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doc: Add documentation about new command-line options available. Add --force-gui, --jit-debug, --no-gui, --no-jit-compiler, --no-window-system, --texi-macros-file. * basics.txi: Add documentation for command line options --force-gui, --jit-debug, --no-gui, --no-jit-compiler, --no-window-system, --texi-macros-file.
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 in the system or user startup files that set the built-in variable
+@item --force-gui
+@cindex @code{--force-gui}
+Force the graphical user interface (GUI) to start.
 @item  --help
 @itemx -h
 @itemx -?
@@ -141,10 +145,19 @@
 remote shell command or inside an Emacs shell buffer.  For another way
 to run Octave within Emacs, see @ref{Emacs Octave Support}.
+@item --jit-debug
+@cindex @code{--jit-debug}
+Enable JIT compiler debugging and tracing.
 @item --line-editing
 @cindex @code{--line-editing}
 Force readline use for command-line editing.
+@item --no-gui
+@cindex @code{--no-gui}
+Disable the graphical user interface (GUI) and use the command line
+interface (CLI) instead.
 @item  --no-history
 @itemx -H
 @cindex @code{--no-history}
@@ -160,6 +173,10 @@
 Don't initialize the search path for function files to include default 
+@item --no-jit-compiler
+@cindex @code{--no-jit-compiler}
+Disable the JIT compiler used for accelerating loops.
 @item --no-line-editing
 @cindex @code{--no-line-editing}
 Disable command-line editing.
@@ -168,6 +185,11 @@
 @cindex @code{--no-site-file}
 Don't read the site-wide @file{octaverc} initialization files.
+@item --no-window-system
+@cindex @code{--no-window-system}
+Disable use of a windowing system including graphics.  This forces a
+strictly terminal-only environment.
 @item  --norc
 @itemx -f
 @cindex @code{--norc}
@@ -199,6 +221,10 @@
 @cindex @code{-q}
 Don't print the usual greeting and version message at startup.
+@item --texi-macros-file @var{filename}
+@cindex @code{--texi-macros-file @var{filename}}
+Specify the name of the file containing Texinfo macros for use by makeinfo.
 @item  --traditional
 @itemx --braindead
 @cindex @code{--traditional}