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Add explanation on what wisdom is.
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+2008-12-26  Francesco Potortì  <>
+       * interpreter/signal.txi (Signal Processing): Add explanation of
+       what wisdom is.
 2008-08-28  John W. Eaton  <>
 	* interpreter/plot.txi: Doc fixes suggested by Francesco Potorti`
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+Octave uses the FFTW libraries to perform FFT computations. When Octave
+starts up and initializes the FFTW libraries, they read a system wide
+file (on a Unix system, it is typically @file{/etc/fftw/wisdom}) that
+contains information useful to speed up FFT computations.  This
+information is called the @emph{wisdom}.  The system-wide file allows
+wisdom to be shared between all applications using the FFTW libraries.
+Use the @code{fftw} function to generate and save wisdom.  Using the
+utilities provided together with the FFTW libraries
+(@command{fftw-wisdom} on Unix systems), you can even add wisdom
+generated by Octave to the system-wide wisdom file.