::mark_as_global_parameter): New function.
	* (symbol_record::is_formal_parameter): Ditto.
	* (tree_identifier::mark_as_formal_parameter): Ditto.
	* (tree_parameter_list::mark_as_formal_parameters): Ditto.
	* parse.y (param_list): Use it to tag formal parameters.
	* (func_def1): Ditto.

	* (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR): On IEEE machines, allow
	divide by zero errors to be suppressed.
	* user-prefs.h (warn_divide_by_zero): New user preference.
	* (warn_divide_by_zero): New function.
	* (builtin_string_variables): Install it with default
	value of true.

	* (tree_multi_assignemnt_expression): Use tree_return_list
	instead of tree_param_list.
	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression:eval): Make it work.

	* (tree_return_list): New class.  Allow index expressions
	and identifiers in return lists.
	* (tree_matrix::to_return_list): Rename from to_param_list.
	* parse.y (expression): Use it.

	* parse.y: Increment and decrement maybe_screwed_again instead of
	just setting it to zero or one.

Mon Jul 12 03:23:40 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_assignment): Handle
	case of lhs being of unknown type.

	* lex.l (check_for_garbage_after_fcn_def): Also ignore trailing
	commas and semicolons.

Sun Jul 11 00:08:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.73.1 released.

	* (symbol_record::alias): Also copy pointer to sv_fcn.

Sat Jul 10 14:34:00 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval (int, char **, int): New function.

	* (symbol_table::bind_globals): New function.
	* (tree_function::eval): Use it to associate local symbols
	with global data.

	* (alias): Add optional parameter `force'.

	* Version 0.73 released.

	* Use D_NINT instead of NINT in some cases to avoid
	overflow problems on systems that don't have IEEE Inf.
	* (round): Likewise.  Also avoids conversion of Inf to
	INT_MAX on systems that do have IEEE Inf.

	* builtins.h: Remove definition of NINT.
	* tree.h: Likewise.
	* tree-const.h: Likewise.

	* (NINT): Move function here and improve handling of
	extreme values.
	* (D_NINT): New function.

	* scripts/isempty.m: Don't require the number of rows and columns
	to both be zero.

Thu Jul  8 16:25:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.72.2.

	* Do a better job of grabbing the last argument as
	the target_host_type and avoiding setting it to things like

	* (tree_constant_rep::save): Add default case for
	mark_as_global switch to avoid warnings from gcc.

	* (force_global): Cope with symbol table changes.
	* (tree_identifier::do_lookup): Likewise.
	* lex.l (lookup_identifier): Likewise.
	* (install_builtins): Likewise.

	*, symtab.h: Massive internal rewrite.

Wed Jul  7 02:18:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_assignment): If rhs
	is a scalar type, also handle case of lhs being of unknown type.
	* Be sure to set the new type of the lhs.

	* tree-base.h: Don't include symtab.h.
	* tree-const.h: Ditto.

Tue Jul  6 22:47:28 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y (func_def2): Remove the function name from the top-level
	symbol table if defining on command line (an M-file would never be
	parsed if there was already an entry with the same name in the top
	level symbol table).

	* parse.y (word_list_command): Allow clear without any arguments.
	* (word_list_command::eval): Handle word list commands
	with no arguments.

Mon Jul  5 14:43:30 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.72.1.

	* (operators): Document the double quote character.

	* lex.l (getting_help): Delete unused variable.
	* (HELP_FCN): New exclusive start state.
	* ({IDENT}{S}*): Set start state to HELP_FCN instead of setting
	* ({IDENT}/{S}*=): Likewise.

	* (symbol_table::load): Delete unused function.

	* (tree_constant::load): Return flag telling whether
	the constant is global.
	* (builtin_load): Handle global variables.
	* (builtin_save): Likewise.

	* (symbol_record::save): Don't save builtin variables
	(variables marked as eternal are assumed to be builtin).

	* (symbol_record::mark_from_global): New function.
	* (symbol_def::undefine): Add optional argument to prevent
	deleting symbol's definition.
	* (symbol_table::undefine): If this variable has been marked as
	defined from a global, call symbol_def::undefine with arg = 1.
	* (tree_identifier::do_lookup): If a local symbol is
	defined from a global, mark it as such.

	* (symbol_record::define (symbol_record*)): Delete
	unused function.

	* (tree_identifier::do_lookup (int&)): Use operator=
	instead of symbol_record::define().
	* (force_global (char*)): Likewise.

Sun Jul  4 01:27:44 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (symbol_record): Define copy constructor and operator=.

	* (install_builtins): Make `i' and `j' read-only

	* (symbol_record::define): Respect read-only status of
	variables and functions.

Sat Jul  3 19:11:31 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* user-prefs.h (print_empty_dimensions): New user preference variable.
	* (print_empty_dimensions): New function.
	* (print_empty_dimesions): Make default value true.
	* (tree_constant_rep::eval): Use value here.

	* cond.m: Handle empty matrices.
	* tc-det.m (determinant): Likewise.
	* tc-inv.m (inverse): Likewise.

	* (hess): Use gripe_square_matrix_required instead of
	calling error.
	* (schur): Likewise.

	* (propagate_empty_matrices): Change default value to

	* (tree_constant_rep::eval): If a matrix has zero
	rows or columns, also print the dimension along with the `[]'

	* (do_binary_op): If ok to propagate empty matrices,
	go ahead and do the binary operation so that the result will have
	consistent dimensions.
	* (do_unary_op): Likewyse.

	* (get_dimensions): Don't force both nr and nc to
	zero if one is.
	*,,, Handle
	matrices with zero dimensions in a more consistent fashion.

Thu Jul  1 00:27:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* perror.m: New M-file.

	* LP.h, New interface for linear programmming.
	* LPsolve.h New files to implement linear programming
	using lp_solve.

	* (minimize): Also return the vector of Lagrange
	* (npsol): Optionally return them.

	* (minimize): Also return the vector of Lagrange
	* (qpsol): Optionally return them.

	* (qpsol): Make it work.

Wed Jun 30 02:19:00 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_lpsolve): New function.
	* (builtin_qpsol): Ditto.
	* (general_functions): Add them to the list.

	* New file.
	* Ditto.
	* src/ Add them to the list of SOURCES and DLD_OBJECTS.

Tue Jun 29 15:02:07 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (integrate): If stop_time_set is false, reset
	default value for info[3].
	* liboctave/ (integrate): Likewise, reset default values of
	iopt and itask.

	From Thorsten Ohl <>:
	* config.guess: Add check for NeXT.
	* Add check for NeXT so that readline is configured
	properly (really need to improve readline's configuration scheme).
	* (malloc_handler): New function for handling malloc
	errors on NeXT systems.

	* (main): Call sysdep_init before anything else.

	* New file for system dependent things.

	* (initialize_globals): Only pass argv[0] since that's
	the only thing that's used.

Sat Jun 26 13:00:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_builtin::eval (int, char**, int)): Don't panic if
	called for something other than a text_fcn.

	* (builtin_cd): Rewrite to fix bogus memory

Fri Jun 25 15:23:03 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_cd): Don't delete value returned by
	* (builtin_pwd): Likewise, and simplify.

	* (make_absolute): Always create a new copy to return.
	* (change_to_directory): Don't delete pointer returned
	from get_working_directory().
	* (file_in_path): Likewise.

Thu Jun 24 16:48:38 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l ({IDENT}{S}*): Always insert a comma if the next token
	doesn't look like some sort of operator, not just if
	convert_spaces_to_comma is also true (it may have been turned off

	* tree-const.h (matrix_ptr): Delete function.
	* (frobit): Delete function.
	* (get_dimensions): New function.
	* (identity_matrix): Completely rewrite.
	* (fill_matrix): Likewise.

Wed Jun 23 13:50:16 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (SCHUR::init): Also allow ord flag to be lowercase.
	* (ComplexSCHUR::init): Ditto.
	* (schur): Likewise.

	* (SCHUR::init): Declare sort as char, not char*,
	and pass its address to Lapack.
	* (ComplexSCHUR::init): Ditto.

	* (SCHUR::select_dig): Make static, and move ahead
	of first reference in file.
	* (SCHUR::select_ana): Likewise.
	* (ComplexSCHUR::select_complex_dig): Likewise.
	* (ComplexSCHUR::select_complex_ana): Likewise.

	* (install_builtins): Add `J' as an alias for `I'.

	* (install_builtins): Always create a new
	tree_constant for each variable, since the symbol table doesn't
	know how to share them.

	* (schur): Use warning and error functions instead of
	writing directly to cerr.
	* (hess): Ditto.

	* src/ (DLD_OBJECTS): Include tc-schur.o and tc-hess.o.
	* (SOURCES): Add

	* Merge Schur and Hessenberg changes:

	Fri Mar 19 11:01:19 1993  R. Bruce Tenison (

	* src/ Changed schur definition to include one more
	input.  Also changed the help line description
	* src/ Changed builtin_schur to accept two inputs
	Also changed the information to explain ordered schur operation.
	* src/ Added extensions to the SCHUR and ComplexSCHUR
	calls to pass extra paramater.  Also added check for proper param.
	* liboctave/Matrix.h: Modified declarations dgeesx and zgeesx to
	accept address of select function.  Modified class structures for
	SCHUR and ComplexSCHUR to accept extra ordered schur param.
	* liboctave/ Added extensions for the extra ordered
	schur paramater.

	Wed Mar 17 15:23:14 1993  R. Bruce Tenison (

	* liboctave/ (HESS and ComplexHESS): Added the
	Hessenburg decomposition routines.
	* liboctave/Matrix.h Added fortran lapack functions definitions
	used in the Hessenburg procedure.
	* src/ (builtin_hess): Hessenburg Decomposition routine
	* src/g-builtins.h (builtin_hess): Added extern definition.
	* liboctave/Matrix.h Added classed HESS and ComplexHESS
	* src/tree_const.h added defs for hess.
	* src/ (hess): New file for hess function.

	Tue Mar 16 10:46:32 1993  R. Bruce Tenison (

	* src/ (builtin_schur): Schur Decomposition routine
	* src/g-builtins.h (builtin_schur): Added extern definition.
	* liboctave/Matrix.h Added Classes SCHUR and Complex SCHUR, and
	added defs for zgeesx and dgeesx (lapack schur decomp)
	* liboctave/ (SCHUR and Complex SCHUR): Ditto.
	* src/tree-const.h added defs for schur.
	* src/ (schur): New file for schur function.

Tue Jun 22 20:18:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (check_for_garbage_after_fcn_def): New function
	* parse.y (fcn_end_or_eof): If reading from an M-file, use it to
	print warning about trailing garbage after the end of a function
	has been found.

Mon Jun 21 20:21:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_rep::assign): Handle case of
	assignment to unknown constant too.
	* (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_assignment): Don't fail for
	unknown_constant type.
	* (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_assignment): Likewise.

	* (rows): Return 0 for unknown_constant type.
	* (columns): Likewise.

	* (tree_identifier::assign): Defer defining symbol until
	assignment is successful.
	* When creating a new dummy tree_constant to assign a value to,
	leave it an unknown_constant type.

	* (do_scalar_assignment): If the right hand side
	isn't a scalar, maybe try to resize instead.
	* (do_matrix_assignment): For A(:,int) and A(int,:) cases, also
	resize if left hand side is a scalar.

	* norm.m: Allow "fro" to work for scalars and vectors too.

Sun Jun 20 01:17:03 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* New file.  Move inline function definitions here
	from NLConst.h.

	* New file.  Move inline function definitions here
	from Objective.h

	* (tree_word_list_command::eval): Call strsave for argv[0]
	too, and delete argv before returning.
	* (tree_builtin::eval): Likewise, for text functions with no

Sat Jun 19 01:37:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (parse_and_execute): Delete calls to delete_buffer
	and switch_to_buffer, since that is taken care of by unwinding the

Fri Jun 18 00:08:36 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Delete useless direct = ptr->direct
	and ptr = ptr->next statements from size-determining loop.

	* parse.y (opt_list): New rule.  Replace all occurrences of list
	with opt_list.

	* (tree_index_expression::eval (int, int)): Don't
	complain if the index expression has an empty argument list.

	* (initialize_globals): Check return value of
	getenv ("HOME") against NULL, not the global variable
	home_directory that we are trying to initialize.

	* (tree_function::eval): Quick return if command list
	is empty.
	* parse.y (func_def3): Allow empty function bodies.

Thu Jun 17 02:08:02 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_while_command): Add constructor for case of
	expression only.
	* parse.y (statement): Allow empty command list for while commands.

	* parse.y (list): Allow empty commands in more places.  This ups
	the shift/reduce error count by 6, to 19.

	* (execute_startup_files): Don't delete sd.

	* (initialize_globals): Make copies of all strings.
	* Store more humorous messages if things fail.

Tue Jun 15 11:03:39 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (get_user_input): Finish incomplete change to get
	input using readline.

	* (match_sans_spaces): New function.
	* (get_user_input): Use it when checking to see if the user
	entered a `quit' command.

	* liboctave/ Don't distribute or include
	Makedeps since we generate dependencies automatically now.
	* Don't create liboctave/Makedeps.

Sun Jun 13 18:31:17 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (xdiv): Solve least-squares problem if system of
	equations is not square, or if it is singular.
	* (xleftdiv): Likewise.

	* liboctave/Matrix.h (Matrix::lssolve): New functions for
	least-squares solutions of linear systems.
	* (ComplexMatrix::lssove): Ditto.

Sat Jun 12 19:07:07 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* libcruft/misc/xstopx.f (xstopx): Call dostop, not do_stop.
	* libcruft/misc/dostop.c: Rename from do_stop.c
	* (dostop): Likewise.

	* src/ (xisnan (double)): Define even for systems that
	don't have xisnan by always returning false.
	* (xisnan (const Complex&)): Likewise.

Fri Jun 11 19:54:58 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* doc/ (install): Try harder to install info files.

	* libcruft/ (install): Run ranlib on installed library.
	* liboctave/ (install): Ditto.
	* readline/ (install): Ditto.

Thu Jun 10 00:15:41 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.72 released.

	* libcruft/*/*.f: Don't call xstopx with '' since some Fortran
	compilers object to zero-length strings.
	* libcruft/misc/xstopx.f (xstopx): Don't print empty strings or
	single blanks.
	* libcruft/misc/gen-d1mach.c (main): Likewise, for generated code.

	* test/ (check): Set the Tcl variable OCTAVE_PATH.
	* test/config/unix-octave.exp: Pass OCTAVE_PATH to OCTAVE using
	the new -p flag.

	* (install_builtins): Use load_path instead of calling

	* (load_path): New global variable.
	* (initialize_globals): Initialize it here by calling default_path().
	* (main): Call initialize_globals() before getting command line
	* Accept new argument, -p PATH.

	* (clean_up_and_exit): Don't print a message when Octave

	* Install M-files in $(libsubdir), not $(libdir).
	* Use mkpath to create directories.
	* Extract version from version.h.

	* (version): Compute version just once.

	* (libsubdir): New directory that includes version number, for
	installing M-files in (old versions of Octave may not be able to
	understand new M-files).

	* src/, libcruft/, liboctave/,
	doc/, readline/, scripts/
	(install): Use mkpath to create directories.
	* scripts/ (install): Install M-files in $(libsubdir),
	not $(libdir).

	* mkpath.c: New file, from Emacs-19.
	* (mkpath): New rule.
	* (all): Depend on mkpath
	* (binary-dist): Distribute it.

	* config.guess: Update from

	* lex.l (<STRING>{QSTR}*[\n\']): Set start state to 0 or MATRIX,
	depending on value of braceflag.
	* (<DQSTRING>{DQSTR}*[\n\"]): Ditto.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Make sure that strings are nul

Tue Jun  8 16:08:10 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (clean_up_and_exit): Print `bye-bye' here.
	* (builtin_quit): Not here.

	* (terminal_columns): If screenwidth <= 0, return a
	default value of 80 columns.
	* (terminal_rows): Likewise for screenheight and a default of 24

	* (parse_and_execute): Don't fiddle with interactive
	states since that screws paging output.
	* (parse_m_file): Likewise.

	* parse.y (input): For `simple_list error END_OF_INPUT' and
	* Always accept `simple_list END_OF_INPUT'.
	* Always abort for `END_OF_INPUT'.

Mon Jun  8 13:55:41 1993  John C. Campbell  (

	* file-io.h (fopen_file_for_user): New function declaration.

	* (fopen_file_for_user): New function.
	* (fgets_internal): If file doesn't exist open it for user,
	also return (double) -1 on EOF
	* (fseek_internal), (ftell_internal), (frewind_internal),
	(do_printf): Ditto.
	* (fopen_internal): Remove warn_on_not_open flag, limit warns.

Mon Jun  7 00:28:13 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (do_scanf): Use `type' wherever possible instead of
	hardcoding name in messages.
	* (do_printf): Ditto.

	* (fflush_internal): If flushing stdout, flush output
	to the pager instead of calling fflush on a stream.
	* (do_printf): Make fprintf (stdout, ...) exactly the same as
	printf (...).
	* (do_scanf): Make fscanf (stdin, ...) exactly the same as
	scanf (...).

	* (get_user_input): Flush output to pager before
	prompting for input.

	* libcruft/ (DISTFILES): Distribute STOP.patch to show
	the changes made to the Fortran sources.

