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Treat bool as a scalar in the bit functions
author David Bateman <>
date Tue, 06 May 2008 06:20:36 -0400
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2008-04-21  John W. Eaton  <>

	Version 3.0.1 released.

2008-04-03  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* interpreter/octave.1, interpreter/octave-bug.1:
	Drop unknown LO macro.

2008-03-19  Michael D. Godfrey  <>

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Reorder symbol character table.

2008-03-18  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* interpreter/octave.1, interpreter/mkoctfile.1:
	Escape "-" signs that mean the "minus" character.

2007-12-21  John W. Eaton  <>

	Version 3.0.0 released.

2007-12-13  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (conf.texi): Also depend on $(top_srcdir)/src/version.h.

2007-12-05  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/geometryimages.m (image_as_txt): New function.
	Use it to generate "figures" for Info format.
	* interpreter/interpimages.m: Likewise.
	* interpreter/sparseimages.m: Likewise.

2007-12-04  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/sparseimages.m, interpreter/plotimages.m,
	interpreter/interpimages.m, interpreter/geometryimages.m:
	Set default text font to "*" for png images.

	* interpreter/ (run-octave): Don't sleep.

2007-12-04  Joseph P. Skudlarek  <>

	* interpreter/plotimages.m: Generate text plots.
	* interpreter/sparseimages.m: Add initial blank line to text plots.

	* interpreter/ (IMAGES_TXT): Include $(INTERPIMAGES_TXT)

2007-11-26  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Document condest.
	* interpreter/plot.txi: Document the new text properties and the
	TeX interpreter mode of text objects.
	* interpreter/plotimages.m: Add an example for the TeX
	* interpreter/ (PLOTIMAGES): Add the TeX example

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Document caxis.
	* interpreter/image.txi: Document gmap40.

2007-11-12  Joseph P. Skudlarek  <>

	* interpreter/gpl.txi: Move index commands after sectioning commands.

2007-11-09  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Document the new hidden and area functions.

2007-11-07  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Document new functions.

2007-10-30  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi, interpreter/install.txi,
	interpreter/stats.txi, interpreter/strings.txi,
	interpreter/testfun.txi, interpreter/tips.txi:
	Doc fixes for small book format.

2007-10-26  Michael Goffioul  <>

	* interpreter/, faq/, liboctave/
	Use temporary renamed files instead of Don't use --output option
	argument for texi2[dvi|pdf].  Use $(sepchar) for path element
	separation when building TEXINPUTS.  Remove use of UNSETCOMSPEC trick.

2007-10-22  Kim Hansen  <>

	* interpreter/ Include <cstdlib> and <cstring>.

2007-10-19  David Bateman  <>

	* refcard/refcard.tex: Update for 3.0.

2007-10-15  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/preface.txi, interpreter/basics.txi,
	interpreter/strings.txi, interpreter/container.txi,
	interpreter/var.txi, interpreter/expr.txi, interpreter/errors.txi,
	interpreter/io.txi, interpreter/func.txi, interpreter/package.txi:
	Make text fit on pages when using smallbook.

2007-10-12  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Change copyright notices in all files that are part of Octave to
	GPLv3 or any later version.

2007-10-11  Brian Gough  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi, interpreter/geometry.txi,
	interpreter/package.txi, interpreter/sparse.txi,
	interpreter/system.txi: Spelling fixes.

2007-10-10  Olli Saarela  <>

	* interpreter/arith.txi, interpreter/basics.txi,
	interpreter/container.txi, interpreter/dynamic.txi,
	interpreter/eval.txi, interpreter/expr.txi, interpreter/func.txi,
	interpreter/geometry.txi, interpreter/intro.txi,
	interpreter/numbers.txi, interpreter/plot.txi,
	interpreter/poly.txi, interpreter/set.txi, interpreter/sparse.txi,
	interpreter/stmt.txi, interpreter/strings.txi,
	interpreter/testfun.txi, interpreter/tips.txi: Spelling fixes. 

2007-10-06  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/octave.texi: Add David Bateman and Søren Hauberg as

2006-09-28  Henry Mollet

	* interpreter/func.txi: Correct results of a couple of examples.

2007-09-14  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ Create single Octave-FAQ.html file instead of a
	splitting files into HTML directory.

2007-09-05  David Bateman  <>

        * interpreter/system.m: Document gzip.
        * interpreter/container.txi: Document celldisp.
        * interpreter/matrix.txi: Document bsxfun.
        * interpreter/data.txi: Document typecast and swapbytes. 
        * interpreter/container.txi: Document struct2cell.
        * interpreter/stats.txi: Document mode.
        * interpreter/eval.txi: Document run.

