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date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 16:48:35 -0400
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#include "mex.h"

mexFunction (int nlhs, mxArray* plhs[], int nrhs, 
             const mxArray* prhs[])
  char *str;

  mexPrintf ("Hello, World!\n");

  mexPrintf ("I have %d inputs and %d outputs\n", nrhs,

  if (nrhs < 1 || ! mxIsString (prhs[0])) 
    mexErrMsgTxt ("function name expected");

  str = mxArrayToString (prhs[0]);

  mexPrintf ("I'm going to call the function %s\n", str);

  mexCallMATLAB (nlhs, plhs, nrhs-1, prhs+1, str);

  mxFree (str);