	* libcruft/*/*.f: Replace STOP statements with calls to xstopx, so
	that Fortran programs won't just quit on us.

	* libcruft/misc/xstopx.f: New file.
	* libcruft/misc/do_stop.c: New file.
	* libcruft/misc/ (SPECIAL): Add do_stop.c to the list.
	* (SPECIAL_DEPEND): Likewise, for do_stop.o.
	* libcruft/ (CRUFT_OBJ): Ditto.

	* lex.l (")"): Don't pop the top of the in_brace_or_paren stack if
	it's empty.

Sun Jun  6 00:41:28 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* liboctave/ (init): Always compute Gaussian quadrature
	weights instead of trying to compute Radau or Lobatto weights if
	the endpoints are included.
	* Really do compute roots and derivative weights corresponding to
	Legendre polynomials if alpha and beta are zero, even if the
	endpoints are included.

Sat Jun  5 22:19:55 1993  John C. Campbell  (

	* (builtin_general_functions): Correct max arg counts
	for fscanf, scanf, and sscanf.

	* (builtin_fscanf): Correct argument checks.
	* (builtin_sscanf): Likewise.

	* (fopen_internal): Don't warn for opening new file.

	* (process_printf_format): Handle * for field width and
	* Pass array of arguments and nargin instead of just one arg.
	* (do_printf): Call process_printf_format() with new args.

	* (process_scanf_format): New function to handle scanf
	dirty work.
	* (do_scanf): New function.

Sat Jun  5 14:09:41 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (YY_FATAL_ERROR): Redefine here to keep from exiting on
	fatal scanner errors.

Fri Jun  4 16:35:25 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval (int)): Check to
	see if result is NULL before trying to use it.

	* (get_user_input): Call gnu_readline() to get input.

Thu Jun  3 00:30:28 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* scripts/*.m: Convert single-quoted strings to use double quotes
	since the manual says they are better.

	* Version 0.71.10.

	* doc/ (DISTFILES): Distribute*.

	* (.fname): Delete target and move actions back to the
	individual dist targets because this always needs to be done.
	* (binary-dist): Strip src/octave.

	* New file, for binary distributions.

Wed Jun  2 15:11:54 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (binary-dist): New target, just like dist, except
	also distribute libcruft.a, liboctave.a, libreadline.a and

	* (.fname): New target.
	* (links-for-dist): New target.
	* (local-dist): Depend on .fname.
	* (dist): Depend on .fname and use links-for-dist.

	* Move code to print startup message to just after
	option processing so that any messages from startup files will
	appear after the normal startup message.

	* (get_site_defaults): New function.
	* (OCTAVE_HOME): Provide default definition.

	* (SITE_DEFAULTS): Delete definition.
	* (execute_startup_files): Use get_site_defaults instead.

	* src/ (utils.o): Define OCTAVE_HOME to be $(prefix)


	* lex.l (do_string_escapes): Recognize `\"'.

Tue Jun  1 01:28:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.71.9.

	* parse.y (maybe_convert_to_ans_assign): Greatly simplify.

	* (File_info): Convert from struct to proper class.
	* (valid_mode): New function.

	* parse.y, parse.h, lex.l, (convert_to_ans_assign):
	Delete unused variable.

	* (SEEK_CUR): Set to 1 to match (normal) system values.
	* (SEEK_END): Likewise, set to 2.

	* statdefs.h: New file.
	* (INCLUDES): Add it to the list.
	* Include it.
	* (identifier_exists): Likewise.
	* (is_newer): Likewise.

	* (SEEK_SET): New builtin varible.
	* (SEEK_CUR): Ditto.
	* (SEEK_END): Ditto.
	* (stdin): Ditto.
	* (stdout): Ditto.
	* (stderr): Ditto.

	* lex.l (strip_trailing_whitespace): New function.
	* ({IDENT}{S}*): Use it.
	* (<TEXT_FCN>[^ \t\n\;\,]*): Fix to grab trailing spaces.
	Use strip_trailing_whitespce() to delete it before returning.

Mon May 31 21:00:00 1993  John C. Campbell  (

	*, file-io.h: New files to implement C-style file
	handling and I/O functions.
	* (do_printf): Move here from
	* (process_printf_format): Likewise.  Also renamed from

Mon May 31 00:52:55 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval): Now that we can restore values, enable
	code to give error for attempts to call functions recursively.

	* (parse_and_execute): Use unwind-protect functions to
	save and restore state.
	* (parse_m_file): Likewise.
	* (tree_function::eval): Likewise.
	* tc-extras (eval_string): Likewise.

	* (saved_variable): New class to hold values of and
	pointers to variables we want to restore.
	* (restore_saved_variable): New function.

	* (unwind_protect_int_internal): New function.
	* (unwind_protect_ptr_internal): Ditto.
	* (unwind_protect_var_internal): Ditto.

	* unwind-prot.h (unwind_prot_int): New macro.
	* unwind-prot.h (unwind_prot_ptr): Ditto.
	* unwind-prot.h (unwind_prot_var): Ditto.

	* (symbol_out_of_date ()): Move here from
	* (is_valid_function): Fix logic for finding a function
	definition, including checking to see if the current symbol
	definition is out of date.

	* tree-const.h (is_numeric_or_range_type): New function.
	* tree-const.h (is_string_type): New function.
	* (tree_matrix::eval): Use !is_string_type() instead of
	is_numeric_type() to decide that we've seen something other than
	a string.

	* parse.y (maybe_warn_assign_as_truth_value ()): New function.
	* user-prefs.h (warn_assign_as_truth_value): New preference.
	* (warn_assign_as_truth_value ()): New function.
	* (string_variables): Add it to the list.

	* tree.h (tree_simple_assignment_expression): Rename class from
	* (tree_assignment_expression): New class, derived from
	* (tree_simple_assignment_expression): Derive from new
	tree_assignment_expression class, not tree_expression class.
	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression): Ditto.

Sun May 30 22:40:58 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (%.d: First remove target file, then
	redirect into tmp file, and finally move tmp file to target file
	only if creating tmp file was successful.
	* liboctave/ (%.d: Ditto.

Sat May 29 18:18:16 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant *tree_multi_assignment_expression
	::eval (int print, int nargout)): New function.
	* (tree_constant tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval (int print)):
	Use it to do the real work.

	* (tree_matrix::to_param_list ()): Also allow index
	expressions as long as the argument list is missing.

	* parse.y (ans_expression): Now that assignments are just
	expressions, don't convert expressions to assignemnts to `ans' if
	they already are assignments.
	* maybe_convert_to_ans_assign (tree *expr): New function to do the
	real work.

	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression::
	is_assignement_expression ()): Return 1.

	* tree-base.h (tree::is_index_expression ()): New virtual
	function, returns 0.
	* (tree_index_expression::is_index_expression ()): Return 1.

	* (tree_assignment): Construct from tree_index_expression
	and a tree.
	* (tree_index_expression::ident ()): New function.
	* (tree_index_expression::arg_list ()): New function.

	* parse.y (variable): New rule, returns tree_index_expression.

	* parse.y: Rewrite assignment rules so that they are simply
	expressions, not special cases.
	* Rearrange fact and expression rules into expression (assignement
	or simple expression), simple_expr (binary and postfix expressions
	or secondary simple expression), and simple_expr1 (constants and
	prefix expressions) rules.
	* Delete fact rules.

	* parse.y: Make EXPR_EQ and EXPR_NE have the same precedence as
	the other relational operators.

Fri May 28 10:14:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* unix-octave.exp: Delete use of OCTAVEFLAGS.

	* test/config: New directory.
	* test/config/ New file.
	* test/config/unix-octave.exp: Rename from test/octave-init.exp.
	* test/ (SOURCES): Delete octave-init.exp from list.
	* Add test/config/Makefile to the list of Makefiles
	to build.

	* (send_to_plot_stream): Plot lines by default.

Thu May 27 08:03:31 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (\]): Don't pop the top of the in_brace_or_paren stack if
	it's empty.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Make it work for single element
	strings as well.

	* Version 0.71.8.

	* lex.l (next_token_is_postfix_unary_op): New function.
	* (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*): Use it as well, to decide whether to
	insert a comma.
	* (<MATRIX>{S}+): Likewise.
	* ({IDENT}{S}*): Likewise.

Wed May 26 15:37:27 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (pr_any_float): Use form() now that iostream
	formatting bug has been fixed (libg++-2.3.1).

Mon May 24 15:36:22 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (any_arg_is_magic_colon): New function.
	* (tree_builtin::eval) Use it to avoid calling builtin functions
	with `:' arguments.

Sun May 23 14:07:19 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_fprintf): Correct usage message.

Fri May 21 10:35:40 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.71.7.

	* (main): Always reset_parser() before every call to
	yyparse(), not just on a longjmp return.

	* doc/ (install): For now, don't try to install

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{S}+): Call next_token_is_bin_op() instead of
	making the check in line.
	* (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*): Likewise.
	* (<MATRIX>{S}+): Likewise.

	* lex.l (looks_like_bin_op): New function.
	* (next_char_is_space): Ditto.
	* (next_token_is_bin_op): Ditto.

	* lex.l ({IDENT}{S}*): If we're in a brace context and the next
	character is an open paren, set convert_spaces_to_comma to 0.
	* (convert_to_str): New function.
	* (builtin_setstr): New function.
	* (builtin_general_functions): Add it to the list.

Thu May 20 17:56:15 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* doc/ (SOURCES): Define to be all .texi files.
	* ( Depend on $(SOURCES).
	* (octave.dvi): New target.
	* Don't distribute the man page.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{S}+): If the next character is a plus or minus
	followed by a space or tab, don't insert a comma.  This makes
	input like [1 + 1] == 2 and input like [1 +1] == [1 1].
	* (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*): Likewise.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{S}+): Use in_brace_or_paren and
	convert_spaces_to_comma to decide whether to convert spaces to a

	* lex.l ({IDENT}{S}*): If we're in a brace context and the next
	character is an open paren, set convert_spaces_to_comma to 0.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*): Even if we're still inside some braces,
	don't always push a comma onto the input.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]): Also grab trailing spaces.
	* ({IDENT}): Ditto.

	* lex.l (in_brace_or_paren): New stack to keep track of whether
	the closest enclosing scope is a pair of braces or parens.  When
	we see a `[' or a `(', push a flag on the stack.  When we see a
	`]' or a `)', pop the top of the stack.

	* lex.l (convert_spaces_to_comma): New flag to control lexer behavior.
	* (RETURN): Reset it to 1.
	* (most other returns): Reset it to 1.

	* lex.l (BIN_OP_RETURN): New macro.  Set convert_spaces_to_comma to 0.
	* (most binary operators): Use it instead of RETURN.

	* lex.l (match_any): New function.

Wed May 19 12:51:54 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (nelem_internal): Don't allow ranges with more than
	INT_MAX elements.  Return -1 to indicate failure.
	* (tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (double,
	double, double)): Check nelem() to see if the range is valid.

	* (all_elements_are_ints (Range&)): We only need to
	check the base and the increment, not the limit too.

	* (nelem_internal): Move function definition here from
	Range.h and do a better job of determining the number of elements
	in the range.

Tue May 18 09:06:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.71.6.

	* (find_nonzero_elem_idx): Declare inner loop
	iteration variables that are used inside later nested loops
	in the outer enclosing scope to make this work for old and new
	language definitions (see the ARM, chapter 19: "ANSI/ISO
	Resolutions", 6.4/6.5: "The statement or statements immediately
	controlled by the condition in a selection-statement, or an
	iteration-statement introduce an implicit local scope".
	* (elem_xpow (Matrix&, Matrix&)): Likewise.

	* (tree_identifier::parse_m_file (char*, int)): Set
	reading_script_file before calling parse_m_file and restore it

Mon May 17 20:04:54 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* octave.h (prog_name): Declare extern.
	* (raw_prog_name): Ditto.

	* (ctest.c): Also write a dummy MAIN_ since gcc 2.4
	doesn't seem to create an executable now if there are unresolved
	externals, and the linker wants to see it on Suns.

Thu May 13 01:06:18 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (DISTFILES): Include

	* Set defaults for CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and
	* Use AC_PROGRAMS_CHECK instead of our own code for checking for a
	Fortran compiler.
	* Add Makeconf to the list of files to create.

	* src/ (octave): Use ALL_LDFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS.

	* Allow the user to set CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, and FFLAGS without
	screwing things up.
	* Provide rules for making .o from .cc or .c files that use

	* src/ Generate dependencies automatically using the
	method described in the GNU make manual.
	* liboctave/ Likewise.

	* All files: Set TOPDIR and include $(TOPDIR)/Makeconf.
	* New file, for most configuration options.

	* (rand_internal): Return an empty matrix for rand (0).

Wed May 12 01:32:36 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (clean_up_and_exit): Call close_plot_stream before

	* Version 0.71.4.

	* (octave_print_internal (ostrstream&, Matrix&)):
	Handle wrapping columns neatly, respecting value of split_long_rows.
	* (octave_print_internal (ostrstream&, ComplexMatrix&)): Ditto.
	* (octave_print_internal (ostrstream&, Range&)): Ditto.

	* (split_long_rows): New preference variable and
	* (builtin_string_variables): Add to list with default
	value == true.

Tue May 11 02:20:43 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (pr_max_internal): Don't count Inf or NaN when
	looking for max value.
	* (pr_min_internal): Likewise, for min values.

	* (pr_any_float): Merge pr_float and pr_imag_float.

	* (any_element_is_inf_or_nan (Matrix&)): New function.
	* (any_element_is_inf_or_nan (ComplexMatrix&)): New function.
	* (all set_format functions (except Range)): Consider Inf and NaN
	when computing field width (we'll either print "Inf" (possibly
	with a sign) or "NaN").

	* (pr_float): Handle Inf and NaN.
	* (pr_imag_float): Ditto.

	* (set_format_style): Make format short set precision
	to 3 and max field width to 8.

	* (pr_float): Don't print a sign for -0.0.
	* (pr_imag_float): Ditto.

	* (all set_format functions): Return the actual field
	width computed or 0 if free format.  For complex, return both real
	and imaginary field widths.
	* Include pager.h for terminal_rows() and terminal_columns().

	* (pr_complex): If imaginary part is -0.0, print a
	minus sign but convert the value to 0.0 before printing.

	* (parse_and_execute (FILE *, int)): Don't use readline
	to read commands from files.
	* (parse_and_execute (char *, int)): Set reading_script_file
	before calling get_input_from_file.

	* Version 0.71.3.

	* src/ (deps): New target.
	* Update dependencies using the output from running `make deps'.

	* (set_output_prec_and_fw): New function.
	* (set_format_style): Use it.
	* (set_format functions): Use user_pref variables for precision
	and field width.

	* (octave_real_scalar_variable): New function.
	* (builtin_string_varaibles): Add output_precision and
	max_field_width to the list (really need a separate list for
	numeric values...).
	* (set_output_max_field_width): New function to be
	called when output_max_field_width changes.
	* (output_precision): Likewise, for output_precision.

	* (pipe_handler_error_count): New global variable.
	* (sigpipe_handler): Use it to keep from printing more than one
	broken pipe message between prompts.
	* ( Reset pipe_handler_error_count before printing the

Mon May 10 13:06:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (sigpipe_handler): Issue warning and return
	instead of aborting.

	* (all sv_* functions): Don't delete previous value
	of a preference string if the new value is bogus.

	* (all sv_* functions and all functions that handle
	user preferences): Return 0 for success, -1 for failure.
	* (symbol_record::define): Check return value of sv_fcn
	and restore previous value on failure.
	* symtab.h (sv_Function typedef): Change to return int, not void.
	* builtins.h (sv_Function typedef): Ditto.

Sun May  9 18:25:00 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (all sv_* functions): Issue a warning if the user
	gives us something that's not a string.

Sat May  8 23:40:59 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (ColumnVector::min): Upper loop limit is len, not 0.
	* (ComplexColumnVector::min): Ditto.
	* (RowVector::min): Ditto.
	* (ComplexRowVector::min): Ditto.

Fri May  7 18:41:29 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (set_format_style): New function, extracted from
	* (builtin_format): Call set_format_style to do real

	* New file for special formatted printing funcions.
	* (tree_constant_rep::eval): Use new functions.

	* (sv_pager_binary): New function.
	* user-prefs.h (user_preferences) Add new field, pager_binary.
	* (builtin_string_variables): Add PAGER to the list.
	* (default_pager): New function.
	* Define DEFAULT_PAGER for, not
	* (get_pager): Delete function.
	* Use user_pref.pager_binary instead of calling get_pager().

Thu May  6 11:05:06 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (pager_buf): Declare as static pointer to ostrstream.
	* (initialze_pager): Delete old pager_buf and create new one for
	each batch of output.  This is needed because once str() is called
	for pager buf, it will no longer grow.

	* (maybe_page_output): Take care of deleting buffer after
	str() is called.
	* (flush_output_to_pager): Likewise.
	* (builtin_ls): Likewise.
	* (builtin_set): Likewise.
	* (builtin_show): Likewise.
	* (process_format): Likewise.
	* (process_format): Likewise.
	* (tree_plot_command::eval): Likewise.

Wed May  5 10:45:39 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_shell_command): Buffer characters with an
	ostrstream and call maybe_page_output instead of writing directly
	to cout.
	* (builtin_warranty): Likewise.
	* tc-extras (do_printf): Likewise.
	* (tree_identifier::eval): Likewise.
	* (tree_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.
	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval): Likewise.
	* (tree_constant_rep::eval): Likewise.
	* (builtin_help): Likewise.
	* (builtin_ls): Likewise.
	* (builtin_who): Likewise.

