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Here is an attempt at a simple explanation of the directory layout for
Octave's source files.

  dlfcn         -- dlopen, dlsym, dlerror, and dlclose for AIX

  doc           -- Texinfo documentation for Octave

  emacs         -- Emacs lisp stuff

  examples      -- some example files

  libcruft      -- various numerical libraries (mostly Fortran)
    amos           * bessel functions
    blas           * basic linear algebra subroutines
    blas-xtra      * wrappers for blas functions used in Octave
    daspk          * large scale differential algebraic equation solver
    dasrt          * differential algebraic equation solver with root finding
    dassl          * differential-algebraic system solver
    fftpack        * subroutines for fast fourier transforms
    lapack         * linear algebra package
    lapack-xtra    * wrappers for lapack functions used in Octave
    minpack        * nonlinear equation solver
    misc           * miscellaneous utilities
    odepack        * odinary differential equation solver
    ordered-qz     * code for ordering eigenvalues for QZ factorization
    quadpack       * subroutines for numerical integration
    ranlib         * random number generators
    slatec-err     * slatec error handling library
    slatec-fn      * various special function subroutines
    villad         * subroutines for orthogonal collocation weights

  liboctave     -- the C++ interfaces to the numerical libraries and
                   various OS facilities

  scripts       -- functions written in the Octave language
    audio          * play and record sound files (system dependent)
    control        * control theory
    deprecated     * older deprecated functions
    elfun          * elementary mathematical functions
    finance        * financial functions
    general        * utility functions
    image          * image processing
    io             * input/output functions
    linear-algebra * linear algebra stuff
    miscellaneous  * stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else
    optimization   * optimizers
    path           * functions for path handling
    pkg            * the package manager
    plot           * plotting
    polynomial     * polynomial manipulation
    quaternion     * quaternions
    set            * set manipulation
    signal         * signal processing
    sparse         * sparse matrix support
    specfun        * special mathematical functions
    special-matrix * functions for generating special types of matrices
    startup        * initialization functions
    statistics     * statistical stuff
    strings        * character string manipulation
    testfun        * unit testing
    time           * time and date functions

  src           -- the interpreter itself

  test          -- tests for the interpreter
    config         * configuration files for DejaGnu
    octave.test    * subdirectories contianing actual tests are here

John W. Eaton
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

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