2007-09-01  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/ Remove stray character from
	* Substitute for the variable TEXINFO_QHULL
	* interpreter/geometryimages.m: Check for the HAVE_QHULL build
	flag before creating certain figures.
	* interpreter/geometry.txi: Check whether TEXINFO_QHULL is set
	before including certain figures.

2007-08-31  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/nonlin.txi: Extended the example.

        * interpreter/poly.txi: Sectioning and documentation.
        * interpreter/octave.texi: Adapt to changes in poly.txi.

2007-08-30  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/geometryimages.m: Add inpolygon example
	* interpreter/ (GEOMETRYIMAGES): Add inpolygon example.
	* interpret/geometry.txi: Document inpolygon.

2007-08-27  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/struct.txi: Remove.
	* interpreter/containers.txi: Combine with this chapter. Add
	examples, and section on comma separated lists. Document the
	difference between "c(1,:) = []" and c{1,:} = []" for a cell
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Document new indexing of containers

2007-08-25  David Bateman  <>

        * interpreter/geometry.txi: Add examples and explanatory text.
        * interpreter/octave.texi: Update indexing of geometry functions.
	* interpreter/geometryimage.m: New script to create images for
	geometry chapter.
	* interpreter/ (SCRIPT_SORCES): add geometryimages.m
	(GEOMETRYIMAGES*): New variables.

2007-08-24  David Bateman  <>

        * interpreter/geometry.txi: Document new functions.
        * interpreter/octave.texi: Update indexing of geometry items.

2007-07-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (run-octave): Don't set DISPLAY.

2007-07-25  David Bateman  <>

	*, faq/, interpreter/, 
	liboctave/, refcard/  Adjust DISTFILES 
	to allow out of tree "make dist" to work.

2007-07-23  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/ (SUB_SOURCE): remove bit.txi.
	* interpreter/io.txi: Document rat and rats in new sub-section.
	* interpreter/plot.txi: New section for test functions. Document
	peaks and meshc.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Add test plotting section.
	* interpreter/image.txi: Document the functions autumn, bone,
	cool, copper, hot, hsv, jet, pink, prism, rainbow, spring, 
	summer, white and winter.
2007-07-19  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/bit.xi: Remove.
	* interpreter/numbers.txi: Move here, and add examples.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Remove "Bit manipulation" chapter and make
	it a sub-section of the "Numeric Data Types" chapter.

2007-07-06  David Bateman  <>

        * interpreter/arith.txi: Add accumarray.

2007-06-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/stats.txi: Reorganize sections and add introductory text.

	* interpreter/octave.texi: Update to reflect changes in stats.txi.

2007-06-18  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/interpimages.m: Simpler images to demonstrate
	the continuity of the second derivative of splines.
	* interpreter/interp.txi: Also change figures here.
	* interpreter/ and here.
2007-06-18  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/optim.txi: Added some introductory text to each

        * interpreter/set.txi: Added some introductory text.
        * interpreter/octave.texi: Updated to reflect changes in set.txi.

2007-06-15  David Bateman  <>

	* faq/Octave-FAQ.texi: Document the gnuplot 4.2 bug using pipes.

2007-06-15  Paul Kienzle  <>

	* interpreter/testfun.txi: Provide a clue to using xtest for assert.

2007-06-14  Paul Kienzle  <>

	* interpreter/testfun.txi: Document xtest block

2007-06-14  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/ (SCRIPT_SORCES): add interimages.m
	(INTERPIMAGES*): New variables. Add targets for them
	* interpreter/interpimages.m: New function
	* interpreter/interp.txi: Add text about second derivation of
	splines	and add figures.

2007-06-12  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/numbers.txi: Document that 64-bit arithmetic is
	not possible.

2007-06-12  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/interp.txi: Split into two section and document
	interp3 and the differences in the treatement of the dimensions
	between interpn and interp3.
	* hashing.txi: Remove.
	* system.txi: Move it here as a subsection. Include explanation
	and example.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Add sections for the Interpolation
	chapter. Remove references to Hashing chapter and hashing.texi,
	and subsections for hashing to system utilities chapter.

2007-06-12  2007-06-10  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/diffeq.txi: Note that x-dot is the derivative of x.

2007-06-03  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi: Use "mwSize" and "mwIndex" rather than
	"int" for indexing in mex-files and document them.
2007-05-30  John W. Eaton  <>

	New macros.
	(octave-a4.pdf, octave-smallbook.pdf): New targets.
	(FORMATTED, all): Include octave-a4.pdf in list of dependencies.
	Delete octave.dvi and from list.
	(maintainer-clean): Depend on clean.