	* user-prefs.h (page_screen_output): New preference.
	* (string_variables): Add to list with default value
	of true.

	* (octave_gets): If interactive, call flush_to_pager()
	before prompting.

	* (terminal_rows): Move to
	* (terminal_columns): Likewise.
	* (get_pager): Likewise.

	* pager.h, New file to handle pager stuff.
	* src/ Fix things to distribute and compile them.

	* libcruft/ (CRUFT_OBJ): Strip $(srcdir)/ and convert
	from .f to .o in two steps since some versions of GNU make strip
	the leading ./ from the output of $(wildcard), causing my pattern
	match to fail if compiling in the source tree.

Tue May  4 09:13:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (symbol_record::define (symbol_record *)): Delete old
	name before saving new name.
	* (symbol_record::document): Likewise, for and

	* parse.y (ABORT_PARSE): Renamed from DO_ABORT.

Mon May  3 01:00:04 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Define destructors for every class in tree.h.  It
	appears that it should always be ok to delete everything in a
	command tree once we're done executing it.  Function definitions
	are still ok because the parser doesn't set global_command to the
	tree_function we've built (that's saved somewhere in the symbol
	table and shouldn't be deleted until we clear or redefine the

	* (pathstring_to_vector): Do memory management here so
	callers don't have to.
	* (default_path): Likewise.

	* (make_absolute): Return current_path (not a copy) since
	it is static.
	* (get_working_directory): Return the_current_working_directory
	(not a copy) since it is global.

	* (cleanup_tmp_files): Delete filename when done.

	* parse.y: Replace output to cerr with calls to error() or warning().
	* DO_ABORT: New macro.  Use it instead of YYERROR for errors that
	we detect, and call yyerror since bison doesn't.
	* (param_list1): Detect invalid parameter lists.
	* (yyerror): Don't print pointer if it is past the end of the line.

Sun May  2 13:03:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (process_format): Use ostrstream instead of a
	fixed-size character string to buffer the format.

	* (terminal_rows): Get info from readline variable
	instead of hardcoded constants.
	* (terminal_columns): Likewise.

	* (maybe_page_output): New function.
	* (builtin_help): Use it.
	* (builtin_who): Ditto.
	* Don't include procstream.h anymore since we no longer need it.

	* (jump_to_top_level): Call run_all_unwind_protects ()
	before jumping back to the top level.

Sat May  1 20:59:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* unwind-prot.h: New files to implement memory
	cleanup stuff.
	* src/ Distribute them.

	* Version 0.71.2.

	* computer.m: Delete file.
	* scripts/ (computer.m): Add $(srcdir)/ prefix to

Fri Apr 30 17:03:04 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Matrix.h (<CLASS>::row (int i)): New function for extracting a
	row of a matrix where CLASS is one of Matrix, DiagMatrix,
	ComplexMatrix, or ComplexDiagMatrix.
	* (<CLASS>:: column (int i)): Likewise for columns.
	* (<CLASS>::row (char *s)): Likewise, but selection is done with a
	character string.  Currently we accept anything beginning with `F'
	or `f' to mean the first row and anything beginning with `l' or
	`L' to mean the last row.

Wed Apr 28 14:23:49 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* scripts/ New template file for computer.m.
	* scripts/ (computer.m): Generate a custom computer.m
	file using $target_host_type.
	* (clean): Delete computer.m.

	* If last argument is not empty, use its value as
	the TARGET.
	* If we aren't given a TARGET, use config.guess to find one.
	* Substitute target_host_type.

	* config.guess: New file, taken from gdb distribution.
	* Distribute it.

	* (force_numeric): New parameter, force_str_conv to
	allow us to ignore user preference on string to numeric
	* (make_numeric): Likewise.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Allow range constants in matrix
	lists by simply converting them to matrices.
	* Ditto for string constants.

Tue Apr 27 17:21:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (smells_like_X11): Delete unneeded function.
	* (install_builtins): Don't initialize
	graphics_terminal since it's no longer needed.

	* (pathstring_to_vector): Call tilde_expand on each
	element of the path.

	* Include float.h for DBL_MAX.

Wed Apr 21 19:31:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (xisnan (Complex&)): Rename from isnan.
	* (mapper_functions): Use xisnan instead of isnan.
	* (install_builtins): Special case for linux for geenerating
	infinity and NaN.

Mon Apr 19 14:10:55 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.71.1 released.

	* (char **sorted_list (int& count)) New function.
	* (char **sorted_var_list (int& count)): Ditto.
	* (char **sorted_fcn_list (int& count)): Ditto.
	* (builtin_who): Check symbol count too.

	* (send_to_plot_stream): Check is_open(), not just the
	state of the stream.
	* (close_plot_stream): Likewise.

	*, procstream.h: Rewrite, taking a hint from the GNU
	fstream class.

Sun Apr 18 17:40:54 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_help): Don't call list_in_columns if
	there isn't anything to list.

Fri Apr 16 20:57:15 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (DISTDIRS): List dld here.
	* (DISTSUBDIRS): Not here.

Thu Apr 15 12:17:08 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.71 released.

	* scripts/*.m: Improve help messages for most files.

	* libcruft/ Make libcruft.a here.
	* libcruft/ Not here.

	* PLOTTING: New file.
	* Add it to the list of files we distribute.

	* (builtin_shell_command): New function.
	* (general_functions): Add it to the list.

	* procstream.h, (iprocstream): New class.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]): Maybe insert a comma after reading a `]'.

	* (builtin_load): Do tilde expansion for the file name.
	* (builtin_save): Ditto.

Wed Apr 14 10:40:44 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval): Until we have a proper call frame
	unwinding scheme, comment out previous change.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Brain Transplant.
	* (tree_matrix::length): New function.

	* tree-base.h (matrix_dir): Delete md_none, md_left, and md_up.
	The only valid values are md_unknown, md_right, and md_down.

Tue Apr 13 20:07:25 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* tree.h (tree_function::call_depth): New member variable.
	* (tree_function::eval): Check it to make recursive
	function calls fail (waiting for proper symbol table handling).

	* (pathstring_to_vector): Don't prepend `.' here.  We do
	that already in default_path() if the user hasn't given us a

	* (builtin_help): Get help for M-files even if they
	haven't been compiled yet.
	* List M-files we find in the loadpath.

	* (get_m_file_names): Split into two functions, add
	parameter to specify whether .m suffix is deleted.

	* lex.l (grab_help_text): New function.
	* (beginning_of_function): New global variable.
	* (%|#): Call grab_help_text() if at beginning of a function.
	* (tree_identifier::document): New function.
	* parse.y (func_def2): Use it.
	* (help_buf): New global buffer for help text.

Mon Apr 12 00:31:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (get_m_file_names): New function.
	* (make_name_list): Use it.

	* (list_in_columns): Put output on an strstream
	instead of in a String.
	* (builtin_help): Use an strstream instead of a String for buffering.
	* (builtin_who): Likewise.

	* (builtin_keyboard): New function.
	* (general_functions): Add to list.

	* (get_user_input): If the user enters `exit',
	`quit', or `return', return instead of eval'ing the string.
	* Don't abort on empty input.
	* Add additional argument to handle debugging via new `keyboard'
	function.  If doing debugging, keep reading until we see `exit',
	`quit', or `return'.

	* menu.m: New M-file.

	* New top level plotting functions:

	    plot.m    semilogx.m  semilogy.m  loglog.m   polar.m
	    title.m   xlabel.m    ylabel.m    grid.m     bar.m
	    stairs.m  mesh.m      meshdom.m   contour.m

	* New internal plotting functions:

	    plot_int.m    plot_2_s_s.m  plot_2_v_v.m  plot_2_v_m.m
	    plot_2_m_v.m  plot_2_m_m.m  polar_int.m

	* New utility functions:

	    is_scalar.m  is_vector.m  is_matrix.m

Sun Apr 11 11:10:29 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_ls): New function.
	* (text_functions): Add it to the list under the names
	`ls' and `dir'.

Sat Apr 10 15:13:05 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (oprocstream::close): Set badbit for stream after
	it is closed.

	* (close_plot_stream): New function.
	* (closeplot): New builtin function.
	* (general_functions): Add to list.

	* lex.l (cant_be_identifier): New cruft to properly handle the
	plot command's `using', `title', and `with' keywords.

Fri Apr  9 09:38:25 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Warn if it looks like gnuplot isn't installed.

	* (send_to_plot_stream): Check the user's preference for
	the gnuplot binary.

	* (sv_graphics_terminal): Delete function.
	* user-prefs.h (graphics_terminal): Delete variable.

	* (tree_subplot_using::print): Add argument to allow
	checking of columns given in using command and use it.
	* (tree_plot_command::eval): Change caller.

	* parse.y (title): Allow plot title to be any expression.
	* (subplot_list): Likewise.

	* (tree_plot_command::eval): Don't let lusers try to
	make 2D parametric plots, since that seems to crash gnuplot.

	* (tree_identifier::parse_m_file): Don't try to stash
	m-file name or time parsed if we were actually executing a script

	* sombrero.m: New M-file to demonstrate 3D plotting.

	* parse.y (plot_options): Allow them to be specified in any order.

	* (builtin_purge_tmp_files): New function.
	* (general_functions): Add to list.

	*, g-builtins.h (builtin_plot): Delete.
	* (general_functions): Delete entry for builtin_plot.

	* (builtin_set): Check to see if the user is setting
	up parametric plotting.
	* (parametric_plot): New global variable.
	* (save_three_d): New function.
	* (tree_subplot_list::print): Handle 3D plots.

	* Delete everything having to do with distributing or
	making gnuplot.
	* Likewise.

Thu Apr  8 10:02:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (send_to_plot_stream): New function.  Move declaration
	of plot_stream to and make static.

	* (builtin_set): New function.
	* (builtin_show): Ditto.

	* lex.l: Handle set command.
	* (doing_set): Yet another global variable to control behavior of
	the lexer.

	* (tree_subplot_using::print): Print warning if scanf
	format string is given.

	* parse.y (ranges1): Allow lower and upper bounds to be optional.
	* (tree_plot_range::print): Make it work.

	* New file, extracted from

	* (install_signals): New function.
	* (*_handler): New set of functions to handle signals that would
	otherwise cause us to abort.
	* (my_friendly_exit): Call exit from most signal_handlers to clean
	up tmp files, etc.

	* lex.l (do_string_escapes): Correctly handle '' quotes.
	* Warn about unrecognized escape sequences but convert them to the
	escaped character anyway.
	* (EXPON): New definition.  Use it and ? qualifier to shorten the
	expressions for matching numbers.
	* (ECHAR): New definition.  Use it to correctly match
	backslash-escaped characters in strings.
	* Definitions: Surround multi-character definitions in ()'s to
	avoid potential problems with things like {DEF}*.
	* (QQ): Rename from DQ.
	* (DQSTR): New definition for strings in double quotes.
	* (DQSTRING): New start state.  Recognizing a naked " puts us here.
	* ("\n"): Turn off quote_is_transpose at the beginning of each line.
	* Use error functions instead of writing messages directly.
	* Don't include iostream.h -- we don't need it now.
	* Do include error.h.

Wed Apr  7 13:12:17 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* sighandlers.h, New files for signal handling
	* Include them in the usual places.
	* (interrupt_handler): Move to and rename
	to sigint_handler.

	* (mark_for_deletion): New function.
	* (cleanup_tmp_files): New function.
	* (main): Register cleanup_tmp_files with atexit
	(on_exit for sun).

	* Stack.h: Template based stack class converted from libg++
	genclass files.
	* SLStack.h: Likewise.
	* (SLStack::pop): Avoid apparent bug in SLList::remove_front.

Tue Apr  6 10:01:52 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (almost_match): New function.
	* (plot_style_token): New function.

	* Include procstream.h instead of procbuf.h.
	* (builtin_help): Simplyfy opening of process output stream.
	* (builtin_who): Likewise.

Mon Apr  5 13:48:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_to_scalar): Move to
	and make it a member function called to_scalar.
	* (tree_constant_to_vector): Likewise.
	* (tree_constant_to_matrix): Likewise.

	* procstream.h, New files/classes that implement
	an ostream to a process.  Built on top of procbuf from libg++.
	* src/ Add them to the lists of files/objects.

Sat Apr  3 23:11:56 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Lots of clean-up changes to parse.y,, tree.h, and
	tree-base.h.  Use more specific types than just <tree *> for
	nonterminals.  This allows us to have fewer virtual functions in
	the base class.  Safer.  Cleaner.  Should have always been this

Fri Apr  2 10:04:32 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y, lex.l: Fix grammar to accept plot command very similar
	to the gnuplot plot command.

Wed Mar 31 13:11:56 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (eval_undefined_error): Until we can figure out how to
	clear names without causing problems later on, just remove the
	symbol name.

	* tree.h (tree_plot_command): New class.
	* (tree_plot_limits): Ditto.
	* (tree_plot_range): Ditto.
	* (tree_subplot_list): Ditto.
	* (tree_subplot_using): Ditto.
	* (tree_subplot_style): Ditto.

	* tree-base.h (command_type): Add plot_command to list.

Mon Mar 29 09:53:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* find_exec.c (ABSOLUTE_FILENAME_P): Also return true if the
	given filename begins with `.'.

	*, DAE.h, DAEFunc.h, Make sure all calls to
	dassl and the user-supplied functions have consistent argument

	* (raw_program_name): New global variable to hold the
	unprocessed argv[0].  This is to help dld find the absolute path
	to the executing program.
	* (initialize_globals): Pass in argc and argv from main.
	Initialize raw_prog_name.

	* (general_functions): Correct help message for dassl.
	* (dassl_usage): Likewise.

	* src/ Lots of changes to make things work with or
	without dld.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.

	* dld: New directory, containing our copy of the dld sources.

	*, dynamic-ld.h: New files to implement dynamic
	loading functions.
	* src/ Add them to the distribution, compile them if
	doing dynamic loading.

Sun Mar 28 11:03:15 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* When looking for Fortran compilers, check for fc
	last to avoid confusion with some vendor's /bin/sh fc builtin.
	* Handle new argument --with-dld.

	* (builtin_warranty): Add 1993 to list of copyright

Sat Mar 27 17:58:23 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Rename from
	*,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Split individual functions from

	* (npsol_usage): Improve message.
	* (dassl_usage): Likewise.
	* (builtin_lsode): Likewise.
	* (builtin_fsolve): Likewise.
	* (builtin_quad): Likewise.
	* (general_functions): Improve corresponding messages.

	* libcruft/fftpack: New directory for fftpack functions.
	* libcrutf/fftpack/*.f: Add implicit double precision (a-h,o-z) at
	the top of every subroutine.

	* (fft): Allow propagation of empty matrices.
	* (ifft): Ditto.

	* (Matrix::fourier): New function.
	* (Matrix::ifourier): Ditto.
	* mx-inlines (make_complex): New function.
	* (fft): Use Matrix::fourier instead of doing real
	to complex conversion here and calling ComplexMatrix::fourier.
	* (ifft): Likewise, for ifourier.

Sat Mar 27 17:56:59 1993  Fook Fah Yap (

	* (ComplexMatrix::fourier): New function for fft.
	* (ComplexMatrix::ifourier): New function for inverse fft.

	* (general_functions): Add fft and ifft to the list of
	builtin functions.

	* (fft): New function.
	* (ifft): Ditto.

	* (fft): New function.
	* (ifft): Ditto.

Sat Mar 27 13:53:39 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (usage_string): New file scope constant.
	* (getopt_option_string): Ditto.

	* Declare all arguments const since we don't change them.

	* (print_str_or_null): Delete unused function.
	* utils.h: Delete declaration.

	*,,,, More error message cleanups.

	* (print_if_string): Don't write to cerr

Fri Mar 26 22:00:18 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (min): Avoid function calls as arguments for MIN.
	* (column_min): Ditto.
	* (max): Likewise, for MAX.
	* (column_max): Ditto.

	* tree-const.h (NINT): Make it an inline function instead of a

	* (fill_matrix (tree_constant&, double, char*)):
	Convert to scalar type for complex values too.

	* error.h (panic_impossible): New macro to be used in place of
	assert (0) calls.
	* All .cc files: Replace calls to assert (0) and abort () with
	panic_impossible ().

	* Many .cc files:: Replace many instances of `cerr << ...' with
	calls to gripe() functions.

	* gripes.h, New functions for reporting common errors.
	* Include them in the usual places.

Thu Mar 25 18:42:49 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Many .cc files:: Replace many instances of `cerr << ...' with
	calls to error() functions.

	* error.h, New functions for reporting errors in a
	consistent way.
	* Include them in the usual places.

Wed Mar 17 17:29:44 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (symbol_table::save): New functions.
	* (builtin_save): Use new functions for saving
	symbols.  Handle case of saving all variables.

	* (builtin_pause): If one argument is given, pause
	for that many seconds before continuing.  Otherwise, wait for user

	* (clear): Actually delete undefined symbol_records and
	remove their names from the list.

	* lex.l (lookup_identifier): New function.  Avoid putting global
	names in the local symbol table.
	* ({IDENT}): Use it
	* ({IDENT}/{S}*=): Ditto.

