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Treat bool as a scalar in the bit functions
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                                WHERE TO GET IT

     Software written  by members  of the section   is freely available  to
     anyone.  Reposting  on other   archives is  encouraged.  The  code  is
     furnished in source form and as DOS and Macintosh executables. Readers
     with Internet access  and a browser  might note the following web site

          University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Home Page:

                    Department of Biomathematics Home Page:

                              Available Software:

     Our code can also be obtained  by anonymous ftp to
     The index is on file ./pub/index.

     Our statistical  code is  also  posted  to statlib  after some  delay.
     Statlib can be accessed at:
     See in particular:

     The code is also archived at many other sites (at their option).  Use
     your favorite search engine to find one close to you.