2007-05-30  G. D. McBain  <>

	* interpreter/expr.txi (Assignment Ops): Doc fix.

2007-05-29  Steven Mestdagh  <>

	* interpreter/ ($(HTML_IMAGES_PNG)): Use cp instead of
	INSTALL_DATA to copy files to the HTML directory.

2007-05-28  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/errors.txi: Add new sections and some more detailed
	descriptions on errors and warnings.
        * interpreter/octave.texi, interpreter/stmt.txi,
	interpreter/var.txi: Add references to the new sections in

2007-05-28  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/io.txi: Rearrange some sections, and add
        a few examples.

2007-05-28  G. D. McBain  <>

	* interpreter/struct.txi: Doc fix.

2007-05-23  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (TEXINFO_SOURCE): New variable.
	(TEXINFO): Define using $(TEXINFO_SOURCE).
	(DISTFILES): Include $(TEXINFO_SOURCE) in the list, not $(TEXINFO).

2007-05-22  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (TEXINFO_SOURCE): New variable.
	(TEXINFO): Define using $(TEXINFO_SOURCE).
	(DISTFILES): Include $(TEXINFO_SOURCE) in the list, not $(TEXINFO).

2007-05-22  Thomas Weber  <>

	* faq/Octave-FAQ.texi, interpreter/basics.txi,
	refcard/refcard.tex: Fix typos.

2007-05-22  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (DISTFILES): Add mkcontrib.awk to the list.

2007-05-21  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/debug.txi, io.txi, octave.txi: Doc fixes.

2007-05-21  Søren Hauberg  <>

        * interpreter/expr.txi: Describe +=, -=, *=, and /= operators.
	Add new example.

        * interpreter/eval.txi: Partition the chapter into sections.
        Describe evalin and assignin functions using text from Paul
	Kienzle.  Change "See See" to "See".  Use @ref instead of @xref to
	avoid "See" to be written with a capital letter in the middle of a

        * interpreter/func.txi: New section describing load path.
        Improve 'inline' and 'command' sections.

        * interpreter/stmt.txi: Describe cell array cases for the switch
	statement.  Minor layout changes.

2007-05-19  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/func.txi: Additional documentation for function
	locking, dispatch and autoloading.

2007-05-16  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/expr.txi: Improve docs.

2007-05-14  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/basics.txi, interpreter/data.txi,
	interpreter/intro.txi, interpreter/numbers.txi,
	interpreter/octave.texi, interpreter/preface.txi: Doc fixes.

2007-04-18  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/package.texi: Document "*" flag for loaded packages.

	* interpreter.var.txi: Improve explanation of clear, exist, and who.

	* interpreter/intro.txi: Change @unnumberedsubsec to @subsection.

	* interpreter/container.txi: Doc fix.

	* interpreter/strings.txi: Improve explanation for creating
	comparing, and converting strings.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Update detailed menu.

2007-05-09  David Bateman  <>

	* faq/Octave-FAQ.texi: Update compatibility section.

2007-04-27  David Bateman  <>

	* (EXAMPLE_FILES_NODIR): Add mycell.c, myfeval.c,
	myfunc.c, mypow2.c, mysparse.c, mystring.c, mystruct.c and
	* interpreter.txi/dynamic.txi: Complete all but the section on
	the mex- and oct-file APIs.

2007-04-26  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/stmt.txi: Document for loops over matrices, arrays
	and cell arrays.

2007-04-25  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi: Add additional copyrights. Add sections
	of input parameter checking, documentation and testing of
	oct-files. Adds a section on calling other functions from
	mex-files, expands the basic information on mex-files, and add a
	few new sections (to be completed) to the section about mex-files

2007-04-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi: Use abs_top_srcdir to find example files.

2007-04-25  David Bateman  <>

	* Also set abs_top_srcdir with substitution.
	* Substitute abs_top_srcdir here.

2007-04-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/dynamic.txi: Use @verbatiminclude for example code.

	New variables.
	(, octave.dvi, octave.pdf, HTML/index.html):
	Depend on $(EXAMPLE_FILES).

	* Also set top_srcdir with substitution.

	* interpreter/tips.txi: Update with new text and examples.
	Move documentation section to the end.

2007-04-24  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/octave.texi: Include dynamic.texi as appendix and
	update menus.

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Update menus.

	* interpreter/strings.txi: @result -> @result{}.

	* intrepreter/func.txi, intrepreter/sparse.txi:
	Delete .oct file section and update menus.

	* interpreter/, interpreter/,
	interpreter/, interpreter/,
	interpreter/, interpreter/,
	interpreter/, interpreter/,
	interpreter/, interpreter/fortsub.f,
	interpreter/dynamic.txi: New files.