	* (do_scalar_index (tree_constant*, int)): Make
	indexing like a([1,1,1,1]) work for scalars.  GAG.

Tue Mar 16 20:08:23 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_cd): Call tilde_expand (from readline) on
	the argument.

	* lex.l (discard_until): Delete unused function.
	* When reading numbers, abort if scanf fails to read a number that
	we think it should.
	* (IDENT): New macro to match identifiers.
	* ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Use the / operator for trailing
	context and split into two cases instead of trying to do the
	lookahead ourselves.

	* lex.l (do_comma_insert_check): Return the value yyleng had
	before yyinput() is called.
	* (DO_COMMA_INSERT_CHECK): New macro.  This avoids the use of
	unput() in do_comma_insert_check() since there seems to be a bug
	in flex when calling unput() for '\n'.

	Note that this change is necessary if we want to use yyless()
	since we cant call yyless() from outside of yylex(), because
	Flex's yyless() is a macro that uses some variables local to

Mon Mar 15 11:03:43 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Undo part of previous change to
	make a = [1,2;3,4]; [a,a;a,a] work again.

	* parse.y (input): Don't abort for simple_list followed by EOF.

Sun Mar 14 14:38:56 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (RowVector::operator << ()): Insert a space between
	each element.
	* (ComplexRowVector::operator << ()): Ditto.

	* (plot): Don't declare plot_prog or plot_term as
	static, and don't delete them.

	* Matrix.h (all checkelem functions): Don't check for range errors
	if NO_RANGE_CHECK is defined.

Sat Mar 13 10:18:51 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (ComplexMatrix::prod): Make it work.

Thu Mar 11 00:08:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Matrix.h (ellum): Delete function.
	* Declare and define new const elem, checkelem, and operator()

	*,,,,,,,,, FEGrid.h:
	Change all callers.
	*,,, Ditto.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Improve row and column mismatch
	checking -- [[1,2];[3,4]] works now, and [1,2;3,4,[5,6]] is
	* Reformat error messages to include `error:' prefix.

Wed Mar 10 14:02:09 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (do_comma_insert): New global variable.
	* (reset_parser): Reset it.
	* lex.l (do_comma_insert_check): New function.  Call it wherever a
	token can be directly followed by '['.
	* (\[{S}*): Check the value of do_comma_insert.

	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Only look for names in the
	current symbol table.

	* parse.y (word_list_cmd): Special case to disallow use of clear
	inside a fuction body.

	* parse.y (CLEAR): New %token.
	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Return it if token is "clear".

	* (builtin_clear): Allow global symbols to be

	* (symbol_table::undefine): Clarify comment.
	* (symbol_table::clear): Don't actually remove names from the
	table, just force them to be undefined.

	* tree.h (tree_function): Delete unused data member `id'.
	* (tree_function constructors): Don't initialize id.

Mon Mar  8 15:50:28 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.70 released.

	* src/ Update dependencies.

	* tree.h: Include stdio.h, for FILE.

	* gnuplot-build: For now, always define -DNOGAMMA.
	* Don't check for gamma().

	* libcruft/ Don't use lib.a(obj.o) style dependencies
	because it's too slow for large archives.
	* liboctave/ Ditto.

Sun Mar  7 16:33:39 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (parse_and_execute): Save and restore current column
	number.  Set input line and column number to zero.
	* (parse_m_file): Likewise.

	* (tree_identifier::parse_m_file (FILE*, int*)): New
	function.  If a parse error occurs, ensure that the symbol is
	cleared from the global symbol table.
	* (tree_identifier::parse_m_file (char*, int): Use it.

	* (tree_identifier::do_lookup): New function.
	* (tree_identifier::eval): Use it.

	* (decode_prompt_string): Really do use value of PWD.

	* (sv_loadpath, sv_ps1, sv_ps2, sv_pwd,
	sv_gnuplot_binary, sv_graphics_terminal): New functions.
	* (sv_graphics_terminal): Warn if terminal isn't valid, but set it
	anyway (it's too late to do anything by the time the function is
	* In functions that use these variables:  Use the value from the
	user_pref structure instead of doing a symbol table lookup.

	* (builtin_string_variables): Add functions to call
	for LOADPATH, PS1, PS2, PWD, gnuplot_binary, and graphics_terminal.

	* (PS2): New builtin_string_variables.  Set default
	value to "> ".
	* (octave_gets): Use it instead of no prompt for
	continued input.

	* parse.y (yyerror): Use line, column, file name, and text of
	current input line to print better parse error messages.

	* lex.l (NEW_MATRIX): New exclusive start state.  Need this to be
	able to match \[{SN}* _and_ get secondary prompting right.

	* (octave_read): Keep track of current input line.
	* (parse_m_file): Save and restore current line number.

	* lex.l (all patterns): Keep track of current input column.
	* (fixup_column_count): New function to deal with patterns that
	match more than one line.

	* input.h, (current_input_line): Global pointer to
	the text of the current input line.

	* parse.y, parse.h (input_line_number, current_input_column): New
	global variables.

	* Almost all source files: Finish (for now, at least) the
	reorganization we started for global variables.

Wed Mar  3 14:49:59 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	*,, New files, split out

	* Almost all source files: reorganize so that all global data is
	declared in some include file or another.  It probably wouldn't
	hurt to do some more reorganizing to try to eliminate the amount
	of global information...

Tue Mar  2 20:49:35 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* variables.h, New files for handling things that
	need symbol table information.  Lots of files changed to include
	variables.h, which now includes the extern declarations for the
	symbol tables.  The declarations of the symbol tables are now in, but they are still initialized in

Mon Mar  1 11:35:03 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* builtins.h (builtin_string_variables): New field, sv_function,
	holds a pointer to the function to call when a variable changes.
	* (string_variables): Initialize sv_function field.
	* (install_builtins): While installing builtin string variables,
	stash sv_function and, if it isn't NULL, call it to initialize
	global variable user_pref.

	* symtab.h (symbol_record): New field, sv_fcn, holds a pointer to
	the function to call when a variable changes.
	* (symbol_record::define): Call sv_fcn if it isn't NULL.
	* (symbol_record::set_sv_function): New function.

	*, parse.y,,,,,, Instead of calling
	functions like do_fortran_indexing(), get the user's preference
	from the global struct user_pref.

	* utils.h, Delete all functions like do_fortran_indexing()
	that lookup user variables to find integer values.
	* user-prefs.h, Move them here, but instead of
	returning values, set elements of the new global struct user_pref.

	* user-prefs.h, New files for handling global
	variables for user preferences.
	* Add them to the SOURCES and INCLUDES macros.

	* bsd-math/{acosh,asinh,atanh,log1p}.c: Declare all external
	functions used in each file since they might not be in math.h.
	* bsd-math/{scalb,copysign,logb,finite,drem,sqrt}.c: New files
	from BSD's support.c.  Only using scalb, copysign, logb, and
	finite for now.

	* Move tests for f77 closer to the top.
	* Allow configuration to proceed even if we can't find a Fortran
	compiler or f2c.
	* Use `here' documents instead of multiple echos for multi-line
	* Imrpoved checking for missing math functions.

Sun Feb 28 17:45:53 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* test/ (check): Try to avoid errors from cp.

	* (xfinite): Put test for HAVE_FINITE first.

	* libcruft/ (LIBCRUFT_DEPEND): Use `=' in assignment
	instead of `:='.

	* liboctave/ Make an explicit list of sources instead
	of using $(wildcard).

Thu Feb 25 20:18:12 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* bsd-math/copysign.c: New file.  HP's don't have this?
	* (LIBOBJS): Also check for copysign, log1p, and
	log__L.  For each missing user-level function, add -DFOO_MISSING=1
	to DEFS.
	* src/missing-math.h: For each function we declare, check the
	corresponding XXX_MISSING macro.  Add declarations for copysign
	and log1p.

Wed Feb 24 20:39:32 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]/{S}*==): Change scanning pattern to
	<MATRIX>{SN}*\]{S}*/== in order to keep flex from generating any
	backtracking code.
	* (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]/{S}*=): Likewise.

Tue Feb 23 02:45:00 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.69 released.

	* [_AIX && __GNUG__] : Provide a definition for
	finite(), since whatever version we get from the system when using
	g++ doesn't work (note that it does seem to work with gcc, xlc,
	and xlC).

	* bugs.texi: Note that the math.h file from libg++ declares
	finite() incorrectly for some systems.

Mon Feb 22 02:04:16 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Look for runtest, but only believe that it exists
	if we can also find expect.
	* test/ (check): Run tests in build directory, not
	source directory.

	* (reading_script_file): New global variable.
	* (parse_m_file): Use it, and properly save and restore state so
	that nested script files will work.

	* (parse_and_execute): Properly save and restore state
	so that nested script files will work.
	* Don't close input file here.

	* (get_input_from (FILE*)): Don't declare mf_instream
	static.  Set mf_instream if reading and M-file or a script file.

	* parse.y: Minor changes to accomodate new lexer.

	* lex.l: Major overhaul in an attempt to do better string
	handling.  Looks much simpler and even seems to work.
	* (do_string_escapes): New function.

Sat Feb 20 00:40:32 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_npsol): If npsol is missing, return empty
	matrices for x and phi, and -1 for inform.

	* num2str.m: Use %g, not %f.

	* (parse_m_file): Save and restor curr_sym_tab, because
	yyparse may mess with it if it encounters a function definition.
	* (eval_string): Ditto
	* (parse_and_execute): Ditto

	* (DISTDIRS): Add bsd-math to list.

	* src/ (LIBOBJS): New macro, value set by configure.
	(vpath): Add @srcdir@/../bsd-math for LIBOBJS.
	(octave): Add $(LIBOBJS) to deps.
	* gnuplot-build/ Likewise, for notgnuplot.

	* Use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS to Check for acosh, asinh,
	atanh, and gamma.

	* bsd-math: New directory for functions from the BSD math library
	to use as replacements for missing functions.

	* parse.y (semi_comma, comma_semi): New rules.
	(simple_list, simple_list1): Use them to allow empty statements.
	(list, list1): Likewise.  This allows empty commands as long as
	the empty command doesn't contain any newlines.

	* parse.y (simple_assign): New rule, allows things like a = b = c.
	(multi_assign): Extracted from assignment.
	(assignment): Split into simple_assign and multi_assign.
	(expression): Allow '(' simple_assign ')' to be an expression.

	* (eval_string): Return result of last expression
	evaluated, to make things like `eval ('1+1;')*2' work.

Fri Feb 19 19:45:21 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_pwd): Use getcwd, which is defined in
	unistd.h, instead of getwd, which seems to be a BSDISM.
	* (decode_prompt_string): Ditto.
	* (get_working_directory): Ditto.

	* (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR):  Don't rely on
	* Don't define HAVE_IEEE_MATH.

	* Include stdio.h for FILE.

Thu Feb 18 10:17:38 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (gobble_leading_white_space): New function.
	* (is_function_file): New function.

	* (parse_m_file): Handle case of .m file being just a file of
	commands to execute.
	* Add optional argument to specify whether to execute a script
	* Return whether a script file was executed.
	* (, Change callers.

	* (parse_and_execute): new functions.
	* (execute_startup_files): Use them.

	* lex.l (<COMMENT>\n): Don't gobble new line.

	* num2str.m: Don't print '\n'.

Wed Feb 17 21:59:55 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Simplify and correct finite, isinf, isnan functions.
	* test/octave/t7.oct: New test for finite, isinf, and isnan

	* Define HAVE_IEEE_MATH if isnan and either finite
	or isinf is available.

	* (mapper_functions): Check HAVE_ISNAN instead of
	HAVE_IEEE_MATH to determine whether or not to define isnan().

	* Don't check for HAVE_IEEE_MATH.  Just check for
	individual functions directly.

	* (npsol_usage): Correct usage message.

	* Don't include unistd.h unless HAVE_UNISTD_H is
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.

Tue Feb 16 00:35:44 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.68 released.

	* (parse_m_file): Set reading_m_file before calling
	* Don't mess with current_infile.

	* (get_input_from_file): Set mf_instream if we are
	reading an M-file.  Otherwise, set rl_instream, (even if we aren't
	really using readline -- this is just the `normal' input stream).
	* Don't use current_infile.
	* (octave_read): If not interactive, check reading_m_file to
	determine where to look for input.

	* (main): Don't use readline if we aren't interactive.

	* libcruft/misc/ (local-dist): Make sure we don't
	distribute a bogus d1mach.f.
	(dist): Ditto.

	* (convert_to_ans_assign): New global variable.
	(eval_string): Conditionally turn off assignment to `ans', for
	get_user_input ().
	* parse.y (ans_expression): Use it.
	* lex.l (reset_parser): Reset it.

	* (builtin_input): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (get_user_input): Do most of the real work.

Mon Feb 15 01:14:40 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (load_variable): New function.
	(builtin_load): Use it.

	* (SUBDIRS): Add the test directory.
	(check): Don't depend on all.

Sat Feb 13 05:17:53 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (determinant, lu, matrix_exp, matrix_log,
	matrix_sqrt): Handle empty matrix argument.

	* Matrix.h: Add constructors of the form Matrix (double a) and
	ColumnVector (double a) to make it even easier to form single
	element vectors.

Fri Feb 12 03:27:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (main): Add -v option that will print the version
	string and quit with a successful exit status.

Thu Feb 11 00:46:34 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (eig): If given an empty argument, return enough
	empty matrices to fill all possible LHS variables.
	(qr): Likewise.
	(svd): Likewise.

	* (fortran_style_matrix_assignment): Do the right
	thing if LHS is an empty matrix.

	* (qr): Handle empty matrix argument.

	* (QR): Make it work (really!).
	(ComplexQR): Ditto.

Wed Feb 10 00:56:31 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (xdiv (ComplexMatrix& a, ComplexMatrix& b)): Do
	btmp.solve (atmp), like the other three xdiv's.  Argh!

	* (eval_string): New function.  Mostly works but
	could be very fragile.  We desperately need some sort of
	`unwind-protect' scheme to avoid disaster when octave is

	* (builtin_eval): Instead of just aborting, call
	eval_string if given one argument.

	* (octave_read): If get_input_from_eval_string is
	nonzero, stuff current_eval_string into buf for flex to read.

	* (char *current_eval_string): New global variable
	for eval().
	* (int get_input_from_eval_string): Ditto.

	* Update copyright notices to include 1993 (now that it's

Tue Feb  9 14:35:08 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.67 released.

	*, Check the value of the variable
	`propagate_empty_matrices' to decide what to do about empty
	matrices in binary and unary operations and some function calls.

	* (builtin_string_variables): New global variable
	`propagate_empty_matrices' with initial value `warn'.
	* (propagate_empty_matrices): New function.

Mon Feb  8 19:46:51 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Finish changes required to make zero-one indexing
	work for indexing and assignment.

Sat Feb  6 15:54:10 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_string_variables): New global variable
	`prefer_zero_one_indexing' with initial value `false'.
	* utils.c (prefer_zero_one_indexing): New function.

Fri Feb  5 13:03:14 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* idx-vector.h, Major overhaul to help with
	zero-one style indexing.
	* (matrix_to_index_vector): Delete functions.
	* (functions that use idx_vectors): Update for new idx-vector

	* Don't declare matrix_to_fortran_indices.

	* (matrix_to_index_vector): Add new argument,
	allow_neg_one, with default value of false.
	* (matrix_to_fortran_indices): Add new argument, allow_zero, with
	default value of false.

	* (builtin_find): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (find_nonzero_elem_idx (tree_constant)): Do
	most of the real work.
	* (find_nonzero_elem_idx (const Matrix&): Do the rest.
	* (find_nonzero_elem_idx (const ComplexMatrix&): Ditto, for complex.

Wed Feb  3 00:54:01 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (DEFAULT_DOT_O_FROM_DOT_F): If using f2c, quote
	with single quotes instead of double quotes to avoid problems on
	systems (like the NeXT) that strip \'s from double quoted strings.

	* utils.c (empty_list_elements_ok): New function.
	* (matrix_list::eval): Use it.
	* (builtin_string_variables): New global variable
	`empty_list_elements_ok' with initial value `warn'.

	* (check_str_pref): New function.
	* (resize_on_range_error, prefer_column_vectors,
	warn_comma_in_global_decl, do_fortran_indexing,
	implicit_str_to_num_ok, treat_neg_dim_as_zero,
	ok_to_lose_imaginary_part, return_last_computed_value,
	silent_functions, print_answer_id_name): Use it instead of
	needlessly duplicating code.

Tue Feb  2 16:58:02 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l ("'"): If it looks like we're defining a matrix, don't set
	the start condition to be MAYBE_QSTRING.  GAK.  There has to be a
	better way...

	* lex.l: Increment and decrement promptflag instead of just
	setting its value.  This should help get prompting right for
	things like if [1,2;3,4] NL ...
	* (octave_gets): In order to issue a prompt, Require
	propmtflag to be greater than zero, not just nonzero.

	* (tree_if_command): Allow matrices as the expression to
	test.  Unlike Matlab, a complex value is false only if both the
	real and imaginary parts are 0.
	* (tree_while_command): Ditto.

	* (tree_for_command): Allow matrices and complex values
	in the expression.  For matrices, assign each column in turn to
	the dummy variable.

	* (qr): Make it work.  The LAPACK book gags me again!

	* When computing right division with complex matrices,
	use hermitian() instead of transpose().

