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Treat bool as a scalar in the bit functions
author David Bateman <>
date Tue, 06 May 2008 06:20:36 -0400
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* Write a function octave-debug which just provides the debugging
features in a restricted keymap (i.e., <prefix> l, b, f, ..., q).

* Make (un)commenting work with indented comments.  Perhaps one can simply
provide an extended comment prefix which includes leading spaces?

* Maybe also work with strings generated by single apostrophs.  (NOT for
font locking, though.)  This would require cranking up a specialized
version of octave-in-string-p.

* Bug fixes.

** Filling.

The whole code related to filling needs to be redone.  For example,

	[a b c d e] = sscanf ("This %s is %s another %s %s string", s, "C")

followed by RET will comment the "C" if auto-filling is on because the
standard function indent-new-comment-line things that it is within a
comment (because of the comment start syntax class of `%' for MATLAB

As long as single apostroph strings are not supported, one could simply
remove all MATLAB compatibility and change the syntax class of `%'.