	* (SUB_SOURCE): Include dynamic.txi in the list.

2007-04-18  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/package.texi: New file.
	* octave/texi: @include it, add it to the menus.

2007-04-18  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ New file.
	* interpreter/ (contributors.texi): New target.
	(clean): Also deleete contributors.texi
	(TEXINFO): Include contributors.texi in the list.
	(preface.texi): @include contributors.texi.

2007-04-17  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/linalg.txi (Techniques used for Linear Algebra):
	New node.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Include it in menu.
	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Delete discusion of matrix_type.

2007-04-16  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/stream.txi: Delete.
	* interpreter/ (SUB_SOURCE): Remove it from the list.

2007-04-16  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* intrepreter/stmt.txi: Improve documentation of switch statement.

	* interpreter/tips.txi: Update description of how copyright
	statements are recognized.

	* interpreter/octave.texi: Don't include stream.texi.
	Remove menu entry for I/O streams.

	* interpreter/image.txi: Update docs.

2007-04-11  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/container.txi: Document indexing with ().

2007-04-11  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/container.txi: Improve cell array documentation.

2007-04-09  Søren Hauberg  <>

	* interpreter/func.txi: Document varargin, varargout, and default
	argument values.

2007-04-03  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* interpreter/basics.txi: Clarified some limitations of the #!
	script mechanism, in particular related to the parsing of the

2007-03-29  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* faq/Octave-FAQ.texi, interpreter/basics.txi,
	interpreter/emacs.txi, interpreter/func.tx, interpreter/var.txi:
	Make it clear that the old built-in LOADPATH is an internal
	variable, accessible through path ().
	Drop references to DEFAULT_LOADPATH.
	Chang references to the old built-in variables INFO_FILE and
	INFO_PROGRAM to the respective fucntions info_file and
	* refcard/refcard.tex: Drop LOADPATH from list of built-in variables.

2007-03-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	*, interpreter/, faq/,
	liboctave/, refcard/ (dist):
	Use ln instead of $(LN_S).

2007-03-21  G. D. McBain  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Delete repeated word.

2007-03-20  G. D. McBain  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Clarify sparse matrix creation example.

2007-03-14  G. D. McBain  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Fix typo.

2007-02-26  From Michael Goffioul  <>

	*, interpreter/, faq/,
	liboctave/, refcard/
	Use $(LN_S) instead of ln or ln -s.

2007-02-21  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Add functions sprank and normest to

2007-01-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/sparseimages.m: Don't call __gnuplot_x__ functions.

2006-11-17  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/sparseimages.m: Fix call to __plt3__.

2006-11-16  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/sparseimages.m (femimages): Use plot3.

2006-11-11  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (%.texi : %.txi):
	Use $(simple-move-if-change-rule) here.

2006-10-29  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (run-octave): Call it here.
	* interpreter/sparseimages.m (sparseimages): Don't call sleep here.

2006-10-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (run-octave):
	Unset DISPLAY while running Octave.
	From Michael Goffioul <>.

	* interpreter/ (octave.dvi, octave.pdf):
	Use $(UNSETCOMSPEC) in command.
	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ.dvi, Octave-FAQ.pdf): Likewise.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave.dvi, liboctave.pdf): Likewise.

2006-10-09  Thomas Treichl <>

	* interpreter/sparseimages.m: Plot sombrero images if sparse
	capabilities are missing.

2006-10-04  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (HTML_IMAGES_PNG): New variable.
	(HTML/index.html): Depend on $(HTML_IMAGES_PNG) instead of html-figs.
	($(HTML_IMAGES_PNG): HTML/%.png : %.png): New pattern rule.
	(html-dir): Delete target.

2006-10-03  Rafael Laboissiere <>

	* interpreter/mkoctfile.1: Fix indentation for --mex description.

2006-09-26  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (stamp-images): Delete.
	( Depend on $(IMAGES_TXT), not stamp-images.
	(octave.dvi): Depend on $(IMAGES_EPS), not stamp-images.
	(octave.pdf): Depend on $(IMAGES_PDF), not stamp-images.
	(html-figs): Depend on $(IMAGES_PNG), not stamp-images.
	(SOURCES): Include $(SCRIPT_SOURCES) in the list.
	(DISTFILES): Include $(IMAGES) in the list.
	(maintainer-clean): Delete $(IMAGES) here.
	(DISTSUBDIRS, SUBDIRS): Remove $(IMAGEDIR) from list.
	(octave.dvi,, octave.pdf, HTML/index.html):
	Don't include $(IMAGEDIR) in list of directories to search
	* sparseimages.m: Move here from images/sparseimages.m.
	* images/ Delete.
	* images: Delete directory.