	* lex.l: Return IMAG_NUM for a numeric constant followed by
	[iIjJ], but don't allow spaces between the numeric constant and
	the letter (it causes problems inside `[]' where spaces matter...

Mon Feb  1 17:15:19 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (rand_internal): Make the random number generator
	give us a different sequence every time we start octave unless we
	specifically set the seed.

Thu Jan 28 00:10:24 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.66 released.

	* Define PLOTLIB in addition to adding -DUNIXPLOT to
	DEFS if we find -lplot, and call AC_SUBST for PLOTLIB.

	* Define constructors here.
	* QP.h: Not here.

	* (All constructors that are given H): Force H to be
	* (make_h_symmetric): New function.

Wed Jan 27 01:35:53 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (do_unary_op): Do the right thing for complex
	logical not operator.
	* (ComplexMatrix::operator ! (void)): Return Matrix
	instead of ComplexMatrix.
	* (not (Complex *d, int len)): For each element of
	d, return (d[i] == 0.0), not (d[i] != 0.0), and return it as a
	pointer to double, not Complex.

	* Check for libcruft/qpsol/qpsol.f.
	* Create Makefile in libcruft/qpsol.

	* libcruft/qpsol: New directory.  Copy QPSOL sources here.
	* libcruft/qpsol/ New file.
	* libcruft/qpsol/README.MISSING: New file.
	* libcuft/ Include qpsol in list of directories to

	* QPSOL.h, New file for solving QPs with Gill and
	Murray's QPSOL.

	* QLD.h, Delete all minimize functions except
	Vector minimize (double&, int&).

	* QP.h: Declare minimize functions virtual.
	* (Vector minimize (double&, int&): Declare as a pure virtual

	* New file to implement generic minimize functions.

Tue Jan 26 00:27:13 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l: Recognize numbers of the form .{digits}E{digits} and

	* lex.l: Recognize .\ as ELEFTDIV.
	* parse.y: Handle ELEFTDIV.
	* (tree_binary_expression::eval): Handle el_leftdiv.

	* (do_binary_op): Handle element by element left
	division.  Fix some errors in element by element right division.

	* tree-base.h (enum expression_type): Add el_leftdiv.

	* Version 0.65 released.

	* (tree_constant_rep::eval (tree_constant *args, int
	nargin, int nargout, int print)): Fix another brain-o in making
	recursive call.s

	* src/ Complete changes for CXX instead of C++ make

	* For assignment and indexing functions, treat
	complex scalars and matrices in the same branch of the switch as
	real scalars and matrices -- the double_value() and matrix_value()
	functions take care of checking to see if it's ok to lose the
	imaginary part.

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant_rep::is_numeric_type): New function.
	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::make_numeric functions): Use it.

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::make_numeric functions): Return
	*this for complex constants too.

Mon Jan 25 18:31:06 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (Matrix min (Matrix&, Matrix&)): Loop over nc and
	nr, not nr and nr.
	* (Matrix max (Matrix&, Matrix&)): Ditto.

	* (tree_constant_rep::mapper): Fix brain-o in making
	recursive call.

Sun Jan 24 20:05:39 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* If using f2c, explicitly check for -lf2c.  If it's
	not found, look for -lF77 and -lI77.  If a suitable combination
	isn't found, print a warning.

	* src/ liboctave/ GNU Make 3.63 uses CXX
	and CXXFLAGS instead of C++ and C++FLAGS.  Fix things so that 3.63
	will work without sacrificing compatibility with earlier versions.

	* (tree_constant_rep::diag (tree_constant&)): Fix
	brain-o in forcing argument to be numeric.

Fri Jan 22 15:03:42 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (interrupt_handler): Declare to take int argument.

	* (npsol_objfun): Delete leftover debugging message.

Thu Jan 21 14:28:24 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Check version of gcc and issue a warning if it
	looks like 1.something.
	* Check for g++.  Issue a warning if it is missing or if it is
	there but it looks like verion 1.something.

	*, Change file permission to 755 to avoid
	problems if the uid of the installer is different from the uid of
	the owner of the files.

Wed Jan 20 04:18:49 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* libcruft/ (@DOT_O_DOT_F_C[1234]@): Patterns deleted.
	* Do multiple line sed substitutions the right way.

Tue Jan 19 14:50:50 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Use new AC_WITH to accept --with-f2c instead of
	* Use new AC_HAVE_LIBRARY to find -lplot.

	* Actually avoid including duplicate -lflags.
	* Use test, not `['.

Sun Jan 17 16:57:02 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Matrix.h: Declare operator+ and operator- functions for vectors.
	* Define half of them.
	* Define the other half.

Fri Jan 15 03:00:46 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ (install): Include version number in name of
	installed binary and make a link to $(bindir)/octave.

	* Version 0.64 released.

	* (builtin_clear): Don't allow the user to clear
	global symbols by name.  If he tries, issue a warning.

	* (tree_identifier::eval_undefined_error):  Don't clear
	undefined symbols from the global or local (function) symbol

Thu Jan 14 02:10:20 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval): Save old and set current symbol
	table context, so eval_undefined_error() doesn't wipe out top
	level symbols.

	* Version 0.63 released.

Wed Jan 13 13:16:56 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Nearly every .h and .cc file: Add interface and implementation
	#pragmas for G++ in hopes of making smaller objects with -g.

	* tree-const: Properly handle assignments like A(:) = RHS when
	do_fortran_indexing is true.

	* (builtin_eig): Correct usage message.

	* (tree_constant_rep (ComplexDiagMatrix&)): Create
	and initialize a new complex_scalar.  Don't just try to copy the

	* Matrix.h: Declare new fill functions for diagonal matrices.
	* Define them.

	* Matrix.h: Declare map functions for row and column vectors.
	* Define them.
	* Likewise.

	* CollocWt.h: Declare data protected instead of private.
	* (CollocWt::CollocWt (const CollocWt&)): Fix brain-o.

	* lex.l: Return IMAG_NUM for a numeric constant followed by
	[ \t]*[iIjJ].

	* parse.y (IMAG_NUM): New token.
	* (fact): Recogize IMAG_NUM and convert its value to a complex

	* Version 0.62 released.

	* (local-dist): Include -local in tar.Z filename.
	* (split-local-dist): New target.
	* (dist): Don't depend on newversion.
	* (local-dist): Ditto.

	* (npsol): If the first argument isn't a vector,
	print an error message and return.

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Always set prev_row_total and
	prev_column_total when starting out.

	* (main): Don't try to detect signal handler failures,
	but do call signal() to set up the interrupt handler.

Tue Jan 12 19:59:33 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (npsol): Fix brain-o in checking length of bounds

Mon Jan 11 20:32:24 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (set_rand_seed): New function.
	(force_to_fit_range): New function.
	(current_seed): Really return current seed.
	(rand_internal): Allow the user to actually set the seed for the
	random number generator.

Sun Jan 10 16:46:06 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.61 released.

	* builtins.h, Rename from builtin-fcns.h, (too long for Linux/SysV).

	* (xisinf): For non-IEEE machines, consider DBL_MAX to
	be infinite.

Fri Jan  8 09:15:57 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* gnuplot-build/ (x11targets): Don't worry about
	checking HAVE_X11_X_H.

	* Check for gamma and lgamma for gnuplot.

	* gnuplot-build/ (Makefile.X11): Only move Makefile to
	../Makefile.X11 if xmkmf succeeds.

	* gnuplot-build/ (x11targets): Check to see that XMKMF
	is set *and* that Makefile.X11 exists.
	* If making notgnuplot_x11 with Makefile.X11 fails, try again with

	* gnuplot-build/ Use @PLOTLIB@ in definintion of LIBS.
	* Don't define UNIXPLOT in TERMFLAGS.
	* Don't define LN_S; it isn't used anywhere, and configure doesn't
	give it a value.

	* Check for closepl().  If found, define UNIXPLOT,
	and substitute -lplot for @PLOTLIB@.

	* (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR): New macro.  On systems that
	have IEEE math, give a warning but also go ahead and divide by
	zero.  On systems that don't have IEEE math, just give an error
	message and return an undefined tree_constant (it would probably
	be possible to handle this so that it works the same everywhere,
	but I'm not sure it's worth the effort...).

	* (install_builtins): On systems that don't have
	IEEE_MATH, define Inf to be MAX_DBL, but don't define NaN at all.

	* Check for finite, isnan, and isinf.
	* Set HAVE_IEEE_MATH if we find finite and isnan.

	* (install_builtins): Use HAVE_IEEE_MATH instead
	* Check HAVE_IEEE_MATH and HAVE_ISINF macros rather
	than checking system type.

	* graph3d.c (hidden_line_plot): Declare dy and y as double, not
	float, since VERYLARGE can be DBL_MAX.

	* lsoda.f, lsodar.f, lsodes.f, lsodi.f, lsoibt.f, stoda.f,
	stodi.f, zrotg.f, sdot.f: Remove unused files.

	* texas_lotto.m: Renamed from win_texas_lotto.m to keep the
	filename less than 14 characters.

Thu Jan  7 15:45:29 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Declare ioctl extern "C".

	* Include stdio.h to be sure FILE is defined (apparently
	not required by older versions of GNU iostream library).
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise, but for tmpnam.

	* tree-const.h (rand_internal): Rename from rand to avoid
	conflict with standard library rand (a macro in Linux).
	* (rand_internal): Fix function definition.
	* (builtin_rand): Call rand_internal instead of rand.

	* (main): Don't try to detect signal handler failures.
	What's the proper way to do this if RETSIGTYPE is void?

Tue Jan  5 08:14:29 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_matrix::eval): When adding a matrix down or to the
	right, column or row dimension mismatches are always errors.

Mon Jan  4 04:58:55 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.60 released.

	* xdiv.h, New files for Octave-specific matrix division
	* src/ (INCLUDES, SOURCES, OBJECTS): Add xdiv stuff.

	* Include xdiv.h.

Sun Jan  3 12:24:04 1993  John W. Eaton  (

	* gnuplot-build/ (notgnuplot_x11): In the compile
	command, put source file before	libraries.

	* libcruft/misc/ Don't use -O to compile gen-dimach.c.

Thu Dec 31 00:45:50 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (matrix_sqrt): Don't create D until it is really
	* (matrix_log): Ditto.
	* (matrix_exp): Ditto.
	[this should really be just one function instead of three...]

	* (builtin_sqrtm): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (matrix_sqrt): Do the real work.

	* Distribute INSTALL.OCTAVE and
	* ( Make ../INSTALL.OCTAVE, not ../INSTALL.

	* doc/ Make ../INSTALL.OCTAVE, not ../INSTALL.

	Refer to INSTALL for more info.

	* INSTALL: Copy from autoconf distribution.
	Refer to INSTALL.OCTAVE for more info.

	* (main): Remove leading blank line from startup message.
	* Don't print it everytime the user types C-c...

	* Finish off remaining cases.

	* (process_format): New function.
	(do_printf): Use it.

Wed Dec 30 00:43:14 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.56.

	* (builtin_logm): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (matrix_log): Do the real work.

	* (builtin_expm): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (matrix_exp): Do the real work.

	* (LU): Construct LU decomp. here, not in Matrix class.
	(ComplexLU): Likewise.
	* (lu): Deleted.  Use LU constructor instead.
	Change all uses in octave sources.

	* (EIG): Construct EIG object here, not in Matrix class.
	* (eig): Deleted.  Use EIG constructor instead.
	Change all uses in octave sources.

	* (SVD): Construct SVD here, not in Matrix class.
	(ComplexSVD): Likewise.
	* (svd): Deleted.  Use SVD constructor instead.
	Change all uses in octave sources.

	* Update for new Matrix file organization.
	Don't compile mx-inlines separately -- it's included where needed.
	* Matrix.h: Declare Fortran routines we call here, not in
	Don't declare every class to be a friend of every other class.
	* New file, included by all Matrix-related .cc files.
	* Split into several files.
	* New file, from
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.

	* (svd): Take advantage of new constructors and
	diag functions.

	* (DiagMatrix::diag) New function.
	(ComplexDiagMatrix::diag) Ditto.

	* (eig): Take advantage of new constructors.

	* (tree_constant (DiagMatrix)): New constructor.
	(tree_constant (ComplexDiagMatrix)): Ditto.

	* (Matrix (const DiagMatrix)): New constructor.
	(ComplexMatrix (const DiagMatrix)): Ditto.
	(ComplexMatrix (const ComplexDiagMatrix)): Ditto.

Tue Dec 29 01:14:49 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (main): Print message at startup by default.
	Don't print it until just before main loop.
	* New -q option (inhibit_startup_message) turns it off.
	* New -f option (read_init_files) inhibits reading of startup files.
	* Delete -v option.
	* (verbose_usage): Reflect changes in arguments, document -d.

	* win_texas_lotto.m: Sort picks before returning.

	* (eig): Return [v,d], not [l,v], where d is a
	diagonal matrix made from l.

	* (mapper_functions): Fix last element of
	initialization list to have correct number of elements.

	* Version 0.55.

	* Quad.h: Move all inline functions to to avoid apparent
	g++ bug on the RS/6000.

	* If we find flex, don't define LEXLIB.

	* COPYING.LIB: Deleted -- we're not actually distributing anything
	under these terms.
	* Don't distribute COPYING.LIB.

Mon Dec 28 00:46:21 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* xpow.h, New files for safer pow() interface for octave.
	* src/ (INCLUDES, SOURCES, OBJECTS): Add xpow stuff.

	* Include xpow.h.
	* Don't declare toplevel jmp_buf.

	* (builtin_save): Make file and stream static to
	avoid dumping core on return (is this a bug in libg++ or g++?).
	* (builtin_load): Ditto.

	* (load): Make it work again.  Yikes!  This hasn't
	worked since the big symbol table overhaul...

	* (tree_constant_rep::save): Handle complex scalars
	and matrices.

	* (symbol_def::undefine): Delete previous symbol definition before
	defining.  This should be ok now, after the parse_m_file fix of
	27 Dec.

	* getting_help: New global flag.
	* ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Set it if looking at "help".
	* (reset_parser): Clear it.
	* lex.l (STRING): Use it to determine what to do with ' ; and , .

	* lex.l (QSTRING): Handle the following (C-style) backslash escape
	sequences correctly(?).

	  \a  bell	   \r  carriage return
	  \b  backspace    \t  horizontal tab
	  \f  formfeed     \v  vertical tab
	  \n  newline	   \\  backslash

	* median.m: New M-file.

	* (builtin_sort): New function.
	* (general_fucntions): Add it to the list.
	* (sort): Do most of the real work.
	* (mx_sort): Do the rest.

Sun Dec 27 17:40:24 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_casesen): New function.
	* (text_functions): Add it to the list.

	* strcmp.m: Temporarily allow string to numeric conversions.
	Maybe strcmp() should be built in to the interpreter?

	* norm.m: New M-file.

	* (install_builtins): Treat i and j as functions,
	not variables.
	* Install inf as an alias for Inf.
	* Install nan as an alias for NaN.

	* (tree_identifier::parse_m_file (char*)): Force new
	global symbol to be a function, not a variable.

Tue Dec 22 14:15:57 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval): Check with silent_functions()
	and return_last_value_computed() to determine proper behavoir.

	* (silent_functions): New builtin variable.
	* (return_last_value_computed) Ditto.

	* (silent_functions): New function.
	* (return_last_value_computed) Ditto.
	[This scheme for determining preferences needs to be reworked...]

	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Only force yytext[len] to be the
	end of the identifier if we gobbled some whitespace.
	* Always unput the last character read.

	* (tree_function::eval) Always turn on printing for
	commands inside functions.

Sat Dec 19 14:03:49 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.54.

Fri Dec 18 16:02:59 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (symbol_def::undefine): Undo previous change.  Someone is
	calling this function when they shouldn't be...

	* (parse_m_file): If the script file is successfully
	parsed, Ensure that the new symbol is defined in the global
	symbol table.

	* lex.l: Handle continuation lines with the pattern
	{EL}{S}*\n { promptflag = 0; }  // Line continuation.

Thu Dec 17 01:47:14 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (symbol_def::define): Delete previous symbol
	definition before defining.
	(symbol_def::undefine): Ditto, but new definition is always NULL.

	* readline/  Don't compile emacs_keymap.c and
	vi_keymap.c since they are included by keymaps.c.

	* If RETSIGTYPE isn't int, then define

	* readline/ (CFLAGS): Add -DVOID_SIGHANDLER if

	* tilde.c: Declare xmalloc, not malloc.

	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Only call unput if we've
	actually read something.

	* Version 0.53.

Wed Dec 16 01:35:48 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Look in the global symbol table
	for names, but ignore functions.

	* (tree_identifier::eval): Use symbol_out_of_date() to
	simplify logic for re-parsing M-files.
	Always look in global symbol table for functions in case the
	definition has changed (shouldn't the local symbols be undefined

	* (symbol_out_of_date): New function.

	* (symbol_table::undefine): Actually do something.
	* (symbol_table::remove_name): Ditto.
	* (symbol_table::clear): And so on.

	* (ComplexMatrix::svd): Use complex conjugate transpose,
	not simple transpose, for V.

	* Version  0.52.

	* gnuplot-build/Imakefile (notgnuplot_x11): In the compile
	command, put source file before	libraries.

	* parse.y (assignment): If trying to warn against assignment to a
	function, check is_function() instead of !is_variable().

