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doc: Clarify that exist (name, "file") also includes directories (bug #37512). * libinterp/interpfcn/ Clarify docstring. Add more seealso references.
author Rik <>
date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 20:02:34 -0700
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--- a/libinterp/interpfcn/
+++ b/libinterp/interpfcn/
@@ -543,13 +543,13 @@
 Check only for built-in functions.\n\
 @item \"file\"\n\
-Check only for files.\n\
+Check only for files and directories.\n\
 @item \"dir\"\n\
 Check only for directories.\n\
 @end table\n\
+@seealso{file_in_loadpath, file_in_path, stat}\n\
 @end deftypefn")
   octave_value retval = false;