2006-08-24  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/images/ (SPARSEIMAGES_PDF): New macro.
	Keep PDF images out of IMAGES list.

2006-08-18  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Eliminate TARGETHOSTTYPE variable.

2006-08-17  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/images/ (%.pdf : %eps):
	Use $(GHOSTSCRIPT) instead of gs.

2006-08-14  Dmitri A. Sergatskov  <>

	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m: Adapt to new automatic_replot
2006-06-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Elminate double-colon rules.

2006-05-31  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/images/ (run-octave):
	Use $(TOPDIR)/run-octave script to execute Octave.

2006-04-06  Keith Goodman  <>

	* interpreter/mkoctfile.1: Doc string fix.

2006-04-03  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/matrix.txi: Add rande, randp, randg and update
          for different random generator behavior.

2006-03-28  John W. Eaton  <>

	* texinfo.tex: Update FSF address.

2006-03-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m: Fix missing endif.  Omit
	unnecessary call to axis.

2006-03-24  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m:
	Avoid some unnecessary calculations.

2006-03-22  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Undo previous change.
	Always use @image to include image files.
	* interpreter/ Eliminate stamp files.
	(clean, mostlyclean, distclean, maintainer-clean): Now
	double-colon targets.
	(stamp-images): New target.
	(, octave.dvi, octave.pdf, HTML/index.html): Depend on it.
	* interpreter/images/ Explicitly list images to be
	created and their dependencies.
	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m (sparseimage): Delete dirc arg.
	Sleep for 1 second before returning.
	(txtimages): Also create gplot.txt and grid.txt.
	(sparseimages): Don't redirect output here.
	New arg, nm.  Only output a single figure at a time.
	(bury_output): New function.  Use it before plotting commands and
	after every print function.
	* (conf.texi): New target.
	(DISTFILES): Include conf.texi in the list.
	(all, dist): Depend on conf.texi.
	* Values come from Makeconf, not configure.

2006-03-21  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (FORMATTED): Omit .html files here.
	(DISTDIRS): New variable.
	(dist): Handle $(DISTDIRS) here.

	* faq/ (FORMATTED): Omit .html files here.
	(DISTDIRS): New variable.
	(dist): Handle $(DISTDIRS) here.

	* interpreter/ (FORMATTED): Omit .html files here.
	(DISTDIRS): New variable.
	(dist): Handle $(DISTDIRS) here.

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Temporarily omit figures.
	* interpreter/ Temporarily omit actions for making figures.
	(DISTSUBDIRS): New macro.
	(dist): Recurse into $(DISTSUBDIRS) here.

	* interpreter/ (real-pdf): Depend on stamp-eps
	(stamp-pdf): Depend on real-pdf.  Touch stamp-pdf here.
	(real-pdf): Not here.

2006-03-16  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m: set terminal type to dummy to
	direct output to terminal rather than X11.
	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Update docs for new QR solvers.
2006-03-09  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/ Change order of commands in HTML/index.html
	target. Respawn make for stamp-pdf target so that $(wildcard *.eps) is
	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Isolate conditionally built targets in
	"@ifset ... @end ifset".

2006-03-08  David Bateman  <>

	* conf.texi: Remove.
	* New file, for autoconf'ed version of conf.texi.
	* replace conf.texi with in DISTFILES
	* interpreter/ build in subdir IMAGEDIR, add stamps for
	image files. Copy png-files to HTML directory. Build pdf files from
	eps files using epsffit, gs, grep, basename, head and awk.
	* octave.texi: Update sparse sub-sections.
	* sparse.txi: Updates for current state of sparse code.
	* interpreter/images/ New file.
	* interpreter/images/sparseimages.m: New file to build sparse images.

2006-03-07  David Bateman  <>

	* liboctave/dae.texi, liboctave/factor.texi, liboctave/nleqn.texi,
	liboctave/quad.texi, liboctave/matvec.texi, liboctave/nlfunc.texi,
	liboctave/diffeq.texi, liboctave/array.texi, liboctave/range.texi,
	liboctave/optim.texi: Fix some syntax problems for texinfo.tex 4.8.

2006-03-06  Keith Goodman  <>

	* interpreter/octave.texi (@seealso): Display args instead of
	discarding them.

2006-03-02  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ ( Depend on Octave-FAQ.dvi, not

	* texinfo.tex: Update to 2004-11-25.16 version from Texinfo 4.8.

2005-12-14  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/testfun.txi: New test/demo documentation.
	* interpreter/strings.txi: Include regexp/regexi docstrings.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Include test/demo appendix.
	* interpreter/ (SUB_SOURCE): Include test.txi.