	* src/ Distribute input.h.

Tue Dec 15 10:48:22 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (main): Call initialize_readline to set up completion

	* (make_name_list, command_generator, command_completer,
	initialize_readline): New functions.

	* input.h: New file.
	* lex.l: Include it instead of
	* src/ Create input.o rather than including it
	directly in lex.l.

	* do_fortran_indexing is now initially false.
	prefer_column_vectors is now initially true.

	* (install_builtins): Install i and j
	 (== sqrt(-1)) as permanent global variables.

	* (MAXPATHLEN) Provide default definition here.
	* Not here.

	* (quitting_gracefully, interactive,
	clean_up_and_exit, verbatim_pwd, getwd) Declare here.
	* Not here.

	* Also include readline.h and history.h.

	* Include version.h and sys/param.h here.
	* Not here.

	* Move builtin_clc, builtin_clock, builtin_date,
	builtin_pause, builtin_quit, builtin_warranty here from

	* (general_functions): Move builtin_clc,
	builtin_clock, builtin_date, builtin_pause, builtin_quit,
	builtin_warranty here from text_functions to limit the number of
	reserved words.

	* scripts/*.m: Check for correct number of input arguments before

	* (DEFAULT_PAGER): Look for less, more, page, and pg.

	* (builtin_help): If no arguments are given, list
	all the known operators, keywords, functions, and variables.

	* (builtin_help) Pass the output through PAGER using
	a libg++ procbuf.
	(builtin_who): Ditto.

	* (get_pager): New function.

	* help.h, New files to manage lists of help info for
	keywords and operators.

	* (symbol_record): Implement the Matlab-style semantics
	of functions using two symbol_def objects.
	* (symbol_table): Store identifier names in a hash table instead
	of a linear list.
	* (symbol_def): New class.

Sat Dec 12 00:00:00 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y (yyerror): Change error text to be more accurate.

	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Only look in the current symbol
	table for names.  Function names and other global symbols are now
	resolved at execution time.

	* (sorted_var_list): New function.
	* (sorted_fcn_list): Ditto.
	* (var_list): Ditto.
	* (fcn_list): Ditto.
	These should probably not all be separate functions...

	* (builtin_who): Call sorted_var_list for each
	symbol table to print variable names only.
	* Accept -fcn, -fcns, or -functions to also list function names.
	* Make -all list function names, but under a separate heading from
	other symbols.

	* (is_text_function_name): New function.
	* lex.l ([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Use is_text_function_name to
	find if a name is a text function name instead of relying on the
	symbol tables.

	* lex.l (is_keyword): New function.
	([_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*): Use is_keyword instead of having a
	special lex pattern for each keyword.

Thu Dec 10 12:25:12 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Declare top_level_sym_tab extern.

	* Version 0.51.

Wed Dec  9 02:00:38 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (all user_functions): If the return value from a
	user's function is bogus, print an error message and abort to the
	top level.

	* (all do_matrix_index functions): Major overhaul to
	simplify and apply range checking before doing the indexing.

	* (fortran_row, fortran_column, valid_scalar_indices,
	matrix_to_fortran_indices): Move here from and
	declare as `static inline'.  Delete declarations from arith-ops.h.

	* (gripe_nonconformant_assignment): Delete function.

	* tree-const.h (TREE_TO_MAT_IDX): Delete macro.
	* (tree_to_mat_idx): Make it an inline function.

	* (all do_matrix_assignment functions): Major
	overhaul to simplify resizing and range checking.

	* (): Move here from
	Jump to top level on errors.
	Return max value.
	(indexed_assign_conforms) New function.
	(index_check (int)): New function.
	(index_check (Range)): New function.

Tue Dec  8 21:07:23 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_rep::tree_constant_rep (Range):
	Don't create range constants that have less than 2 elements.

	* (jump_to_top_level): New function.
	* All: Replace calls to longjmp with calls to jump_to_top_level().
	Don't include <setjmp.h>, except in, and

Mon Dec  7 01:57:30 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Create Imakefile in gnuplot-build directory.
	Look for xmkmf, then X11/X.h.
	* gnuplot-build/ Try harder to get notgnuplot_x11 to
	build correctly.
	* gnuplot-build/ New file, for building
	notgnuplot_x11 if xmkmf is available.

	* Version 0.50.

	* gnuplot-build/ (SUBDIRS): Add docs.

	* tree-const.h (make_numeric_or_range_or_magic): New function.
	* (do_matrix_index): Use it instead of make_numeric
	so that we actually take advantage of all the special cases we
	have for range types as matrix indices.

	* (tree_constant_rep::do_matrix_index (int, Matrix)):
	Fix typo.

	* (integrate): If returning a matrix of values, don't mix
	time with the states.
	* (integrate): Likewise.

Sun Dec  6 16:58:41 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (dassl): New function.
	* (builtin_dassl): Make it work.
	* doc/octave.1: Document it.

	* DAEFunc.h,, DAE.h, New files.

	* (lsode): Clean up.  Use available functions
	instead of doing everything in line.

	* (tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval): Don't define
	constants that are of unknown type.
	Try to be smarter about padding after last value.

	* (lu): Don't bother trying to return the LU
	factorization in a single matrix since this isn't really useful
	and isn't compatible with Matlab anyway (they use Linpack, we use

	* (tree_identifier::assign (rhs, args, nargs)): Only try
	to do assignment if rhs is defined.

Sat Dec  5 18:23:55 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (qr): New function.
	* (builtin_qr): New function.
	* Add builtin_qr to list of builtin functions.
	* doc/octave.1: Document it.

	* (Matrix::lu): Use dgesv from Lapack instead of dgefa
	since it returns L and U, not some factors that need decoding.
	(ComplexMatrix:lu): Likewise.

Fri Dec  4 01:51:05 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (INCDIRS): Don't include /usr/local/include.
	(LIBDIRS): Don't include /usr/local/lib.

	* (lu): New function.
	* (builtin_lu): New function.
	* Add builtin_lu to list of builtin functions.
	* doc/octave.1: Document it.

	* (Matrix:lu, ComplexMatrix:lu): New functions.
	* Matrix.h, (LU, ComplexLU): New classes.

	* (do_quad): New function.
	* (builtin_quad): New function.
	* Add builtin_quad to list of builtin functions.
	* doc/octave.1: Document it.

	* doc/ (install): Edit the manpage to substitute
	correct values in the FILES section.
	(dist) Depend on
	(local-dist): Ditto.

	* Quad.h, New files to implement quadrature.

	* (npsol_objfun): If compiling with GCC on a Sun, assign
	to objf via assign_double().

	* sun-utils.h, New files.
	* Move declaration and definition of MAIN_ here from
	(access_double): New function, from GCC manual.
	(assign_double): New function, after access_double.

Thu Dec  3 03:16:03 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* NEWS: New file.
	* Distribute it.

	* scripts/*.m: Change to use new end feature.

	* lex.l: Recognize `endif', `endfor', `endfunction', `endif', and
	`endwhile', in addtion to `end'.
	* parse.y: Check for command/end mismatches.
	(end_error): New function.
	* doc/octave.1: Document it.

Wed Dec  2 11:57:18 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* libcruft/villad: New directory.  Move and split villad.f here
	from libcruft/misc.
	* Create Makefile in libcruft/villad.
	* libcruft/ Add libcruft/villad to list of dirs to make.

	* All (uninstall): New target.
	(distclean): Likewise.
	(check): Ditto.
	* Try to make clean targets conform with GNU coding standards.

	* (smells_like_X11): New function.
	* (install_builtins): Don't set graphics terminal
	to x11 unless it looks like we're running X11.

	* win_texas_lotto.m: New M-file.
	* octave.1: Document it.

	* arith-ops.h: New file.
	* src/ Build arith-ops.o, distribute,
	arith-ops.h.  Maybe this will at least speed up recompiles.

	* THANKS: New file
	* Distribute it.

	* Create Makefile in gnuplot-build/docs.
	* gnuplot-build/docs/ New file.
	* Create and install notgnuplot.gih.

Tue Dec  1 00:15:48 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_identifier::eval (int)): Only pad after if printing.
	(tree_multi_assignment_expression::eval (int)): Ditto.
	(tree_assignment_expression::eval (int)): Ditto.

	* hankel.m: Use disp to print message.
	* toeplitz.m: Ditto.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]/{S}*=): Check maybe_screwed_again to
	decide whether to return SCREW_TWO or ']'.

	* doc/ (install): Really install the manpage.

	* Version 0.49.

	* (ComplexMatrix::operator !): New function.
	* (do_unar_op): Use it.

	* (inverse, svd, eig): Don't try to operate on
	empty matrices.

	* Matrix.h, (EIG): New class.
	(Matrix::eig): New functions.
	(ComplexMatrix::eig): Ditto.
	* tree-extras (eig): Use them.
	* (builtin_eig): New function.
	* (general_functions): Add eig to list.
	* dococtave.1: Document it.

	* Matrix.h, (ComplexDET): New class.
	* tree-extras (determinant): Use it.

Mon Nov 30 04:02:29 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Matrix.h, (ComplexSVD): New class.
	* tree-extras (svd): Use it.

	* (svd): Use lapack instead of linpack to compute SVD.

	* libcruft/ Replace eispack with lapack in
	subdirectory list.
	* libcruft/eispack: Delete directory.
	* libcruft/lapack/ New file.
	* Create Makefile in libcruft/lapack, not

	* libcruft/lapack: New directory.
	* Copy files for SVD and Eigenvalue computation here.

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]/{S}*=): Only return SCREW_TWO if not
	defining a function.

	* (do_binary_op (double, double)): For pow operator,
	don't create complex value if exponent is really an int.

	* Check for f77 last.
	* Print warnings if bison or lex is not found.
	* Reformat fatal no f2c/f77 error message.

	* Make it work even if xlf is called f77.

Sun Nov 29 01:55:41 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Include f77-uscore.h.
	* Use F77_FCN macro when declaring or calling Fortran functions.

	* After checking to see that it's not garbage, add
	the output of to DEFS.

	* Figure out whether or not we need to append an
	underscore to Fortran function names.

	* Handle xlf -v output as special case.

	* Only define BADSIG if it isn't already defined.
	* Ditto.

	* Don't create man/Makefile.
	* man: Directory deleted.
	* doc/ Distribute and install octave.1.
	* doc/octave.1: Renamed from man/octave.1.

Sat Nov 28 15:54:39 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* man/ (install): Install manpage.
	* octave.1: rename from
	* octave.1: Document builtin variables and command line editing
	(stolen from bash man page).

	* (eval (int print)): Convert complex values to real
	if imaginary part is zero.

	* (log_usage): Deleted.
	(main): Don't call log_usage.

	* (builtin_sqrt): Delete.
	(builtin_log): Ditto.
	(builtin_log10): Ditto.

	* tree-const.h, (sqrt_internal): Delete.
	(log_internal): Ditto.
	(log10_internal): Ditto.

	* (mapper): Handle neg_arg_complex.

	* builtin-fcns.h (Mapper_fcn): New field neg_arg_complex.
	* (mapper_functions[]): Initialize it for list of
	mapper functions.
	* (mapper_functions[]): Move log, log10, and sqrt
	back here from general_functions[].

Fri Nov 27 17:05:21 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_to_vector): Handle complex scalars
	and matrices.

Wed Nov 25 17:32:42 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* man/ New file, very incomplete.
	* man/ Include in list of files to

	* (builtin_rand): Handle nargin == 1.
	* (rand): Likewise.

	* rem.m: New M-file.  Implemented as M-file because it's much

	* (DEFAULT_DOT_C_FROM_DOT_F): Escape % characters in
	rule to avoid problems with autoconf, which uses % for sed command

Tue Nov 24 00:21:34 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (fill_matrix): Don't try to create matrices with
	negative dimensions.
	(frobit): Likewise.

	* (check_dimensions): New function.

	* (treat_neg_dim_as_zero): New function.
	* (treat_neg_dim_as_zero): New builtin variable,
	default value is false.

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::bump_value): Like, assign, check
	reference count and possibly make a new copy before changing

	* tree-base.h (is_builtin): New virtual function.
	* (tree_builtin::is_builtin): New function.

	* parse.y (ans_expression): Also check to see if the lone
	expression is a builtin text-style function invoked without any

	*, Print copyright and other normal
	(non-error) message on cout instead of cerr.

	* (builtin_warranty): Don't return message in
	(builtin_history): Likewise.
	(builtin_help): Also.
	(builtin_who): Ditto.

	* Version 0.48.

	* Fix most functions to handle complex arguments.
	Still need to finish SVD and DET (waiting for these functions in
	the Matrix class).

	* (tree_multi_assignment::eval): Optionally print names
	for result variables.

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::eval (int print, int nargout)):
	New function.  Simply ignore nargout.
	* (tree_matrix::eval (int print, int nargout)): Ditto.

	* (tree_parameter_list::name): New function.

	* lex.l (<NEWMAT>): Delete rules, start condition because they are

	* lex.l (<MATRIX>{SN}*\]): Split into three rules.  Use trailing
	context instead of home-brew lookahead.

Mon Nov 23 00:51:51 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (ok_to_lose_imaginary_part): New function.
	* (ok_to_lose_imaginary_part): New builtin
	variable, default value is warn.

	* tree-const.h (double_value): Maybe return real part if invoked
	for complex tree_constant.
	* tree-const.h (matrix_value): Ditto.

	* Version 0.47.  This one wasn't tested, but there have been a lot
	of significant changes and I wanted a backup.

	* (sqrt_internal): New function.  Sqrt isn't
	implemented as a mapper function since negative real arguments
	give complex results.
	(log_internal): Ditto.
	(log10_internal): Ditto.
	* Move sqrt, log, and log10 from mapper struct
	initializer to general function struct initializer.

	* rot90.m: New M-file.  Still needs rem() to be complete.

	* (mapper): Handle mapper functions for complex

	* mappers.h, New file for mapper functions.

	* builtin-fcns.h, Rename from builtins.h

	* flipud.m: Don't do indexing on lhs.
	* fliplr.m: Likewise.

Sun Nov 22 17:09:36 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (do_binary_op (double, double)): Handle a^b for
	a < 0.

	* Make sqrt a general builtin function instead of a
	mapper function.
	* (builtin_sqrt): New function.
	* (sqrt_internal): New function.

Sat Nov 21 16:41:02 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* tree-const.h,  Complete most changes required to
	handle complex types.  There are lots of details, most will be
	omitted here.

	* tree-const.h (is_real_type) New function.
	(is_complex_type): Ditto.
	(is_scalar_type): Ditto.
	(is_matrix_type): Ditto.

	CRMATRIX_ASSIGN_ELEM): New macro for dealing with real and complex
	matrices in the same tree_constant_rep function.

	* Include

	* New file for functions that implement unary and
	binary operations for the tree_constat classes.
	* Mark all operations that aren't implemented yet with a
	FIXME comment.  There are about 35-40 things left to fix
	in this file.

Thu Nov 19 00:25:16 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.46.
	[ This one wasn't tested, but there have been a lot of significant
	changes and I wanted a backup. ]

	* (tree_constant_rep::do_unary_op): Handle Complex.
	(do_unary_op (Complex&, tree::expression_type)): New function.
	(do_unary_op (ComplexMatrix&, tree_expression_type): Ditto.

	* (tree_constant_rep::assign): Handle Complex
	(still needs updated support functions in order to work).

	* (tree_matrix::eval): Handle Complex.
	(tree_identifier::eval): Ditto.
	(tree_for_command::eval): Ditto.

Wed Nov 18 23:33:13 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant_rep::rows): Handle Complex.
	(tree_constant_rep::columns): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::all): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::any): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::cumprod): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::cumsum): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::prod): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::sum): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::sumsq): Ditto.

	* tree_const.h, (tree_constant::complex_value): New
	(tree_constant_rep::complex_value): Ditto
	(tree_constant::complex_matrix_value): New
	(tree_constant_rep::complex_matrix_value): New

	* (tree_constant_rep::~tree_constant_rep): Handle
	complex scalars and matrices.
	(tree_constant_rep::force_numeric): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::make_numeric): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::eval): Ditto.
	(tree_constant_rep::bump_value): Ditto.  C++, for C == a
	complex value is C = C + 1.  Should I even do this?  Hmmm.

	* tree-const.h, Begin adding support for Compelex.
	* Add complex_scalar and complex_matrix to value union.
	* Add complex_scalar_constant and complex_matrix_constant to type
	tag enum.
	* New constructors.

	* Matrix.h, Major changes to add Complex support.

Tue Nov 17 14:40:45 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (RowVector::operator (const Matrix&)): New function.

	* (ColumnVector::transpose): New function.
	Eliminate friend function that served the same purpose.
	(RowVector::transpose): Ditto.

Mon Nov 16 09:57:33 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (QSTRING): Fix to allow '' inside a string to represent a
	single quote.  Makes computer.m a little funnier.

Fri Nov 13 18:46:39 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.45.

	* computer.m: New M-file.
	* tril.m: Ditto.
	* triu.m: Ditto.

	* doc (*.texi): Can now produce BUGS, INSTALL, and
	files without generating errors, though the organization is
	probably till very wrong.

	* (newversion): Add magic to handle major versions
	other than 0, and major/minor versions of any length.

