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Special thanks to the following people and organizations for
supporting the development of Octave:

  * The United States Department of Energy, through grant number

  * Ashok Krishnamurthy, David Hudak, Juan Carlos Chaves, and Stanley
    C. Ahalt of the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

  * The National Science Foundation, through grant numbers
    CTS-0105360, CTS-9708497, CTS-9311420, CTS-8957123, and

  * The industrial members of the Texas-Wisconsin Modeling and Control
    Consortium (TWMCC)

  * The Paul A. Elfers Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering at the
    University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  * Digital Equipment Corporation, for an equipment grant as part of
    their External Research Program.

  * Sun Microsystems, Inc., for an Academic Equipment grant.

  * International Business Machines, Inc., for providing equipment as
    part of a grant to the University of Texas College of Engineering.

  * Texaco Chemical Company, for providing funding to continue the
    development of this software.

  * The University of Texas College of Engineering, for providing a
    Challenge for Excellence Research Supplement, and for providing an
    Academic Development Funds grant.

  * The State of Texas, for providing funding through the Texas
    Advanced Technology Program under Grant No. 003658-078.

  * Noel Bell, Senior Engineer, Texaco Chemical Company, Austin Texas.

  * John A. Turner, Group Leader, Continuum Dynamics (CCS-2), Los
    Alamos National Laboratory, for registering the domain

  * James B. Rawlings, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
    Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

  * Richard Stallman.