2005-12-13  David Bateman <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Add new gplot, etreeplot and treeplot

2005-11-01  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (maintainer-clean): Also remove liboctave.pdf
	* faq/ (maintainer-clean): Also remove Octave-FAQ.pdf.
	From Quentin Spencer <>.

2005-10-23  David Bateman  <>

	* sparse.txi: Updates for new ufsparse licensing, new functions and
	various typos.

2005-09-19  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* interpreter/octave-config.1: Use bold instead of italics to
	markup command name.

2005-07-29  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ (HTML/index.html): Pass --ifinfo to makeinfo.
	* interpreter/ (HTML/index.html): Likewise.
	* liboctave/ (HTML/index.html): Likewise.

2005-07-28  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/, interpreter/, liboctave/
	Use makeinfo instead of texi2html to generate HTML.

2005-05-02  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (skip_comments): New function.
	(process_doc_file): Use it to skip comments at beginning of file.

2005-04-29  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Add matrix_type, spkron, and document
	changes in solve code.

2005-03-14  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: Add luinc function.

2005-03-09  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (bin-dist): Delete target.
	(BINDISTSUBDIRS): Delete variable.

	* refcard/ (bin-dist): Delete target.
	(BINDISTFILES): Delete variable.
	* liboctave/ Likewise.
	* interpreter/ Likewise.
	* faq/ Likewise.

2005-02-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	Sparse merge.

	2005-01-07  David Bateman  <>

	* interpreter/sparse.txi: New file.
	* interpreter/ Add it to the build.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Include it in the contents tables and the
	top level document.

2005-02-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (all): Also depend on Octave-FAQ.pdf.
	Use $(MAKEINFO) instead of makeinfo in rules.

2005-02-25  Rafael Laboissiere  <>

	* liboctave/ (Octave-FAQ.pdf): New target and rule.
	(FORMATTED): Add Octave-FAQ.pdf to the list.

2005-02-21  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (liboctave.pdf): New target and rule.
	(FORMATTED): Add liboctave.pdf to the list.
	(all): Also depend on liboctave.pdf.
	Use $(MAKEINFO) instead of makeinfo in rules.

	* interpreter/ (octave.pdf): New target and rule.
	(FORMATTED): Add octave.pdf to the list.
	(all): Also depend on octave.pdf.
	Use $(MAKEINFO) instead of makeinfo in rules.

2005-02-08  Quentin Spencer  <>

	* interpreter/plot.txi: Emphasize compatible plotting functions
	over gplot and friends.

2004-02-13  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (FORMATTED): Use liboctave*.html instead
	of liboctave_*.html.

	* faq/ (FORMATTED): Use Octave-FAQ*.html instead of

2004-01-22  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ (maintainer-clean): Remove Octave-FAQ*.html
	instead of just Octave-FAQ_*.html.

	* liboctave/ (maintainer-clean): Remove liboctave*.html
	instead of just liboctave_*.html.

	* refcard/ (maintainer-clean): Remove refcard-*.pdf.

2003-12-09  Eric S. Raymond  <>

	* interpreter/mkoctfile.1: Use .I instead of .f for markup of ".oct".

2003-11-14  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (process_texi_input_file):
	Avoid -Wshadow warnings.

2003-08-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	* refcard/ (refcard-a4.pdf, refcard-legal.pdf,
	refcard-letter.pdf): New targets.
	(FORMATTED): Add them to the list.
	* refcard/refcard.tex: Optionally set pdf paper size parameters.

2003-08-07  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Add "-I ." to texinfo
	command line args.

2003-07-02  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ (FORMATTED): Include all Octave-FAQ_*.html files
	here, not just the toc.

2003-05-14  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/, liboctave/ Handle DESTDIR.

2003-02-19  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (MAN_BASE): Add octave-config.1 to the list.

2003-02-19  Dirk Eddelbuettel <>

	* octave-config.1: New file.

2003-01-11  Paul Kienzle <>

	* interpreter/ (munge-texi$(BUILD_EXEEXT)): Pass
	$(BUILD_CXXFLAGS) and $(BUILD_LDFLAGS) to compiler.
	(%.o : Delete pattern rule.

2003-01-03  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Define __USE_STD_IOSTREAM if using
	Compaq C++.

2002-12-03  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (%.o : %.c): No longer need
	(munge-texi#(BUILD_EXEEXT)): Likewise.
	Don't link to Map-s.o.

	* interpreter/ Delete.
	* interpreter/ (DISTFILES): Delete it from the list.
	(mostlyclean, clean): Don't delete Map-s.o.

	* interpreter/ Require working STL.

2002-11-24  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (maintainer-clean): Depend on
	clean-texi, don't remove $(TEXINFO).