Thu Nov 12 01:37:45 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* g-builtins.h, tree-const.h,,, Conditionally compile code for NPSOL and FSQP
	* (builtin_npsol): If NPSOL is missing, always call
	npsol_usage() to print out message indicating why NPSOL doesn't
	* (builtin_fsqp): Likewise for FSQP.

	* Check for srcdir/libcruft/npsol/npsol.f and
	srcdir/libcruft/fsqp/fsqp.f.  If missing, define NPSOL_MISSING or
	FSQP_MISSING and add them to DEFS.

	* libcruft/npsol/README.MISSING: New file.
	* libcruft/fsqp/README.MISSING: Ditto.

	* libcruft/npsol/ (dist): Don't distribute sources
	because of license restriction.  Do distribute and
	* libcruft/fsqp/ (dist): Ditto.

	* All files (local-dist): New target, usually the same
	as dist.

	* parse.y (ans_expression): Check to see that the RHS isn't just
	an identifier.
	* (tree_identifier::eval (int)): Maybe print id name.
	* (tree_assignment::eval (int)): Ditto.
	* (print_answer_id_name): New builtin variable.
	* (print_answer_id_name): New function.

Tue Nov 10 10:58:36 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (log_usage): Surround with #if 0/#endif.

Mon Nov  9 13:42:54 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (load): Only issue error mesasge if attempt to find
	_first_ name keyword fails.

	* (make_numeric_or_magic): New function.  Like
	make_numeric except also pass magic_colons.
	* (all do_matrix_index functions): Matrix ndices can
	be naked colons, so use make_numeric_or_magic on index arguments
	instead of make_numeric.

	* liboctave/ (install): Install .h files in $(includedir).
	(includedir): New macro, default value $(prefix)/include.

	* (tree_function::eval (int print)): Force arguments to be

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::assign (rhs, args, nargs)): Check
	reference count before assigning.
	* (tree_identifier::assign (rhs, args, nargs)): Don't eval
	lhs before doing assignment.

	* (parse_m_file): Gobble leading white space, including

Fri Nov  6 16:52:59 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.44.

	* (builtin_getenv): New function.

	* isempty.m: New M-file.

	* (builtin_exist): New function.
	* (identifier_exists): Handle the dirty details.

	* (warn_comma_in_global_decl): New function.
	* (warn_comma_in_global_decl): New builtin variable.
	Initial value is true.
	* parse.y (global_decl): Handle global declarations here,
	including optional initialization.
	* (builtin_global): Deleted.

Thu Nov  5 23:59:39 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_feval): New function.
	* (feval): Handle the dirty details.

	* (builtin_rand): New function.
	* (rand): Handle the dirty details.

Wed Nov  4 14:54:17 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* num2str.m: New M-file.
	* int2str.m: Ditto.

	* (builtin_disp): New function.

	* (builtin_fprintf, builtin_printf,
	builtin_sprintf):  New functions.
	* (do_printf): New function to handle the gory

	* (builtin_flops): Implement here because we may
	actually want to count operations at some point.

Tue Nov  3 17:06:40 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (do_binary_op): Detect and give error message for
	optations on empty matrices.
	(do_unary_op): Likewise.

	* parse.y (matrix): Convert `[]' and `[;]' to empty matrices
	instead of (tree_matrix *) NULL.

Mon Nov  2 11:23:40 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* src/ Update dependencies.
	* liboctave/ Ditto.

	* (force_numeric): Consult matlab_strings()
	before doing string to number conversion.
	* (matlab_strings): New builtin variable.
	* (matlab_strings): New function.

	* (linear_constraints_ok): New function.
	(linear_constraints_ok): Ditto.
	(npsol): Use them to avoid creating inconsistent sets of
	constraints and crashing.  It would really be nice to have
	exception handling.

	* (load): Issue error mesasges if attempt to find
	name keyword fails.

	* Version 0.43.

	* (npsol): Use new minimize (phi, inform).
	Handle nargout == 3.

	* (builtin_npsol): Allow nargout == 3.

	* (set_default_options): New function.
	(all constructors): Use it.
	(operator =): Use it and print warning message (setting default
	options doesn't represent a true copy and it would be somewhat
	difficult to fix this...).

	* npchkd.f (npchkd): Only write message if msglvl > 0.

Sun Nov  1 00:58:16 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* gnuplot-build/ (LIBDIRS): Set correctly.
	(notgnuplot): Use it.

	* libcruft/misc/gen-d1mach.c: Generate d1mach.f at build time
	instead of depending on the installer to get it right.
	* libcruft/ (gen-d1mach): New target.

	* libcruft/ (SPECIAL): New macro.
	(DISTFILES): Include it.

	* libcruft/ (SPECIAL_DEPEND): Ditto.
	(../../libcruft.a): Use it.

Mon Oct 26 02:25:11 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (is_valid_function): Try harder to find M-files
	that may not have been parsed yet.

	* (define (symbol_record*)): New function.  Make it
	simple to copy all fields of a symbol_record if we already have
	* (force_global): Use it.

	* (valid_identifier): Allow underscores in names.

	* (npsol): Force column vector to be returned.
	(fsolve): Ditto.

	* Version 0.42.

	* (fsolve): New function for solving nonlinear
	algebraic equations.  This needs much more work if it is to
	provide all the functionality of Matlab's fsolve.

	* (fsolve_user_function): New function.

	* libcruft/minpack: Import needed functions.

	* (npsol (tree_constant*, int, int): Completely
	rewrite to handle all of the follwing:

	  1. npsol (x, phi)
	  2. npsol (x, phi, lb, ub)
	  3. npsol (x, phi, lb, ub, llb, c, lub)
	  4. npsol (x, phi, lb, ub, llb, c, lub, nllb, g, nlub)
	  5. npsol (x, phi, lb, ub,              nllb, g, nlub)
	  6. npsol (x, phi,         llb, c, lub, nllb, g, nlub)
	  7. npsol (x, phi,         llb, c, lub)
	  8. npsol (x, phi,                      nllb, g, nlub)

	* (npsol_constraint_function): New function.

	* (tree_constant_to_vector): New function.
	(tree_constant_to_matrix): Ditto.
	(takes_correct_nargs): Ditto.

Fri Oct 23 10:19:51 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (is_valid_function): New function.
	(npsol): Use it.

	* (s_plural): New function.
	(es_plural): Ditto.

	* (npsol): Improve checks for valid objective

	* (tree_function::max_expected_args): New function.

Thu Oct 22 18:42:07 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_lsode): Quick check of arguments, then
	call lsode (tree_constant *, int, int).
	* Move rest of code for implementing builtin_lsode to

	* (builtin_npsol: Quick check of arguments, then
	call npsol (tree_constant *, int, int).
	* Move rest of code for implementing builtin_npsol to

	* Simplify functions that require numeric arguments
	by always calling make_numeric for them instead of doing it
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.

	* tree-const.h (tree_constant::make_numeric): Return *this if
	already a numeric type.

	* In constructors, don't try to assign NULL to bounds

	* (tree_constant_rep::valid_as_scalar_index (void)):
	New function.
	* (valid_scalar_indices (tree_constant*, int):
	New function.
	* (tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_index): Simplify by
	using functions to determine if arguments are valid as indices.
	(tree_constant_rep::do_scalar_assignment): Likewise.

Wed Oct 21 14:11:58 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (determinant): Make it work again.

	* (tree_identifier::eval (tree_constant*, int, int, int):
	Simplify logic.  Only have one ans->eval() call.

	* (tree_constant_rep::eval (tree_constant*, int,
	int, int): Properly handle indexing of range constants.

	* (stupid_fortran_style_matrix_index): Preserve row
	or column orientation for vectors.

	* toeplitz.m: New M-file.
	* invhilb.m: Ditto.
	* hankel.m: Ditto.

	* (max): Handle two arg case. (max): Likewise.
	(min (Matrix&, Matrix&): New function.
	(max (Matrix&, Matrix&): Ditto.

Tue Oct 20 15:13:57 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.41.

Mon Oct 19 16:46:35 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* rows.m: New M-file.
	* (builtin_rows): Delete function.
	* g-builtins.h (builtin_rows): Delete declaration.
	* (general_functions): Delete from initialization list.

	* columns.m: New M-file.
	* (builtin_columns): Delete function.
	* g-builtins.h (builtin_columns): Delete declaration.
	* (general_functions): Delete from initialization list.

	* length.m: New M-file.
	* (builtin_length): Delete function.
	* g-builtins.h (builtin_length): Delete declaration.
	* (general_functions): Delete from initialization list.

	* (builtin_size): If two values are expected to be
	returned, put nr and nc in separate registers.

Sun Oct 18 13:37:17 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* tree-base.h: Extract base tree class declarations from tree.h.
	*, tree-const.h: Extract tree_constant class from
	from, tree.h.
	Change all uses of tree.h to use either or both of tree-base.h and

	* (solve): Replaces LinEqn class. (do_binary_op) Use it.

	* (builtin_max): New function. (tree_constant::max): New friend.

	* (builtin_min): New function. (tree_constant::min): New friend.

	* cond.m: New M-file.

	* rank.m: New M-file.

	* (builtin_svd): New function. (tree_constant::svd): New friend function.

	* (builtin_svd): New function. (tree_constant::svd): New friend function.

	* (builtin_format): New function.  Implement some of
	the Matlab options (sort of).

	* Major changes to liboctave source.  A new
	completely replaces the old Matrix/Vec/AVec code.  All other
	classes that use Matrix/Vector objects have been updated (or
	deleted, if they are no longer needed).  All callers changed in
	octave sources.

Sun Oct 11 21:22:16 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_function::eval): Don't define more function
	parameters than are expected.  If fewer arguments than expected
	are actually supplied, force them to be undefined.

	* parse.y (fact): Give warning and abort for identifiers followed
	by '['.  This should catch most improper uses of [] instead of ()
	for indexing operators.

	* (do_binary_op (Matrix&, Matrix&, tree::expression_type):
	Handle element by element exponentiation.

Tue Sep 22 10:09:06 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.40.

Mon Sep 21 13:09:06 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l: Accept ** and .** as well as ^ and .^ as exponentiation

Fri Sep 18 15:19:51 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* tree.h Elimitate need for
	overloaded operator-> in the tree_constant class.  Also eliminate
	uses of ->string, ->scalar, etc.  Instead, always call
	.string_value(), .double_value(), etc.

	* (install_builtins): Reserve `ans' as an
	uninitialized global variable (should it really be global?).

	* parse.y (ans_expression): Handle default assignemnt to builtin
	variable ans.
	(command): Use it.

Tue Sep 15 14:06:12 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.39.

	* (tree_identifier::bump_value): Don't try to increment
	undefined symbols or values.
	(tree_prefix_expression::eval): Don't call bump_value if id is a
	(tree_prefix_expression::eval): Likewise.

	* (lsode_builtin): Handle extra arguments.
	liboctave/ (integ): Add template for handling bad returns
	from lsode.

	* (class tree_return_command): Implementation is just like
	break and continue.  Something seems wrong about this...
	lex.l (return): Recognize return statement.
	parse.y (statement): Handle function returns. (various eval functions): Check to see if we are returning
	from a function.

	* (tree_for_command::eval): Set abort_on_undefined when
	evaluating the loop body.
	(tree_while_command::eval): Ditto.

	* (class tree_idenfier): Improve searching/parsing M-files
	when handling undefined names. (tree_identifier::parse_m_file (char*)): New function.
	(tree_identifier::parse_m_file (void)): Use it.

	* (force_global): New function.
	* (symbol_table::remove_name(char *)): New function.

	* tree.h, (class tree_constant): Split into two classes,
	tree_constant (handle) and tree_constant_rep (body) to enable use
	of `smart pointers' and reference counted memory management.
	(Lots of things are different with this change.)

Sat Aug 22 11:58:27 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.38.

	* lex.l (COMMA_KLUDGE): Delete production, all uses.  This doesn't
	seem to be necessary anymore, and the mystery output lines
	disappear without it.

	* (make_eternal (char *)): New function.
	(install_builtins): Make LOADPATH, eps, pi, Inf, and NaN eternal.

	* New M-files: mean.m, std.m, hadamard.m, vander.m, hilb.m,
	linspace.m, logspace.m.

	* (tree_function::eval): Don't check number of arguments
	supplied against total number possible (previously thought to be
	`expected') so that user-defined functions can have variable
	numbers of arguments.

	* (tree_identifier::eval_undefined_error): New function.
	(tree_identifier::eval): Use it.

	* (abort_on_undefined): New global symbol to control
	whether we should jump to top level after an undefined symbol has
	been encountered. (tree_function::eval) Set it before evaluating function
	body, restore to previous value after successful completion. (tree_identifier::eval_undefined_error): Use it

Fri Aug 20 09:31:14 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	*  New mapper functions:
	isnan: Uses xisnan, which calls IEEE function isnan.
	isinf: Uses xisinf which calls IEEE functions finite and isnan,
	or isinf if available.
	finite: Uses xfinite, which calls IEEE function finite.
	abs: Uses fabs.

	*	(sumsq): New function.
	(diag): New function.

	* (tree_constant::sumsq): New function
	(tree_constant::diag): New function

	* (sumsq): New function.
	(diag): Ditto.

Thu Aug 20 00:36:44 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_error): New function.

	* gnuplot-build/ (dist): Actually create `term'

	* Lots of changes to tree_assignment_expression::eval and
	tree_index_expression::eval to make matrix indexing work like
	(do_fortran_indexing): New user-level variable to control this
	behavior.  If this variable is false, things like

	  a([1,2;3,4], [1,2;3,4]) = b

	become syntax errors.  Otherwise, Matlab braindamage prevails.

Tue Aug 18 13:15:46 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.37.

	* (do_matrix_assignment): Conditionally allow single
	indices for Matrix assignments.
	(do_matrix_index): Ditto.

	* (do_fortran_indexing): New function.
	utils.h: Declare it. (install_builtins): Default value for new
	do_fortran_indexing variable.

	* (install_builtins): Bind eps to the value
	DBL_EPSILON from float.h.  Make it read only (will this cause
	* Bind Inf to 1/0 (will only work for IEEE machines.
	* Bind NaN to 0/0 (will only work for IEEE machines.
	* Add round, fix, floor, ceil, and sign to builtin mapper functions.
	(round): New function.
	(fix): Ditto.
	(signum): Ditto.
	* Add clc (clear screen function).
	* Add home (clear screen function).  To be just like Matlab, this
	wouldn't clear the screen.

	* New M-files: fliplr.m, flipud.m, trace.m, reshape.m.

	* (bind_variable): Revise bind_string_variable so that it
	takes a tree_constant as an argument.
	(bind_protected_variable): Likewise for the function
	(bind_string_variable): Delete.
	(bind_protected_string_variable): Ditto.
	utils.h: Fix declarations. Fix callers.

	* (install_builtins): Bind LOADPATH here. (initialize_globals): Not here.

	* (SOURCES): Add new scripts directory.
	(scripts): New target.
	libcruft/ (install): Don't depend on all.

	* (m_file_in_path): Get path from LOADPATH variable. (tree_identifier::parse_m_file): Modify caller.

	* src/ (OCTAVE_M_FILE_DIR): New variable.
	(utils.o): Use it. (default_path): Use it.

	* (pathstring_to_vector): New function.
	(default_path): Return colon separated path instead of vector of
	* (initialize_globals): Use pathstring_to_vector here.
	Bind output of default_path to LOADPATH variable.
	Eliminate octave_path global variable.

	* (isstr): New function.
	(all): Ditto.
	(any): Ditto.
	(cumprod): Ditto.
	(cumsum): Ditto.
	(prod): Ditto.
	(sum): Ditto.

	* (builtin_isstr): New function.
	(builtin_all): Ditto.
	(builtin_any): Ditto.
	(builtin_cumprod): Ditto.
	(builtin_cumsum): Ditto.
	(builtin_prod): Ditto.
	(builtin_sum): Ditto.

	* (all): New function.
	(any): Ditto.
	(cumprod): Ditto.
	(cumsum): Ditto.
	(prod): Ditto.
	(sum): Ditto.

	* scripts: New directory.
	scripts/strcmp.m: New file (first M-file function in distribution!).
	scripts/ New file. Include scripts/Makefile in list of files to create.

Sat Aug 15 18:32:24 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.36.

Fri Aug 14 08:44:10 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (id_to_define): New global variable.
	(curr_m_file_name): Ditto.
	(current_infile): Ditto.

	* tree.h (tree_identifier::parse_m_file): New function.
	(tree_identifier::eval): Handle M-files.

	* tree.h (stash_m_file_name): New virtual function.
	(stash_m_file_time): Ditto.
	(time_parsed): Ditto.
	(m_file_name): Ditto.

	* tree.h (tree_function::stash_m_file_name) New function.
	(tree_function::stash_m_file_time): Ditto.
	(tree_function::time_parsed): Ditto.
	(tree_function::m_file_name): Ditto.

	* lex.l (reading_m_file): New global variable.
	(delete_buffer): New function.
	(yywrap): New function.  Always return 0 (is this a smart thing to

	* parse.y (func_def2): Handle input from m-files (sort of).

	* (octave_path): New global variable.
	(using_readline): Ditto.
	(no_line_editing): Ditto.

	* (main): Initialize current_command_number before
	calling setjmp.
	* Increment it in main command loop, not in parse.y.

	* utils.h (default_path): New function.
	(m_file_in_path): Ditto.
	(is_newer): Ditto.

