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also save and restore symbol table context in parser (bug #35448) * parse-private.h: New file to define new symtab_context class. * (octinclude_HEADERS): Include it in the list. * lex.ll, oct-parse.yy: Include parse-private.h. * lex.ll (reset_parser): Clear parser_symtab_context. * parse.h (symtab_context): Delete variable declaration. * oct-parse.yy (symtab_context): Delete variable definition. (parser_symtab_context): New variable. (ABORT_PARSE, make_anon_fcn_handle, recover_from_parsing_function): Pop parser_symtab_context. (push_fcn_symtab, param_list_beg): Push parser_symtab_context.
author John W. Eaton <>
date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 13:53:55 -0500
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# fB.m
function y = fB (x)
  y = x;