2002-11-12  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Use STL map class by default, but
	make it easy to revert back to libg++-based Map class if that
	fails to work on some systems.

2002-11-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel <>

	* interpreter/ (MAN_BASE, MAN_SRC): New variables, use
	as appropriate.

2002-11-01  John W. Eaton  <>

 	* interpreter/mkoctfile.1: New file.
2002-10-25  Paul Kienzle <>

	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Use -expandinfo and
	-split_chapter instead of -expand info and -split chapter.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Likewisel
	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ_toc.html): Likewise.

2002-10-25  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (munge-texi$(BUILD_EXEEXT)): Always use
	-DNO_PRAGMA_INTERFACE_IMPLEMENTATION for compiling and linking.

2002-10-10  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (%.texi : %.txi):
	Use $(top_srcdir)/move-if-change.

2002-10-09  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Use $(BUILD_EXEEXT) as appropriate.

2002-10-08  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (munge-texi, %.o :
	Use $(BUILD_CXX), not $(CXX).
	(src-DOCSTRINGS, scripts-DOCSTRINGS): New targets.
	($(TEXIFNO)): Depend on them.
	(DOCSTRINGS): Delete variable.

2002-10-02  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (%.spell): Use $(SED), not sed.
	* liboctave/ (%.spell): Likewise.
	* faq/ (%.spell): Likewise.

2001-11-15  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Use -expand info and
	-split chapter, to be consistent.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Likewise.
	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ_toc.html): Likewise.

2001-11-14  Christoph Spiel <>

	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ_toc.html): Use -expandinfo and
	-split_chapter, not -expand info and -split chapter.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Likewise.

2001-11-01  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (MAIN_TEXINFO): Look in $(srcdir).
	(octave_toc.html): Use -expandinfo and -split_chapter, not
	-expand info and -split chapter.

2001-03-27  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Use -expand info and
	-split chapter instead of -expandinfo and -split_chapter options
	for texi2html.
	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ_toc.html): Likewise.
	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Likewise.

2000-10-10  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Add space after -I
	in texi2html command.
	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Ditto.

2000-03-06  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/octave-bug.1: New file.
	* interpreter/ (install install-strip): Install it.

2000-02-23  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (clean): Also delete munge-texi,
	munge-texi.o, and Map-s.o.

2000-02-04  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Sprinkle with std:: qualifier.

2000-01-28  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (clean-texi): Avoid removing octave.texi.

2000-01-05  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Don't generate octave.texi from octave.txi.
	* interpreter/octave.texi: Rename from octave.txi.

	* interpreter/ (process_texi_input_file): Undo
	previous change, since % doesn't work as a comment character after
	texinfo.tex is included.

2000-01-04  John W. Eaton  <>

	* texinfo.tex: Update to version from texinfo-4.0.

	* interpreter/ (process_texi_input_file): For Texinfo
	doc strings, automatically insert an @anchor{doc-SYMBOL} command
	just before the docstring for SYMBOL.

1999-12-09  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (process_texi_input_file): Begin
	transformed files with `% DO NOT EDIT' instead of `@c DO NOT EDIT'
	to prevent problems with TeX not knowing the definition of @c
	before it is used.

1999-11-19  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (%.texi : %.txi): Suppress command echo.

1999-10-21  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (dist): Remove .texi files first, so
	they will have timestamps newer than the $(DOCSTRINGS) files.
	(%.texi : %.txi): Use mv instead of move-if-change.

	* interpreter/ New file.
	* interpreter/ Use old libg++ Map class instead of
	STL map, for the benefit of systems that have assemblers that
	can't handle the long symbol names generated by g++ for

1999-10-19  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Strip the "-*- texinfo -*-" marker
	when including help text.

	* interpreter/ ($(TEXINFO)): Depend on $(DOCSTRINGS).
	($(DOCSTRINGS)): New rule.

	* (dist, bin-dist): Use `$(MAKE) -C dir' instead of
	`cd dir; $(MAKE); cd ..'.
	(../BUGS, ../INSTALL.OCTAVE, $(SUBDIRS)) Likewise.

	* interpreter/*.txi: Rename from *.txi.
	* interpreter/ New file.
	* interpreter/ Use it to create .texi files from .txi
	files and DOCSTRING files.

Fri Jun 18 23:17:02 1999  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (octave_toc.html): Add -expandinfo to
	tex12html options.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave_toc.html): Likewise.
	* faq/ (Octave-FAQ_toc.html): Likewise.

Fri Oct  9 00:27:33 1998  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/, interpreter/, liboctave/
	New rules for generating HTML files from Texinfo sources.