	* (main): Execute commands here.
	* parse.y (input): Not here.

	* (tree *global_command): New global variable that
	points to the current command to be executed.

Thu Aug 13 07:08:11 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y: Make word_list_cmd a fact, not a command, so that
	things like `y = who -all' can work.  You can't do that in Matlab.

	* (builtin_who): Print symbols in columns, sorted.
	(list_in_columns) New function, mostly stolen from GNU ls.

	* symtab.h (char **list (void)) New function.
	(char **sorted_list (void) New function.

	* (various eval functions): Handle printing results of
	text and general functions here.  Straighten out other printing
	stuff, maybe...

	* t-builtins.h Make text functions return
	tree_constant* instead of int, delete print flag argument.

	* g-builtins.h Delete print flag argument.

	* Version 0.35.

Wed Aug 12 15:12:23 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_builtin::eval): Call mapper function with
	print = 0 to avoid getting two answers.
	(specific do_matrix_assignment functions): Handle resizing
	correctly for `:' indices.
	(tree_colon_expression::eval): Don't crash if the evaluation of
	an operand yields a NULL_TREE_CONST.

Mon Aug 10 07:31:37 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_identifier::define):  Return NULL_TREE_CONST if
	symbol_record::define fails.
	(tree_identifier::assign): Likewise.

	* symtab.h (symbol_lifetime): New attribute for symbol_records.
	Can be either temporary or eternal.
	(symbol_class): Delete eternal attribute.
	* (install_builtins): Mark all builtins as eternal.

	* Version 0.34.

	* tree.h: Delete ttype, enum list of tree types.

	* g-builtins.h (builtin_colloc): New function.

	* liboctave (various): Add missing return values, etc. so that
	liboctave compiles cleanly.

	* tree.h (tree_multi_assignment): New class to implement
	assignments to more than one variable.  Does it work?  Maybe...

	* tree.h (tree_constant **eval (int, int)): New virtual function.
	(is_identifier): Another one.

	* symtab.h (eternal): New class for symbol_records.
	* symtab.h (make_eternal): New function.
	* (install_builtins): Make builtin variables eternal.

	* (list_to_vector): Surround by `#if 0/#endif' to avoid
	compilation warning.

Sun Aug  9 03:18:38 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* t-builtins.h (builtin_cd): New function adapted
	from bash for changing the current working directory.
	(builtin_pwd): New function adapted from bash for printing the
	current working directory.

	* utils.h New functions from bash for changing and
	printing the current working directory:

	    pathname_backup        make_absolute
	    get_working_directory  change_to_directory

	* utils.h (bind_string_variable): New function.
	(bind_protected_string_variable): Likewise.

	* (initialze_globals): New function.

	* utils.h New functions from bash, mostly for fancy

	    polite_directory_format  absolute_pathname
	    absolute_program         base_pathname
	    read_octal               sub_append_string

Thu Aug  6 02:39:31 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (initialize_history): Fix up to
	(octave_hist_file) New global variable.
	(octave_hist_size) Ditto.
	(history_lines_this_session) Ditto.
	(history_lines_in_file) Ditto.

	* (octave_gets): Keep track of number of lines read
	during the current session.

	* (default_history_file): New function.  Look for
	OCTAVE_HISTFILE environment variable and use its value if
	(default_history_size): New function.  Look for OCTAVE_HISTSIZE
	environment variable and use its value if possible.

	* (builtin_history): Steal from bash and modify to
	work with octave.

	* (builtin_det): New function.

	* tree.h (determinant): New function

	* Rewrite functions that use fill_matrix, inverse,
	and identity_matrix to use new versions implemented as friends of
	tree_constant.  This is being done in an attempt to get rid of all
	calls to tree_constant::const_type() outside of

	* (tree_constant): Implement new functions for filling
	and inverting tree constants as matrices, and for creating an
	identity matrix from a tree_constant.

	* (builtin_inv): New function. Allow builtin_inv to be called as either inv(A) or

	* (do_binary_op (Matrix, Matrix)): Better handling of
	solution of linear equations for square coefficient matrices.

	* (solve): Don't exit on singular matrices.  Implement
	new variations of these functions that will allow status checking.

	Specific rules for octave.o and builtins.o to avoid defining
	GNUPLOT_BINARY and SITE_DEFAULTS for all .cc targets.

	* Use macro GNUPLOT_BINARY.

	* (execute_startup_files): Use macro SITE_DEFAULTS.
	Execute commands from SITE_DEFAULTS file.

	* (builtin_pause): Make it work.

	* Check for termio.h and/or sgtty.h.

	* (clean_up): Reset terminal state to cooked mode.
	(main) Likewise, after return from SIGINT signal handler.

	* utils.h (raw_mode): New function (mostly stolen from
	less(1)) toggle input processing for stdin to raw/cooked modes.
	(kbhit): New function to read one character from cin in raw mode
	without echoing it.

	* Fix expected number of arguments in lists of

	* tree.h (max_args_expected (void)): New virtual function.
	(tree_builtins::) Provide a definition of it.

	* lex.l (identifier): Before gobbling up text function arguments,
	check to see that we expect some.

	* symtab.h (max_args_expected): Return max args expected
	by a symbol (currently only valid for tree_builtins).

Wed Aug  5 05:03:59 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* utils.h (resize_on_range_error): Decide what to return
	based on value of global variable of same name.
	(prefer_column_vectors): Likewise.

	* Version 0.33.

	* parse.y (func_def2): Call define (tree *, symbol_type), not
	define (tree *), so that the symbol type is set for user-defined
	(assignment): Catch assignments to functions here.

	* tree.h (tree_identifier::define (tree *, symbol_type):
	New function (be careful out there...).

	* symtab.h (symbol_type): Add new `user_function' enum value.

	* (do_matrix_assignment): Call prefer_column_vectors().

	* tree.h (do_matrix_assignment (...)): New functions to
	implement assignment to indexed matrices.
	(do_scalar_assignment (...)): New function to implement assignment
	to an indexed scalar.

	* utils.h (resize_on_range_error): New function.  Should
	eventually decide what to return based on value of global variable
	of same name.
	(prefer_column_vectors): New function.

Tue Aug  4 05:37:47 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant::save): New function.
	(tree_constant::load): New function.

	* (symbol_record::save): New function.
	(symbol_table::load): New function.

	* (builtin_load): Start implementation.  Yikes, this
	is probably going to need a lot of work to be very robust...

	* (builtin_save): Implement by asking the
	symbol_record to save itself.  Maybe this should really be done by
	asking the symbol table to save a symbol...

	* (extract_keyword): New function.
	(valid_identifier): New function.

Fri Jul 31 04:16:24 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* parse.y (func_def3): Extra error cases for empty function
	(func_def1, func_def1a, func_def1b): Slighly straighten out some
	truly twisted logic, eliminate func_def1a, rename func_def1b to
	func_def1a, and make statementss like function [x,y] = foo() end
	work properly (I think).
	(func_def*): Put function name in global symbol table, not top
	level symbold table.  This makes them accessible from other
	functions, eh?

	* (builtin_who): Accept -all, -local, -global, and
	-top flags.

Thu Jul 30 00:39:40 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* lex.l (current_buffer): New function to return current flex
	input buffer.  Will need this to be able to switch file contexts.

	* Version 0.32.

	* lex.l (create_buffer, switch_to_buffer): New functions to handle
	input from various streams.  This should be enough to allow us to
	implement Matlab-like M-files. (main, execute_startup_files): Use them.

	* (execute_startup_files): Execute commands from
	$HOME/.octaverc and ./.octaverc.

	* (builtin_plot): Delete temporary files.
	Ignore SIGINT while gnuplot is executing.

Wed Jul 29 20:16:25 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (all_args_defined): New function to check a
	tree_constant** vector to see if all elements are non-null.
	(tree_index_expression::eval (int)): Use it, and abort the
	evaluation if test fails.

	* terminals.h, New files for doing things with
	gnuplot graphics terminal names.
	src/ Handle new files.

Tue Jul 28 00:25:24 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (builtin_plot): Make it work, at least halfway.

	* (builtin_save): New function.

	* gnuplot-build/ Add -DREADLINE and remove readline.o
	from list of objects to actually enable the GNU command line

	* Use AC_PROG_CHECK macro to search for f2c and f77.
	Check for several common Un*x Fortran compilers.
	Add extra messages.

	* g-builtins.h: New files for builtin general
	functions extracted from

	* t-builtins.h: New files for builtin text functions
	extracted from

	* (split-dist): New target.

	* Version 0.31.

Mon Jul 27 22:01:58 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant::do_matrix_index (tree_constant **, int):
	Allow single argument to work for matrices that are really row or
	column vectors.

	* lex.l: Accept `<>' in addition to `!=' and `~=' as `not equal'
	comparison operators.

	* libcruft/Makerules: Allow for compiling the Fortran routines
	with the native Fortran compiler instead of translating to C.

	*, New scripts which try to determine
	whether it will be possible for us to use the system's Fortran
	compiler directly, and if so, what libraries to add to the loader
	command.  These scripts are known to work on SPARCstations running
	SunOS and DECstations running Ultrix.  Not tested elsewhere...
	* Use them.
	* Distribute them.

Wed Jul 22 00:04:48 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Begin implementation of NLP solver using NPSOL.

Tue Jul 21 13:44:13 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* If printing version information, also print pointer
	to warranty info.

	* Implement the Matlab functions ones, zeros, eye,
	clock, date, size, length, and global.
	Implement warranty builtin.
	(builtin_clear): Fix to work with global variables.

	* (clear): Fix to work properly with global variables.

Mon Jul 20 11:58:23 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* (tree_constant::do_matrix_index (tree_constant**, int)):
	Make string indices work.
	(tree_constant::force_numeric): Don't special case
	single-character strings (this uncovers a flaw in the design of
	the constructor for the magic colon operator...).

Fri Jul 17 16:33:00 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.30.

	* Delete undefined identifiers when trying to eval them.

	* Add beginnings of builtin who and clear functions.

	* symtab.h (clear): New function.

	*, tree.h, parse.y: Implement matrix indexing with colon
	expressions, implement the magic colon operator for column and row

	* tree.h: Completely rework colon expressions.

Thu Jul 16 09:27:48 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* gnuplot-dist: Rename from gnuplot-3.2 so we're not tied to a
	version number.

Tue Jul 14 11:22:35 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Make argc/nargs/nargin work like C:
	the argument count is the number of command line arguments plus
	the function name.  This goes for `argument lists' for matrices as
	well as functions.  It seems a bit awkward but at it's consistent,
	and it's like C.  Hmm.  Maybe this is a bad choice...

	* utils.h: New files for utility functions.

Mon Jul 13 00:29:50 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.29.

	* tree_constant::tree_constant (matrix): Automatically
	convert 1x1 matrices to scalars.

	* parse.y lex.l: Fix up a bunch of stupid stuff and reduce the
	number of shift/reduce conflicts to 16 (all but one because of the
	optional separator garbage).

	* parse.y lex.l: Allow for assignments to lists of identifiers to
	be partially parsed.  This will still require some error checking
	in to ensure that the list is made up of identifiers only,
	since that's not enforced by the grammar (I don't see a way to do
	it, do you?)

Sun Jul 12 11:24:33 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* tree.h parse.y lex.l: Implement logical AND (symbol &),
	OR (symbol |), and not (symbol ~).  Also provide the C-style
	operators &&, ||, and !).

	* Matrix.h: Provide stupid element-wise logical
	operators for matrices.

	* Version 0.28.

	* parse.y lex.l tree.h: Implement C-style prefix and
	postfix increment and decrement operators (symbols ++ and --

	* parse.y lex.l tree.h: Implement break and continue.

	* tree.h: Assignment to matrix elements roughed out.

	* gnuplot/ Solution of linear equations via the lift
	division operator partially implemented.  Singular coefficient
	matrices aren't handled very well yet...

	* gnuplot-build/ Make this work to build gnuplot for
	generic X11/unix environments.
	* Remove -Wall from CFLAGS to avoid loads of warnings.
	* Use GNU readline instead of the one that comes with gnuplot.

	* gnuplot-build/*.diff: Various patches for various things.

Sat Jul 11 10:14:12 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.26

	* src/ Distribute,,
	* src/ (dist): Depend on and

	* gnuplot-build: New directory for patching and building gnuplot.
	This is apparenty required because the gnuplot license won't allow
	distrubution of modified versions, but will allow patches to be
	* gnuplot-build/ New file.

	* gnuplot-3.2: New directory.

	* readline: New directory from the bash-1.12 distribution, plus
	tilde.c from bash's lib/glob directory and xmalloc.c from bash's
	lib/malloc directory.
	* readline/, readline/doc/,
	readline/examples/ New files.

	* All files: Allow make to work from any directory, not
	just the top level one.

Fri Jul 10 22:20:56 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* SERVICE: Remove, since it seems too specific to GNU products.

Thu Jul  9 07:48:33 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.20.

	* Solution of ODEs with LSODE partially implemented.  It's
	possible to solve some simple equations.

	* tree.h (tree_constant): Add string constants and make
	them work more or less like string constants in Matlab (implicit
	conversion to ASCII numbers -- gag.  This isn't complete, and it
	it assumes that ASCII is the character set for the host

Tue Jul  7 07:28:35 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.19.

	* User defined function definitions and calls to them mostly work.
	Still need to implement multiple return values correctly.

Mon Jul  6 04:23:37 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.18.

	* lex.l parse.y tree.h: Begin implementation of
	user-defined functions.

Sun Jul  5 19:27:08 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.17.

	* lex.l: Replace SAVE_STRING macro with a function.

	* (builtin_document): New builtin function.
	(builtin_help): Make it work.

	* lex.l: More rules for gathering text.  These are still not quite
	as they should be, but they will work in most cases.  I think the
	flex generated scanner is either going to have to be reworked or
	replaced with a handemade version at some point (probably soon)...

	* tree.h: Add tree_word_list and tree_word_list_command
	classes for text functions.

Fri Jul  3 05:13:15 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.16.

	* builtins.h New files for builtin functions.
	Implement a few simple builtin functions.

	* tree.h: Add tree_builtin type for builtin functions.

	* tree.h: eval (args...) New virtual function.

Thu Jul  2 01:27:38 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.15.

	* symtab.h, Allow variables and functions to be tagged
	as read-only or read-write.

Wed Jul  1 15:54:36 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* and allow input to come from a file.

	* lex.l: to accept `#' as a comment character (allows one to
	use the `#!/bin/octave' style script hack).

	* doc: New directory containing skeleton stuff
	* SERVICE: New file from GCC.
	* BUGS: New file, now produced from doc/bugs.texi.
	* INSTALL: New file, now produced from doc/install.texi.

Sat Jun 27 15:52:37 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.14.

	* Fixed parser to eliminate reduce/reduce conflicts.

	* Fixed parser to recognize assignment to multiple identifiers
	(e.g., [E,V] = eig (A); ).

	* Quickie implementation of indexed array evaluation.  Works for
	scalar indices, but not range/array indices.

Fri Jun 26 04:23:12 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.12.

	* Hooks added for indexed array evaluation and assignment.
	* Colon expression implementation improved.
	* Implementation of for command eval() improved.

Thu Jun 25 00:28:12 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.11.

	* Colon expressions added.
	* For command added, but the implementation needs work.

Wed Jun 24 15:09:36 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.10.

	* Cheesy signal handler added to catch interrupts.

	* Matrix input works, even for nested matrices.  Some error
	checking is done while the matrix is evaluated to ensure that
	the number of rows and columns match up.

Mon Jun 22 00:21:49 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.9.

	* Command line matrix input partially implemented.  It's not yet
	possible to enter nested matrices, but it is possible to enter
	simple matrices (e.g. [1,2;a,b+c], where a, b, and c are scalars.

	* Version 0.8.

	* If commands added.

	* Version 0.7.

	* Command chains added.
	* Boolean operations added, tested for scalars.
	* While loop added, tested for simple commands.

Fri Jun 19 05:50:44 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.6.

	At this early stage, while a lot of changes are being made very
	quickly, ChangeLog entries will probably just list features added.

	* Variable assignment works for scalars.
	* Simple scalar expressions work.

Thu Jun 18 06:44:24 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.5.

	* src/version.h: For all the pre-alpha distributions, count
	versions as 0.1, etc. instead of 0.01.

	* Makefile: (dist) Automatically update version_string in

	* symtab.h, New files for symbol tables.

	* tree.h, New files for parse trees.

	* Lots of work unrecorded here.  Octave is now self-contained, the
	tree routines are being redesigned, etc.

Fri Mar 20 17:03:16 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.02.  Octave understands some simple matrix
	expressions, but it is not yet possible for matrix elements to
	be constructed from expressions.

Thu Mar 19 06:13:39 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.01.  Octave understands simple scalar expressions.
	Hey, Hey!  It is not yet self contained -- I'm still linking to
	the old libraries in /usr/local/c++-classes, and this isn't likely
	to change for a while.  (Other things are much more important than
	making the distribution work on other machines.  Sorry...)

Fri Feb 21 05:06:38 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* Version 0.00.  This includes the basic directory structure,
	makefiles, and a lot of the old Fortran source, including a way to
	make a libcruft.a.  Octave compiles and accepts input (with
	history and editing) but doesn't do much else.

Wed Feb 19 06:20:44 1992  John W. Eaton  (

	* ChangeLog: New file.