Thu May 14 21:04:40 1998  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (../../BUGS, ../../INSTALL): Add
	--no-validate to makeinfo args.

Wed Jul  2 16:41:04 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* refcard/ Remove .tex files from binary distributions.

	* interpreter/ Add DVI and Postscript files to binary

Fri Apr 18 02:51:00 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/Octave-FAQ.texi: Rename from faq/FAQ.texi.
	* faq/ Fix names to match.

Wed Mar 12 17:01:02 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (install-strip): New target.
	* faq/ Ditto.
	* interpreter/ Ditto.
	* liboctave/ Ditto.
	* refcard/ Ditto.

Sat Mar  1 15:23:14 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0.5 released.

Fri Feb 28 20:53:40 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* texinfo.tex: Update to latest version from Karl Berry, and apply
	previous patch too.

Thu Feb 27 03:34:48 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* texinfo.tex (\codeunder): Maybe make it work for @var{} inside

Wed Feb 26 12:03:48 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* refcard/ (mostlyclean clean): Delete log files.

	* liboctave/ (mostlyclean clean): Delete more stuff.

	* faq/ (mostlyclean clean): Delete some stuff.

Thu Feb 20 02:58:05 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0.4 released.

Wed Feb 19 10:30:14 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute conf.texi, not

	* liboctave/ Don't make or distribute conf.texi.
	(, liboctave.dvi): Depend on ../conf.texi, not conf.texi.

	* interpreter/ Don't create or distribute conf.texi.
	(, octave.dvi): Depend on ../conf.texi, not conf.texi.

Tue Feb 18 09:22:04 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0.3 released.

Wed Jan 29 11:49:25 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (../INSTALL.OCTAVE, ../BUGS): Declare these to be
	.PHONY so that we will always check the interpreter makefile to
	get the proper dependencies.

Mon Jan 27 15:52:33 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0.2 released.

Sun Jan 26 22:07:45 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Make BUGS file directly from bugs.texi.
	* interpreter/bugs.texi: Incorporate bugs1.texi directly.
	* interpreter/bugs1.texi: Delete.

	* interpreter/ Make INSTALL file directly from
	* interpreter/install.texi: Incorporate install1.texi directly.
	* interpreter/install1.texi: Delete.

Sat Jan 25 22:32:33 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	*, interpreter/, liboctave/,
	faq/, refcard/ (bin-dist): New target.

Tue Jan  7 00:17:24 1997  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0.1 released.

Tue Dec 10 01:43:13 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 2.0 released.

Fri Dec  6 15:23:52 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.94.

Wed Nov 20 01:00:50 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.93.

Thu Nov 14 00:07:25 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* faq/ (FAQ.dvi): Use $(TEXI2DVI), not just texi2dvi.
	* interpreter/ (octave.dvi): Likewise.
	* liboctave/ (liboctave.dvi): Likewise.

	* Version 1.92.

Thu Nov  7 12:43:19 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.91.

	* texinfo.tex: Update to version from texinfo-3.9 distribution.

Wed Oct 30 17:20:28 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Version 1.90.

	* (DISTFILES): Add ChangeLog.

Sat Oct 12 13:38:49 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* (maintainer-clean): Don't depend on distclean.

Sat Jun 15 23:01:33 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ (TEXINFO): Add audio.texi and emacs.texi.

Fri May 17 03:02:37 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* interpreter/ Use man1dir instead of mandir, and
	man1ext instead of manext.

Sat Mar 23 05:01:17 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (TEXINFO): Don't list conf.texi and
	gpl.texi here.

	* liboctave/ (dist targets): Fix ln command.
	* refcard/ (dist targets): Likewise.
	* interpreter/ (dist targets): Likewise.
	* faq/ (dist targets): Likewise.

Fri Mar 22 23:57:26 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* liboctave/ (DISTFILES): Add gpl.texi.
	* interpreter/ (DISTFILES): Add gpl.texi.
	* (DISTFILES): Delete gpl.texi.

Sun Mar  3 11:33:30 1996  John W. Eaton  <>

	* Split docs into faq, interpreter, liboctave, and refcard

Wed Sep 20 00:47:45 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* mkinstalldirs: New file.
	* (DISTFILES): Add it to the list.

	* (maintainer-clean): Delete .dvi, .ps, and .info
	files here.
	(clean): Not here.
	(mostlyclean): Make this the same as clean.

Tue Sep 19 03:18:35 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* (../BUGS, ../INSTALL.OCTAVE): Specify output file to
	makeinfo with --output option.

Thu Sep 14 20:31:47 1995  John Eaton  <>

	* Don't fail if makeinfo, tex, or dvips fail.

See ChangeLog.1 in the top level directory for earlier changes.